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  Susan & Hans moved to Dayton, Ohio  on 2-2-2017.  Susan is a registered "DEMOCRAT" - in Montgomery County, OhiO-USA.  Please see my "politics" page for more information.

 Since our move, we have attended ( as vsistors ):
1) the Methodist Church ( Pastor Leroy Chamblis);
2) the Church of Christ ( Pastor Carl Robinson);
3) the Calvary Grace Brethren Church ( Pastor Tyrone Curtis )
- and, 4) the Mt. Calvary Ev. Lutheran Church ( Pastor was "visiting" ) today 5-28-2017. 

 The only churchs left (to visit) belong to: the "Baptists", the "Catholics" - and, the  "Jews".

 Hans & Susan- are believers in Jesus Christ & the New Testament - as well as the Old Testament. We were both baptized - full immersion method; and, we both like to sing.  
  Hans is a better singer than Susan. However, Susan is a better dancer than Hans. 

And, I just saw a group "Jews for Jesus" [ 6-23-2017 ] So, today, one should not generalize ( as I did previously) that Jewish people - do not like [ or believe in] Jesus.  
  In fact, some "Jewish" people do believe in Jesus >   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messianic_Judaism


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