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        [art form] are posted below - and, some details  of his life.   Following is a plaque - with (the) details ... of the presentation ...
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Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School - Dayton, Ohio - USA : HISTORY  "eagles" : 
 https://www.cjeagles.org  [Emailed REQUEST 7- 8 - 2018] 

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https://www.udayton.edu/artssciences/academics/artanddesign/facstaff/index.php  < University of Dayton Information


[ Thomas Michael Concannon ]

Published in Dayton Daily News on Sept. 28, 2004   ::  Posting Guidelines|FAQ

Dear Aunt Vicki & family, 
I want to convey my condolences to all of you at this sad time. It has been a long time since I've seen any of you, but I have such good memories of family visits at your home. My thoughts are with you. 
Love, Mary

Mary Byrne Tomita - October 07, 2004 | Las Flores, CA

0Good bye Uncle Tom, your spirit will be missed. I have such fond memories that will last my lifetime. Thank you for all the family picnics, letting me borrow your mandolin and your art. You will be missed very much. Hugs to your family.

Julia Barlow SherlockSeptember 28, 2004 | Mount Pleasant, MI

Deepest sympathies. Hope everyone is coping well. Best to Will(y) also. 
Dan HaltonSeptember 28, 2004 | Washington, DC ..."


              REQUEST FOR INFORMATION... from world Wood "Carvers"

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Emailed (ALSO) TO :  infor@thewooburncraftschool , ohboyd@btinternet , info@mikepainter. , sharon55_1955 , gerald@adamswoodcarving , info@creativejamaican, dayton-retail@woodcraft, webmaster@daytoncarvers   

DATE: 7-29-2018

Subject:  Mr. Thomas "Tom" ConCannon wood sculpture "relief type" - sited in Dayton, Ohio, USA : zip 45405 vicinity

 MESSAGE:  Dear Ladies & Gentleman  (wood carvers all ). My name is Susan [Cassady]-Neuhart. I am an American citizen.  I attend a Christian church (in Dayton, Ohio, USA).  In that church - mounted on the narthex wall - is a wood carving - titled "The Acceptance". There is a plaque - mounted next to the wood relief carving - which provides some scant information about the art work.

 I am seeking more biographical information - about the artist: (Who he was? Where he went? etc.) My Internet search has yielded clues - and indicators only. The work appears to be after the Jamaican Style [ of “Mr. Conard Stone]. In fact, many persons - with the name of "Thomas Concannon" are famous in America (and around the world) – for various reasons. I am contacting those that I can.  Any information- related to this work of art - that you can provide- will be appreciated.

Now, I used my digital camera - and, obtained the Shiloh UCC church Pastor's permission - to take photos of this very large wood carving (over five feet in height [ 1.524 meters] ). These photos are posted on my personal web site PAGE for Mr. Concannon: https://hansandcassady.org/Concannon.html   

Please NOTE: I do not sell anything on my “personal” web site. Nor, do I use "cookies", etc. That is, I am just a (now) retired person - interested in solving this mystery - regarding “Who" – the Wood Carver (Mr. Tom Concannon ) was? And, "why" did he create this "living memorial"? What was its purpose?  That is, there are many people named "James Burnett" – in America - (also).

Thank you.
 I look forward to your reply.
And, regards - from (the) United States of  America - Susan


https://saylordotorg.github.io/text_law-for-entrepreneurs/s12-03-the-acceptance.html https://www.artsynature.com/artists/sculptures-by-conard-stone-jamaica/
https://www.woodworkersinstitute.com/wood-carving/projects/relief-carving/    https://www.woodworkersinstitute.com/wood-carving/features/woodcarving-clubs/     http://www.britishwoodcarversassociation.co.uk/gallery   http://www.britishwoodcarversassociation.co.uk/contact-us    http://www.europeanwoodworkingshow.eu/






  https://www.buttecentral.org/img/documents/annual_report_2016_this_one.pdf      Butte Central Education Foundation

Butte Central Catholic Education Foundation 550 E. Mercury St. Butte, MT 59701 Phone: 1 (406) 723-6706


"... Tom Concannon Memorial Endowed Scholarship – Established by Don and Karen Carkeek
in honor of Tom Concannon,
Christian Brother, educator, loving husband and coach of Boys Central Tumblers.

   His personal and positive influence on many will be long remembered. ..."


  CAPITAL CITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION  Tom Concannon   http://www.mot.gov.jm/agency/devon-house-development-company




   page 1 - “....L.C. Concannon Cults in Jamaica . . . . . .... Edward Seaga "Duppy Plants" . . . . . . . .. Lilly P...”

 page 46  “.... Tom Concannon was entrusted with the structural architectural repairs, and the redoing of the bac...”     

  The Acceptance Original Art Work by Mr. Tom ConCannon