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 7-24-2019 :: To "Wikipedia" readers in the United States:

   It was a little awkward, so [they] got straight to the point. 

On Wednesday [7-24-2019] they ask me to 'defend' Wikipedia's independence. 

    IN fact, I am NOT an attorney - OR, a member of the USA military.
( In fact, BRIAN Freeman at Capitol Law School [& my ex-husband - GBB] - - saw to that. Randy Seago

 I am a registered DEMOCRAT - AND, I VOTE ! 

    I am NOT a candidate for any office. Nor, does my husband [of 37+ years] - support me becoming one.

 I DO enjoy "chatting" with other humans - at the Kleptz YMCA. I do perform YOGA poses & stretches - daily.
   I fully support our USA Freedom of Speech. But, I am very concerned - that our USA President "tweets".  [ others Agree ]

      I feel,  that "tweeting" - related to USA Policy - is inappropriate. 

 In fact, I am a formally educated (BS-UWGB-1982) and very experienced Professional Communicator.  [about

 In fact, (I feel) that "Policy" should only be presented in written documents and very publicly made speeches. 

For an an example - listen to President John F. Kennedy's speech presentation - of USA policy
  - related to Russian missiles - in Cuba [1962] audio

In fact, I use "Wikipedia" - almost every day - related to my "personal" web site; Which, you are reading. 

 I do NOT purchase "coffee" every day. They (the Wikipedians) - unfortunately - used this as an example. 
They stated:  "... The heart and soul of Wikipedia is a community of people working to bring you unlimited access to reliable, neutral information. Please take a minute to help us keep Wikipedia growing. Thank you. ..."  

 I will ask my husband - of 37+ years - IF we can give a small donation.
     I urge YOU to also ask your "significant other" ...
   I have NOT done this - yet.
     Indeed, I am the "cook" - at our house - AND, this [duty] I must perform first. 

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