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As a graduate of UWGB's   "inter-disciplinary Environmental Science" program - and "partner" - for 4+ years - of a 1970s NorthEastern WI "Fur Trapper"  - the analogy of

fur-trappers eating everything caught in their traps - and, complaining of 'bad-tasting ' stew - seems a 'fit'. 

In fact, my [then] "business partner" gave raccoon [a]  and muskrat [b] meat to the Farmer's wife - in exchange for exclusive "farm land" access - and, she cooked it - right along with the venison [c] - also taken. Always a "finicky" eater [d]- I did not even taste the bad smelling goo - but, I observed it; and, recall my Partner's complaints. In fact, what my Partner desired - was carnal knowledge [e] of the farmer's pretty wife; AND the farm - SHE SAT UPON.  The "Farmer" - eventually realized - what his wife was about - and, they divorced - but, not before - she had him imprisoned - for attempting to "kill" her. My Partner - actually, had her one time (he said) - and, quickly grew tired of her cooking.

 The angst of Republicans today - is directly related - to an UN-AMERICAN "impression" [that] "business owners" have "rights" ...  that exceed - their responsibility - to the places and people - they depend on.  Donald J. Trump - has a long history of this belief system - well documented in the New York Times. [g] 

 In fact, because WHAT "MY" BUSINESS did - the "services" we provided - were at the "cutting edge" of technology (1987) - in A "Woman Owned Business"- AND, we (thus) paid our staffers - very well - to "keep them" - working for us... In fact,  "Employee Health Care" - was our next largest "EXPENSE". [Thus, "socialized medicine" ( for everyone)- for our society - seems like a "field leveler" to me -  as in "level playing field" ] 

 Thus, "regulations" [ US LAW] - (that) would "prohibit polluting activities" - and "building" in swamps is disdained - by "Trump Republicans"; And, increases in the minimum wage - to a "living wage" (of $15/hour - for even "hotel housekeepers" ) -  is viewed as a direct drain on "owners" profits - is a view reinforced by a Real Estate Executive - steeped in illegally avoiding taxes. First, for his father - THEN, for himself. The RICH DEVELOPERS never live in the polluted  "pigsty"  - they create --  "build-baby-build" !

  AND, let us not forget to review the events of 1787 and 1850 - in American history. 
 In 1787 - the subject of "slavery" was squashed - by an UN-just agreement. (1)  In 1850 a "compromise" - which was bound to "fray" - in the face of reality - was reached. (2)  The US Civil WAR officially began - in 1861. [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Civil_War

  (1) https://www.crf-usa.org/black-history-month/the-constitution-and-slavery
  (2) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compromise_of_1850  

 At issue now - is not slavery - but necessary "protectionism" (to sustain the "American Standard of Living") - and, how "PROTECTIONISM"  could be implemented [ in the New World Order ] :-)  to: simultaneously maintain "markets" , tame "world-wide competition" , end World pollution , HALT CLIMATE CHANGE - and, avoid war.

  Again, my experience is pertinent: I "founded" a small business - in the spare bedroom of our Single Family home - located in Columbus, Ohio. Very important, I required - in 1987 - [that] my "clients" ( America's Major College TEXTbook Publishers ) pay me a cash retainer "before"  I would incur significant EXPENSE and work would begin - on producing the "digital art programs" - their USA college textbooks required. My prices (per art/per project) were set - after a careful review of the work required [in terms of "manhours"] and - a simple calculation of the "Profit" - I expected to make.

I - in fact - learned to do this - from my father: Milo Gerald Cassady 1902:1964. He was a "wall paper hanger"  , "wall surface and banister fixer" and, "carpenter". He performed work - all over Central Ohio - based on "bids" to property owners. He permitted me to observe him "calculating" his bids -on legal paper. He DIED - from Mesothelioma - when I was 10 years old.

I also learned by working - at General Electric. The US Military hired GE - to develop military-related systems (for them). I participated - in the "bid meetings" - for some of these systems. I also coded software - for the DDG Aegis system. And, I am the lowly "Technical Writer" - who invoked the "Lincoln Law" - when "ordered" (by my GE manager) to sign a document [stating that] a Systems End User Manual was "complete" - when, I knew [that] it had NOT been tested - and, did NOT match - the latest version - of the system - being "pushed out the door" - ONLY to meet an internal dead line.

I did NOT collect - as a "whistle-blower"; Instead, I quit that day! And, placed a card onto the Engineering Building bulletin board - to encourage my co-workers - to also "rebel" - if needed. I took another job - within days (1986). I also - within months - began the business [ described above 1987 ] - with my very talented husband Hans Neuhart

HOWEVER, circa 1994 - my clients learned [that] they could "out-source" [e] the digital ART Program services - my company performed - to foreign countries. Which, (these foreign countries) provided their citizens with "Health CARE" - and, there existed no minimum wage - in these "foreign countries" . My company could not be "competitive" - against such "foreign" competition - which, we experienced - suddenly - as a series of lost "bids".

 Our reaction - upon realizing the circumstances - circa 1995 - was to close our USA established business [ Hans & CassAdy, Incorporated ] - AND sell our accumulated assets: residential home, office building, equipment. We moved "West" - and, went into "consulting roles" - in America's "Silicon Valley" - and, experienced a "NEW" kind of success. Thus, we "survived" in a new "Darwinian" evolved form. [My husband and partner was - and isHans Neuhart ]

Today's choices are just as stark: 
 1. America needs "temporary" immigrant workers - to perform work - [that] Americans - do NOT want to do.
AND, 2. America's technological "edge" depends upon the kinds of systems, devices, mathematics and algorithms - Americans lack the ability - to create. Again, both (of these) "problems" can be solved - But How? Again, I have practical - and related "experience" - in both areas ... and, suggestions ( if invited )

!! THANK YOU! PRESIDENT BIDEN - FOR YOU "INVITATION" MOMENTS AGO "Inauguration speech" ( suggestion - based on "experience" in progress ) " ...  https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/interactive/2021/01/20/biden-inauguration-speech/  ..."

Trump co-opted "birther-ism", "racism" - and "sexism" - already in existence - and codified - by Far Right Organizations. These "organizations" un-checked - threaten our country's domestic tranquility AND well-being. They are Domestic Terrorist platforms.  And, by the Right's "FAILURE" to examine his proclaimed "successes" - as the "fool's gold" - they were - these ACTORS nearly demolished the Republican Party. Which, Democrats NEED occasionally (to keep us "honest") I admit [that] I am mostly a "Liberal Democrat"; but, I think I voted for Ross Perot - because, he captured my imagination ( in 1996 ). 

Godspeed Mr. Biden - to right our ship. It will not be easy. And, it begins (in part) with an examination of the damage done [to our time-tested institutions]   -  AND, how the "damage" happened.   I will continue - to do my best - with my very small audience - to educate - and inform. Our mountain is high and wide.  Your long "political" experience - will be helpful; - as, I hope - my personal "experiences" - will enable me to reach - my small audience - which, may help you.

 - Susan 

  [a] "raccoon" stew ::  http://www.arkansasoutdoorcountry.com/recipes/crock-pot-racoon/
  [b]  "muskrat" stew ::  https://www.truthaboutfur.com/blog/top-5-tasty-furbearers-muskrat-stew/ 
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  Mr. Joel Vandersluis, M.D.      <  Mr. Joel Vandersluis, famous USA - M.D. " Neurologist"  > 
 A)  Yes, Susan did attempt to interview Dr. V - at an introductory visit ; however, she found him (that day) rude and in a "hurry".  Dayton Ohio Neurology Diagnostics 
 B)   Susan reported her impression to Dr. L. Bible's assistant - T; however, a new neurologist recommendation has not been made yet.   C)   Susan, used Dr. V's "Contact Form" interface - URL above (today) to inform Dr. V. - that he may redeem himself - if he so chooses - by using Susan's "Contact Form" - available at her web site (  https://hansandcassady.org/  )  - to indicate that he has viewed the PDF document [ she created ] - related to the Human rotator cuff  ( HERE ) - and, injuries that are possible - in this area of the human body. Susan is suffering continued pain - in her right shoulder. Dr. L. Bible has ordered - and performed: "ultrasound" &  "X-rays" THESE ARE AVAILABLE NOW - AT Good SAM. Hospital - Dayton, OHio area.
 D) Lizbeth Bible, M.D. Family practice physician in Clayton, Ohio --Address: 8662 N Main St, Dayton, OH      Phone(937) 280-4969

 Neurology Diagnostics, Inc

Main Office Location:
240 Elmwood Dr
Dayton, OH, 45459

North (Butler Township) Office:
8605 North Dixie Drive
Suite B
Dayton, OH, 45414

Phone: (937) 224-8200

On 2017-06-05 14:01, Dayton, OH Mayor Nan Whaley wrote:[See Susan's humorous edits - below]

 Susan, No one has been more responsible for getting Ohioans hooked on opioids than pharmaceutical companies [ - AND, LAZY DAYTON AREA MDs ] . And I’m ready to hold them accountable. [ Really, she is. Nan, is a tough, Indiana "hoosier" born person. Her husband is Sam - "the man" - Braun ]

Today, I’m announcing that Dayton will be the first city in Ohio to file a class-action lawsuit against 22 drug companies responsible for pushing opioids on our community. Our lawsuit states that these companies engaged in deceptive marketing practices that hid their knowledge that opioid use could lead to addiction -- and often targeted vulnerable and lucrative communities like veterans and the elderly.

 [ city of Dayton, OhiO   Nan sworn in - by husband Sam Braun ] 

 These companies made billions while leaving communities like Dayton to deal with the devastating consequences. They need to pay -- by funding the programs our city has had to create and expand to cope with the addiction crisis. Taxpayers don’t deserve to foot the bill for their recklessness.

Susan, as we move forward with this lawsuit, I want to hear your thoughts. Will you take my quick survey to let me know how the opioid crisis has affected you and how you think drug companies should be held responsible?

Thank you,

This email was sent to > [any one that may DONATE to my effort to become Ohio's Governor] & Susan

443 E 6th St Dayton OH 45402 United States