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Susan, had to marry Dawn's biological father & stay married (to him) for a while - because she was pregnant - as a teenager ( in 1972 ).  Until they divorced - circa 1977 - Bill Burton provided the sole means of support for Dawn & Susan.  Susan's apology to her daughter - Dawn ( coming soon )  SEE: My STORY 

On being "obligated" to pay for "other" people's HealthCARE needs and Public Schools (my story)

       At the time of our final divorce decree, my first husband (Bill) desperately wanted custody of our little girl (Dawn Marie). After careful consideration - and talking with people (whom I loved and respected) - I decided that granting him "custody" was "yes" - the best (and most logical) thing to do. However, we owned a home together ( in Green Bay, WI ) - so, there was the matter of the "custody" of this property also; That is, Bill wanted to sell the home and evict me. So, I was forced - by circumstances - to, not only grant Mr. George Billy Burton ( Dawn's biological and loving father) - "custody" of Dawn [ a 4-year old girl] - as he wished; I also granted him "custody" of the house - we jointly owned - and, I accepted a one-time payment (from him) - in the final divorce settlement - of $4,000. 

 Now, at the time ( circa 1977 ) this kind of legal arrangement was so unusual - that my young attorney ( Now, Ohio Judge-Thomas Tyack) - of Columbus, Ohio - had to invent new legal language - he stated (to me).

 Specifically, the divorce decree "drawn up" - by him (for me) - stated: that although Bill [ the father] was being granted "day-to-day physical custody" of Dawn, the mother ("Susan"- "me") retained the right (in law) to bring Dawn into my care and custody - at any future time that I thought it best to do so.

After the divorce papers were signed - and, we had both "gotten on with our lives" - by several months - Bill hissed at me one day - that I had "given up my child for a man". In fact, this was not true. In fact, I was a waitress at the Green Bay - Wisconsin, Holiday Inn - at the time that I made this decision - and, he was a "college-educated" [BS-MS/OSU-1972] manager of a Super-Valu Store. And, I had granted "physical" day-to-day custody (of Dawn) - to him - ONLY - so, that I could pursue a college education - while also working for "tips" ( at the Holiday Inn ) evenings and week-ends. Bill also had (at his disposal) the full-time support - for "free" child-care - of his relatively healthy, 55-year old mother, Clara Burton [ only recently retired from her "working days" - as a pottery maker - in Zanesville, Ohio]. That is, Bill had relocated - to Ohio - from Wisconsin - for this very reason; and, my mother (Mary) - although very loving - was disabled - from several previous strokes and diabetes. Also, my father (Milo Cassady) had died (from Cancer) when I was 9 years old. And, I was but one - of eight children - that Mary [my mother] and Milo had produced - during their 30+ years marriage.

[THE REST OF THE STORY]    ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rest_of_the_Story )

 1) Yes, I did get a college decree [UWGB-1982] B.S. Environmental Sciences & Communications;
   and, I eventually employed Ms. Dawn-Marie Burton ( my daughter ) in my company: Hans & Cassady, Inc. My education & experience resume is presented here:
2) Dawn-Marie Burton graduated - from White Hall High-School - in Ohio [1993] - with honors. 
3) She also worked - as a food server [ just like her Mom] - for a short time (at Max&Ermas - in Columbus, Ohio) ; [ http://www.maxandermas.com ]
4) She also performed ( "direct mail marketing") work - for USA Congressman John Conyers - in Detroit Michigan. Mr. Conyers, later, helped Dawn - get her start with the USA DOJ - under Attorney General Janet Reno.
5) Dawn also served in the Department of Justice (in Washington, DC) - for a time - with Mr. James Comey.
6) - and, she [Dawn]was the principal technology services "purchasing agent" - for the Lockheed Martin ( F35) Air Craft.
7) Today, Dawn works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (fbi). She is the "Deputy Chief of Staff" - to the Director - Mr. James Comey.
8) I was severely "ostracized" - as an indecent & peculiar woman (for what I had done) - throughout my college years.  http://www.dictionary.com/browse/ostracize
     -- You see, my legal actions were taken long before the movie "Kramer vs Kramer" came out ( in 1979). And, many Americans felt my actions were just "wrong".
9) In fact, my current husband's family - even feared (for him) to marry "me" ( in 1983). Now, married more than 35 years - Hans' family fully accepts - the "odd" woman that he chose to marry. And, Hans, literally saved my life - in 2012. I love my husband (Hans); And, I am a very blessed woman - to have such a "good" man.
10)  PRO-CHOICE WOMAN!  I am in 100% agreement with Congress Woman Maxine Waters. That is, I chose not to "go forward" with a pregnancy (in 1983) - because, I had not "raised up" (100%) my first biological daughter (Dawn) - born in 1973.  Moreover, my NCR Corporation [Cambridge, OhiO- E&M] - "Professional" Employee Health-CARE coverage - paid for my entire hospitalization - due to complications suffered from - this (then) legal procedure. CONSIDER "universal Health-CARE coverage ( as I envision it ) - would permit any similarly situated American woman - when-ever needed - to "control her own body".  That is, "legal abortions" - when - and if ever - needed - would be safe and legal - as any American woman so chooses. This is a right - that every woman should demand - and vote for.  I was able to make - a choice - for reasons all my own. The NCR Corporation paid (the bill) - to make this option available to me - because I was a "professional Technical Writer" - an, integrated part of the NCR Software product Engineering & Design department. That is, And,  my daughter [ that financial circumstances prevented me from "raising" in the "traditional" sense] - during the years of her childhood (1973-1993+),  has told me ( many times) that she appreciates the difficult choice that we ( Hans & me) made. That is, it was the "right choice" - for us - as a woman - who already had a biological daughter ( circa 1983 ). 
11)  That is, I was able ( ONLY due to my college education! ) - and, the high paying jobs - that I could get [ after my graduation from UWGB ] - ( I was able to) pay significant "child support" - for my daughter's continued well-being (with her father)  - after my graduation (from college - UWGB - in 1982). 
12) Bill, Dawn's father, got a LAW [JD] degree - circa 1981 - from Capital University LAW School ( in Columbus, Ohio). Bill remarried - in 1996. Today, Dawn has a biological sister - via his second wife [Holland].  Liza was born in 1996.
13) We were forced to sell - our Hans & Cassady Office Building - located at 5761 Chandler Ct. - in Westerville, Ohio - in 1994 - for a financial loss - due to "foreign competitors"  - which, were able to under-bid us - for every text-book project we quoted - circa years 1993+
14) In each case, [of "under-bid" by foreign competitors] our  unfair "competitors" did not pay their employees at the same hourly  rate that we did (thus, they bid significant less - for each project opportunity;  and, their country did [YES] provide Universal HealthCARE coverage - for all of its citizens. USA Health-CARE ranked...
15) We were also forced to lay-off our employees - during the period 1986 to 1995 ( one of whom was my daughter- Dawn). Several, of our former employees had children: Jane, Tracy, Michelle, Sandy, Tom ...
16) We relocated to Arizona (in 1996). And, Dawn (no longer my employee) flew out and visited - with me & Hans - several times during this difficult financial period.
17)  I suffered a severe brain stroke (in 2012) - aneurysm at my MCA - Middle Cerebral Artery.
18) My life was saved, by my "quick-thinking" husband -Hans; And,  an African American man - (the) Dr. Victor Perry - who led a team of Caucasian Neurosurgeons. All (of them) - as a team - standing over me "operating" ( performing micro-surgery - within my brain) for more than eight hours.
19)  Today, Dr. Victor Perry (MD) practices ( Neurosurgery - specializing in Children's Neurosurgery  ) in California.
20) USA President Barack Obama & USA "First-Lady" Michelle Obama visited with Dr. Perry & his hospital - in Asheville, NC - in 2013 & other times:
  [ https://issuu.com/uncasheville/docs/unc_asheville_summer_magazine_2013 ]

 Thus, America is better - because of :
A) "Public Schools" (
The University of Wisconsin [UWGB] is a "public" education institution). And,  all - but $6,000 - of my higher-education costs ( circa 1977 - 1982) were covered by USA DOE Education - grants and "Work-Study" programs.
B) And, America is stronger & safer  [F35-JSF] - because, my daughter was employed (by me) - in a "high-tech" independent business venture - where she daily (was required) - related to her duties as a textbook "digital artist" - to study and absorb - Science Technology Engineering & Math [STEM]; 
C) and, Dawn was [thus] very able & capable to play a very significant role - in the: 
     a) creation of the "Unmatched" - by any other country in the world: F35 Joint-Strike-Fighter air craft... 
     b) AND,  the re-election (several times) of the Honorable Mr. John Conyers to the United States Congress.
 [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Conyers ]

D) And, America will be much more improved & "returned" to Greatness instantly - if the US Congress (under Paul Ryan's leadership ) - passes a "Universal Health CARE ACT" [HR 676] - for President Trump's approval.

 YES! Friends - God does work in mysterious ways! And, she always has!  Please support! Mr. John Conyer's (now) fully sponsored HealthCARE legislation [hr676]; AND, May God and - his son - [Jesus Christ] continue to grace America, our "Public Schools" - and, Congressman John Conyers.  ( Please see continuing research topics below.)

  Medical doctors and the NEW Racism http://www.alternet.org/personal-health/medical-racism-and-ignoring-black-pain < Copyrighted material 5-5-2017 !
  https://waters.house.gov/ < Congress Woman Maxine Waters  < "Hero!" Thank YOU! Maxine ( Ms. Waters )