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### BEGiN ###  On "eating ( or selling ) your children"   ( KingJamesVersion )
So, YES! - it is possible for a person to pretend to like something - that they do not really like; [ emphasize "pretend" ].
  However, this can only be taken so far.  Examples:  (1) A person can pretend to like "pumpkin pie"- when, in fact, they hate it; , And even, when given a small piece of "pumpkin pie" - they can even choke it down;  for, it is the refusal to eat the second piece - of something they claim to "like" ( when they are  clearly not sated ) - that gives them away. (2) A man can pretend to like a woman - when, in fact, all that he really wants - is her money. That is,  he can hug her and smile - and "glad-hand her in a crowd";  however, it is his inability to get his "man-thing" up - for sex - that gives him away. And, some men, let us agree
- they, just do NOT like women (at all). ---  It's a freudian thing.  So, please, do not pretend to like things - that you really do not like. God, he don't like it; neither will anyone else; and, ultimately, you will be found out.  That is - support the LGBT movement. They are trying to do "good". And, God, he wants us to be good.

 (verse 57 - KJV) " And, toward her young one that cometh out from between her feet, and toward her children which she shall bear:
for she shall eat them for want of all things
secretly in the siege and straitness, wherewith thine enemy shall distress thee in thy gates. "  ...  [ " straitness "

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occur, happen, or come; unalterable: The inevitable end of human life is death.
inevitable Definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
C1 certain to happen and unable to be avoided or prevented: The accident was the inevitable consequence/result/outcome of carelessness. the inevitable.
› something that is certain to happen and cannot be prevented: Eventually the inevitable happened and he had a heart attack.
################################  ( BEGIN Story ) ######
So, my mother - Mary Elizabeth Sprouse Cassady (Brothers) - told me:
 That during the "WW2 years" + or - 5 years
  the men - on the WEST-side of Columbus, Ohio ( AKA - the " bottoms " )
 - they would "pass the hat" in the bars. ( where they served alcohol )
 And, if the man was willing - then, his woman - his "date",
 - would get up on the table and dance.
 Now, in those days, the women, they wore long skirts.
 And, to "get up on the table and dance"
- that meant that the woman was "gonna show a little leg";
 which, my mom told me - meant she would show her knee; [ or, "they" would ]
 But, you must realize, in those years - they did not have "panty-hose";
 so, the women, you see, all wore "garter-belts" and silk stockings.
( thus, if the viewing crowd was "rowdy" - to begin with - then, "violence was inevitable"

#########  ( END Story ) *** copyright - USA, Hans & Cassady, Inc. Jan. 2017 ) < this content is: fbi protected>: 
 Coalition of Black Trade Unionists - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 >>  SpaceX's ( Mr. Elon Musk) Unveils Interplanetary Spaceship to Colonize Mars
      Breaking Space News By: Mike Wall, Senior Writer |

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Furthermore: Susan - that's "me" - is a human being - and, not a machine.

  BTW:  Mr. Hans Neuhart ( Susan's very big, strong, good-looing - German & Irish husband) - has stated - that, he  wants to go "on the record" - as
   suggesting that Mr. Trump should be 'first' on the "passenger list" of the new craft - from SPACEx = <<<  copyright information
Now, actually, Susan & Hans ( "we")  are willing to give Mr. Trump a chance - just like Mr. Drew@Kroger's  grocery store says to do.

SEE: Classic jam (from 1978) by "Cameo", The album was called "Ugly Ego" and the track is called " Give Love A Chance."
This song features: Anthony Lockett, Larry Blackmon and the late Wayne Cooper on lead vocals.
The Harmony is outstanding in this song - AND, This song is also highlighted by French horns ...  < copyright

- and, also Otto Beatty & Brigid Kelly says to "Give him a chance" ... - and then, we'll put him on the ship - to Mars - if, ( and, only IF ) that is  what - our - President -  my President!  ( Mr. B Obama and/or Ms. Joyce Beatty, et al)  - wants (this) to be done.   

Susan says:  " Joyce Rocks!"  (see news story below)
"Clearly, Joyce can wear the dress better; and, you bet your arse - she can dance better - that any skinny white girl - ever could."

rELATED: One of my buddies - at the Westerville Community Center - is a beautiful lady (from Vietnam)
- (Google Search: chauh Vietnam) :: Chu or Châu is a Vietnamese surname.
The name is transliterated as Zhou (for Chu) - and Zhu (for Châu) in Chinese, and Ju in Korean. Chau is the anglicized variation of the surname Châu.
SEE: Chu (Vietnamese surname) - Wikipedia:: :: Vietnamese Student Association
< Jeremy is Châu's husband.  J is from Malaysia. Malaysian Student Association (MASA) at the ohio state university::   
And, my friend knows that I dated an Asian guy - from London, Ohio - when I was a teen-ager.  She don't care.  < copyright information

" Let Us Now Praise the Immaculate Shade of Joyce Beatty"
But first - Susan says - My biological daughter, the mS. Dawn Marie Burton (fbi) - has been drinking "hot sauce" for years. 

 irish English ------  ----
spanish English << LOOK UP - "Spanglish"  -----
English Dictionary Online Translation LEXILOGOS >> -------
 That is:  Irish Gaelic-English Dictionary Online Translation, Language, Grammar, Literature  <<<<<<<<

So, Will white boys run forward to help - or save - black people?
--- - AND, I mean  (i.e. Susan "means")  -  the same way that African American men&women - ran forward ( in WW2)  - to save white people ?
See Tuskegee Airmen & Women  :: ::  < copyright
the+same+way+that+African+American+men+-+and+women+-+ran+forward+to+save+white+people+%3F  < The SunShine Recreation Center,Columbus, Ohio
          ( Also see: David Davies )

New Poem by "me"
( And,  I am - Ms. Susan Marie CASSADY )  "Brother in ARMS - and, a skinny white girl jumpin' forward - to save her brother"


  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BEGIN - Now, take a deep breath - cuz, it is a long story >>>>

   So, One time, when we were dismissed from school - after the school day was done...
  (1) The school was "Bellows Elementary school -  (in Columbus, Ohio)" ; The time was just before my daddy died near the time of President Kenndy's Assassination  )
  (2) And, we were under orders - from our mom - to all walk together - that is, "to" and "from" the school.
  (3) However, the shortest route (to AND from) was to go under the "viaduct" - and, we (our family) had rented a house on Sandusky street - in Columbus, Ohio.
  (4) Well, on this day - my younger brother (we called him Buzz) - he was ahead - of me and Debbie. [ note: both Buzz an Debbie are younger - than "me".]
  (5) So, as we walked by the "Projects" buildings (near Sunshine Park)  - this bigger boy - much bigger - and stronger - than my brother (Buzz);
  (6) He came out. And, he challenged my brother to fight.
  (7) He threw up his "dukes" (i.e. his fists) - like he wanted to box. LINK 4 "dukes" >  
  (8) And, my bother (Buzz) - he took him on - even though he ( Buzz )  was not as big (then); [ That is, today, my "little brother" - Buzz - he stands about 6'4". ]
  (9) So, Buzz, he took him on - and, mostly because he knew that his sisters  ( Susie, "me" and Debbie ) - we were coming up from behind.
  (10) So, when we got there [ "me" and Debbie ] - well,  this "bigger boy" - he had my younger brother down on the ground.
  (11) and, he was pullin' back his fist - like he was gonna hit him.
  (12) But, even scared - as I was - And, I was a very seriously shaking !
  (13)  Well, I stepped forward - and, I caught his (drawn back) fist - in my two hands.
  (14)  Well, Then, he rose up - this "bigger boy" - with a twirl on his feet. ( Just like YOGA practicing people can do. ) [ AND, YES, I can do this YOGA move today. ]
  (15) He rose up - and he stared at me - basically, a real mean stare. But, for some reason - I was not scared ( of him ) - that day. Our eyes met.
  (16) Then, I spoke.
  (17) And, I said (to him) "You wouldn't hit a girl - would ya?"
  (18) And, he melted - at least that is the way that it seemed. I tell you - He melted like butter - in a hot pan.
  (19) He "melted" - that bigger boy - and, he let my brother go.
  (20) Then, Buzzy, Debbie and "me" - we all finished walkin' home - together - Just like our Mom had "ordered" us to do.
        Moral of the story: YES, YOU can dis-obey your mother - but, there are likely to be consequences.
(21) Now, the best part of the story - and really, it has 2 parts - see a and b following.

- Part a:
  (22) That boy was named ( i think ) Rikki Garcia.  
  (23)  Well, his sister was named (  i think  ) Cindi Garcia.  ( NOTE: AT SIGRITY - eda Software - I worked with a man named Jaime Garcia  - He was very kind to me. )
  (24)  Then, his sister, well - she challenged me - at least several times - in the coming weeks - on the school-yard - during the recess time.
  (25) And, each time - she would say (to "me") "Rikki - my brother - might not have hit you - because YOU are a girl. - But, I will!"
  (26)  So, this - that is, knowing that she would fight me - This - ended up - makin' me stronger. That is, I climbed on the "jungle gym" all the more.
    Just to build myself up. Just - in case - we was gonna ever "do it". That is, follow through and fight. Of course - like girls - with hair pullin', etc.
      Also SEE:  And, I would even "climb it" - that is, the "jungle gym equipment; the old-style, metal bars, kind
  AND - even, on the coldest days.   SEE :   < These guys know !
   ( But, I want to be sure - to say: That Cindi (I think this was her name) - in fact - she never did "hit me" - or, even scare me - real bad (again). 
       And, most likely - I understand now. Then,  she was very young ( just like me)- and, she was just "takin' up" for her brother - like I did for mine. )

 Part b:
  (27)  Then, in 2012 - when I had my stroke [ aneurysm @ the MCA ] - my brother (Buzz - Christian "given first name" = Milo)
 - [ Buzz-Milo ] he rode his Harley company motorcycle - all the way to our log home - in the Smoky Mountains.
   That is, all the way from Columbus, Ohio - to Asheville, NC (Mission hospital)
  (28) And, Hans - and Buzz - their faces - these were the first faces that I saw - when they let me out of my medically induced Coma.
  (29)  That is, my men (their faces) - and my Medical Doctor: Mr. Victor Perry : ( And, Dr. Perry  is: [a] an African American man - [b] a very handsome man - [c] and, a children's neuro surgeon too ! - just like Mr. Ben Carson. ( Well, not exactly "like" - that is, Dr. Perry is still performing medical services, etc. Mr. Carson is retired. ) - [d] Now, with offices [also] in California, USA ); - [e] But, Dr. Perry "he" was in the Smoky Mountains - that night - when - he saved "me" [ Dec. 18, 2012 ] - [f]  And, although I may be "part" Native American or African American (from my grand mother ( Zora Miller Sprouse Roby  ) - it did not make a difference (to him); That is, Dr. Perry, he stood - bent over an operating table - for more than eight hours (8+) on his feet - and, he operated - on my brain!  He fixed my aneurysm of the MCA. And, I am more-or-less "ok" today. 
  #######################  END OF STORY ###################

 Also see:   "Betty Burton - Daughter of a Whore" : A new book - coming to the market soon" by Susan Cassady ( "me" )
 - >> look at: AND the 1979 movie "Kramer versus Kramer" - for more information - about plot, etc.

   < ARTWORK [ Susan ] by Hans J. Neuhart - copyright 1996 - USA-FBi protected !    < That's Don't take my sh-- Man >

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  LGBT   -- By "me" :   [begin] When I was growin' up - it was not easy 2B gay - the Moms - you see - they did not like us that way.
But today - it's OK - if, YOU are that way. - More people understand...
In fact, (in the early 1960s) my Mom (Mary Elizabeth) got me - a 
Suzy_Homemaker oven. 

But, this did not matter, cuz even then -  I liked Chemistry, Math and Science more - and - sometimes - even - soap-suds galore ;

that is, until that lady " Ms. pussy " came along. Then, my Mom told me - that to many soap-suds - wearing them was wrong.

So, I got my degree - from UWGB;  and, the Packers - those guys - boy, did they like me! Even though I am a girl - most-LEE.  [end]

  Copyright filed USA - "me" is > Susan Marie Cassady  << copyright 2016 - USA-FBi protected !      < A place in Java, Indonesia  [ tsunami  ] - year 2006 
    (or, Mr. Kelly Keita - Central Ohio USA) can be seen - most days - in or near the Westerville Ohio REC center ( aka "Community Center" )

      ## ##   < THE LADY THAT BUILT THE WCC - that we ALL enjoy.

   Also SEE:  - AND - 

   <<<< My nephew ( Mr. Nathan Zebar :: photo circa Dec. 2016 ). Nathan is my sister Debbie's first born.
  Nathan stated that he remembers seeing "Moses" - my Rottweiler baby - when he was very young. (about)

  So, you may be asking yourself: "What kind of people would name a dog Moses?"  (copyright)

   Well, a lady (like me) - that, her daughter - helps run the USA-FBi today. [see below]

 <<  [ Daddy is: Thamir Turky Zebar ]


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 <Susan was the model for "Naked bitch in the Desert" - 1996. ART work titled by: Ms. Dawn Marie Burton (USA-fbi) - Susan's daughter.
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  LGBT "me" :  When I was growin' up - it was not easy 2B gay - the Moms - they did not like us that way - But today - it's OK - if, YOU are that way.

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    " I am married to the man that (literally) saved my life - and, even when a BIG$ money insurance policy was active on me.  Now girls, that's a good man! - a man that loves YOU!"  Otherwise stated - Mr. Hans Jeffery Neuhart (THE one & only) - - is MY man.  
    ( to contact him - use eMail : )
    Oh! , a bunch of neurosurgeons, EMT guys - and Gals - nurses - doctors & the Mission Foundation (and GOD almighty) were also involved.
      " Others"  like this guy:
    Dr. Victor Perry is a neurosurgeon in Fresno, California and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including California Pacific Medical Center and Fresno Surgical Hospital. He received his medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Dr. Perry accepts several types of health insurance, listed below. He is one of 13 doctors at California Pacific Medical Center and one of 4 at Fresno Surgical Hospital  who specialize in Neurological Surgery. (559) 437-1000 Phone Number, 21+ Years in Practice; Board Certifications: Neurological Surgery+   :: Neurology victor perry < Google terms neuro-surgery ::  ::  ::  ::

The "other man" who saved Susan's life >  Neuro Surgeon Dr. Victor Perry, Fresno - California    < Dr. Victor Perry is a neurosurgeon

In the event, you decide to donate to the Mission Foundation, PLEASE MAKE YOUR GIFT "iN MEMORY OF THE Men & Women
who serve in the USA Federal Bureau of Investigation [ USA-FBI ] "; My biological daughter [ Dawn Marie Burton ] works for our FBi - today.  
 YES, Dawn carries a gun - and, she knows how to use it!
Most probably (1) because she's been properly trained (by Mr. Comey); and, (2) she participated in "hunting, trapping and fishing" expeditions in Wisconsin, (USA) [1977 - 1982] - with her other "daddy" Mr.James J. Wallace [ A, B, C ]; And, (3) I knocked her biological daddy ( George Billy Burton ) - on his ass - right in front of her - one day.  
Even with my small girly fist.
Truth be told, it was a "sucker punch" that day. But, he had it coming. See, Bill, he had hit me on several previous occasions. And, he was real "ticked off", on the way [this day] his "customers" were ogling me - at the pool-side "Super-Valu Store" retreat. Bill was a Super-Valu stores - manager's assistant.
So, (I figured) he was fixing, to make it out like it was "my fault" - like he always did. Just so, he could hold me down and hurt me - and, make me whine.
So, I "sucker-punched" him a good one - as we were going to the car - for a lovely ride home.  In fact, Bill hated his job - but, he couldn't get another one - so... And, we were divorced (in 1976). But, he called me frequently - through the years - of his "raisin" Dawn - see Kramer vs. Kramer. (WE lived it.)  And then, his "new wife" - who also had a baby-girl - by him. She divorced him - only months - before he died - in 2008.

  BACK TO THE FBI. In fact, they [ the fbi guys and gals ] put their butts "on the line" - for us - every day - in a lot of ways. Ya know, it's funny - Ms. Holland Burton (A step-mother) may have taught Dawn to "set the table properly" and cook (maybe); But "me" (her biological mother) - I taught her the importance of getting a good education, 
hunting (as needed), killing (when necessary), being true (all of the time ) - and - skinning the catch - properly.
Whether it be: fish, bear, antelope, muskrat - white tail deer.


Happy Holidays !!!
 CONTACT: Mr. Randy Quickel
President UFCW Local 1059
1-800-282-6488 ext 207

 NOTE:  TMorgan (below) is  "Tina Morgan" - My mistake!
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Susan CASSADY -- Retail Clerks - local  1059 - made a good difference – in my life
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2016 18:18:34 -0500
From: susan -& (today) Her husband's name is: Mr. Hans Neuhart - the Artist & Business Owner (  )
To: ::
  DATE:  12-20-2016
To:  Mr. Morgan ( Retail Clerks UNION local 1059 ) - "Union organizer"
Dear Mr. Morgan, my name is Susan Marie Cassady [married now – I am Mrs. Susan Neuhart ].  I was born in 1954. I worked for the Kroger stores – located at Central Point (shopping center), Great Western (shopping center), - and the “Third & High Street” Krogers. My high-school guidance counselor got me my first job – at Krogers – when I was just sixteen years old. His name was Charles (Chuck) Mechum; The school was: Columbus, Central High School.
Now, at first, I did not understand the purpose of the small debit that was being made to my paycheck; but, I did come to understand the importance of this – over some time.  As a senior woman (today) – now, looking back, I tell you that Retail Clerks (local 1059) made a significant “good” difference in my life and, in my daughter’s life. You see, because I was paid a good (fair) wage – I could afford proper medical care – during my pregnancy (with my only daughter: Dawn Marie Burton);
Then, when I was involved in a very serious automobile accident [in Columbus, Ohio] – during my pregnancy (for her) circa 1972-1973 – Kroger’s (Union - local 1059- staff persons) suggested that I might use the legal services of Columbus, Ohio attorney – Jim Dodd.  My daughter was born – in August (of 1973 – Attending physician L. David Hall - MD). She was mostly “perfect” at birth; however, some follow-up doctor visits – were crucial to my well-being and hers.
That is, The accident caused me (the driver – of the vehicle - and, a pregnant woman, then) to be thrown into the steering wheel of my car – which was projected into a telephone pole – by a collision with another vehicle – that erred.  There was great concern – expressed by the EMT persons (that day) – attending (to me) at the accident scene – that I would lose the child – that I was carrying. However, this did not happen – obviously – and, to some degree –  in my mind (even today) - because, I was able to show the medical personnel – attending (to me) – at the accident scene -  that I had a “union card”.

In addition, Krogers (my employer – at the time) permitted me to take some few days off – and, rest. Again, because of the UNION. They spoke for me!  

And, when I did return to work – eventually – I was not required to lift heavy objects (at all). In fact, as I recall, I was permitted to continue to perform work (as a clerk) – and, earn a paycheck – until my seventh month of pregnancy. At that time, Kroger’s management did request me – to take “pregnancy leave” – as I recall. Which, I did this.
Related to my story: my daughter’s father (George Billy Burton [mentioned in FBI story above] – about 10 years older than me) was also employed by the Kroger Company – during this time – as a Store Manager “trainee”.  I believe, that the vast majority of my medical bills – related to my daughter’s birth – were paid – by the Union; and, our total medical bill – due and payable (by us) – was only about $25 dollars. Mr. Dodd (the attorney recommended – by the Union staff person) eventually – obtained a legal settlement fee (for us) – related to the automobile accident – of many thousands of dollars.  We [ George & I ]  used this money to make a “down-payment” on a home - located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In fact, I am (today) a very proud graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay campus (UWGB). My daughter, Ms. Dawn Marie Burton, is the Deputy Chief of Staff – for Mr. James Comey – at the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI - Washington, DC headquarters office).  You can easily Google Dawn (my daughter) and myself. In fact, I have a web site – and, with your permission, I would like to post my story onto my web site – and, state that I sent you my story: 
Thank you – sir (Mr. Morgan) – for doing the good work that you do. If I may be of service – to assist you in some manner – to help other young women (such as I once was) – please do not hesitate to let me know. I can be contacted – using my husband’s email address ( )  I do not use a telephone (today) – related to a serious stroke – that I suffered (in 2012). My hearing – related to telephonic devices – was affected – by the stroke. Otherwise, under the care of my great doctors – in the Central Ohio area – I am doing ok.

And, yes – if you are wondering – Mr. Howard Hop-along CASSADY (Heisman Trophy – OSU 1955) is my cousin – my Uncle Pearl’s son. My father was Milo Gerald Cassady. My mom was Mary Elizabeth  Cassady.
That’s it. ALL BEST! Please let me know if I can be helpful.
  Retail Clerks - local 1059 - made a good difference – in my life.
Your respectful friends, Mrs. Hans Neuhart   [ Susan ]

&& end of original message  &&&&&& Mr. Quickel's REPLY follows &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
Subject: Local 1059 made a good difference in my life
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2016 11:59:46 -0500
From: Randy Quickel <>;  To:
Hello Mrs. Neuhart, ( date: 12-22-2016 )
My name is Randy Quickel, I am the President of UFCW, Local 1059. Your email was originally received by our Organizing Director, Tina Morgan.
 After reading it, she was very excited to forward it on to me . I’m so glad that she did!
Before I begin, I want you to know that I am an avid OSU Buckeye fan.
I did not overlook the fact that you come from good stock, having Hop-Along Cassady as your cousin! Go Bucks!
Thank you for sharing your story with us of how UFCW, Local 1059 has, in your words,
”made a significant good difference in your life!” Your inspiring story personally touched me and helps demonstrate the power of our union at work!
It was also great to read about how our union helped provide you with many benefits that positively impacted, not just your life, but also your family.
Most notable, is the fact that your daughter, Dawn Marie Burton, is in part alive and well today because you had access to affordable, quality healthcare.
Your email has been well-received by our staff as an encouragement to continue to partner with our members for their success! 
We are always looking for ways to communicate and promote the value of union membership to our existing members and those new to the union.
Would you give us permission to share your story in our bimonthly Unionwize newsletter and other means of promotion(our website, social media ,etc...)?
I believe your personal testimony may help our members understand that their union dues give them access to valuable benefits that can positively impact their lives as they have yours!
 I look forward to your response and thank you for taking time to encourage us!
Happy Holidays
Randy Quickel
President UFCW Local 1059
1-800-282-6488 ext 207

(Theme From) The Monkees "The Monkees" TV Show  <<<< copyright - these Guys...
Here we come - Walkin' down the street   We get the funniest looks from - Everyone we meet
Hey, hey, we're the Monkees - And people say we monkey around -- But we're too busy singing - To put anybody down.
We go wherever we want to - ( WE) Do what we like to do -- We don't have time to get restless - There's always something new
Hey, hey, we're the Monkees !!! -- And people say we monkey around - But we're too busy singing
To put anybody down.We're just tryin' to be friendlEE -- Come and watch us sing and play
 We're the young generation - And we've got something to say, oh
  Any time - Or anywhere -- Just look over your shoulder -- Guess who'll be standing there?
Hey, hey, we're the Monkees And people say we monkey around -- But we're too busy singing  To put…  ( Whaaa, one time! )
Hey, hey, we're the Monkees - And people say we monkey around - But we're too busy singing - To put anybody down
We're just tryin' to be friendly - Come and watch us sing and play - We're the young generation - we've got something to say
Hey, hey, we're the Monkees  --  Hey, hey, we're the Monkees
Songwriters: Bobby Hart / Tommy Boyce (Theme From) The Monkees lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Ms. Joyce Beatty - OUR  Congresswoman  > Joyce Beatty (an original) - her official Photo

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty is a native Ohioan with a strong history of connecting people, policy and politics to make a difference. Since 2013, Beatty has proudly represented Ohio’s Third Congressional District. ( Very near to where Susan Marie CASSADY [ me ] lives. )  Ms. Beatty serves on the exclusive House Committee on Financial Services and is a member of two Subcommittees: (1) Housing and Insurance and (2) Oversight and Investigations.

 The United States Government's "Financial Services Committee" oversees the entire financial services industry, including the nation’s banking, securities, insurance, and housing industries, as well as the work of the Federal Reserve, the United States Department of the Treasury and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Prior to her service in the U.S. House of Representatives, Congresswoman Beatty was Senior Vice President of Outreach and Engagement at The Ohio State University and a member in the Ohio House of Representatives for five terms.

During her tenure in the Ohio House, she rose to become the first female Democratic House Leader in Ohio’s history and was instrumental in spearheading and enacting legislation to (a) require financial literacy in Ohio’s public school curriculum, (b) expand STEM education, and (c) to secure funds to help under- and uninsured women access breast and cervical cancer treatment.

 In 2014, Congresswoman Beatty’s efforts proved pivotal in securing nearly $4 million in federal funds to address Columbus’ infant mortality rate, which is one of the highest in the country. In the same year, she also brought then-Department of House and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan to the Third Congressional District to announce a $225 million project to revitalize the Near East Side, led by nearly $30 million in federal funds.

A longtime advocate and champion to end human trafficking, during the 114th Congress, Congresswoman Beatty’s bipartisan legislation to combat child sex trafficking unanimously passed the House of Representatives in 2015 and was signed into law as part of a larger measure, the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, by President Obama. That same year, Congresswoman Beatty introduced legislation that made the tax deduction for out-of-pocket expenses paid by elementary and secondary teachers for supplies and expenses permanent. Her bill, the Reimburse Educators who Pay for Academic Year (REPAY) Supplies Act of 2015, was later included in the bipartisan tax package, the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015, and was signed into law on December 18, 2015.

In 2015, Beatty also introduced the Housing Financial Literacy Act of 2015 to improve first-time homebuyers’ financial knowledge by providing a discount on Federal Housing Administration (FHA) backed mortgage insurance premiums upon successful completion of a HUD certified housing counseling course.

Recently, she introduced the Free Credit Score Act of 2016, legislation to require consumer reporting agencies to include a credit score when providing consumers with a free annual credit report. In addition, Beatty authored the Jumpstart Housing Opportunities Utilizing Small Enterprises (HOUSE) Act of 2016, or Jumpstart HOUSE Act, which would reauthorize the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) for eight years and require state business development agencies to set aside the lesser of $2.5 million or 10 percent of unobligated SSBCI funds for small businesses to purchase, rehabilitate, or operate affordable housing units.

She also played a major role, alongside other federal and local officials, in helping the City of Columbus win the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Smart City Challenge, a nationwide competition powered by a pledge of up to $40 million in federal funds to transform one mid-size city’s transportation network and make it safer, easier to use and more reliable.

Congresswoman Beatty is a committed and vocal supporter of the Congressional Black Caucus, concussion awareness and education legislation, and the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI), which seeks to increase the participation of women and minorities in all facets of the financial marketplace.

A sought after public speaker and the recipient of numerous awards, she was previously named one of Ebony Magazine’s 150 most powerful African-Americans in the United States.

Congresswoman Beatty is active in The Links, Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Columbus Urban League, The American Heart Association—where she previously served on the board—and numerous other organizations.

Beatty received her Bachelor of Arts from Central State University, her Master of Science from Wright State University, and completed all requirements but her dissertation for a doctorate at the University of Cincinnati. In addition, she has been awarded honorary doctorate degrees from Ohio Dominican University and Central State University.

Congresswoman Beatty is married to attorney Otto Beatty, Jr. and a proud grandmother of two toddlers who lovingly call her “Grammy.”

endorsements :
YES, Susan (I) will (may) endorse your product, service, candidateetc. - But, only, with her (my) Husband's approval.
Please contact Mr. Hans Neuhart (email above) - if you would like Susan [me] to "endorse" your Union organizing effort, candidacy, product or service. 
1. endorsement  (definition); declare one's public approval or support of. Example: "the report was endorsed by the college" - as in - recommend (a product) in an advertisement. synonyms: support, back, agree with, approve (of), favor, subscribe to, recommend, champion, stick up for, uphold, affirm, sanction;   More :: informal (throw one's weight behind, give an okay [OK!]  )

 This is a message for ALL of the "high-tech" women in my life: "STARBUCK* kicks Cylon*** ass in BattleSTAR Galactica**.
Watch it (the movie & the  miniseries series). You will find it helpful (her "feminist" athletic model) to work at GE, NCR, Battelle Research, Ai & EDA companies, - and, the United States Federal Bureau The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - The FBi is the USA domestic intelligence and security service. ; The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the domestic intelligence and security service.  

Also ladies & gentleman - CALL YOUR MOMs! And, THANK them! - for giving birth to you. It super hurts. But, we do it any way.
Again, the movie - and, a good science-based education, will inform you - as to WHY we do this (at all).
( * " STARBUCK"  > )
(** )
( *** < (Cylon photo)

I want to acknowledge - that the people at the "Power To Fly" company made it possible  - for the people (at Microsoft) to help me - very recently. That is, in my opinion, "remote repair software" is a wonderful USA invention. And, even before the MS people helped me, the GateWAY Computer people - used the same kind of technology (in the early 2000s) to help me. I am the proud owner of a GATEway computer - AND, a DELL computer. My husband ( Mr. Hans Neuhart - the artist: ) prefers the APPLE company computers. We are both ADOBE software  people. And, we are Americans - both born in Ohio.

_________________________________________________________________________  " STARBUCK"  > Katee_Sackhoff

       THE Ms. Megan Arnold :: Program Manager > Senior Center > WCC  "Go up there and kill-it girl !"  Megan said this - to me - and, I then did exactly try to do this; Of course, she meant - "in the young people lingo" - have a good YOGA session. Please see her web-site link - that follows. I am a great admirer of Ms. Arnold - and, her dad (Trevor) :  < Ms. Megan Arnold ( a World Class lady body-builder & fitness expert) sometimes does her work-out at the     Westerville Community Center .  Westerville, Ohio residents are very lucky to have such a very fine - and, reasonably priced - facility in our neighborhood.  Hans takes Susan there  (almost every day) to perform her 'physical therapy routine'. < click to see Susan's daily "physical therapy" routine  < VIEW PDF >  Note: The YOGA pose finder (link) is shown below. I will update my routine list, with the proper Yoga "sanskrit" names/terms,  in the coming days.


  Dear Michael H. (Manager Westerville, Ohio Community Center Fitness Room),

  Thank you for your permission, to mention the fact that I am a member of the WCC (on my web site:, where I have posted my Physical Therapy routine - as a PDF file ( < VIEW PDF > ).  My routine has been approved by my medical doctors:  ( Ms. Julianne Brackin and Xiao-Song Zhao) - for my personal use only. These USA "USML" medical doctors have viewed my MRi images and CATscans etc. - to help me develop this routine. Dr. Zhao [ from China ] can even perform the poses. He is from China - where YOGA is practiced daily.  Significant "trial and error" efforts [testing] were involved. YOGA (daily) works for me! Today, I take no prescribed "pain relievers" on a regular basis . My personal interest in YOGA (as medicine), extends back to my childhood - when I suffered from scoliosis - and, I was helped by medical doctors: associated with the Mount Carmel Medical Center, Columbus' "Children's Hospital" and  THE Ohio State University. Interested persons may observe me [a senior lady - born 1954] performing my routine daily FOR FREE; However, they must purchase a pass - or membership - to the Westerville Community Center Fitness Room - to do so. 
And, as we have discussed, I am not certified in any medical field - nor, do I wish to be; rather, I am just a senior female person (born 1954) who is still recovering from a very serious stroke - that I suffered (in 2012). Indeed, the opportunity for Hans (my husband) to be able to bring me to the WCC facility (daily) has been instrumental (we feel) in my  personal physical re-habilitation efforts. Again, we remain grateful for the outstanding efforts - that your staff - is able to provide - to Westerville area residents and clients - of the facility.  To clarify, I am not employed - in any manner - by the facility - and, I make these statements (about your very fine fitness facility) of my own free will. May GOD continue to bless our great country!
   - Susan

< YOGA POSE FINDER >  BELOW  Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Berra (May 12, 1925 – September 22, 2015) - is YOGA Bear. He - is willing & performs each pose - with me - as necessary.

My Genetic Heritage : Miller Sprouse Roby CASSADY  

    < My little (younger) sister Debbie's family: Ms. Allison ( Amelia_Earhart ? ) - and, Mr. Nathan and Ms. Sarah ZEBAR  [Christmas 2016 ]. Nathan and Sarah's daddy ( is,  THE  (Thomas) Thamir, Turky Zebar - a world famous  mathematician - from Iraq - Biz 1 , Biz 2

< You see - the world - and, our genetic heritage (over several million years) - it is a very confusing place. In fact, at my Alma mater  ( in Wisconsin - USA: UWGB - 1982 ) they taught us - that we ALL - as a human species (homo sapiens sapiens) - we all came from Africa. And, "genetic markers" - like the kind that the company uses - these " markers" - they can not always be trusted. That is, only very well controlled - and conducted - scientific experiments can give you the scientific truth. So, until 23andMEDOTcom or AncestryDOTcom  publish their "methods",  I will not give them my money. Nor, do I advise you to do this.

See,  "magnetic deviation".

  Genetic Heritage:
I only know that my "bigger" (older) sisters: Barbara, Millie & Carol [ who saw my grand mother (Zora)]; all stated that she was a very dark-skinned, small lady - with her hair in long braids - that fell down the front of her gown. She was only seen by them (ever) lying in a bed; and, she lived with my Uncle "Chuck" (Charles Sprouse) - in Columbus, Ohio. Zora "passed" before me - and Buzzy - and Debbie were born. Milo Jr. Cassady (Buzz) is my "younger" brother. Buzz was smaller (than me) - through-out most of our "growing up"; then, Buzz suddenly grew much taller - and bigger - than me. Today, my very handsome brother - rides a Harley motorcycle - and, stands about 6'4" tall.  So, this year (NOW) - I am asking - what exactly is "truth"?   Is the 1930 Census "Truth"?  And, what 'exactly' am I?  A Native American?  An African  American? Grandma Zora's full name was: Ms. Zora Elizabeth Miller Sprouse Roby.   CHECK OUT THE CENSUS image "baby" !  And, Google her - please. YOU can Google me too.

        EXHIBIT ONE (the  image  of the 1930 Census )  -   

Susan (above) remains very proud to be a YOGA-practicing DEMOCRAT (and, an "Obama Girl").


However, I wish to express my Congratulations! to the supporters of the "President Elect" of the United States - Mr. Trump.  Joyful times go hand in hand with congratulations. When addressing graduates, newlyweds, or anyone with good news, a hearty “Congratulations!” is in order.  Furthermore, as per the request of my current President (Mr. Obama)  -  (see below), President-elect Donald Trump - has my support. May God please bless him and protect him - in his new role.  - Susan

  The following prayer gave me strength - throughout my pregnancy with Dawn. Her biological father - had disserted me. I was all alone. A teen-ager. And, living in a "roach-infested basement - on Glenwood Ave. - in Columbus, Ohio. I hope that it may give you some peace & strength.
"God, (please) grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
The courage to change the things I can;
and, the wisdom to know the difference."
the Serenity Prayer  - by: Reinhold Niebuhr

PresidentObama ( And, it worked (also)! Eventually. Consider, I [ a pregnant teenager - then] went on to get a B.S. in Environmental Science ( 1982) - from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay campus -Wisconsin. I then worked for major USA corporations - and, built a business - that built an office building ( 5761 Chandler Court, Westerville, Ohio ).  With the help of the US Small Business Administration.

<<<<< The President of the United States: Mr. Barack Obama

     Let there be peace on earth;
And, let it begin with me.
Let there be peace on earth, The peace that was meant to be.
With God as our father - Brothers all are we.

  Let me walk with my brother In perfect harmony.


   Susan's daughter is Ms. Dawn Marie Burton:

The White House : Office of the Press Secretary  ( For Immediate Release ) - November 09, 2016

Statement by the Press Secretary [ Joshua Ryan Henry Earnest ( Josh Earnest ) ]
" The President will make (and has made) a statement on Wednesday at the White House to discuss the election results and what steps we can take as a country to come together after this hard-fought election season.
The President invited the President-elect to meet with him at the White House on Thursday, November 10th, to update him on the transition planning his team has been working on for nearly a year. Ensuring a smooth transition of power is one of the top priorities the President identified at the beginning of the year and a meeting with the President-elect is the next step. "

THEN: WASHINGTON - USA today news report  ( 11 - 9 -2016 ) 

 "... Obama spoke to about 300 reporters and White House staffers in a cool and cloudy Rose Garden ..."

— President Obama called on Americans to support President-elect Donald Trump Wednesday, saying the Obama White House was "rooting for his success in leading and unifying the country."

"One thing you realize in this job is that the presidency — or the vice presidency — is bigger than all of us," Obama said, standing beside Vice President Joe Biden in his first public remarks since Trump won an astounding victory in one of the most divisive campaigns in memory.

"Everybody is sad when their side loses an election. But we have to remember that we are all on the same team," Obama said. "This is an intramural scrimmage. We're Americans first. We're patriots first."

Obama spoke to about 300 reporters and White House staffers in a cool and cloudy Rose Garden, breaking the somber mood with some levity. He noted his pre-election prediction that the sun would come up Wednesday no matter who won, "and that is one bit of prognostication that actually came true."

Obama campaigned hard for his former secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, in the last week of the campaign. He said Wednesday that he remained proud of her and her campaign. "Her candidacy and nomination was historic, and sent a message to our daughters all over the country that they can succeed and achieve at the highest levels."

The president said he was heartened by Trump's remarks early Wednesday morning, and that he hoped to move ahead in that spirit.

"It is no secret the president-elect and I have some significant differences," Obama said. But so did he and former President George W. Bush, he said, and the Bush team "could not have been more professional or more gracious."

Obama and Trump are expected to meet Thursday at the White House to discuss the transition.

As Obama returned to the Oval Office with his arm around Biden, the staffers gave him two rounds of sustained applause, many of them wiping tears from their eyes.

Stephen Francis [Chief Diversity Officer for the City of Columbus]
Friends for Ginther
Mayor Michael B. Coleman
The Triumph of Ginther's friends
Gerry Bello Columbus FREE Press

 Andrew Ginther <
---- Forwarded message from -----
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2016 09:19:42 -0400
Subject: CASSADY - question RE: Compliment - JOB well done - CASSADY (as inSusan MarieCASSADY) - A graduate of Central High School
To: "Houston, Rebecca" <>
TO: Sgt. Rebecca Houston #5219  ( ) [Columbus Division of Police]
DATE: 10-11-2016
 Thank YOU Ms. Houston ! 
  I am a registered DEMOCRAT - Just like my Daddy - and HOP-along CASSADY - were.
 Ms. Houston - THANK YOU! AND, a question FOR YOU (also) :
? May I post your nice reply (CONFIRMATION)  - to my web site
 - and, use your name and badge number - within the posting ?
 to: Columbus Division of Police -- Internal Affairs Bureau -- Intake Desk: 614-645-4880
  Thank YOU Ms. Houston !  I am a registered DEMOCRAT - Just like my Daddy - and HOP-along - were.
Please read my recent message (below) -  to Columbus, Ohio Mayor (Andrew) Ginther
  - ALSO a democrat (i think) - AND Mr. Sanders. AND, I know that Bernie is a DEMOCRAT !
  $$$$  In fact:   I HAVE NOTHING TO "GIVE" - EXCEPT MY VOTE  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
On Mon, 10 Oct 2016 22:28:01 0000, "Houston, Rebecca" <> wrote:
Ms. Cassady,
- Thank you for taking the time to share this information with our office, it is appreciated.
 - Respectfully, 
 - Sgt. Rebecca Houston #5219
   - Columbus Division of Police - Internal Affairs Bureau >>>>  Intake Desk: 614-645-4880

From: []
Sent: Sunday, October 09, 2016 5:12 PM
To: IABDeskSgt
Subject: Compliment - JOB well done - CASSADY (as in Susan Marie CASSADY) - A graduate of Central High School
Importance: High
   DATE: 10-9-2016   >>>> To Contact The Bureau by E-Mail: <<<<<
  Compliment from Ms. Susan Marie CASSADY  (Ms. Hans Neuhart) - and, her husband Hans.

Hello - and Dear Sir or Madam,
 After our work out - at the Westerville Community Center - today (October 9, 2016)
- ( I perform my Physical Therapy there each day) - my husband (Hans J. Neuhart) did "sight" a wallet
- laying in the middle of the road [street] - near a store (i think) called the "Auto Zone".
  - We stopped our vehicle - at that store - and my husband retrieved a Wallet - from the nearby road surface.
  The wallet did contain Credit cards - and other personal items.  THEN, A young man - sitting with his buddy (in the front of that store)
- proudly stated that his Uncle was a "police Officer"; and, he also stated that we could just "give the found wallet to any police officer".
  The next thing that (we saw) was a City Of Columbus Police Vehicle - with the number 10 showing on its front bumper.
    Then, my husband (Hans) took the wallet into the nearby restaurant - which, the police vehicle was near this place.
 The restaurant name was: "City BarBque". A person - dressed in a Columbus Police Office uniform - did then help my husband
  - and, that person took the wallet - and the stressful care (from my husband) to get it (the wallet) returned to the proper person - from my husband.
   I (WE) wanted to say "THANK YOU" to that Columbus, police officer - for helping my husband (Hans). And, they helped me - and Mr. Perez - also.

 In fact,
1) my - brother-in-Law is Mr. Peter Herdt. He was the Chief of Police - at Ohio State University (now, he is a professor of law - at OSU); My sister's name is: Barbara;
2), my biological daughter is: Ms. Dawn Marie Burton. She is the Deputy Chief of Staff - for Mr. James Comey - the head of the FBi (in Washington, DC - USA );
3) Randy (no last name) - a guy that my husband knows - from the Westerville Community Center - just joined your ranks
      - and, he and his wife - just had a baby boy   (and, Randy can play baseball pretty good too!) ;
   AND (4) Mr. Howard HOP-along CASSADY [the OSU Heisman Trophy winner- 1955] is my cousin (my Uncle Pearl's son); That is, my father was: Mr. Milo Gerald Cassady - I was born in 1954.
      So, THANK YOU! (again) - for being there.
   - Susan Marie Cassady (Ms. Neuhart) 
My web site is: .

If you read my  "INVITATION" to Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton - pleased be reassured (to know) - that I have already alerted our Columbus Mayor (Mr. Andrew Ginther) - related to the traffic problems - that their visit may cause (in the Linden McKinley, BEXley  - and other "inner-city" Columbus, Ohio areas).
NOTES:  >>>>  Date: 10-9-2016
time - about 12:37 PM
place - near City BarBque  restaurant - ALSO near City of Polaris-Lewis Center - Fashion Place Mall
 City of Columbus - Car number 10
Officer - name unknown
Name on CHASE Credit CARD returned = "Perez"
Found - Wallet containing credit cards AND a one dollar bill.

Hello Dawn. I sent the following to Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton.
 Note, that the message mentions you. Just a heads up.
Love YOU. Thinking of you.  - Mom

----- Forwarded message from Susan Marie CASSADY - Neuhart
 Reply-To: Susan Marie CASSADY - Neuhart
MY website URL is:
Subject: Invitation - to Ohio
To: :
Cc: Mr. TRUMP via his web site:
Invitations: "If you would like to invite Hillary to attend an event, please email: " OR  (Please send the same invite to: Mr. Trump.)
Dear Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton,
Hello. I am no one special - just a married senior lady and I vote.
  And, I also encourage others to vote.

I would like to begin by telling both of you - congratulations - on a fine debate - on Monday evening. [the FIRST debate]
I thought that you both showed great control. Yet, you were articulate -  and, able to think "on your feet".
 Good Job!
I only know that I had some questions about both (of you)
  - and, I felt much better - after I saw the debate. [ the FIRST debate ]
Now, I am a registered Democrat; and, I have been so very proud of my country
  - since we finally elected an African American Man to be our President.
 I admit, that I am an "Obama girl". On the other hand, no one likes Ms. Obama (Michelle) more than me
 - except for Mr. Obama - and, her girls.

We are all so very lucky - to have such highly qualified people - willing to make the enormous efforts to serve this great nation.
In fact, I am just a very average American woman - except
 - and, you both may be interested to know - that I grew up in Ohio.
Thus, I would like to invite both of you to visit my state.
So, if you can visit either the  43215, 43211 or 43228 zip code areas ( all in Ohio) I would like that; 
And, if I am able to - I will watch and also try to visit with you there.

Clearly, you will need to give me some advance notice - and some instructions.

Mr. Trump - you may be able to relate to the facts that: I was a business owner - for many years.
In fact, I built an office building (to house our business operations) and, we employed about 15 people
 for more than ten years.
Just Google 5761 Chandler Court, zip: 43081 (THE Hans & CASSADY Office Building).
My husband (and Partner) Hans, has continued on - in our same line of work - for more than thirty years.
Hans is a medical and scientific artist - and, he continues to compete for (and win) clients all over the world.
Ms. Clinton, obviously - you can relate to the fact that I am a woman - only a bit younger than you; 
and, similar - to you - I graduated from a very fine college: The University of Wisconsin - at Green Bay.
 In FACT - the Green Bay Packers (foot ball team) contacted me ( OR, tried to ) when Craig CASSADY (OSU) was available (for the NFL).
My undergraduate degree is in Environmental Science; thus, yes, I do believe and understand fully - that "Global Warming" is real - and, a threat to the Earth's future (i.e. our children's future).
The fact that UW-GB required me to learn so much math and science - to be awarded my degree
- was directly related to the successful business that my husband and myself began - in 1983.
I also worked for the NCR corporation, General Electric, many small high-technology companies,
located in California - and, SIGRITY SOFTWARE.
Many Americans know that Dr. Jaiyuan Fang (from Beijing China) built this software company [his company] 
- in America; and, then sold it to a much bigger American software company - for more than 83 million dollars.
We are very lucky to have Dr. Fang - happy and still in our USA.
And, I am pleased to report, that he has started yet another business [in America ].
 In fact, an academy to teach American children about the Math and Science techniques
- that he learned in China - as a child. Indeed, Dr. Fang's mathematical genius -
is the very basis of the fundamental microprocessor software that our American-based
Integrated Circuit CHIP designers use - to make our American software products smaller,
faster, more powerful and more reliable.
You both may also appreciate the following additional facts - about me. [ humble beginnings ]
1) I attended Columbus Ohio Public Schools - from Bellows Elementary (kinder-garden) through - to Columbus Central High School. In fact, this gave me (it always seemed) real advantages over other candidates for jobs - all over America. The ethnic diversity - of my central Ohio public education - paid real dividends - when I worked for high tech companies - with employees from all over the world. Indeed, the textbooks - that my own company helped to produce - always considered - the point of view of the student - who was just like me - at one time - trying to understand a difficult - even foreign concept.

2) I suffered a very serious stroke in 2012. My hearing was affected - and, I am medically disabled. My life was saved by: a)my husband (Hans) - he literally ran down - then up (a mountain) to give directions to the emergency vehicles - approaching (to save me) on icy mountain roads; b) a life-flight helicopter- containing men and women (EMTs) and even some troops returning from IRAQ; and c), an African American man, literally, a children's neuro surgeon - who performed a 7-hour brain surgery on me [ a 58 year old white lady] was all that he knew - at that time - Dr. Victor Perry.

3) I have one child - a daughter. She is currently the Deputy Chief of Staff - for Mr. James Comey - at the FBi (Washington, DC headquarters). My daughter is also an attorney - and, she worked for Mr. John Conyers and Ms. Janet Reno.

4) My name is: Susan Marie CASSADY - Neuhart.

5) My mother was Mary Elizabeth Sprouse - Cassady. Her parents were: German and Native or African American. Her brothers ( four of them ) all served in World War 2; and, President Eisenhower brought them all back to the USA - all alive and all unharmed. My mom recalled many times (to me) wearing a big button that stated: "I like Ike". Grandma Zora's ethnic heritage is the question. My Grandpa (George Allen Sprouse) - we are pretty certain - was "genetically composed", of all Western European heritage. In fact, employees of the City of Columbus - and, the State of Ohio - are currently helping me to research and validate the racial ancestry of my grandmother. This is mostly related to the stroke that I suffered. My stroke (it is thought) had a genetic basis. Thus, all of Zora "Miller" Sprouses' children - and, their descendents should be notified, to decide, if they want to obtain a certain kind of test. This test, may prevent - what happened (to me) from happening to them. I hope to be able to reach out to them. The Columbus, Ohio news media may be helpful with this also - when the information is found out. Again, things are in progress.

6) My father was Milo Gerald CASSADY. My father's ethnic heritage is Irish and English. My father's brother was Pearl CASSADY (the father of Mr. Howard hop-along CASSADY). Howard won the Heisman Trophy (in 1955) - while attending Ohio State university - under the coaching of Woody Hayes. I was born - in 1954. In fact, my mother told my father (Milo) - that SHE thought that she was going to have a "boy". He already had 5 girls. Well, I turned out to be yet another "girl"; and, I never played any footBALL. However, as stated above, I did start a business - and, employ some people. I was also a military and commercial software technical manual writer - for many years. Which, I am very proud of this. And, Mr. Comey - is no doubt - very happy to have my daughter as his: Deputy Chief of Staff.

7) Now, and, also related to my father (and, perhaps - more so - Mr. Trump). My father was a general contractor - in the Greater Columbus, Ohio area. Daddy did a lot of work on the homes located in Franklinton, German Village, Bexley and, Linden-McKinley areas of central Ohio. Certainly, as an Irishman, he loved a beer - now-an-then; and, he loved to watch football (too) - with his buddies - and, his eight children. Daddy also loved to place a friendly "bet" on the games; and, whenever cousin "hop" got that football; then, my daddy would cheer - because he knew that "Pearl's boy" was gonna do good things. And, he usually did - and, the rest is history. 

I wanted to tell Mr. Trump - that if his client refused to pay him - after he finished The Work (the job) - then, my Mom could not buy groceries.
So, Mr. Trump, please explain, regarding - if you did not pay the contractors - that did work for you; Then, please explain - why?

8) Following my doctor's orders - I do rehabilitation exercises - a kind of YOGA - daily - at the Westerville Community Center.
    I have lots of acquaintances there - that I see daily. Mostly, seniors - men and ladies - like me.
    The Governor (of Ohio) - now a Republican - Mr. Kasich - lives in Westerville, Ohio also. You may already know this.
             I do not claim to know Mr. Kasich. I am pretty certain (in fact) that I have never met him - yet.
       Thanks. I look forward to getting an Email - from you both - saying that you will come to Ohio - for a visit.
     Please give me enough lead time to alert all of my acquaintances - and, make plans - to attend.
- Susan Marie Cassady - Please just Google ME . (terms)  Susan Marie Cassady Zora Neuhart
43215 "Franklinton" - "Bottoms" - the "West side" Columbus, Ohio
43211 1320 Duxberry Ave, Cols, OH 43211 < Linden-McKinley High School area
43228 Hilltop & West Side
43209 BEXley

[end of report ]