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 ( Hello  Ms. Elizabeth Warren -  [the] NEXT President of the USA!  )   [Hans says, "If she wants to be."]   
  Contact  ME.   IMO - WE need a female DEMOcrat !

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  Resume-About > Susan & Hans ::   (the)SPEED2000 User's Manual [ pdf - 334 pages ] - by Susan & the SIGRITY_TEAM ( Dr. Fang, R. Chen, MingJing, JingPing...  ALL humans from China, Pakistan, India, Mexico, etc. ) 

      Terraforming Mars will require Robots.  "Terraforming" - IF you attend UW -Green BAY  < YOU will learn about this.  Prof. Keith White[Emeriti] & company - literally created the USA E.P.A. 

human animal instinctive behavior [ re: Robot DEsign ]    ;;     THANK YOU! Mr. Pianka >     © Eric R. Pianka

    People of the EARTH comment on The design of Robots: Who, What, Where, When, Why & HOW - A "research project"  Contact  ME. 
   Contact  ME.   Let us "build a better Robot together. A "KnoBot
< Click to Find out what the  USA Citadel "knobs" and "Robots" have in common. 
TO START>    Can KnoBots pro-create on Mars?  YES ot NO ( Contact  ME ) Mr. Gates agrees with Susan - But, Bill goes a step further; i.e."TAX the SOBs"  & send them to Mars.
And, yes - I mean  P-R-O-HYPHENcreate  "pro-create".  NOT, the Apple Computer drawing product.  And, not the biological act - performed by mammals - on earth.  As GOD designed.

            12-22-2017     Should Robots exhibit "affection" ?        YES  ot  NO      ( Contact  ME )       >  Bruce Dern  Actor  <  Google:  " Silent Running "  USA Military    <  SWEDEN  >

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   "WE" [ i.e. "UWGB Research" & "me"]  we, are just getting started in the research.    Please stand by.    Instructions STEP BY STEP to follow.   
    I am informed [ by UWGB ]  The UWGB legal department is "in progress" to respond - to my request.  They may wish to contact my human daughter first
        And, this will take a few days. Only because she works in a very big organization. AND, she has a bunch of very important stuff to do each day. - Hi Dawn.

         Mating & Child Care habits of the human animal  < Google this        RESULTS      Also - Google the "cost" of USA child care - in general.

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 TO PARTICIPATE in this "comment/research project", here (eventually) "step-by-step" will be (presented) what you MUST do. (in progress)
   ALL people of the earth (born after 1-1-1996) are welcome to participate ... [ This is mandated by USA laws. ]
       [ male  -  female, including LGBT-Q humans;  AND, Any color, shape or NATIONALITY of human being; ] 
YOU will be required - YES! - to prove that YOU are a human being
And, I ( the ignorant project "Director" ) - I only - really - speak USA English.  I have "dabbled" in speaking Spanish, French, German, Chinese. I have also worked - with humans - from all over the earth -where English was a second language.  Please consider, "Bing" - my human "co-worker" - from China - ( Bing ) spoke 5 languages.

             The "Requirements Definition" for the entity is still in development. ( by me )     SEE USA Census-taking Robot Design - suggestion document [ knowBot  ]
          Also see, the USA Census-1920 document - which, declares my biological maternal uncle ( Charles Sprouse ) - as a "Negro American". [  line 64  ]  
A very small sample of the "design" questions - we will consider: 

 1.  What color should the Robot  be?   Contact  ME 

 2.  How tall should the Robot  be?    Contact  ME 

 3.  Should the Robot  be equipped to "defend" itself?    Contact  ME 

 4.  Should the Robot be "intelligent"?   Contact  ME      SEE:  "Heuristic intelligence"  &  " model of endorsement "  topics

 5.  Should a Robot  ever  perform human "Child Care"?   Contact  ME 

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