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[[ ... mentioned in the article:

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Have you ever heard of the RUC?

Get informed >  [PDF]


Susan's "BiLL" page 





Consider Carol [Ms. Hunter], [Executive ED. Des Moines Register]
 If we gave the dumbest "Buckeye" a pie;
And, we told him [that] he could ONLY have 20% of it.  
And, we gave a “Hawkeye” a pie;
and, told him (also) - he could ONLY have 20% - of that pie.
 Now, we add a "Badger" - a "Hoosier" - and two more pies... 
- and, we tell them the same thing.

Let's stipulate: They are all very hungry – AND, they like pie.

Doesn't it make sense (Carol)
- they will NOT fight over who gets the "smallest" pie?

And, so it goes with USA Medical Doctors - working for "Profit"

 <<AND "Medicare FOR ALL" - is just a bigger pie.>> 

A Bold Leader - took us to the moon.

A bold leader will Make Universal "Socialized" Health CARE a reality.

Ian Sams > Kamala Harris 
Ian Sams - https://hansandcassady.org/SusansAmericanHealthACT.html  




Carol Hunter Des moines Register
h   Kamala Harris 12-3-2019 :: "Suspending" Campaign

 SOURCE:  https://politicaldictionary.com/words/suspended-campaign/

"... Candidates who suspend their campaigns usually get to keep any delegates they’ve won and can continue to raise money beyond what’s needed to retire their campaign debts. In contrast, candidates who actually drop out of a race, usually have to forfeit certain delegates and are limited in how they can raise future funds. ..."


SOURCE: https://www.abms.org/member-boards/specialty-subspecialty-certificates/   CONTACT 

General Certificate(s)                    
•  Subspecialty Certificates

1. American Board of Allergy and Immunology
• Allergy and Immunology    
2. American Board of Anesthesiology
• Anesthesiology    
• Critical Care Medicine
• Hospice and Palliative Medicine
• Neurocritical Care*
• Pain Medicine
• Pediatric Anesthesiology
• Sleep Medicine

3. American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery
• Colon and Rectal Surgery
4. American Board of Dermatology
• Dermatology    
• Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery*
• Dermatopathology
• Pediatric Dermatology

5. American Board of Emergency Medicine
• Emergency Medicine    
• Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine
• Emergency Medical Services
• Hospice and Palliative Medicine
• Internal Medicine-Critical Care Medicine
• Medical Toxicology
• Neurocritical Care*
• Pain Medicine
• Pediatric Emergency Medicine
• Sports Medicine
• Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine

6. American Board of Family Medicine
• Family Medicine    
• Adolescent Medicine
• Geriatric Medicine
• Hospice and Palliative Medicine
• Pain Medicine
• Sleep Medicine
• Sports Medicine

7. American Board of Internal Medicine
• Internal Medicine    
• Adolescent Medicine
• Adult Congenital Heart Disease
• Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology
• Critical Care Medicine
• Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
• Gastroenterology
• Geriatric Medicine
• Hematology
• Hospice and Palliative Medicine
• Infectious Disease
• Interventional Cardiology
• Medical Oncology
• Nephrology
• Pulmonary Disease
• Rheumatology
• Sleep Medicine
• Sports Medicine
• Transplant Hepatology

8. American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics Primary Specialty Certificates
• Clinical Biochemical Genetics
• Clinical Genetics and Genomics (MD)
• Laboratory Genetics and Genomics    
• Medical Biochemical Genetics
• Molecular Genetic Pathology

9. American Board of Nuclear Medicine
• Nuclear Medicine    

10. American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology
• Obstetrics and Gynecology    
• Complex Family Planning
• Critical Care Medicine
• Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery
• Gynecologic Oncology
• Hospice and Palliative Medicine
• Maternal–Fetal Medicine
• Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

11. American Board of Ophthalmology
• Ophthalmology    

12. American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
• Orthopaedic Surgery    
• Orthopaedic Sports Medicine
• Surgery of the Hand

13. American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
• Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery    
• Neurotology
• Complex Pediatric Otolaryngology*
• Plastic Surgery Within the Head and Neck*
• Sleep Medicine

14.American Board of Pathology - Primary Specialty Certificates
• Pathology – Anatomic/Pathology - Clinical
• Pathology – Anatomic
• Pathology – Clinical    
• Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine
• Clinical Informatics
• Cytopathology
• Dermatopathology
• Hematopathology
• Neuropathology
• Pathology – Chemical
• Pathology – Forensic
• Pathology – Medical Microbiology
• Pathology – Molecular Genetic
• Pathology – Pediatric

15. American Board of Pediatrics
• Pediatrics    
• Adolescent Medicine
• Child Abuse Pediatrics
• Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics
• Hospice and Palliative Medicine
• Medical Toxicology
• Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
• Pediatric Cardiology
• Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
• Pediatric Emergency Medicine
• Pediatric Endocrinology
• Pediatric Gastroenterology
• Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
• Pediatric Hospital Medicine*
• Pediatric Infectious Diseases
• Pediatric Nephrology
• Pediatric Pulmonology
• Pediatric Rheumatology
• Pediatric Transplant Hepatology
• Sleep Medicine
• Sports Medicine

16. American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
• Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation    
• Brain Injury Medicine
• Hospice and Palliative Medicine
• Neuromuscular Medicine
• Pain Medicine
• Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine
• Spinal Cord Injury Medicine
• Sports Medicine

17. American Board of Plastic Surgery
• Plastic Surgery    
• Plastic Surgery Within the Head and Neck*
• Surgery of the Hand

18. American Board of Preventive Medicine - Primary Specialty Certificates
• Aerospace Medicine
• Occupational Medicine
• Public Health and General Preventive Medicine    
• Addiction Medicine
• Clinical Informatics
• Medical Toxicology
• Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine

19. American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Primary Specialty Certificates
• Psychiatry
• Neurology
• Neurology with Special Qualification in Child Neurology    
• Addiction Psychiatry
• Brain Injury Medicine
• Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
• Clinical Neurophysiology
• Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
• Epilepsy
• Forensic Psychiatry
• Geriatric Psychiatry
• Hospice and Palliative Medicine
• Neurocritical Care*
• Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
• Neuromuscular Medicine
• Pain Medicine
• Sleep Medicine
• Vascular Neurology

20. American Board of Radiology - Primary Specialty Certificates
• Diagnostic Radiology
• Interventional Radiology and Diagnostic Radiology
• Medical Physics (Diagnostic, Nuclear, Therapeutic)
• Radiation Oncology    
• Hospice and Palliative Medicine
• Neuroradiology
• Nuclear Radiology
• Pain Medicine
• Pediatric Radiology

21. American Board of Surgery - Primary Specialty Certificates
• General Surgery
• Vascular Surgery    
• Complex General Surgical Oncology
• Hospice and Palliative Medicine
• Pediatric Surgery
• Surgery of the Hand
• Surgical Critical Care

22. American Board of Thoracic Surgery
• Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery    
• Congenital Cardiac Surgery

23. American Board of Urology
• Urology    
• Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery
• Pediatric Urology

24. American Board of Neurological Surgery
• Neurological Surgery    
• Neurocritical Care

SOURCE: https://apnews.com/1315b2443add4a6b9dea41ed3e899943

"...  Des Moines Register names CAROL Hunter as new executive editor [DATELINE} November 15, 2016 ::  DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Des Moines Register has named a 12-year veteran of the newspaper as its new executive editor. [STARTED 2004] The Register announced Tuesday ( http://dmreg.co/2eCIwKf   ) that Carol Hunter has been named its executive editor and a regional editor for seven other newspapers in Gannett’s plains region. The Register is owned by Gannett, a media company based in McLean, Virginia. The other newspapers in Hunter’s region are the Iowa City Press-Citizen, Springfield News-Leader in Missouri, Fort Collins Coloradoan, Sioux Falls Argus Leader in South Dakota, St. Cloud Times in Minnesota, Great Falls Tribune in Montana and Baxter Bulletin in Arkansas. ...The 59-year-old Hunter is a graduate of the University of Kansas school of journalism and served as executive editor of the Press-Gazette in Green Bay, Wisconsin, for eight years before joining the Register.  ..." [1995-2003]

H h




_CLARIFICATION _and_Bill_Introduction-PDF.pdf
  PDF ] 
pdf2 ] 
Kamala Harris



 Legislation Sponsored
or Cosponsored
by Senator Kamala D. Harris

Official USA Government PAGE


  USA President
  Harry S. Truman's
           Proposed Health Program





h hhh   
Kamala Harris ! >

Kamala-ON- HEALTH INSURANCE !   Video   :: 

Kamala Harris [ candidate for the Presidency of the USA]
on (the) Private Health Insurance Market: "...Eliminate All Of That - Let's Move On ..."
 < YES! Susan agrees!
"... [USA] SENATOR Kamala Harris advocated the elimination of the "inhumane" private health insurance industry
during a CNN town hall event in Iowa Monday night. ..." 
 Kamala Harris: :::: 
 https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/kamala-harris-wants-end-private-health-insurance-new-democratic-litmus-n964241 ::
  https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/01/29/howard_schultz_on_independent_2020_run_i_think_i_can_beat_the_system.html < Mr. Howard Schultz (SUPPORTED BY THE USA Health INSURANCE INDUSTRY) gives "push back" :: 
::hh https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/01/29/kamala_harris_on_private_health_insurance_market_eliminate_all_of_that_lets_move_on.html 


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 Request_for_CLARIFICATION _and_Bill_Introduction-PDF.pdf  PDF ]    < HEALTH CARE, Kamala Harris

 Request for CLARIFICATION and Bill Introduction:  DATE: 4-13-2019

 FROM: Susan Marie [CassAdy]-Neuhart, USA Citizen [Ohio-10]

Email TO:
California Senator & Candidate Kamala Harris AND her Staff:
     (   info@kamalaharris.org ) :: (  info@scrbstrategies.com  ) ::

DATE: 4-13-2019

SUBJECT: Request for Policy Clarification

 Dear Senator Harris ( Kamala ),

 My name is Susan [Cassady]-Neuhart. 

 I am seeking a “clarification” on your "policy"
- related to USA Health Care. 

THIS IS AN “OPEN-Letter” COMMUNICATION & REQUEST : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_letter 

E.G. [That is] I will post this request (letter/Email) onto my “personal” web site. [1] 

If my request – is granted – [then] Your "clarification" - should be prepared in writing- AND, emailed to me: [As shown in this Email’s header. 

Please be mindful, [that] I have a "personal" web site; AND, please provide me with permission to POST your written reply
 - to my "personal" web site – within your reply. [1] You may use my CONTACT form – if that is most convenient…

I am NOT seeking employment - of any kind. Nor, do I consider myself a volunteer OR representative – of Your policies;
 Until, I hear from you – or, your authorized agents. [2]

All, that I promise (herein) – is [that] I will post your reply – to my “personal” web site. 

I was Born in Columbus, Ohio - year  1956 - I am retired - and financially “comfortable”.

My husband – younger than me – still works. I now live in Ohio, Congressional District 10. [3]
 As you may know, the Honorable Mike Turner (Republican) is my Congressional Representative. [3] 

My web site hosts a page "ABOUT" me - if you want to learn more detailed information. [4]

And, I have started a PAGE – dedicated to you.  
I am a registered Democrat. I vote – and, I attempt to persuade others.

Photos (of me) - and my "biological" family members appear on my "personal" web site.  It may appear (from these photos) that I am a Caucasian person - but I do not state so.  So, I will state here:  As far as I know - I am Caucasian human being. I have always identified - as a “Caucasian" person. However, circa 1982, I did request of my [then, very ill mother] - "…Please tell me of my Grandmother [the] 'Zora Elizabeth [Miller]-Sprouse-Roby' - and, my ‘German’ heritage". 

A bit alarmed, she stated emphatically: "I did not raise you kids - to be 'German'. I raised you to be 'Irish'. Your Daddy is Irish!" 

Ms. Harris, I realize [that] your mother was born in India; I “googled” her. WE are very lucky – to have had her want to be – an American. I am certain, [that] she was “very proud” of you AND Maya. I also realize [that] your father was born in Jamaica. Again, this gives you a unique perspective. 

Senator Harris, as you may know - or, could easily determine (through "Googling") – not very many people (in Ireland) have the surname "C-a-s-s-A-d-y"; However, many people - in Scotland do have the sur-name "C-a-s-s-A-d-y". Thus, my actual “race/ethnicity" (Scottish, German or Irish) is uncertain. 

Obviously, I "grew up" during the time of Aretha Franklin and Martin Luther King. I attended Inner-city Columbus [Ohio] Public Schools [1960 - 1972]. My “oral” class “book report” – in 1968  (we all had to prepare and give them)– was on John Howard Griffin’s “Black Like Me”. Today, I am “liberal” and “progressive” (in my votes and thinking) - AND, I support all of the 2016 Democratic Platform. At this writing, former USA President Obama - is my "Commander-In-Chief"! 

I am aware of the "53% problem" [5] - as it is posited by “The Atlantic Magazine media organization – and today’s “feminists” [6]. Before my “retirement” – I was a Software Technical Writer – all over the USA. Clearly, I have lived the “feminist” movement – [that] many people write about.

I did vote "FOR" Ms. Clinton (in 2016); However - having personally suffered a stroke (in 2012) - I was not pleased - in the manner [that] she handled the mere"suggestion" [that] she did have a stroke. Please consider, she seemed (to me) "fearful" - at the very time - [that] I was "recovering” – from a stroke.  [With the help of Michelle Obama's ["Let's Move" program]. [7] 

Today (2019), most people - unless, I tell them - have no idea [that] I ever did suffer an SAH-MCA event [8]. I still bear the scars of the emergency “full craniotomy surgery procedure” - that was required to save my life. Neuro surgeon, Victor Perry (now with offices in Fresno, California) did save my life - in Asheville, North Carolina – December 18, 2012. [9] Doctor Perry was ‘on-duty’ in the Hospital – that received my “Life-Flight” helicopter.

Senator Harris, I was very impressed [that] you declared (on CNN) " ... let's get rid of all that" -"Let's Move ON ..." - related to a "Health CARE" question. [10]

However, in fact, you stated this reply (to a CNN News reporter)- many months after - I had designed my draft Bill - for American Health Care - AND, sent it to ALL of my elected "representatives": Ohio Senators Sherrod Brown & Rob Porter; Congressman Mike Turner - and USA President Donald Trump. [11]

Nonetheless, I cheered (Out Loud!) - for You! So, did my husband - of 37+ years (Hans). Thus, we were "crestfallen" when Mr. Ian Sams (of your Campaign) offered a subsequent "clarification" - of your position [which] seemed to “backtrack”.  [12]

We presume [that] Mr. Sams did this - with your permission. However, even the "best employees" - with good intentions - can “overstep” their authority; Or, perhaps he was frightened? [13]

We are aware - of the "out-cry" which occurred - over your CNN “town hall” declaration. [14]

You should be aware - [that] I have done considerable "research" - on the issue of USA Health Care Policy.[15] And, I mean, several thousand hours - of readingwriting and web-page development

As well as living - the nightmare of losing our "single-family" home - due to the subsequent medical "bills" from my “unplanned” SAH-MCA stroke event; My "personal" web site documents [some] of the reading and research - that, I have done. I designed my "draft" Health CARE Bill - after performing much of my research.

In addition to your “clarification”, I am seeking a "Champion" – to acknowledge and ultimately “deliver” my "draft" Health CARE Bill into the halls of Congress - and, begin the formal process of making my “draft” design USA law. 

My web site "documents" my supporting arguments.  [16] 

I realize, that my “champion” must agree with my fundamental sentiments. I am prepared to “work with” your professional staff. 

Again, I was a “professional writer” – prior to my retirement. I have also attended Law School.

In fact, your Democratic colleagues - have recently supplied me with another argument: [17] They stated - [that] "Health CARE Insurance” -related services represents about ONE Trillion dollars of our annual USA economy. 

However, "Health CARE" - as I specifically propose (in my "draft" Bill) – it [the design] should be done  - would cost MUCH LESS: 

 “… Consider, IF (the) 209,000 currently licensed MDs - were each paid an annual salary [by the USA Federal Government] of $150,000 USD  - this would equal merely  $ 31, 350,000,000 per year ::  In English WORDS, (this is) Thirty one billion, three hundred and fifty million US dollars ...” [18] 

 Thus, there would be $68+ BILLION (of the ONE Trillion) – immediately left to spend – on: hospitals, facilities, more Medical Schools, etcetera.

And, MY proposed Health CARE system would cover every American citizen – from “their Cradle to their Grave”. 

 In short: the "profit motive" - MUST be separated - from the provision of "Health CARE services" - by licensed [USMLER] Medical Professionals. AND, the sale of Medical Insurance - in any form - must be made illegal. 

Specifically, Mr. Sanders Bill – [S. 1408] (OR, as shown even in his "new Bill", still containing SEC 107 - Related to "non-duplication" - is NO GOOD!! 

 As I state on my “personal” web site [1], providing such a legal language "loop-hole" - within enacted USA Health CARE Law - is an invitation - for a "two-tier system".

That is, Mr. Sanders’ …"non-duplication" [legal clause] will give rise to: "Health CARE" for "poor" people - AND, "Health CARE" for "rich" people.

In fact, during my 65 years, I have literally lived in both worlds. Specifically:

  1. I was raised in the "poor part" of Columbus, Ohio. – an area called "the bottoms". My father [Milo Gerald CassAdy] owned and operated a "general contracting" business.
  2. Due to circumstances (also documented on my “personal” web site), after my high school graduation, I went on to earn a BS - in " Environmental Science & Communications" - from UWGB. 

    You see, in 1968, it was discovered [although a "female"] - I “liked” Computers (such as they were) AND also – had an aptitude – for “programming” them. Thus, (and, also because in of "Affirmative Action" ) - I enjoyed very "well-paid" work - with several major USA "high-tech" companies – upon my “graduation” – in 1982. 
    I was a “employee” participant in the “DOT-Com” bubble [20].  My husband (Hans Neuhart) is a well-known Medical & Scientific Digital Illustrator. WE created a very successful “small-business” - located in Westerville, Ohio (in the 1980s). We had several “employees”. Our success was made possible by the evolution of [the] Apple Computer. Hans was very talented at “digital drawing” – AND, we literally assisted the “automation” of the USA College Textbook Industry.

    Senator, I know [that] those "things" [that] I have personally "experienced" (as both: a "rich-successful" American; AND,  [also] a member - of a financially challenged ("white family") – in urban America; will happen [again] - if, we cannot learn from our history. That is,  [the] “non-duplicated” legalese in Mr. Sanders’ Bill – will lead to a “two-tier” result.

    Finally, I am aware, [that] you speak (publically) of your mother’s illness and passing. My father (born in 1902) was one of the first Americans to die - from Mesothelioma (in 1964). I was ten years old. Several – of my six siblings – were still “living at home”.  My mother suffered from "heart disease" - due to her genetics – and, she became "diabetic" - from a "broken heart" – after 30 years of marriage – and, the early death – of the man she loved. I became pregnant as a teen-ager. I say – with pride – [that] not one of the seven children my mother raised – has ever been in serious trouble – with the law. 

    I know – WE ALL KNOW! [21] -  [that] "separate" is never equal - AND, to create the conditions - and, "incentivize" [these conditions] - to come about - through "non-duplication" language (in a Federal Health Bill) - Like Senator Bernie Sanders does [in his Health CARE proposal 'SEC 107' - is just stupid. It is also “suspicious”.

    Moreover, Bernie Sander’s  "pussyfooting" - with the "USA Health Insurance Industry" - is obvious.  And, he needs to be “called out” – for doing it. 

    Senator, I am well aware - of WHAT the AMA did to Mr. Truman's “ Health Care Bill” - and Mr. Truman - in 1945. [22] In fact, THEY (the AMA) called one of our greatest USA Presidents a "Communist". [23]   

    Thus clearly, the ideas - as presented in my draft Bill - will similarly dislocate - and frighten many people - in 2019 AND 2020. The vested interests will "fight" [24]. 
     However, I believe [that] this is a "fight' - whose Time Has Come. 

    If, YOU want to “lead the fight” - I will help You - as, I am able to. 

    Also, being courageous enough to lead this good "fight" - will certainly “distinguish You” - from the other "contenders" - who also seek to be our USA President - in 2020.

  Respectfully, - Susan


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[ End cited references ] 

h h h