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## Black Like ME ! by John Howard Griffin ##


older Americans pay out-of-pocket fees ::  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out-of-pocket_expense

  And then, she ask me: "Why did you want to become a doctor?" 
I answered, " property and profit of course." :: Socialism :: Creative Destruction

 Creative Destruction MIT :

Professor Ricardo J. Caballero (MIT)



     reciprocality , Trump-O-nomics & "priming-the-pump" < The Economist MAGAZINE Interview
TRANSCRIPT [ pdf ] :: THE United States of America - May 11th, 2017
 Betsy Devos : EDUCATION

 MOTHER SHAMING  (MY STORY) :: pdf ::  :
   http://childcarelaw.org/ : Parental alienation syndrome "... introduced by child psychiatrist Richard Gardner in 1985
- to describe a distinctive suite of behaviors in children that includes showing extreme ... hostility towards [one] a parent.
Observed repeatedly in... [situations where the "new man" has "pinned" the former husband - to the ground - in front of barking "police dogs". ] ... "  
 THE USA HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY DELIBERATELY Designs "PRODUCTS" KNOWN TO MAKE PEOPLE SICK [OR SICKER] AND DIE. THE USA HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY PROVIDES INSUFFICIENT  WARNINGS - TO INCREASE THEIR "FOR PROFIT" SALES.  EXPANDING THE MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT MANDATE TO ALL AMERICANS MERELY CREATES A BIGGER MARKET FOR (the) Health Insurance Product's  "UNAVOIDABLE DANGER"; AND, THE HARM INFLICTED IS "FORESEEABLE". "SickO" CONSIDER, Poor people cannot afford the cost of Health Insurance - AND, "rich people" are often told - (that) their sickness or required Medical procedure - is NOT covered. product liability claims :  product liability claims politics & policy :: https://marlerclark.com/pdfs/intro-product-liability-law.pdf < saved PDF < requested permission. >   https://injury.findlaw.com/product-liability/defects-in-design.html  ... 
President Trump - Sir - "socialists" come in many forms (I am one of them) ::    Gandhi >   "Need versus Greed"


< contact >  Dear USA President Donald Trump - Sir, I am a survivor - of SAH@MCA
 As you may know, Children's neurosurgeon Victor Perry saved my life [circa 12-18-2012];    Apparently [with the help of God], so that, I could   challenge you to a debate (today)   - re: The merits of "Socialized Medicine"
  So Sir, please consider yourself  - with great respect - for your important National office - "challenged" - to a duel of words.

    [In fact, I am a retired Technical Writer - for Software End User Manuals]

      I look forward to hearing from you!  - Susan    < contact >   
Also, if you will check around your office - [then] you will find a copy of my "solution" to the USA HealthCARE problem.
- which, I did send to you - April 2017. 
 " ... shopping an idea around ..." < credit
The Wall Street Journal ... [ link ] :: 


         AND "yes" - many windows is "by design" > MY design!  TRUMP > [ AFPImpeachment !   
   < contact >  IF you want to "complain" - Please, put it in writing.  
Will Mr. Trump debate a senior lady?
  That is, at the time, rules and place of her choosing ?  Rule ONE: Answers may be delivered - as "slowly" as required - to make the point.
        President Trump - or, his "agent" - has not responded yet.


 Susan says: “Socialized Medicine” would cover every American – from the “cradle TO the grave”   
AND, YES! WE   "Americans" can afford it! 
 :: Here’s How > ( click ) or URL = https://hansandcassady.org/test1-15.html 

Susan is NOT an "officially"  approved representative - of Ms. Kamala Harris FOR PRESIDENT - YET.  ### 
But, Susan is working on it [that is, to get "officially"  approved [ for USA ZIP 45405 ]. ...
   Private Health Insurance  >  "...eliminate all of that ... let's move on..."

 Kamala Harris: :::: 
   https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/kamala-harris-wants-end-private-health-insurance-new-democratic-litmus-n964241 ::
  https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/01/29/howard_schultz_on_independent_2020_run_i_think_i_can_beat_the_system.html  ::hh https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/01/29/kamala_harris_on_private_health_insurance_market_eliminate_all_of_that_lets_move_on.html ::

  hhhhhh  The role of "opinion leaders" in the election of Barack Obama   < in progress>

< art work by Hans Neuhart  ( Susan's husband - of 37+ years ) - The lady (depicted) is NOT Kamala or Susan!

  -and - 

  When "HE" wants to be the "custodial parent"- consider this >  Tyack Law!  :  Tom Tyack 
  Parental Alienation
 Susan - May 2017
[ AFP ] < contact
IF you want to "complain" - Please, put it in writing. 
< contact
 Will HE [ TRUMP] debate a senior lady?
At the place & time of my choosing? 
Born in 1954!  Me "mum" was German [Sprouse]. My father was Scottish [ CassAdy ] A , B

"TheOldManandTHESea" -PDFversion.pdf
> 14 point type - 69 pages   [ PDF

Bill ide

hauling Project 

Michelle Obama!  > :: https://www.glamour.com/story/michelle-obama-president-2020 
 12 Bills, RE: "healthCARE" 'cost'
– in 115th Congress...

ALL of them protect the SALE of Health INSURANCE in the USA.

[ LIST OF 12 ]

  "black feminist" versus "white feminist"  :: 
<  DISCUSS  > PDF ::
Native American RESEARCH PAGE 
( "Buzz" aka "Milo" )

Zora   (the latest)

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Barbara Lee [Cassady's 
grand children

NOTE: Susan (or, this web site) does NOT "use" or eat "cookies". 
   ( Susan does not care WHO looks at her web site - nor, does she "track" anyone.) 
 Moreover, Susan knows ( AND, it is a FACT that)
"Cookies" make you fat! 
Down with cookies!

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Daughter = Dawn Marie Burton - Danielson [FBI] (202) 324-6500
Attorney & Deputy Chief of Staff -  Expert in Parental Alienation...

Nieces  & Nephews   ( more photos coming )
 Bernie Sanders "Democratic Socialist HealthCARE Plan"> S.1804 :: and Related "TEXT snips" :  https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-bill/1804/text   > The word "insurance" occurs 23 times - OR, just view this PDF document - Where I have cut and pasted Bernie's "insurance protection" sections for you. 
Please, do NOT let a word "Socialized" scare you. 
-AMERICANS are not easily scared-

Please, do NOT let a word "Socialized" scare you.  

Mr. Jamie Dimond (the) CEO of JP Morgan Bank on "Socialism" 2019


 VIDEO of CNN interview [date: March 19, 2019 ]
  ABOUT Susan :: her Resume' 

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FAMILY::   Mom Dad Sisters Brothers
Nieces  & Nephews   ( more%