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  Susan is an AMERICAN woman - born 1954. She is of Scotch-Irish & German heritage. Her husband (of 38+ years)- also American - is shown below. 
         NOTE: Susan is retired!  I only joined "linkedIN" - so that I could see the information posted there - by those people (some looking for employment) WHO do not know how - apparently - to "GODADDY". "knowledge is power" was carved into the entrance of my public Elementary School - in Columbus, Ohio. 
 As shown - on my resume - I did various kinds of work - for the USA Military. I will help you guys again - if you need me - or, I am willing to teach - some young person "How TO" - if THEY can be patient with a "Senior American". My husband must approve.
     I am a Proud Democrat & VOTE - but, I support my current Congressman [OH District 10] - who is a Republican. I have drafted a HEALTH CARE PLAN...

     [example>  PDF 335 pages - re: Susan's "SPEED2000" Signal Integrity/EDA software End User's Manual ]  My teachers were Jiayuan Fang et al SIGRITY - CADENCE - IEEE  [ A,B,C]

   CASSADY FAMILY photos  ::   HPSI CONFIRMATION   ::  RESUME' >   (Detailed 8 pages>  PDF )   OR (Short - ONE page PDF ):

    Susan's Grand mother was (THE) Zora Elizabeth [ Miller ] - Sprouse - Roby [ 1883-1953 ].  
     Susan's mother ( Zora's daughter ) was Ms. Mary Elizabeth [Sprouse]-CassAdy-Brothers [1916-1985] :
  Mary worked at General Motors (Columbus,OH) & raised 9 children. ALL (of them) "fathered" by Milo Gerald CassAdy (1902-1964).
    Susan's "uncle" was Pearl CassAdy - the father of Howard 'hopalong' CassAdy - a football player & trophy winner.
    Milo's brother [ Francis Cassady ] was married to Vivian. They did not have children. The origin of "CASS-A-DY"  is Scotland (Lanarkshire, Scotland). 
      There are very few people - named CASSADY - in Ireland. So, I am of Scottish people origin - most likely.
    Susan was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She attended Columbus Public Schools, graduated (1972) from Columbus CENTRAL High School
   Susan was a tether-ball champion.  In large part - because her father (Milo Gerald CassAdy [1902-1964] ) built her a competition court - at their "rented" house. 
   Milo was a "day laborer" - AND, owned a carpentry - related business.  He won the bid - for a Columbus Public Schools Contract - to remove asbestos (from schools) - and, died from "Mesothelioma" October 31st, 1964:: 

< Biological brother ( Milo Junior Cassady ) : AKA "Buzz"
[ Brother is married to Betty Helber ] Mrs. Betty Helber CassAdy - PhD - Doctor of Nursing ...  < Hans - husband of 38+ years 

  < " Avatar " ARTwork by Susan's husband - of 38 years ... [  'the' famous American digital artist> Mr. Hans Neuhart ]   ::   Medical & Scientific Illustration by Hans Neuhart  :: Hans' PAGE :: 
    Susan's  Resume' - for WPAFB : HPSI >  Detailed 8 pages>  PDF )   OR ( Short - ONE page PDF  CASSADY FAMILY photo page 

 Susan >  Susan AND her biological sisters[l-r] Susan, Millie, Debbie & Barbara>  Susan and one more Sister: Carol:   

     NOTE: Susan is now "retired". SHE ENJOYS COMMENTING ON POLITICS. 
           Before her retirement - she was a Software Engineering Technical Writer.  Susan will consider "work opportunities" - that interest her. 
                   That is why my Resume' is posted (above).
 [example>  PDF 335 pages - re: Susan's "SPEED2000" Signal Integrity/EDA software End User's Manual ] 

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