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 SUBJECT: COVID Chart Needed

   Xavier Becerra Secretary -
   ( AND -The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) "DirectorS" )
   - >

 Dear Secretary Becerra ( HHS)*   [ Today's DATE 5-24-2024 ] -- I am a "Biden-Harris supporter" ( living in ZIP 45405 ). Prior to the COVID Pandemic - my husband ( of 42+ years ) - and I - would daily visit the YMCA facility - "Kleptz-ymca". Where - my husband [Hans Neuhart] would lift weights - AND I ,would perform YOGA poses. In fact, we were (we believe) some of the first Americans - to contract some manner of illness [that] caused both (of us) to be very ill - and, WE REcoverED. So, when the COVID announcements - were made - we naturally assumed ..."Yupp!... That is what we had..." AND, We went to a facility - to get "the shot" - and have NOT returned to the YMCA - since. WE exercise caution - related to the SAH@MCA stoke event - that I suffered - in 2012. I am physically rehabilitated - from this SAH@MCA event - as can be seen here: VIDEO >  [ Obviously - Neurosurgeon Victor Perry - did a great job! ]

 So - as a "former Software Engineering Technical Writer" (born 1954) - OBVIOUSLY a "retired professional communicator" - clients: NCR, GE & Battelle Research - plus EDA > SIGRITY" - I can advise YOU - [that] what America needs - is a "CHART"!  
A "Communications OBJECT" - issued by the Federal Government - [that] ALL Americans can look at - and KNOW - This is where we are! It may include - the START - and, the PROGRESS [that] we have made ALSO. It should tell a story - [that] President Biden & Vice President Harris can use - 2024!

 Following - is the letter contents [that] 77 American Scientists - issued - to your predecessor (Mr. Azar- Trump Administration). It "may be" a good place to begin.

 Sincerely - Susan Marie Neuhart - Biden-Harris supporter, Stroke survivor, nee "CassAdy", "Badger-Buckeye" & Hans' Wife!

 COVID-19 - cites: - "Daszak grant" "COVID" - SOURCE:
   ( )

   77 Nobel Laureates Express “Grave Concern” Over NIH Grant Cancellation

... The following letter was sent on May 21, 2020 to the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Director of the National Institutes of Health:

Secretary Azar and Director Collins [then] "2020":
 [ The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) "Secretary Azar" - ]
 [ The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) "Director Collins" - ]

The 77 signatories of this letter, American Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine, Chemistry, and Physics, are gravely concerned about the recent cancellation of a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to Dr. Peter Daszak at the EcoHealth Alliance in New York.

We believe that this action sets a dangerous precedent by interfering in the conduct of science and jeopardizes public trust in the process of awarding federal funds for research.

For many years, Dr. Daszak and his colleagues have been conducting highly regarded, NIH- supported research on coronaviruses and other infectious agents, focusing on the transmission of these viruses from animal hosts to human beings. Their work depends on productive collaborations with scientists in other countries, including scientists in Wuhan, China, where the current pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus arose. Now is precisely the time when we need to support this kind of research if we aim to control the pandemic and prevent subsequent ones.

As has now been widely reported, the grant to the EcoHealth Alliance was abruptly terminated by NIH on April 24, 2020, just a few days after President Trump responded to a question from a reporter who erroneously claimed that the grant awarded millions of dollars to investigators in Wuhan.   Despite the misrepresentation of Dr. Daszak’s grant, despite the high relevance of the studies to the current pandemic, and despite the very high priority score that his application for renewal had received during peer review, the NIH informed Dr. Daszak and his colleagues that the grant was being terminated because “NIH does not believe that the current project outcomes align with the program goals and agency priorities.” Such explanations are preposterous under the circumstances.

We are scientists who have devoted our careers to research, both in medical and related scientific disciplines that bear on the overall health and well-being of society, as well as fundamental scientific research, much of it supported by NIH and other federal agencies. We take pride in our nation’s widely admired system for allocating funds based on expert review and public health needs. The abrupt revoking of the award to Dr. Daszak contravenes these basic tenets and deprives the nation and the world of highly regarded science that could help control one of the greatest health crises in modern history and those that may arise in the future.

We ask that you act urgently to conduct and release a thorough review of the actions that led to the decision to terminate the grant, and that, following this review, you take appropriate steps to rectify the injustices that may have been committed in revoking it. ( - signatories: > )
it.             ..."

 < artwork by Hans Neuhart >

  ( Hans' )
- signatories: 
Peter Agre     Chemistry    2003 ( )
James P. Allison    Medicine    2018
Sidney Altman    Chemistry    1989    
Frances H. Arnold    Chemistry    2018
David Baltimore    Medicine    1975    
Barry Clark Barish    Physics    2017
Paul Berg    Chemistry    1980    
J. Michael Bishop    Medicine    1989
Elizabeth H. Blackburn    Medicine    2009    
Michael S. Brown    Medicine    1985
William C. Campbell    Medicine    2015    Mario R. Capecchi    Medicine    2007
Thomas R. Cech    Chemistry    1989    Martin Chalfie    Chemistry    2008
Steven Chu    Physics    1997    Elias James Corey    Chemistry    1990
Robert F. Curl Jr.    Chemistry    1996    Johann Deisenhofer    Chemistry    1988
Andrew Z. Fire    Medicine    2006    Edmond H. Fischer    Medicine    1992
Joachim Frank    Chemistry    2017    Jerome I. Friedman    Physics    1990
Walter Gilbert    Chemistry    1980    Sheldon Glashow    Physics    1979
Joseph L. Goldstein    Medicine    1985    Carol W. Greider    Medicine    2009
David J. Gross    Physics    2004    Roger Guillemin    Medicine    1977
Leland H. Hartwell    Medicine    2001    Dudley R. Herschbach    Chemistry    1986
Roald Hoffmann    Chemistry    1981    H. Robert Horvitz    Medicine    2002
Louis J. Ignarro    Medicine    1998    William G. Kaelin Jr.    Medicine    2019
Eric R. Kandel    Medicine    2000    Wolfgang Ketterle    Physics    2001
Brian K. Kobilka    Chemistry    2012    Roger D. Kornberg    Chemistry    2006
Robert J. Lefkowitz    Chemistry    2012    Anthony J. Leggett    Physics    2003
Michael Levitt    Chemistry    2013    Roderick MacKinnon    Chemistry    2003
John C. Mather    Physics    2006    Craig C. Mello    Medicine    2006
William E. Moerner    Chemistry    2014    Mario J. Molina    Chemistry    1995
Ferid Murad    Medicine    1998    Douglas D. Osheroff    Physics    1996
 James Peebles    Physics    2019    Saul Perlmutter    Physics    2011 ( )
William D. Phillips    Physics    1997    H. David Politzer    Physics    2004
Sir Richard J. Roberts    Medicine    1993    
Michael Rosbash    Medicine    2017
James E. Rothman    Medicine    2013    Randy W. Schekman    Medicine    2013
Richard R. Schrock    Chemistry    2005    Gregg L. Semenza    Medicine    2019
Phillip A. Sharp    Medicine    1993    Hamilton O. Smith    Medicine    1978
George P. Smith    Chemistry    2018    Horst L. Stormer    Physics    1998
Thomas C. Sudhof    Medicine    2013    Jack W. Szostak    Medicine    2009
Joseph H. Taylor Jr.    Physics    1993    Kip Stephen Thorne    Physics    2017
Susumu Tonegawa    Medicine    1987    Daniel C. Tsui    Physics    1998
Harold E. Varmus    Medicine    1989    Steve Weinberg    Physics    1979
Rainer Weiss    Physics    2017    Carl E. Wieman    Physics    2001
Eric F. Wieschaus    Medicine    1995    Torsten N. Wiesel    Medicine    1981
Frank Wilczek    Physics    2004    Robert Woodrow Wilson    Physics    1978
Michael W. Young    Medicine    2017 

 Photo (Scan)
"David" by Michelangelo 



  Richard Allen Cassady (born 1937) Millie








 Milo's Mom and Sisters 


Amicus curiae click here > (  FRIEND-OF-COURT-Defense-Fani-Willis-comment.pdf  )  < ( PDF document )

h  >Auguste Rodin  <   < "The Thinker" -
   - What is "the thinker" ( a sculpture by Rodin ) - thinking about? ...   [ VIDEO link ]
   If you want to be a work of art - do your Yoga poses!  ::  ShirtlessANDbuckNaked-forHans-01.jpg 



Yoga Poses,

& Rodin

Greeks, Yoga Poses & Rodin


hH HHHHH Cover-Tortured-Poets-01- eDITTED.jpg
 hhh     < H H[ VIDEO linkH

  HHH  Feet-flying-up-in-the-air-Swifties-4-Biden-REGISTER-EDITTED.jpg  

hhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHH  hh   h hhhhhhh

 YOURS VERY TRULY - Susan (  )


"DISLOYAL" (LYRICS) 2 verses Version


 [ VERSE 1] 
Swifties! To your horses! - that's a kind of Shakespeare (*)

Ride your man bareback - with YO feet flyin' up in the air.

Shirtless - OR buck naked - whatever AeroSmith

and - THE Anishinaabe Peoples **** will allow

I'm Ridin’ with Biden - as I did before

   So, Stone says that MAGA FREAKS want a "Holy-WAR" **  

    ( - But, I have no fear )

   " disloyal! "  - Oh - I couldn't do it.

    Unless HE led me to it.

    Which the "Prissy Sissy" INSURRECTIONIST seems hell-bent on doin’...

 When he's NOT suckin UP to Putin - Unless he is STOPPED! - he'll lead our country to ruin !

 So, I'll just sing about Biden - who I'm Ridin with -

    My first Name is Taylor - AND, my last is Swift

[ VERSE 2]

The people of Ukraine - have Defeated most of Putin's moves It makes me go insane -  we can't HELP them keep their grooves - [that] they have gained

The GAINS - THEY have made with "HiMars" - all they need is bullets AND other ammunition

A resupply - of these things - very soon - will keep Putin on the road to perdition

[which, I remind YOU - in the Bible -  is a part of HELL]

Which, the thought of Donny Boy - and Mr. Putin - in there - makes me feel - really swell!

 Or, maybe - they'll stop in Moscow first 
  -- where, they can both quench their thirst - for undermining democracy

At the Trump Hotel  - near the Kremlin

Where we'll put a gremlin - a nasty little witch

We'll give her claws - and, ensure - she scratches - their every little itch

The hag that guards the gates of hell - that's WHO we'll get for them

She'll take them to the edge - and then, she’ll maneuver them right in

YOU go girl! we'll shout - as they cling to each other on the way down

Each hoping the other hits the ashes first

and IS - by the back-breaking ground - forever cursed

A dark end to my tail - of accusations of disloyalty - OR, maybe dread is a common thread - and, it was parody

I only feel - the USA would be better served by Joe and Kamala - but, I am just a singer - from a Pennsylvania holla

Let's face it - Mr. Trump is "mean" - and, without money - he is not even seen.

MEAN!      < Taylor Swift - Mean

 Taylor Swift >   

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

 Dear Ms. Swift,

   It has come to my attention [that] you "mostly" consider yourself a "SONG-writer" I accept this, however - I wish to point out [that] there are other types of "writing" - that YOU may wish to inform your young "audience" about.

It's a kind of "responsibility" - you must accept.

  For example, as a very young person in America - circa 1963s - I was required to participate in a kind of testing (related to our "competition" with the Soviet Union - and, the Chinese). ...Your Grandmother may know of this.

Public School children - were LITERALLY (1) placed into a school-room, (2)given a number TWO type pencil - (3) instructed to read a paper - placed before them -AND, (4) told to "select the best answer" - by darkening a circle. The completed documents - were then collected - and, "graded" by a system of document scanners and computers.

Based on the results - parents, voters and elected officials - made decisions - RE: How to spend tax payer money - for the "cold WAR".

Now - in my case - my mother was informed [THAT] I had a "language-ability"; Thus, I was placed into French and Spanish classes. Which, a practical "German-Scottish Girl" - ["Sprouse-CassAdy"] - born & raised in the "bottoms" of Columbus, Ohio - I did not like.  After all - I never envisioned myself - in France or - in Spain.  Where - in fact - the RAIN falls mostly in the North – NOT on the plain.

However, when one of my public school teachers - Mr. Poppavich or Mr. Leaf - "borrowed" a box of "computer - parts" - from the Defense Construction Supply Corporation warehouse - and, told a pack of us ( "kids" - NOT "goats" ) - to "assemble" the pieces - into a system - that would display the answer to a math problem - MY team won! Due - in part - to the fact THAT my father [Milo Gerald CassAdy] was a Wall-paper hanging "General Contractor"...; AND, I was his "helper".  He died - from Mesothelioma - in 1964 - related to the "wall-preparation" - required - before the pretty paper was "smoothed" onto it. Apparently - he breathed the dust in. Only nine years old - I do recall him coughing a lot.

  So, when ALL of your fans - are in college - there is a KIND of "writing" - THAT they may consider. It's NOT creative SONG writing - Rather, it is - a kind of "practical", "descriptive writing" - that, will take our Country - back to the Moon - and, Mars FIRST. Which, SPACE - is the "Final Frontier" - and the Military "high ground" - to help us - keep kicking Putin's ass. 

 In my case - it was NOW the seventies; AND, I was a young mother - who was also a "Union clerk".  But, I wanted a job that paid well - and, was "interesting" too. So, believing (the US Government line) "To get a good Job - Get a good Education" I enrolled in a Computer Programming class - at the University of Wisconsin [UWGB] - and ACED it; Easily beating – ALL of the boys.

You may know, Computer Programming - is a "Language" ART - and, it is also very German-Scottish Girl "practical"; But, there is a related work [that] pays even better: Software Engineering Technical Writing. Which - your fans should know about. And - if they can do it - they will be invited to perform both - at the JOB site. I could do both - and, I worked all across the USA.

 Consider, all the Ones and Zeroes "Engineers" - creating algorithms for computers; They typically don't want to tell the world - how the code "works". They'll vaguely say: Invoke it, fill the buffers, compare them, avoid the querks - take an action. SOMEONE - must describe & document this process - in detail - all the steps - and, they are NOT clerks; OR hammer-ers, or insurrectionists - or jerks.   "Girls" - because of the way - our brains work - do it best of all; Perhaps, its the "complex conniving" - we are so good at - THEY claim this to be the case.

 Give a girl a problem - and, she'll EASily - and soon - put a dog in the chase.

 Travis probably knows this - [that] You will ONLY take the field - posed on his arm

  • Country Girls know the best way to display their charm.

 (  ) 


 - ALL BEST!  Mrs. Susan Neuhart"   < Susan YOGA pose VIDEO

< END >


 Swifties! To your horses! - that's a kind of Shakespeare (*)

     Ride your man bareback - with YO feet flyin' up in the air. 
    Shirtless - OR buck naked - whatever AeroSmith
       and - THE Anishinaabe Peoples will allow

        -   I'm ridin with Biden - as I did before
      So, Stone says that MAGA FREAKS want a "Holy-WAR"  **  - But, I have no fear

" disloyal! "  - Oh - I couldn't do it.
    Unless HE led me to it. 
    Which the "Prissy Sissy" INSURRECTIONIST seems hell-bent on doin ...When he's NOT suckin UP to Putin - Unless he is STOPPED! - he'll lead our country to ruin !
       So, I'll just sing about Biden - who I'm Ridin with -

       My first Name is Taylor
                - AND, my last is Swift

  ( * )  

 ( ** )

  ( - ) 


Dear President Biden (Joe), Vice President Kamala Harris AND The Biden campaign manager:
 - "Ms. Julie Chavez Rodriguez" 

 RE: Taylor Swift:


  YOU can see MY lyrics - for Ms. Swift - on my "ersonal" web site: 


Dear President Biden (Joe), Vice President Kamala Harris AND The Biden campaign manager:
 - "Ms. Julie Chavez Rodriguez"  ( )

RE: "The Tortured Poets Department" Album - of Taylor Swift - and, my suggested song "DISLOYAL"

  I am an American Citizen - Susan Neuhart (nee CassAdy) born 1954,   I may be a "tortured poet" - also - of this I am not sure.  - I do know [that] my partner accidently dropped me on the floor. 

 ( This happened to - Madonna too _  :: She is 66. I'm more a "MO-Town" Girl - gonna be seventy - in a few weeks )  

   We [ Hans and I ] were preparing for a boat cruise - it promised to be quite fancy. So, we bought "special clothes" and took lessons - to "ballroom dancy".
Now - my husband - of 42+ years - is a big fella - and, he still lifts weights. He's not the kind of man - who cares to dance - but, I can get him to the gates. ... Then, Like the "crew" - at Derby Downs - my chariot awaits:

   (  ) 

     So,  there we were - at the "private lessons dancing class" ( circa 1995 ) - I was in a fancy, sequined dress - and ready to shake my booty; But, ballroom dancing - is not about - shaking anything  ... It's more like "parading" - and doing it with Zing!   
 ( A smile, a Nod, a Wink ...  )

    Hans - easily lifted me - and placed me on a table
- BEFORE, CASUALLY SIPPING HIS DRINK - like Clark Gable. I'm half his size - and SO - OF doing this - HE was very able

Then, it happened - I did a "halasana" ( a kind of YOGA pose) to the floor. A gasp, a smile - some laughter - Perhaps a  little "scoff"
- but like Ms. Taylor Swift - 
"I just shook it off"

  ( Taylor Swift - Shake It Off Official Music Video )

 You TWO - are the "Elvis & Ann Margaret" - of our generation. - Susan

 ( ) VIDEO "Elvis & Ann Margaret"

 YOU can see MY lyrics - for Ms. Swift - on my "ersonal" web site: 

    Dear Mr. Tomlinson ( Troy )

  I am Susan Neuhart (nee CassAdy ) born in Columbus Ohio.
   Now - why this MAY matter to YOU ( stress "may" ) 
  - because, I have written a song for "Ms. Swift" - to sing;  

     ( The Tortured Poets Department  )
   But, the lyrics are a bit controversial
    - So, She may not want to sing these lyrics - Or - be like Madonna 
     ( STILL A SUPER-STAR - Madonna )

    An "expression" - in the song - belongs to Aerosmith.
    My husband  - is a fan. 
   They are Classic Rockers - like him.

The "Anishinaabe" peoples
    ( ARE from  Michigan) - They are the origin of the "buck naked" expression. 

    ... As your legal department - may know - a unique expression - of an idea
    - can be "copyrighted".  My husband is a digital artist: Hans Neuhart.  
   ( He just commented [that] "native Americans", Michigan-DERS & "classic Rockers"  - is an explosive combination. )

   He will doing my artwork - for the lyrics. Which, I intend to post his artwork - AND - the lyrics - onto my" "personal"     website:  ... I'm NOT a "left-wing Celebrity - yet ... but do INFLUENCE THE VOTE - IN 45405
    I do Yoga poses - each day - because, I survived a kind of "stroke" 
  THAT "white women" don't typically endure: 

    "SAH@MCA"  VIDEO > ( )
 ... My cousin ( "Uncle Pearl's"little boy" - Howard "hopAlong" CassAdy - played football - like  'white men" - typically don't - also. Hop won a Heisman Trophy  - for doing this - in 1955. 



HH   [ linkhh  

   WELCOME! This web site is mostly about - a senior American - me - ( born in 1954 ) surviving a SAH@MCA stroke event (2012) ::
   -- I am a Registered Democrat - AND support Kamala and Joe ... 2024

    - I am A very typical "American" - And, I survived the stroke event - because, a bunch of people [ including Victor Perry MD ] - were "there" - to save me - in an "emergency". THANK YOU!  ... Should it happen to YOU - "a stroke" -  this html web site (created -very slowly- by me) demonstrates [that] you will heal - and return - eventually - to being capable - of doing many [not all] of the "things" - that YOU did previously. Now retired, I was a high-tech "Technical Writer" - mostly software products. I started  "programming computers" - in the -60s - in Columbus, Ohio Public Schools.  I found "Technical Writing" [for companies] very interesting - and  satisfying; In fact, you get to 'work with' many brilliant people. They will rely - on you - to explain their often "fancy science" - to the people [that] YOU grew up with.  And - you are paid very well!  -     

 One more thing - about the kind of stroke - that I had: To save me - Dr. Perry had to enter my brain area - to install a "clip". He chose to enter - through my Sylvan fissure; Which, I have a scar there - and, my hair did grow back. [ * How do humans think a thought? ]  The surgery ( a full craniotomy ) did change my "established patterns - of thought ( see article *); For example - I care about "Calculus" - in a manner - that I did not previously "care" about it [ the phenomenom of "calculus" ] . Which - may be good. That is, Isaac Newton "invented calculus" - as a mathematical tool - to assist him in explaining phenomenom (like gravity) that "change" - relative to forces and fields. "Gravity" explains some atmospheric conditions on an object.  [ 9.8 meters per second squared 

       First US Commercial Moon Launch: Astrobotic Peregrine Mission 1 (Official NASA Broadcast)   Astrobotic Peregrine Mission 1 :: 
 USER'S MANUAL   >>>  < 40 PAGES 

    Idea: ARM THE PALESTINIANS! - LET THEM SHOW "HAMAS" - WHO'S BOSS -- ( IDEA dETAILED HERE ) But - keep in mind - as we ALL learned on "inner-city" public school yards - YOU DO NOT LET YOUR OPPONENT "UP OR FREE" UNTIL THEY SAY: "unCle!"

  ...   hhh

      The Biden - Harris TEAM go into "Viking Mode" - to stop "Trumpers" - like Jim Jordan   
     ( ) < 
Young OSU wrestlers needed his help - and he refused

 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh IceLand Jesus-to-Donald-05-EdittedMORE-copy-1-6-2024.jpg

(    - Sun Inspired by ART-E-MIS @ NASA   
[ link ]


<<<<<  15. "Fishbowl Format" Panel in the Round
(also called Panel in the Round)
  -- where panelists sit in a circle in the center of the room and the audience sits around the stage.


 Oh Donald ... This is Jesus ... (You know - the Son of God - the "Messiah" )  
     Well - it's true - people have rendered me incorrectly - for a long time  
                - but (RAREly - if ever) - have they seen me as some "OLD - blue-eyed - blonde (white) haired- white & orage" - sissy - from New York

     [ ]
   ( ) ...

hhh  ::  Fani Willis INDICTMENT of Trump and 18 others - FOR the State of Georgia - County Fulton << 98 page PDF document   

    This web site is mostly about - a senior American - me - ( born in 1954 ) surviving a SAH@MCA stroke event (2012)
    - because, a bunch of people [ including Victor Perry MD ] - were "there" - to save me - in an "emergency". THANK YOU! 
Should it happen to YOU - "a stroke" - this html web site (created -very slowly- by me) demonstrates [that] you will heal - and return - eventually - to being capable - of doing many [not all] of the "things" - that YOU did previously. Now retired, I was a high-tech "Technical Writer" - mostly software products. I started  "programming computers" - in the -60s - in Columbus, Ohio Public Schools.  I found "Technical Writing" [for companies] very interesting - and  satisfying; In fact, you get to 'work with' many brilliant people.
     They will rely - on you - to explain their often "fancy science" - to the people [that] YOU grew up with.  And - you are paid very well!  -  

Judge-James-Boasberg-01.JPG :: "CHIEF JUDGE"


hhhhhh SOLAR-SYSTEM-Earth-and-Mars-emphasis-NEW01.jpg

   Sun Inspired by ART-E-MIS @ NASA  "earthLings"  > (


  Sun   ( Rap Music )  Lyrics by Susan - Inspired by ART-E-MIS ( NASA :: )  

      I got a Solar system - IT don't belong to me

          I share it with a lot of others - as soon you'll see. JWST >

  Mercury is closet to the star we claim
  Venus is next - in our chain
    THEN comes "Earth" - the planet "earthLings" HUNT AND GATHER ON

       Mars  is NEXT - we're going there soon
        First! we are going back to Earth's moon 

    Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune  ---  have moons ALSO
 but, Pluto's "sortA-moons"  is as far as we'll go.      [STOP]  
Puto "moons" Overview






  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>  

   screen captures > 


    ... Lascaux Caves, France :: 
- (/lascaux-early-color-photos-of-the-famous-cave-paintings-france-1947/feed/ ) 
...  In 1947, LIFE magazine’s Ralph    Morse went to Lascaux, becoming the first professional photographer to document the breathtaking scenes. Now in his late-90s, Morse shared his memories of that time and place with, recalling what it was like to encounter the strikingly lifelike, gorgeous handiwork of a long-vanished people: the Cro-Magnon.  ..." ... "1947" LIFE magazine "Ralph Morse" went to "Lascaux Caves" 

 Lascaux - 17,000 years ago

  ( ) 
   " Hall of the Bulls © N. Aujoulat (2003)

   On bringing out the "cave man" - in your man - see Ms. Turner (below)
   She brought out the "cave woman" - in me & others (then we "disco-ed")
   Which - where I was located - was challenging [ 1975 - 1982 ]
 [ "dance" Green Bay Wisconsin >  Polka ]
- actually, I loved my time in Green Bay [UWGB] & grew up there ... as a "Buckeye immigrant"



 >  full size:

Hans J. Neuhart ( 1983 )

 THANK YOU! Ms. Turner >  "Tina Turner" >

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  "terraform today!" "Who needs to fight - for that old dump (of a country) - I make my own!" :: "terraform today!"
   ... planets orbit stars, which are members of galaxies, which form universes - which populate "voids" ( in space/time ) ... 


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Does a point in space ( x,y,z ) dictate ALL other points in space? 
YES - Because, based on a point (x,y,z + time) - an "object" can reference ALL other points - and, exert force.    And - without that "point" - there is no reference to other points. ... Euclid
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 "... The event that makes complex astronomy topics more accessible returns on Tuesday with three new talks. As always, you’ll be able to listen in with a beer in hand; plus, come early for trivia at 7 p.m. This month’s event focuses on the future of telescopes in space and how one scientist is able to witness the birth of stars using infrared observations. Astronomy on Tap will also have two biologists coming in to discuss the best ways to terraform other planets for human colonization.  ..."


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Subject: ... offer to help create star Planet map images ( html IMAGE MAP - FIGURES - for your web site )
Description : If you visit my site Home page: (You are here) YOU WILL SEE (above) an "IMAGE MAP" OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM. NOTE, CLICKING a PLANET INVOKES a NEW HTML PAGE. NASA has identified thousands of "exoplanets" and set up a "travel bureau"  [really!] 
I AM A RETIRED AMERICAN. IF SCIENTISTS CAN SUPPLY THEIR JWST star image ( OR ART url ) - CONTAINING STAR AND PLANETS diagram - I CAN MAKE A SIMILAR html IMAGE MAP (for Professors) - for their students to study :: Please NOTE cited limits. 


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  LIST:    NEW planet Uranus-by-Webb
 April 2023


Rings of Uranus

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