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 date: 6-20-2021


 TO: Mike Turner ( OHIO 10), Ohio Senators Rob Portman, Sherrod Brown,
The Committee on Oversight and Reform US House of Representatives:
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, New York (12) and Congressman James Comer Kentucky (01);
 The House Judiciary Committee: https://judiciary.house.gov/ (Members)

 Dear Elected USA Officials,  

 I am a citizen - of the United States - and a resident of Ohio. ZIP 45405

I was born in Columbus, Ohio - May of 1954. My name is: Susan Marie Neuhart ( nee Cassady, Burton ).

 My only child was employed - at the USA-FBI. 

She was appointed -  by James Comey [-]  to be the "Deputy Chief of Staff" - of the USA-FBI - after she received her law degree. They had worked - together - at Lockheed & the Washington, DC DOJ - since 1996.  My daughter resigned - from the FBI - in 2019 - for reasons known to her. Today, she is an attorney - practicing law - in Washington, DC.

As you may know, a REWARD - of $100,000 has been posted - by the USA-FBI - for information leading - to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for placing "pipe bombs" near the capitol on 1-5-2021. [-]

 Christopher Wray did NOT mention this fact - in his June 15, 2021 REPORT to your committee [-] ;

  Or, his June 10, 2021 REPORT  Before the House Judiciary Committee [-]

 HOWEVER, NO  "reward information" - is posted  - on the FBI website "fbi.gov" - for information -  "...  leading to the location, arrest, and conviction of the person(s)..." with very clear & multiple angle photos placed on the FBI's WANTED FOR CAPITOL VIOLENCE PAGE. [-]

As a retired "Software Engineering Technical Writer" - paid very well for my "analytical, writing, software programming  abilities" [1980 - 2012] and to communicate "Product Information" - to Engineers and Scientists - all over America - this seems very illogical (to me). [-]

THAT IS : COMPARE: $100k - REWARD offered (by USA/FBI) for perps "placing bombs" - that did not detonate - AND, no clear photos - of the "perps" exist.  AND, NO REWARD - offered for persons (perps) - whose activities led directly to: POLICE OFFICER deaths, injuries, PROPERTY destruction AND - the "undermining of American democracy & our image - in the world. [-]

This display of violence - even permitted Vladimir Putin - on 6-16-2021 - to mock "our American system of DEMOCRACY...  [Putin - on a world stage] also suggested Washington was in no position to lecture Moscow on rights, batting away question about his crackdown on political rivals by saying he was trying to avoid the "disorder" of a popular movement ...[ Putin] ...What we saw was disorder, disruption, violations of the law, etc. We feel sympathy for the United States of America, but we don’t want that to happen on our territory and we'll do our utmost in order to not allow it to happen,” he said.  ..."  

Please use your legislative power - to get this "analytical" AND "FINANCIAL MOTIVE - to identify" - inequity - corrected. [-]

I believe [that] - even a GOFUNDME mechanism would be supported - by church participants - who recognize congregation member photos. [-] The "reward" could be directed to the "collection plate" - passed in the Churches Of Christ - for example.

You may know, I made the Church Of Christ famous - by appearing nude in Columbus, Ohio (under a sheet) - for my baptism. In fact, it didn't hurt me - a bit; and, I had a lot of boys - notice me - after the mistake.

Perhaps "politicians" - should appear nude - as in - the Emperor has no clothes.
But wait! One already has - And he presided over an insurrection - that failed. 

Again, the FBI's pages - containing photos of the perps  are very clear. 
All FBI staff - who contributed to the effort (to HTML display the perp's photos)  should be complimented. 

Sincerely - and THANK YOU for your public service,  - Susan 

NOTE: I will post this REQUEST - TO MY "PERSONAL" WEB SITE [-]. I sell nothing on my web site - except ideas. The "references" cited - but, not permitted - in your CONTACT FORM - ARE INTACT - AT MY WEB SITE VERSION - of this message. JUST GOOGLE: Hans AND Cassady Susan Marie Neuhart


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