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  ::   test Susan's Bill  ::  PDF   ::  Socialized-Medicine-DEFINITION.JPG  ::   Name : BREEN LORNA M > License information  
  ( Dr. Green Suicide ::  https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/27/nyregion/new-york-city-doctor-suicide-coronavirus.html )

     Would "socialized medicine" have saved Doctor Lorna M. Breen? -YES!  ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socialized_medicine#History_of_term )  
 American Board of Medical Specialties

American Osteopathic Association, AOA-Net

Association of State Medical Board Executive Directors-(A.I.M."DOCFINDER")

New York State Department of Health Physician Profiles

The following sites provide additional information concerning the medical profession:

CLEAR (Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation)

Federation of State Medical Boards

 Socialized medicine is a health care system in which the government owns and operates health care facilities and employs the health care professionals - thus, paying for ALL the health care services rendered - by fair taxes - paid by all Americans. ALL AMERICANS WILL RECEIVE EQUAL CARE - IN EQUAL FACILITIES - BY EQUALLY COMPETENT MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. HOSPITALS WILL NOT BE UNDER-STAFFED. SUPPLIES - FOR PANDEMICS - WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF A COMPETENT PERSON - OR, COMPUTER SYSTEM.

  New facilities - designed to host the latest medical technologies - will be built that "centralize" some services for efficiency; AND, these "Main Hubs" will radiate to complementary medical facilities - sited in currently under-served areas - by efficient transportation methods - AS NEEDED.

   Socialized medicine - also called  "Universal Health Care" - will enable all Americans to enjoy the best that medical science has to offer.
   Socialized medicine will only require licensed medical professionals to work 40 (or less) hours per work - for an annual salary - which, does not exceed the "annual salary" - the Medical School Professors - who taught them - everything they know - are paid. [ie - $155,000 per year]
   Experienced medical professionals  may opt  to become "teachers" - of the Next Generation - of Medical professionals.

   Properly implemented "Socialized Medicine" will eradicate the harmful "profit motive" from US Health CARE (that has led to much "death" in the current pandemic: Medical Professionals are "over-worked" - citizens are not being tested. 

   Socialized medicine will foster the return of  "American Excellence" - in medicine. ... Susan's Draft BILL ( PDF  )


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      Immune Systems of Bats  ::   Evolution "... an "environment" never selects 'FOR' - it only selects against ... by "Khan Academy" ::  Taxonomy-virus.html

 ??? "...The evolution of flight in bats seem to have selected for a unique set of antiviral immune responses that control virus propagation, while limiting self-damaging inflammatory responses. ..." ???

     The CONSPIRACY TO "LOOK THE OTHER WAY" - When Trump "business interests" are threatened. 
      -   Trump Moscow   - Felix Sater
  DAYTON, OHIO Peace Agreement : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dayton_Agreement   

h h

 United States "Universal Health CARE" is "affordable" AND Will be "successful"... IF  -   (A) all United States Medical Licensed Doctors are permitted to work [ONLY] in licensed and inspected State & Federal hospital facilities for an annual salary - AND, (B) they are required to work no more AND no less than 40 hours per week. My extensive research:  
  [  https://hansandcassady.org/Health_CARE.html ]   shows exactly WHY  1. ALL "for profit" US Health Insurance "marketplaces" - must be eliminated;

 2. United States Medical Licensed [USML] Doctors should NOT be permitted - in any manner - to participate in "FOR PROFIT" Healthcare or Medicine "profit-based" entities [ including stock ownership];
 3. The annual salary of any United States Medical Licensed Doctor - should NOT exceed the salary paid to the Medical Teaching Professionals - who taught them their craft. [At American Public Universities - such as: Ohio State university, university of Wisconsin, etc.] ;

4.  The American Medical Association (AMA) should be placed onto a "Terrorist Organization" watch list - as, the time has come to "take the starch out of them" - as US President Harry S. Truman said "we" would do ( in 1945 ).  AND (5.) coming ...  The question is: [ motivation ? ]  Why do you want to be a US Medical Doctor? 

  Law Enforcement Experience :  Year: 1965 - Fifth Grade - Bellows Avenue Elementary School -  Columbus, Ohio - I was selected as a "crossing guard" - given a flag (on a stick) AND told to "enforce the law".

  Pros: Permitted to leave class "a few minutes early" - to retrieve my "gear" - and, take my station. Knowledge - at an early age - if "law enforcement" - is right career path.  [I became a Software Engineering Technical Writer, wife & "business owner" - instead.]

  Cons: Having to holler at students - bigger than you: "Get on the sidewalk!"; "Get off the grass!"; "Stay behind the pole!"; "Don't touch the pole - or me!"; Subject to abuse - from other students - [who will] consider you "bossy" - forever.; Subject to abuse - if, you have skinny legs.; Subject to abuse - if you don't smile back - to people you don't like.; Must stand in the cold - on snowy and rainy days; May have picture taken - by Columbus, Ohio Newspaper Reporters - when your hair is windblown and messy. May be reported - for being "to tough" . ...

  For David Yost :


  Trump - "Tweeting" so hard - he went airborne!"- Credit Hans Neuhart  ... [ So, Trump's A new reservoir for the "virus"? - Credit Susan  [ "bunker-boy"

   :: Mr. Newton did not invent gravity - he merely described it - with precision. The rest is history.

  ::    precision -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precision_and_recall ::  Newton  -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac_Newton  gravity :: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity#Newton's_theory_of_gravitation 
         - So, we need to "scientifically" describe "Systemic Racism" -- ONE Current definition >  https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/06/15/systemic-racism-what-does-mean/5343549002/   

    Would Kelly Ann Conway - Please - shut the hell up!  ::   [  https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0820-9  At least- until, she can cite a reputable scientific source [that] the SARS-COV-2 virus ... "came from China".  Bats have wings! > Wikipedia : [ Speed2000 ] < Invented by Chinese, Indian & Asian people - in America. Dr. J. Fang permitted Susan to document it !  And, Dr. Fang "scooted me back" - from the microwaves - long before any concern was reported in the American Press.   SIGRITY SOFTWARE literally SAVED THE USA SEMI - DESIGN - INDUSTRY
 My experience with "Asian People" - was very good.  It benefited me - and, I hope - they were also "benefited" - by my slow efforts.

   IF anything I publish - here "helps" the  Democrats - please use it - as my "contribution"...   ::  

                HANS & SUSAN NEUHART - both "Senior 'White' Americans"  - SUPPORT THE BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT!  ...
Heed Their Rising Voices" ! 

 For David Yost :

The hypochondriac-ING
of America  [coming] 
Ridin-with-Biden CAUTION! 
Site Author [Retired old lady] was born "Lippy and talk-back - with a touch of Scoliosis" - in 1954.

 : Wright-Patterson Air Force Base  
"Heed Their Rising Voices" !
(New York Times v. Sullivan)
Cruz - ON - Trump
About that
Virus Killer
& Trump
 CongressMan Mike Turner [OH10]    < My Congressman takes action !



[ President Obama kept us safe. ]

"...  Biden ...
if elected,
 ... a "public option" of a government-run
health insurance program ..."

 Sex Sells "Marketing"

If you don't think "Systemic Racism"
Please do what
John Howard Griffin

did - in 1959.

"Sweet - Melania" wins at Belmont
 outbreak in SLOVENIAShould FLOTUS be tested? [ Melania

    CAUTION!  Site Author was born "Lippy and talk-back - with a touch of Scoliosis" - in 1954.   ::  [ KAEPERNICK & Systemic Racism ]

   " If I'da been black  [BLACK]... A series - by Susan Marie Neuhart - (nee CassAdy) ... MY VERSION OF EVENTS :: MAY 1954 TO year 2020 ... 

 1.  Teachers with Guns
 2.   West Point takeS a knee - for Trump (the "bunker boy") [coming]  Bette Midler 

 3.  Dear Mr. Kaepernick ... 

 4.  The "Dog Park" ... [ aka "... fight for your right to party ..." ] [coming]

 5. Essay Exams - at Capital Law School & extortion [coming] ::  Writ of Habeas corpus ... 
 6. The importance of a Bridge [ BridgeMeister ] 
 7.  UNtitled [coming] ,
 8. My Aunt Lois - "Paddy Wagons" AND "police whistles"
 9. I was raised to be "Irish" - by a German mother : " Sprouse "
  and 10. Real Estate people [that] I did not prosecute - but, could have...

    --- I HEAR (the racist (Ms. Melania TRUMP) don't like me.   I say: "Let's take it up personally! "   No need to surveil me - with (the) NSA ... [ PRISM

   --   Fruit Flies on Blue Agar - THE "TERRITORIAL IMPERATIVE" - WHEN RESOURCES ARE LIMITED -- DROSOPHILIA : Basically, "When resources are limited - YOU will fight for your Right to Party"

 :: DEMOCRATS IN SLOVENIA ::  "Black people" in "Slovenia" - are doctors - MARRY white lady Doctors ( 1 ) - AND, become "Mayor. ( 2 )   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Bossman 
  :  https://www.karmenlakovicbossman.com/   SOURCE:  CNN   "...
    His [Mr. Bossman's plans for the city [of 17,000 humans] include: encouraging people to drive electric cars down its narrow streets, building a golf course - to draw more tourists -  and promoting Slovenia products. -  Like Melania TRUMP.

      PEACEFUL PROTEST IN AMERICA [ New York Times ] & the "Territorial Imperative" of Homo Sapiens - "ARMED AND ORDERED TO "GUARD"  :: 
       ( To Serve and PROTECT )

   "I am an "expression" of a molecular message - moving through time - AND, so are YOU".  < Susan M. CassAdy [1981]  I got an 'A' on the submitted paper ;
    - AND, an "offer' - to attend "Grad School" [University of Wisconsin : Madison] - But, I had a little girl (born in 1973) - to get back to ...   (rest of story) interferon
 [ USE IT - IF YOU LIKE; BUT PLEASE, LEARN THE GENETICS - BEHIND IT.  "EVOLUTION" is WHY - some men - armed with guns - hunt and kill other men - it is called the "territorial imperative" - of Police Officers. My "mother" used it too. When I was young (1971) - taking the "Gloria Pill" - and, engaging in "experimental sex" - with an older man. Claiming her "territory" - she ask me to "move out" - if, I could not "come home" at night. A "Union Employee" - at Krogers  ... I DID.

 "...The home of our fathers was that African highland reaching north from the Cape to the Lakes of the Nile. ..." < African Genesis book - by Rbert Ardrey

           Ever the "business man" - Trump offers Putin "Melania".  (  Melania GQ  )
   He [Putin] declined - stating he "... already has a fat wife ...".  But [that] he would like Susan - on his side.
[ Susan knows "software development" - and is married to an artist ...  ]

             Melania Trump speaks!  A "true" Slovene "female" champion! [1]  Every Slovenian female says: "We want to be like her!" :-) .. 6-7-2020  ::  DOES MELANIA - FROM SLOVANIA  "FART" ? - ASK SUSAN NEUHART ( NEE C-A-S-S-A-DY ) -- A Retired Software Technical Writer explains -- "HOW TO" light her farts on fire.

  https://issuu.com/ecollegian/docs/tpusa_campus_victory_project.pdf ::  Turning Point USA "Campus Victory Project"DOMESTIC TERROR-ISM INVESTIGATION UNDERWAY ( BY CHRISTOPER WRAY - USA - FBI )

   "It was a cold day - in Wisconsin - and, ice covered the parking lot ... (more coming) ..."

       hh   hhh

  With "GoDaddy" Cpanel   -  YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A PUTIN  "WATER-BOY" - FOR DONALD TRUMP ...   

 HHHHHH ::    :: AMERICAN "SCOTCH-IRISH" GIRL "EXAMPLE" halasana   ::   
                    Did Trump have to get a former "model" - who walks like a fat penguin - because, American Women - fight back? [ Nation ]   FBI innovation advisor :: Falklands & Slovenia Penguin : Melania Trump :: 

  Trump-not-fit.  scissor kick karate :: ... 
   ( LINK )  < Hakeem > [ NBA ]   

   FBI  hierarchy-fbi-ASH-Croft.JPG  ::    

   President Obama REMARKS at 2016 "White House Correspondents' Dinner" :: April 30, 2016 ...
 AND, NOW ... HERE WE ARE - YEAR 2020 - WITH "THE DONALD" - WE HAVE A  " PANDEMIC " > Give Donald 4 more years ? :: OR,  Joe Biden 

  < My guy!    <  Mary Wells  ::  

     I have been ask!   The "primary purpose" of this web site - is to inform my family, friends, acquaintances, etc. [that] I am doing just fine! Obviously, seeing me (a 65+ year old) person - performing YOGA poses - provides PROOF. The "secondary purposes" of my web site - are: to entertain myself,  continue my rehabilitation [from a stroke event] - and, entertain my husband [Hans].  We discuss "politics"- daily. He knows [that] I am an "Obama girl". I am pleased President Obama has endorsed Joe Biden. :: Hans - and I - have been married for 38+ years. We met at NCR Corporation, Engineering & Manufacturing (Cambridge, Ohio) - in 1982. - After, I graduated from UWGB.   [ Susan at Kleptz < Hans' iPhone ]  < video coming

       Trump-OPEN-plan.html ::  New Page  > Taxonomy-virus.html ::      ModeRNA-article-REFERENCES.html  

   JoE Biden requested "endorsement" - click 


  < QUESTION:  If we had "cured" Ebola, SARS, MERS, H1N1 !... Would we be in the current "Pandemic"? 
        Consider - we defeated "polio"; and, it was a "virus". My mother contracted (the virus) - while carrying me [born in 1954] ---

     Battelle Research - perhaps - should have been funded to solve "coronavirus" related problems - then.               Taxonomy-virus.html 

         AND, as I stated - in 1981 [UWGB]  - "WE [YOU] are a 'molecular message' - moving through time."   IN FACT, THE SARS-COV-2 VIRUS "FAMILY" - HAS "CO-EVOLVED" - WITH HOMO-SAPIENS   - SINCE WE EMERGED - FROM THE TREES - AND, WENT INTO "CAVES" - SOME 55 MILLION YEARS AGO.  ... [ humans, caves, bats  ( 1, 2,  ]
        [ I hypothesized this - as, I was researching "interferon", yeast infections & molecular hybridization - at that time.   I received an 'A+' -for my paper - 
             [ Professors: Goldsby(Alice),  IRHKE, White, Clampitt ] ... AND, despite their urging
                  - I did NOT "matriculate" - to the UWGB Graduate Program - because - I had a "little girl" born 1973.    ABOUT Susan 
                  AND so [now] - WE HAVE A "PANDEMIC".  Today - I am - officially - "retired" - But, if you guys - require my help ...   CONTACT ! 

  JoE Biden requested "endorsement" - click


 ... however ... 


< QUESTION:  If we had "cured" Ebola, SARS, MERS, H1N1 !... Would we be in the current "Pandemic"? 
        Consider - we defeated "polio"; and, it was a "virus". My mother contracted (the virus) - while carrying me [born in 1954] ---

     Battelle Research - perhaps - should have been funded to solve "coronavirus" related problems - then.               Taxonomy-virus.html 

         AND, as I stated - in 1981 [UWGB]  - "WE [YOU] are a 'molecular message' - moving through time."   IN FACT, THE SARS-COV-2 VIRUS "FAMILY" - HAS "CO-EVOLVED" - WITH HOMO-SAPIENS   - SINCE WE EMERGED - FROM THE TREES - AND, WENT INTO "CAVES" - SOME 55 MILLION YEARS AGO.  ... [ humans, caves, bats ]
        [ I hypothesized this - I was researching "interferon", yeast infections & molecular hybridization - at that time.   I received an 'A+' -for my paper - 
             [ Professors: Goldsby(Alice),  IRHKE, White, Clampitt ] ... I did NOT "matriculate" - to the Graduate Program - because - I had a "little girl" born 1973.
                  AND so [now] - WE HAVE A "PANDEMIC".  Today - I am - officially - "retired" - But, if you guys - require my help ...   CONTACT ! 

   EBOLA IN THE UITED STATES [ nytIMES ]  :: Barack Obama was our President - AND, we were safe! < LEADERSHIP!

The governors of New York and New Jersey announced mandatory quarantines for "medical workers" returning from West Africa.
The governor of Illinois also ordered a 21-day quarantine for high-risk individuals.
 Federal, state and local officials are identifying hospitals to be used as Ebola treatment centers.  (A full list is expected later this week.)
  --- Of the nation’s 100 state public health laboratories, 24 are ready to test for Ebola.
 The five United States airports are screening travelers from West Africa for fever are:
   1. Kennedy International, 2.Washington Dulles International,  3. O’Hare International, 4. Hartsfield-Jackson International and 5. Newark Liberty International


TESTING [ RED DOTS] Public health laboratories for testing patient samples for Ebola

[GREEN DOTS] Hospitals that have been designated to accept Ebola patients 

 This day:  AMERICAN "VITRUVIAN" Senior WOMAN PERFORMS - HALASANA yoga POSE  ... And, humans - all over the world get "tested" - sort of ...    Shown are: Susan (going into Halasana pose); Her handsome "younger" biological brother "Buzz" (Milo Jr. Cassady), Former USA President Barack Obama,  Senator and CANDIDATE Joe Biden, President Trump, President V. Putin, Hans Neuhart [husband] - and "Susan Avatar" - by Hans.  Everyone is proudly showing the "I got tested symbol" - currently suggested to USA Congressman Mike Turner & Ohio Senators Sherrod Brown - and, Rob Portman.  SARS-COV-2 Tests are [currently] confusing [story]! AND, the "hospitalization" required and/or any required "quarantine" [if you test positive] HAVE COSTS; - but... we must start somewhere. CONSIDER, There are 350 Million Americans. If we test ONE MILLION "Americans" (per day) - that's 350 days of "testing"...  The "current rate" of "testing" is much less - than 1 million/day.


      UNIVERSAL-MEDICARE-PROGRAM-2019.html  < Bill "shred" in progress   ::           PhysicianCodingandReimbursement.html <new page

  FINANCING "it" - by Bernie  - shred - as per S. 1129 language :: Financing-IT-shred.html  :: The AMA sponsors the Specialty Society Relative Value Scale Update Committee, which is an influential group of 29 physicians, mostly specialists, who help [in effect] determine the value of different physicians' labor in Medicare prices. SENATOR SANDERS REFERS TO THIS COMMITTEE IN HIS BILL S.1129 
h< -- USA Senate Bill S. 1129 and the Contortions to preserve USA Medical Doctors Private Practice Palaces :   [A]  http://math-www.uni-paderborn.de/~axel/huetchen.html  IMO  Bernie's arguments FOR his bill [S.1129] uses "shell game" techniques to prevent voters from identifying ALL of the problems in the USA Medicare system.     SHELL GAME VIDEO >  https://youtu.be/C5T-OBDSeVM  : 

 - WHY do we want to "enlarge" a "Health CARE" system ( "USA Medicare" ) - that has structural problems?  YES - "drug pricing policies" are a part of the equation;   
However, USA Licensed Medical Doctors - and, their desire to operate "profitable" private practices - with a minimal amount of  their "time spent "DOCTORING" is the largest part of the problem.   

This is NOT Susan !

 < Bernie Sanders' Senate Bill 1129
  - and his "Contortions" to preserve USA Medical Doctors Private Practice Palaces

   Guitar shred "killer VIDEO

 Truman-CARE (by Susan)

  UNIVERSAL-MEDICARE-PROGRAM-2019.html  <- Susan "shred" in progress 
 As requested - by Mr. Sanders "summary" presentation-

  Susan's "ordinary" American suggestion:

EFFICIENCY "YES'!  PROFITABILITY "NO"! According to the Kaiser Family Foundation - there are 1,005,295 "Active Physicians" in the USA.  IF all of them refuse to work on Fridays - this is a minimum 20% loss - to the USA Medical CARE annual volume.  Other losses can be attributed to: USA Medical Doctors spending remaining weekly hours directing "private Medical office" staff (as needed);  and, ordering /"authorizing" them to "optimize" billing codes - so [that] Medicare will tolerate the dishonesty and/or [they] can successfully "fight" any non-payment issues. IN FACT, THIS "GAMES-MAN-SHIP",  DECEIT & LOSS WOULD BE PREVENTED - IF USA ACTIVE PHYSICIANS (as per KFF) WERE "EMPLOYED" FOR AN ANNUAL SALARY  - THAT, REQUIRED THEIR ATTENDANCE (FOR 40 HOURS EACH WEEK) TO PERFORM "MEDICAL  DOCTOR" DUTIES - AT USA GOVERNMENT RUN  MEDICAL FACILITIES.

    KleptZ =   KleptZ.html ---   :: < People you can meet... 

  McKinsey & Company OFFICES in:  Detroit, Michigan - USA  ::  Chicago, Illinois &  Cleveland, Ohio   :: South Bend, Indianna Health Insurance Agents, offices - Economy < Google Results
       PETE BUTTIGIEG      Climate   >  HealthCare     ::  THE IMPERTINENT QUESTION - FOR PETE "CLONING" or "Solo human Reproduction" 

   Transition-TITLE10-SANDERS.pdf  > [ pdf ]    < "smartest kid in the room" AND compartmentalization : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compartmentalization_(psychology) 

   UNIVERSAL-MEDICARE-PROGRAM-2019.html   ::    
As Pete takes aim at Bernie  ...     ( and, I am now reviewing Bernie's latest Bill language [ TEXT released 4-10-2019 ] - see "findings above" - thus far [ pdf ]  ) :: Please ask Pete to explain - exactly - what he did for McKinsey - in Detroit during 2007 ( prepare for Questioning Pete by reviewing "actuarial scientist" ).  McKinsey has a long established company policy [that] - unless you are "paying your way" - McKinsey will separate you from the company.  Thus, Pete did not earn his $80K+ in 2007 "consulting" income (from McKinsey) - in Detroit - by "playing with" Power Point slides. 

   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Actuarial_science   "You can fool some of ..." 

Hans "mow man" & Ohio State Fan

Kettering OhiO Police Department :    Brandon Harrison Michigan :

   - Susan AND Moses - before her stroke ( Photo circa 2007 - North Carolina )

  Don't lose your grip  on the dreams of the past

You must fight --  just to keep them alive

It's the eye of the tiger,
    it's the thrill of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge of our rival    [ who are imposters ]

And the last known survivor
   stalks his prey in the night
And he's watchin' us all with the eye  ----- of the tiger

Face to face, out in the heat
Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry
They stack the odds 'till we take to the street
For the kill with the skill to survive
It's the eye of the tiger, it's the dream of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he's watchin' us all with the eye of the tiger
Risin' up, straight to the top
Had the guts, got the glory
Went the distance, now I'm not gonna stop
Just a man and his will to survive
It's the eye of the tiger, it's the dream of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he's watchin' us all with the eye of the tiger

The eye of the tiger
The eye of the tiger   < Merlin
The eye of the tiger
The eye of the tiger

  - Merlin -

Eye of the Tiger >
 by: Survivor  ::


  Risin' up,
 back on the street
  Did my time,
  took my chances ...

 Went the distance,
   now I'm back on my feet

 Just a ( Pixie BOB ) man
 and his will to survive

So many times,
   it happens too fast
You trade your passion for glory


 Ox and Brandon h       Moses [ 140 pounds ]     AND Susan [ 125 pounds ]



PAGES in progress::     


[ PDF ]
 https://elizabethwarren.com/plans/paying-for-m4a   impeachMent.html 
https://hansandcassady.org/Truman.html ]    Hans Neuhart ::  Electoral_College.html  :: 
... Election issues ...  EPA disposal page   https://hansandcassady.org/Yoga-Anxiety-ALL.JPG 
 tolerance AND diversity.html

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Milbank - 1933
Cassady FAMiLY  Odds-AND-ends 

Mike Turner 



 Hans Neuhart

Harry Truman  Video Creation  




F-35 Havoc

 ABOUT Susan

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Orthopedic ReactX to YOGA

New Car 

Girls in Shorts

[ my story]

 FaraDAY ,
  Maxwell etc  


(screen play :-)
-coming soon-

Democrats :::


 Kurds : WAPO

 BERNIE Sanders'    S.1804 - Medicare for All Act of 2017
https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-bill/1804 )


"... (b) ... Nothing in this Act shall be construed as prohibiting the sale of health insurance coverage for any additional benefits not covered by this Act, including additional benefits that an employer may provide to employees or their dependents, or to former employees or their dependents ..."


  7-28-2020  BEGIN - related >   https://www.atsjournals.org/doi/full/10.1165/rcmb.2007-0120OC  

   "TURNING THE BIO-LOGICAL WAR-FARE CONUNDRU   - ON ITS HEAD"  - by Susan Marie Neuhart (nee "CassAdy")

   So - in about Earth year 1981 - I am in a micro-biology class - at University of WISCONSIN - UWGB.  I was fascinated by Molecular Genetics [ "Watson-Crick" understandings ] - and, permitted to perform an experiment (with Drosophila ) related to Interferon and molecular hybridization. “girl-geek”: YES, I was. [I carried my "glasses" - and, wore my "dental braces" - proudly!] . I raised my hand - and ask about "Germ War fare". The professor explained - re: its "impracticality"; That is, everyone [ in the space] would become infected.

    So, How do we "control" the space? WAS the posed question - to me)

  When, I worked - at General Electric (Simulation Systems-Daytona Beach, Florida - USA) - It came up again - among my Co-Workers - over lunch. They were mostly "computer-jocks" – [THEN] guys - on “main-frames”. My job description - was (lowly) End-User Manual Developer – “Technical Writer”. However - born an "obnoxious", middle child - I exited GE - only after - filing a "20-point-TEN" complaint: (Google it).
  LESSON: DO NOT GIVE A "CASSADY" - AN ASSIGNMENT - YOU DO NOT WANT "COMPLETED" - Be it - a "touch-down" - or, a "detailed explanation" - of HOW a "device" - or software - works.

     So [now YEAR 2020]  - If - we "flowchart" the “battle-space: Infectious organism > World-wide" distribution > ... >...> ...
    effects FELT WORLDWIDE  > "capitalism" threatened ...

  "Ignorant, Science-PhobicPresident (in place).  Eventually - the realization [ "HOW TO WIN scenario”] is:
  The "infectious organism" is everywhere - Young members of the species are not affected (different bio-chemical pathway "Kohn" : "alveolar mechanics"); AND, he [or SHE] who has the "prophylactic cure" - FOR OLDER MEMBERS OF THE SPECIES - is the "winner"!!!!

 Compare to: "Football" - THE BEST DEFENSE - IS A GOOD OFFENSE.  < to THE BEST DEFENSE - IS A DEFENSE [THAT]    ELIMINATES THE "SENIOR" COMPETITION - and, de facto - gives YOU possession of the Young "off-spring". 'cut-the-head-off '

 IF Moderna's "novel" methodology of delivery works ( mRNA ) - THEN, any human receiving the "mRNA prophylactic" will never experience the "symptoms" of a SARS-COV-2 infection. -- As, the invading viral entity will be eliminated - at the source of entry. THUS, the "cure" - and, its "maintenance" - is the "Atomic Weapon" - of 2020. I.E. Everyone will want it AND keep paying.   [END] 
- Contact Susan : https://hansandcassady.org/  < follow instructions - designed to defeat "BOTs"

 :: END