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   President Obama gives Michelle - an affectionate "smooch">   

Dear Mrs. Obama (Michelle)

      THANK YOU! For serving as our USA "First lady" - so graciously - during Mr. Obama's Presidency.  ALL of us (who love you) understand - completely - your desire to "retire" from USA politics. It is surely a fish bowl life-style - that you - and, your family - handled superbly!  And, again WE (I) thank you AND your family.

      Ms. Obama,  if you ever want to state "WHO" you would support - to be our "Next" USA President - When you are ready. Then, we (your supporters) will know who to support. WE trust you!  ALL that I can offer (to donate) is HTML page space - on this (my personal web site);  https://hansandcassady.org/ 

      Please be aware - that I have drafted some language - related to USA Health CARE:  ( Susan's HEALTH Bill idea )  
 Whoever, you support - WE can only hope that they will support ALL of the good things that Barack did - while in office.   My research indicated (to me) that a significant enemy  of his "ACA" plan - was the USA Health Insurance Industry AND "practicing" Medical Doctors. Primarily, because, they are incentivized by the "profit motive".  Which, (the) "profit motive" is inimical to any successful USA Universal Health CARE system.  That is, if a system only "works" - by keeping some portion of the population sick & suffering, then - to keep the system working...   In mathematics - such calculations are called Actuarial Science.  Which, some of my UWGB Professors informed me of "Actuarial Science" (circa 1980) - because, I liked to "program" computers.  However, as my resume' indicates, I (in fact) worked for the NCR Corporation - after my graduation - as an NCR ETS-Basic Systems  ["Extended Terminal Systems BASIC"] Software Technical Writer. I also, owned a successful business [ Hans & Cassady, Inc.], etc. Yes, I did send my USA Health CARE Bill idea - to my currently serving representatives [ OH-10, Ohio, USA ]. None have responded (to my idea) yet.

    Today, I am retired. 

 Again, Thank You!

 - Susan  

-- America's First Family!