date: 6-22-2020 

 Custody ( My story)

   LADIES! AND, I say this advisedly - BECAUSE, I AM ONE ...
            - before, you grant HIM "custody" consider the following:

 THE DECISION [IS 'UP TO' YOU!]. US Courts - still, overwhelming believe - the "mother" knows best.

 I gave my "child's biological father" custody - when we divorced. I lived in Wisconsin - and, had established "residency" there. ...  What I decided - to do - was very unusual - THEN [ circa1978].
On the pretense - of an extended "visit" - he had taken my daughter - back to Ohio - where she was born. Which, my "Wisconsin Attorney" - located them - after payment [through law enforcement resources] in Whitehall, Ohio.

 His mother retired - from the " Hull-Crooksville Pottery" [1] - lived in Crooksville, Ohio - where he was born.

 Clara (my daughter's grandmother) - although retired - offered to "babysit" [for her Daddy] - whenever needed - for FREE.

My mother was "disabled" - and, lived in Columbus. She tried - but, was not able to live in Green Bay, Wisconsin - to "help" me - with required "babysitting . Never, previously "out of" Ohio - my mother declared [when we tried - literally - moving her to Wisconsin]: "These 'Green Bay people' seem nice - but, they speak with a 'clip'. It may be "English" - but, I cannot understand them. ... Susie - if I take the city bus - and get lost ..."

 Tom Tyack - before he was a Judge - was my "retained" Ohio  legal Representation - at the Ohio hearing. [2]

As a practical matter - older than me - my daughter's father had an MBA - from OHio State University. [3] I know, I helped him earn it - when we both worked - at Krogers.

  He was employed "full-time" - as a "Company Rep". I was working - as a waitress [in Green Bay, WI] - and, seriously mulling - that a teacher (at the Green Bay Technical School ) - told me I had an unusual ability to create algorithms. Moreover, I liked writing computer programs - AND, computers - it seemed - liked me. A "master" of "flowcharts" - I enjoyed explaining "HOW" - the program worked. [ Hans - my husband - still chuckles about "buffers" and "pointers" - and, how I demonstrated THEM - for him.

As I told - soon to be Ohio Judge Tyack [2] - it comes down to - "Who pays the "babysitter"? I can't attend school - work - and, "pay the baby-sitter" - on the WI court-ordered "child-support".  I eventually decided to enroll - at UWGB - full-time. My transcript - of courses AND grades is posted on my web site.

Un-impressed with the fact [that] I was a 'Columbus, Ohio - "Tetherball Champion" [4], I earned my annual College "Work-Study" award [5] - by designing and writing computer programs for the school's Professors. ( Although "PhDs" - in their fields - I knew 'How To' make the school's VAX-VMS "main-frame" computer "crunch-the -numbers" for the research data - they had collected. My sister's husband is the person - with her help - who had created "Joseppi's Pizza - in Columbus, Ohio [6]. Bob & my father were my Entrepreneur models.

 My "EX" - after our "official" divorce - dated a series of sweet, heavy make-up, over-weight, cookie & cake-bakin' women - before he settled on one - to marry - circa 1993.

 One day - while "visiting" with me - in Green Bay - on a summer's afternoon (circa 1979) [She was typically flown (from Columbus, OH to Green Bay, WI AND back] - my daughter - about 7 years old [then] - crawled onto a stool - at my apartment breakfast bar. [7]

 I had made her a lemonade drink. She took a sip. Then, she stopped - and, propped her elbows onto the bar.

 She placed her fists - under he chin - and, she ask - in a very serious tone:  HOW COME YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE OTHER KID'S MOMS?

 Sitting on the second stool - at the breakfast bar - I chuckled. I assumed - she meant: Why don't YOU have big boobs?

  However, I have always been "thin" - so, she may have been referring to this - also. And, I have done YOGA poses - since I was a young girl - related to Scoliosis/Polio [8] I was born in Columbus, Ohio (1954) - and, it was theorized - my mother contracted - the virus - while riding (the bus)  to work at General Motors and Westinghouse.

 I had a Wisconsin boy-friend. He worked for the City of Green Bay - title "Weights and measures SEALER". [9] (He had been a scholarship wrestler at Iowa State University). He liked to run. And, he  insisted [that] I learn How TO: Hunt, Trap and Fish. In fact, together, we made presentations - at UWGB - on the subject of People & Wildlife - At the Ecumene of modern cilvilizations. [ Area wildlife - ripping into city dweller's trash - for example - was a "Problem". Foxes, coyotes, ...] My daughter - on her visits - would peer over his shoulder - to watch him skin rabbits, foxes, mink and muskrat ... He caught a coyote [one time] - which, they were not suppose to be in Wisconsin.

I had never heard the term "Parental Alienation" [10] - but, typically - after visiting (with me) in Green Bay for a few days - my daughter would challenge me - on my "beliefs" - as well as my appearance. Specifically, my daughter's "new" mother - was a "Christian". And, because I was NOT married to the runner, hunter, trapper, fisherman - that I shared my living space with - I was not - one of those.

 My daughter ( 7 years old) proclaimed (to me) that Jesus - and GOD - said [that] I was a "sinner" - and, I was "going to hell"! Which, to her - was a very bad place. I presumed her "new" mother informed her of this. [11]  I laughed - which made it worse. In fact, my young daughter was ashamed of me! I tried to comfort her. She seemed so concerned. Why did I like to look through microscopes? - And, why did I put bugs in jars? When I had Hollerith code cards [12]  - arranged in a holder - she took them out - and, cast them across the floor.  In fact, she spied a large moth on an evergreen bush one spring day - and, I carefully captured it - in a casserole dish - and, delivered the specimen - to the UWGB Entomology/Biology Professor. Was I a "witch"? What was wrong with me?

  Finally, Dear Ladies - GOING forward - having "other" (more) children - with other men - will be impossible! Consider, how can YOU justify - having - AND RAISING - another man's child - when YOU chose not to "raise" - your first child? Again, I know - I was able - and fortunate - to find the very rare man - THAT did NOT want his own "biological" child. I have been with him - for 38+ years. And, your first child - will, one day - ask you - "WHY?"


HAPPY ENDING ! :  My only daughter - is (today) an attorney. She WAS a "project manager" - for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter [Washington D.C. office- and, "invited" to join the USA-FBI - by [the] James Comey [Director]. She left the FBI - in 2019 - and, will be opening a D.C. legal office. She came to visit me - when I had my SAH at MCA stroke - in 2013. She was one of my first "employees" - at Hans & CassAdy, Inc. - Westerville, Ohio [circa 1990]. She visited with me [and Hans] - several times - in Daytona Beach-Florida, California, Arizona - and North Carolina. She is beautiful! A great cook! And, athletic! She is married to Jack Danielson - NHTSA. I have NOT gone to "Hell" yet.  I perform YOGA poses everyday - while Hans - my husband of 38+ years - lifts weights - in our Dayton, Ohio area home. 


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