from 1-28-202`:: 


    [ As I experienced it - at ??????? LAW School - 1995 - XYZ, Ohio ]  
 1. cover COURSE material in class vaguely - to meet schedule
 2. announce test Format = "Essay"
 3. hold meeting - "picNic" format - in NEARBY park to accept "donation"offers
 4. place info re: EXAM question - with Guardian [ IN LAW Student STUDY LIBRARY ]
 5. secure donations in bank
 6. Release Perfect Answer to Students - IF > Donation PAID
 7. Student memorizes "key" terms - for "grader - Robot"
 8. Administer "Essay" TEST
 9. Robot "grades" TEST Answer - scans for "Perfect Answer" elements
 10. STUDENTS WHO DID NOT DONATE FAIL TEST. AND, are SOLICITED FOR "CLUB" > "Are you a "team player"? - Will you "suck up"? & "pay up" ?


 12.  "EXPERIENCED" StudentS can serve - as "witness" in forth coming legal "CLASS-actions"  CONTACT Form  

   Protocol Scientific steps =
  factory floor software management systemS < Google ::  

 FORTRAN ALGORITHM [ bit string compare ] < gOOGLE

   * START 

 SET INDEX = I = 1 


  * NEXT
 Interface: 1.Station Cleaned? 2.Supplies Replaced? 3.Environment SAFE? 4.Conflict ABOVE? 5.Conflict Below? 6.Conflict Left? 7.Conflict Right? 8.Mask? CONFIRM, VERIFY OPERATOR 
 Needed >     0101111001001110
 Available>   0101111001001110
 *<COMPARE>  "NO"  >  [HALT]  &> [RE-SCHEDULE]

 *  I = I +1 







The angst of Republicans today - is directly related - to an UN-AMERICAN "impression" [that] "business owners" have "rights" ...  that exceed - their responsibility - to the places and people - they depend on.  Donald J. Trump - has a long history of this belief system - well documented in the New York Times. [g] 

 In fact, because WHAT "MY" BUSINESS did - the "services" we provided - were at the "cutting edge" of technology (1987) - in A "Woman Owned Business"- AND, we (thus) paid our staffers - very well - to "keep them" - working for us...

In fact,  "Employee Health Care" - was our next largest "EXPENSE". [Thus, "socialized medicine" ( for everyone)- for our society - seems like a "field leveler" to me -  as in "level playing field" ] 

 Thus, "regulations" [ US LAW] - (that) would "prohibit polluting activities" - and "building" in swamps is disdained - by "Trump Republicans"; And, increases in the minimum wage - to a "living wage" (of $15/hour - for even "hotel housekeepers" ) -  is viewed as a direct drain on "owners" profits - is a view re-inforced by a Real Estate Executive - steeped in illegally avoiding taxes. First, for his father - THEN, for himself.
 The RICH DEVELOPERS never live in the polluted  "pigsty"  - they create --  "build-baby-build" ! - is a way of life.

  AND, let us not forget to review the events of 1787 and 1850 - in American history. 
 In 1787 - the subject of "slavery" was squashed - by an UN-just agreement. (1)  In 1850 a "compromise" - which was bound to "fray" - in the face of reality - was reached. (2)  The US Civil WAR officially began - in 1861. [ ] 


 At issue now - is not slavery - but necessary "protectionism" (to sustain the "American Standard of Living") - and, how "PROTECTIONISM"  could be implemented... to: simultaneously:
1. maintain "markets" ,
2. tame "world-wide competition" ,
3. end World pollution ,
4. HALT CLIMATE CHANGE - and, avoid war.

  Again, my experience is pertinent: I "founded" a small business - in the "spare bedroom" of our Single Family home - located in Columbus, Ohio. Very important, I required - in 1987 - [that] my "clients" ( America's Major College TEXTbook Publishers ) pay me a cash retainer "before"  I would incur significant EXPENSE and work would begin - on producing the "digital art programs" - their USA college textbooks required. WHAT WE DID WAS SO "INNOVATIVE" - OUR CLIENTS - PAID THE "RETAINER" - BECAUSE - WE SAVED THEM MONEY! AND, THERE WERE OTHER SIGNIFICANT BENEFITS TO OUR METHODS. My prices (per art/per project) were set - after a careful review of the work required [in terms of "manhours"] and - a simple calculation of the "Profit" - I expected to make.

I - in fact - learned to do this - from my father: Milo Gerald Cassady 1902:1964. He was a "wall paper hanger"  , "wall surface and banister fixer" and, "carpenter". He performed work - all over Central Ohio - based on "bids" to property owners. He permitted me to observe him "calculating" his bids -on legal paper. My father DIED - from Mesothelioma - when I was 10 years old. But, my human biological "neural net" was already set on a trajectory - before I was ten years old. Americans can do this - consciously - with our children. A KEY ELEMENT - it was very pleasant - for me - to receive my father's attention. He was kind and patient - with me ( one of his nine children ).

I also learned by working - at General Electric. The US Military hired GE - to develop military-related systems (for them). I participated - in the "bid meetings" - for some of these systems. I also coded software - for the DDG Aegis system. And, I am the lowly "Technical Writer" - who invoked the "Lincoln Law" - when "ordered" (by my GE manager) to sign a document [stating that] a Systems End User Manual was "complete" - when, I knew [that] it had NOT been tested - and, did NOT match - the latest version - of the software system - being "pushed out the door" - ONLY to meet an internal dead line. ( So [that] GE could collect a "progress payment".

I did NOT collect - as a "whistle-blower" award; Instead, I quit that day! And, placed a card onto the Engineering area bulletin board - to encourage my co-workers - to also "rebel" - if needed. I took another job - with Battelle Research [ ONWI/ MREF Bill Rosebrough ] - within days (1986). I also - within months - began the business [ described above "1987" ] - with my very talented husband Hans Neuhart . 

HOWEVER, circa 1994 - my clients learned [that] they could "out-source" [e] the digital ART Program services - my company performed - to foreign countries. Which, (these foreign countries) provided their citizens with "Health CARE" - and, there existed no minimum wage - in these "foreign countries" . My company could not be "competitive" - against such "foreign" competition - which, we experienced - suddenly - as a series of lost "bids".

 Our reaction - upon realizing the circumstances - circa 1995 - was to close our USA established business [ Hans & CassAdy, Incorporated ] - AND sell our accumulated assets: residential home, office building, equipment. We moved "West" - and, went into "consulting roles" - in America's "Silicon Valley" - and, experienced a "NEW" kind of success. Thus, we "survived" in a new "Darwinian" evolved form. [My husband and partner was - and is - Hans Neuhart ]

Today's choices are just as stark: 
 1. America needs "temporary" immigrant workers - to perform work - [that] Americans - do NOT want to do.
 -- AND, 2. America's technological "edge" depends upon the kinds of systems, devices, mathematics and algorithms - Americans lack the mental ability - to create. Again, both (of these) "problems" can be solved - But How? Again, I have practical - and related "experience" - in both areas ... and, suggestions ( if invited )

!! THANK YOU! PRESIDENT BIDEN - FOR YOU "INVITATION" MOMENTS AGO "Inauguration speech" ( suggestion - based on "experience" in progress ) " ...  ..."  ::  DEMaGOGUE : 

Trump co-opted "birther-ism", "racism" - and "sexism" - already in existence - and codified - by Far Right Organizations. These "organizations" un-checked - threaten our country's domestic tranquility AND well-being. They are Domestic Terrorist platforms.  And, by the Right's "FAILURE" to examine his proclaimed "successes" - as the "fool's gold" - they were - these ACTORS nearly demolished the Republican Party. Which, even Democrats NEED occasionally (to keep us "honest") I admit [that] I am mostly a "Liberal Democrat"; but, I think I voted for Ross Perot - because, he captured my imagination ( in 1996 ). 

Godspeed Mr. Biden - to right our ship. It will not be easy. And, it begins (in part) with an examination of the damage done [to our time-tested institutions]   -  AND, how the "damage" happened.   I will continue - to do my best - with my very small audience - to educate - and inform. Our mountain is high and wide.  Your long "political" experience - will be helpful; - as, I hope - my personal "experiences" - will enable me to reach - my small audience - which, may help you.

 - Susan 

  [a] "raccoon" stew ::
  [b]  "muskrat" stew :: 
  [c] "venison"  stew ::
  [d] "finicky" eater  : [ ]
  [e] "carnal knowledge" ::   [  ]
  [f]  "out-sourcing" ::
   [g] ::



<<<<< The President of the United States: Mr. Barack Obama


hhhhhhhhhhhhh  PresidentObama


  ( I [Susan] am responsible for all material/content that appears here.  And,
Mr. Barack Obama is my President. )

   ARTICLE (see below): The Truth about Governor Strickland Saving Jobs in Ohio 
      Original publish DATE:  October 2, 2016  ( by Mr. Lee Fisher )

   About that "Personal Server" That is, "WHY" Ms. Clinton may have wanted to do it - that way - to protect us. [ see below - a logical and practical explanation ]

h hhhhhhhhh hh

Mens rea (a latin phrase) is a necessary element of many crimes. And, as I show below - in my personal experience - Ms. Clinton, may simply (have believed) she was doing the "right" and "practical thing" - to keep secrets - "secret". Hans NeuhartMr. Hans Neuhart
- The standard common law test of criminal liability is expressed in another Latin phrase: "the act is not culpable unless the mind is guilty". Every crime has a set of elements that the prosecuting attorney must prove in order to establish the defendant’s guilt. One of these elements typically has to do with the defendant’s mental state. Usually, prosecutors must show that the defendant acted intentionally, or perhaps recklessly or negligently.
ARTwork by Hans Neuhart(me)

About that "Personal Server"
So, I thought that I would tell another true story - of my real life experience. - Susan
That is, when I was working - for a high-technology firm - in California. Well, one-day, I saw this stack of very small computers - say 5 (five) or six (of them) leaning against a wall in an empty cubicle - at the work place. And, as I have already stated, I like computers - and, they usually like me... So, I wandered on over - by them - to check them out. Just curious. So, one of the top engineers at this company (Mr. Chan) - just happened to be in the vicinity - and, he calls to me "Susan! What are you doing? Ms. Neuhart?" And, I grinned back - and I say "nothin' - just checkin it out."  And then, he tells me - these computers - with no monitors attached - are acting as "servers" for the company. Well, this was the nineties (in the United States) and the internet was just getting seriously started. There was company called America On Line - but, by and large, the concept of a single place - a single computer storing everybody's information - this, was a new (and untested) idea. In fact, the idea was (itself) the antithesis of what "personal computing" meant to most computer people. (We were also called "pin-heads" then.) And, many businesses, that created soft-ware for a living - and, that was my husband (and me) included - we, did not like the idea of giving - or placing - that, which we had created - into the hands of a "third-party" - to hold. In fact, we had lost - at least one client - because, we refused to turn over our end-product - which was nothing more than a pretty digital picture (to them) - before they had paid us for it. In fact, at this time - and, even sometimes still today - the people who build software - they "build it" - in a language - that the computer -which will "run" the software understands. This was called (then) the "source code"; and, specially trained people (like me) - we can read source code. And, the computer could process this "source code" and behave exactly as our source code told it to behave. That is, it (the computer) would ask questions - on a monitor - or, speak questions, to the "User" of the program - through what we called a " human interface". Again, the computer would perform exactly as it had been programmed to do; however, in most cases the End-User of the source-code (a human) would not be in possession of the actual "source code" statements - instead, they would be operating the computer and (interacting really) with the computer - on the basis of a "machine image" - created by a sort of "middle-man" device (called a compiler). In fact, all that the computer manifested (at this time) - to create this illusion of real-time interaction was a compiled image of the original source code - usually nothing more than 1's and 0's [ ones and zeros]. This was done - in large measure - so that the "end user" could not ever come into possession of the actual source-code statements. That is, it was done (the source-code was "compiled) so that the end-user could not take the source-code statements - and, keep them, or - sell them - to a third party; by illegally representing them as their property - to a buyer.
So, now let us get back to the stack of small computers ( purposed as "servers")  - in that cubicle - at the "high-tech" company in California. Well, in fact, what this company created - and sold - was software. Now, it was very special software - that helped design engineers "lay out" integrated circuit boards and even the  IC chips themselves. It was called EDA software. In fact, this software was so special, that it cost about $50,000 (fifty-thousand dollars) per installation (or copy). So, as you can guess, there was a ready market (albeit illegal) if someone could - somehow - steal a copy of this software (the source-code statements); and/or copy or reproduce it. So, the owners of this company were very keen to prevent this from happening (at all - ever). So, the notion of permitting this very special software to reside - on a "third-party" server - up on this (then new) World Wide Web Access internet; this was a very disconcerting notion. Questions were asked: Exactly where would the software reside? That is, at what World Wide Web (WWW) internet drop site? (Where?); And, who would have access to it? And, who would be the gate-keepers? That is, who would be the guardians of this system? - or, who would be the guardians of the processes of "down-loading" and "up-loading" things. Clearly, it is easy to imagine that the owners of this very special software - had a keen interest in knowing exactly "who were these persons?"; These persons who were appointed to perform this "guardian" function. Clearly - it is easy to appreciate - these "guardian persons" (that) they could be the targets of persons who wanted to steal the software; or, they could be the targets of offers to "look the other way" - for the right sum of cash. So, the owners of this "high-tech" software company - while they wanted (certainly) to make their product available to serious buyers; they also wanted to protect their investment - and, to prevent any illegal copies from ever coming into existence. And, their fears were exacerbated because a practice - called "reverse engineering" (of software) was quickly on-the-rise (in America - during this time). In fact, this illegal practice still exists today. So, for very good reasons, the owners of this "high-tech" software company - they decided to use their own servers. Consider their product was still available to serious buyers - on the internet;  It could be down-loaded - to clients easily. However, extra measures - to secure their investment [many millions of dollars] - that they had made  - could be easily implemented. And, most importantly, these owners - They controlled the access to their product; and, to a certain extent, they also controlled How their product could be used; - and, by whom. Which, this was all made possible - because they (the owners) controlled the distribution. And, this control existed because they were using (their very own) personal servers.
 - Susan 

      YES - YOU have arrived !   --THIS IS SUSAN'S PLACE - ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB   ARTwork by Hans Neuhart

(  I am responsible for all material/content that appears here.  And, Mr. Barack Obama is my President. )


"Susan" ARTwork by Hans Neuhart -  
(About Congresswoman Joyce Beatty - Susan says   "she ROCKS!" )   <<<<<<<--- CITY OF DAYTON, OHIO WEB SITE  
POLITICS:: Ballet Legend Mikhail Baryshnikov Warns Against Donald Trump’s "Authoritarianism":
“Hundreds of thousands of people ( like me ) have fled countries led by dangerous, totalitarian opportunists - like Donald Trump.”  08/17/2016 12:31 am ET | Updated Aug 17, 2016
[ click - above - to see: ]  Ohio Democratic Party Statements ...
[PRESIDENT} Obama [AND Mr. JOE] Biden endorse Ted Strickland for Senate
storyBY: Jeremy Fugleberg , 2:51 p.m. EST March 2, 2016   << CLICK to see where Susan found the (featured below) Mr. Lee Fisher article  To contact Mr. Fisher Email:
     Mr. Ted Strickland – for U.S. Senate  ( click above for his Ohio Democratic County Chairs Association web site )

 ARTICLE: The Truth about Governor Strickland Saving Jobs in Ohio 
      Original publish DATE:  October 2, 2016  ( by Mr. Lee Fisher )
hhh Message from former Ohio Lt. Governor Mr. Lee Fisher
  (reproduced -here- with permission, 10-23, 16)   [ Susan edits - style & format edits throughout ]

[Mr. Fisher states:] " As I point out in this recent article, Ted Strickland Saved Ohio Jobs. [In fact] Ted and I talked almost every day about creating, retaining, growing, and attracting jobs to Ohio - in the middle of the biggest national recession since the 1930s.  And, we did more than talk. [That is,] during the time [that] Ted led Ohio’s economic development efforts, Site Selection magazine awarded its highest economic development award, the "Governor’s Cup", to Ohio [for] three consecutive years; and [also] the "Competitiveness Award", [which recognized] the Ohio Department of Development, as the "most effective economic development agency" in the country. [And,] Ohio also led the nation in new and expanded facility projects in the renewable energy sector. Ohio [Won] the "Governor’s Cup" award Again 2009. [And,] Ted also led the development of Ohio’s first strategic plan for economic development - which, [this plan:]  focused on Ohio’s distinctive regional economic assets; [and,] targeted industry clusters - such as: strategic business retention, expansion, and attraction; demand-driven talent and workforce development; and cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurship. Ted established the first-ever "Ohio Economic Growth Council" - which worked to ensure that every state cabinet department had economic development as [a] part of its mission.  Ted traveled the nation to attract jobs and to tell the Ohio story. ( Strickland- Fisher Op-ed Wall Street Journal.) [And,] Ted and his administration played a hands-on leading role in over 1,000 successful economic development projects. Below are some sample statements from company executives and a sample list of jobs saved, expanded, and attracted during the Strickland administration.
Quotes from Communications Sent to the Strickland Administration:
“…We have finalized our plans for the rebuild and modernization of our 50,000 ton press in Cleveland….This is great news and it could not have happened without the work Governor Strickland and Lt. Governor Fisher did…Thanks for your outstanding support. It really helped to carry the day.”  - William Christopher, Former Executive Vice President, Alcoa, Cleveland, Ohio 

“I very much appreciate the important role that Governor Strickland and Lt. Governor Fisher have taken in terms of business development in the State.” - Toby Cosgrove, CEO and President, Cleveland Clinic

“The plan published by Governor Strickland and Lt. Governor Fisher is a great one. It is inspiring, clear, measurable, and – best yet- practical in its approach.” - Ray Leach, CEO, Jumpstart , Cleveland, Ohio

“Both Governor Strickland and Lt. Governor Fisher called me on my cell phone and made very elegant pitches….they were instrumental in our decision making process.” - Former ViewRay CEO Will Wells, announcing that ViewRay, a medical imaging company, would relocate from Florida to Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio.

“I can honestly say that we would not have been able to save the jobs at Goodyear and Bridgestone/Firestone had it not been for Ted Strickland and Lee Fisher.”  - Former Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic 

“I will never be able to express fully my appreciation for Governor Strickland’s and Lt. Governor Fisher’s  leadership during this process. Thank you from all your teammates in Akron.
“ - Bob Handlos, Vice President, Product Development, Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, Akron, Ohio

“Ted Strickland, Lee Fisher, and the State of Ohio were instrumental in making this deal happen….they were creative and focused on making it work.” - Laura Thompson, VP of Business Development, Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Akron, Ohio 

“We certainly would not have reached this point in this company’s history were it not for the Governor’s and Lt. Governor’s vision they shared for keeping us as corporate citizens in this state well into the future.”  - Leonard Osborne, President, Rotek, Inc.

“In conversation with others, I have become convinced that without Governor Strickland and Lt. Governor Fisher’s  personal involvement, Norwalk Furniture would not be open today. Their intervention in a very difficult situation…was indeed the key factor in saving over 500 jobs in Norwalk and thousands more throughout the nation”.  - Bethany Dentler, Former Economic Development Director, Norwalk, Ohio 
Job Recovery -these companies were in danger of closing, but the Strickland administration saved them:
Alcoa – Cleveland
Norwalk Furniture – NW Ohio
Cooper Tire and Rubber – Findlay
Findlay Truck – Findlay
Lance Foods – NW Ohio
Mansfield Plumbing – Mansfield
Arvin Merritor – Central Ohio
Job Retention -these companies were considering leaving Ohio, but stayed because of the Strickland administration
Eaton – Cleveland
Little Tykes – Hudson/NE Ohio
Goodyear- Akron – Akron
Bridgestone Firestone – Akron
ReXorce Thermionics – Akron
HCR Manor Care – Toledo
NetJets – Columbus
Job Expansion -the Strickland administration helped these companies expand their operations:
Cardinal Fastener – Cleveland
Quality Electrodynamics (QED) – Cleveland
Blue Spark Technologies – Cleveland
Rotek – NE Ohio
Technographics – Wooster
Xunlight – Toledo
GM Powertrain – Toledo
Libbey – Toledo
First Solar – NW Ohio
Minster Machine – NW Ohio
GoJo – Akron
Shearer’s Foods – Canton
Rolls Royce Fuel Cells – Canton
GM Lordstown – Youngstown
Syncro Medical Innovations –Youngstown
Turning Technologies – Youngstown
Boeing – Heath – Central Ohio
Cardinal Health – Columbus
Payless Shoes – Dayton
Terradata – Dayton
Q-Base – Dayton
WebCore Technologies – Dayton
Evenflo – Dayton
Code Blue – Springfield
Diagnostic Hybrids – Athens/SE Ohio
Humana – Cincinnati
Thinkronize – Cincinnati
Ernst & Young – Cleveland
Royal Appliance /TTI Floor Care – Northeast Ohio
Great Lakes Towing – Cleveland
J.M Smucker – Wooster
MGA Entertainment/Little Tykes – Northeast Ohio
V&M Star – Youngstown
Anderson and DuBose – Youngstown
Job Attraction -these companies were attracted by the Strickland administration to Ohio from other states:
Viewray – Cleveland
Zyvex Performance Materials – Columbus
Amylin – SW Ohio
TaTa – Cincinnati
The Strickland Administration Invested in these Capital Projects
NASA Glenn Lunar Craft Assembly Project – Sandusky
Flats East Bank Development – Cleveland
Opportunity Corridor Project – Cleveland
West Shoreway Project – Cleveland
Continental Airlines – Cleveland
Lee Fisher

 PresidentObama  "Do NOT fire!  INSPIRE !"
SONG lyrics by Greg - a champion for all people - Westerville, Ohio Community Center

  -Just like her Daddy ( Mr. Milo Gerald CASSADY) was. [ In fact, Milo, Francis and Pearl - hop's dad - were brothers]
 MORE "Lies" FROM Rob - a Republican - (follow) - if "half-truths" be lies.
This is a very old trick - having to do with human and machine - "perception" abilities. That is, the laws of PHYSICs can be used to make objects - as big as whole buildings - seem to disappear. In fact, at General Electric, we learned to make entire ships (like the DDG 51 - a US NAVY warship) seem to disappear - using a trick called "wash-down counter measures".

   Click (below) to see a PHOTO of the USA military - in action ...

 Rob states: " The momentum is clearly behind Rob!"   <  NOT TRUE !  In fact, the DEMOCRATS (that's us !) We are in the "lead" - at this moment; however, please do not become complacent.  PLEASE DEMOCRATS - VOTE; AND, URGE OTHER DEMOCRATS TO VOTE - ALSO.

 JUNK From: "Team Portman" (follows)<>
Subject:MAJOR Endorsements
Sent date: 10/18/2016 12:14:32 PM
To:"Susan Cassady - OSU - Hop A Long" [Susan@HANsANDcassady.ORG-fakePath]
"Susan --The momentum is clearly behind Rob! (NOT TRUE) ...
As an American - it is  YOUR Right - to VOTE for whomever YOU choose.
So, please - REGISTER AND VOTE !!

JiLL - the Yoga lady!
Chip - the Personal Fitness Trainer

ARM & Hammer ROCKS !

   <<< Mr. Hans Neuhart !

NOTE: President Obama has NEVER stated to Susan - that "Yoga" is anything. However, Ms. Obama (Michelle) does support "Let's MOVE"
      Please see Ms. Obama's official PAGE

" YOGA is the language of love"

I'm walkin' Yes indeed
And, I'm talkin' Yes indeed
 Yoga is the language of love
Yes indeed
And, I'm movin Yes indeed
And, I'm groovin' Yes indeed
YOGA is the language of love !
 - lyrics above by Susan Marie CASSADY ( "the YOGA lady" )
  copyright -  Electronic iLLustrators Group ( ) & Hans Neuhart
SEE: How to Get My Poem Copyright Protected - by David Hastings, studioD

( above - Inspire THE Fire - PHOTO from performance on: America'sGOTtalent )
LYRICs: "Lean On Me"  - by Mr. Bill Withers  )

Sometimes in our lives we all have pain
We all have sorrow
But if we are wise
We know that there's always tomorrow
Lean on me, when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on
Please swallow your pride
If I have faith you need to borrow
For no one can fill those of your needs
That you won't let show
You just call on me brother, when you need a hand
We all need somebody to lean on
I just might have a problem that you'll understand
We all need somebody to lean on
Lean on me, when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend - I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long - 'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on
You just call on me brother, when you need a hand
We all need somebody to lean on...

Susan Marie CASSADY is a registered "DEMOCRAT" SEE: Ohio Democratic County Chairs Association
 From: "Bernie Sanders" <>
( Bernie is "backin" Hill - or so, Susan is NOW being led to believe.)
         Subject:  ( SPEECH iN AMERICA &  Susan Marie CASSADY neuhart ZORA )
Sent date: 10/14/2016 02:24:04 PM
To: ( Susan Marie CASSADY neuhart ZORA NOTE: everything that appears in [ ] or ( ) was added - or changed - by me - to clarify.)
The disastrous decisions of the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case and related cases are undermining the very foundations of American democracy and allowing billionaires and their super PACs to buy politicians and elections. In essence, the Citizens United ruling handed millionaires and billionaires — who have already rigged the economy — unlimited influence in American elections.
 *) It gave billionaires like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson the opportunity to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to elect candidates [TO] the White House [AND] the state legislatures who will represent their interests. (more)
This is Susan's Place - on the WWW :: Look now - or Google 'mE>> " Hans and CASSADY, INC. Zora - that is: Susan Marie CASSADY - Neuhart

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Please see: Susie's Math Explanations - by an inner-city kid ( me )

- and, check out Ms. Aretha Franklin [ do it! ] -  She speaks the truth.

ALSO see >  Juliet_Prowse  << She moves  to the truth.   

But, What exactly is "truth"?   Is the 1930 Census "Truth"?  What 'exactly' am I?  A Native American?  An African American?
Grandma Zora's full name was: Ms. Zora E. Miller Sprouse Roby.  CHECK OUT THE CENSUS image "baby".

        EXHIBIT ONE (the  image  of the 1930 Census )  - EXHIBIT 1 (ONE) FOR Mr. Richard Reynolds   (Franklin County Children's Services) 

        >>>>>> " STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR SOMETHING ! " - who said it first? I do not know. So, TELL me. <<<<

INVITATION TO Mr. Trump & Ms. Clinton:  Includes "WHERE" I GREW UP ( in Ohio )

                 - and, may end up living - in the near future (also in Ohio) :  < CLICK HERE
 NOTE: I will let all of my "acquaintances"
- at the at the Westerville Community Center

      - in Westerville, Ohio - KNOW - if either of them respond.     I will do this.  

    And, I told them both also - THAT  'ALL'  that I have to give (at present) is my VOTE.

   :: Susan's Home Page: This page last edited circa  -10, 19, 2016  ##    "FORGIVE YOUR ENEMIES - BUT NEVER FORGET THEIR NAMES" - President John F Kennedy 

         ABOUT Susan's   Grand Mother "Zora"    -- CLICK THE HYPERLINK  (above) TO VIEW ALL Genealogy Records < YOU must enter a password to view. >  

        Please speak to Susan (or Hans)  directly - in person - at the Westerville Community Center - in Westerville, Ohio - to obtain the ZORA Genealogy folder  access information. 
               NOTE:  Susan (and Hans) attend the WCC daily to perform Physical Therapy.    OR, you do not have to talk about the "folder" - at all.  Just say "Hi"  

    < artwork by Hans Neuhart. 
    NOTE: HANS can be contacted by sending him an Email: HansATeigDOTnet   Note: Hans' eMail stated "this way" to fool the robots.

   THAT is - do NOT attempt to Contact Susan - unless Hans states that it is "OK".
    Again, You can say "hello" anytime -to Susan or Hans - at the Westerville, Ohio Community Center.









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Today, the home of "Hans AND Cassady" website pages...   ALL of these HTML pages created  - by me :  Ms. Susan Marie Cassady-Neuhart .   My husband and partner (of 34+ years) is Hans Neuhart . This is my place! - on the WWW - to show the things that interest me. 
THEY ARE (today) - a list:

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  4. Hans is still a nationally known digital "Medical and Scientific Illustrator" - for Doctors, Scientists and Teachers - [from all over the world!] If you prefer, you may contact Hans directly- to use his website form:  : 
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Susan's husband - of 34+ years - Mr. Hans Neuhart.  Contact Hans, to get in touch with Susan.  (


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