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  Susan is an AMERICAN woman - born 1954. She is of Scotch-Irish & German heritage. Her husband (of 39+ years)- also American - is shown below. 
         NOTE: Susan is retired!  I only joined "linkedIN" - so that I could see the information posted there - by those people (some looking for employment) WHO do not know how - apparently - to "GODADDY". "knowledge is power" was carved into the entrance of my public Elementary School - in Columbus, Ohio. 
 As shown - on my resume - I did various kinds of work - for the USA Military. I will help you guys again - if you need me - or, I am willing to teach - some young person "How TO" - if THEY can be patient with a "Senior American". My husband must approve.
     I am a Democrat & VOTE - but, I support my current Congressman [OH District 10] - who is a Republican. I have drafted a HEALTH CARE PLAN...

     [example>  PDF 335 pages - re: Susan's "SPEED2000" Signal Integrity/EDA software End User's Manual <  very verbose (by design) And, then Cadence bought Speed2000 for $83 Million US Dollars.
    - for American Electrical Engineers & Software Technical Writers ]  ... My teachers were Jiayuan Fang et al SIGRITY - CADENCE - IEEE  [ A,B,C]

   CASSADY FAMILY photos  ::   HPSI CONFIRMATION   ::  RESUME' >   (Detailed 8 pages>  PDF )   OR (Short - ONE page PDF ):

    Susan's Grand mother was (THE) Zora Elizabeth [ Miller ] - Sprouse - Roby [ 1883-1953 ].  
     Susan's mother ( Zora's daughter ) was Ms. Mary Elizabeth [Sprouse]-CassAdy-Brothers [1916-1985] :
  Mary worked at General Motors (Columbus,OH) & raised 9 children. ALL (of them) "fathered" by Milo Gerald CassAdy (1902-1964).
    Susan's "uncle" was Pearl CassAdy - the father of Howard 'hopalong' CassAdy - a football player & trophy winner.
    Milo's brother [ Francis Cassady ] was married to Vivian. They did not have children. The origin of "CASS-A-DY"  is Scotland (Lanarkshire, Scotland). 
      ( There are very few people - named CASSADY - in Ireland. So, I am of Scottish human origin - most likely; AND - my father [ 1902-1964 ] stressed my name is spelled with As - and no Is.
    Susan was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She attended Columbus Public Schools, graduated (1972) from Columbus CENTRAL High School
   Susan was a tether-ball champion.  In large part - because her father (Milo Gerald CassAdy [1902-1964] ) built her a competition court - at their "rented" house. 
   Milo was a "day laborer" - AND, owned a carpentry - related business. He hung "wall-paper" - and, I was a "helper" - to gather and remove... - as soon as I was able.
  He won the bid - for a Columbus Public Schools Contract - to remove asbestos (from schools) - and, died from "Mesothelioma" October 31st, 1964:: 

< Biological brother ( Milo Junior Cassady ) : AKA "Buzz"
[ Brother is married to Betty Helber ] Mrs. Betty Helber CassAdy - PhD - Doctor of Nursing ...  < Hans - husband of 39+ years 

  < " Avatar " ARTwork by Susan's husband - of 38 years ... [  'the' famous American digital artist> Mr. Hans Neuhart ]   ::   Medical & Scientific Illustration by Hans Neuhart  :: Hans' PAGE :: 
    Susan's  Resume' - for WPAFB : HPSI >  Detailed 8 pages>  PDF )   OR ( Short - ONE page PDF  CASSADY FAMILY photo page 

 Susan >  Susan AND her biological sisters[l-r] Susan, Millie, Debbie & Barbara>  Susan and one more Sister: Carol:   

     NOTE: Susan is now "retired". SHE ENJOYS COMMENTING ON POLITICS. 
           Before her retirement - she was a Software Engineering Technical Writer.  Susan will consider "work opportunities" - that interest her. 
                   That is why my Resume' is posted (above). I am learning "PHP", JavaScript ... 
Versions :: The six versions of PHP are named as 'PHP version 1.0', 'PHP version 2.0', 'PHP version 3.0', 'PHP version 4.0', 'PHP version 5.0 and 6.0', and the current version 'PHP version 7.0'. ) 

    [example>  PDF 335 pages - re: Susan's "SPEED2000" Signal Integrity/EDA software End User's Manual ] 

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