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 RESULTS! - Using baby carrots to illustrate the "Box Packing Problem".
1. Obtain a large bag of peeled baby carrots - before the start of the class.
    Tip: the carrots should be chilled - but not frozen.

2. Obtain a dinner plate - that has a relatively flat interior - with a lip.
    Tip: An American "dinner plate" averages 12 inches in diameter. 

3. If Americans are in the "student" audience - prepare to remind the students WHAT a diameter is.
   See:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diameter 

4. Open the bag of carrots.

5. Remove the baby carrots - one at a time - and place them onto the plate.

6. When the plate is half full (of carrots), jiggle the plate.

7. Request the students - to observe [that] the carrots do not align themselves - to eliminate empty spaces.

8. Remove MORE baby carrots (from the bag) - one at a time - and place them onto the plate.

9. Request the students - to observe [that] you [an "intelligent professor"] can eliminate much of the empty space - with careful placement.

10. Announce "intelligent design" - and, identify yourself - as an "intelligent designer".

READ your prepared speech to the students - AND command them to worship you!

12. Instruct the students to march to the principal's office and build a gallows ( ignore the USCP leaders who object )

13. After the gallows are built - prepare to give another speech. 

14. During this speech - prepare a "noose" - from a new rope. ( AGAIN, ignore the USCP leaders who object )

15. Give the signal - for the band to play
"Marching to Pretoria" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka1-2pcFxTU

16. Instruct the students - exactly who to place the "noose"  onto.

17. If the "noosee" objects - instruct the students to drag them to the gallows. [ Encourage students to avoid Secret Service ]

18. Dismiss the class - and, invite the students to eat the carrots.

19. Deny any responsibility - for raising the baby carrots used and eaten, persons harmed or property damaged.

20. Accept your crown - at CPAC 2021 - from Ted Cruz  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lq078qDkEes

21. Request donations - for your US Presidential Run - in 2024.

22. Never say "Gitcha baby" to a QuarAB - near the East River - in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
                 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quarab < Susan's first horse!