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2-19-2021  Dear Battelle Researchers, ... So, when the "Head Guy"  - tells you to "look" for the software statements - related to Perna's OWS - please be aware: (HOME >  2-23-2021  PAGE SUBJECT:  PDF in progress (today ) - I forgot to make it - previously )

 1. Susan (a female) was naturally concerned [that] B' would hold her "final pay" - for, refusing to "sign" again. See extortion. Women In Science :: 

 2. Thus, Susan devised a means - in created software - to ensure the check "in the mail" would arrive. 

 3. In short, Susan "broke" the "coded software" into pieces - and distributed it across the 1987 existing mainframes.

 4. When Susan's "final pay" check arrived - and, she "cashed it" [ NSF ]  - she "telephoned in" the "key" - to perform code assembly.

 5.  crypto key design https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Key_(cryptography)  ( Could NOT find it : I'll tell ya boss ... we didn't look that hard ...  ) Why?

 6.  Search: (my name: Susan Marie Cassady ) FORTRAN compile:
 pearls on a string cryptography "invented" < Google

 7.  "pearls on a string" "cryptography" "FORTRAN" "algorithm" ( Power Grids, etc. )

 8. Although a "girl" - "building software" - was like a "duck to water"- for her >   https://www.theidioms.com/like-as-a-duck-to-water/

 9. "aptitude" "software" "language" "ability" < Google >  https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-60661-8


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 "Operation Warp Speed". chief operating officer - COO

 US Army’s Materiel Command (AMC) 

EMAILED 2-6-2021


NOTICE TO OWS  COO - Perna ...


  OFFER TO  OWS COO - Perna ...


President & ceo Battelle: Lewis “Lou” Von Thaer

END > EMAIL TO General  Perna FROM SUSAN ( end )








 > Perna : "Operation Warp Speed". As chief operating officer  < Google 

 ALERT! Most of this page will NOT make sense (to YOU )
- UNLESS, you have ever "locked yourself" OUT OF YOUR HOUSE
 - AND - had to "break a window" - to get back in.

In fact, this happens to "Columbus, Ohio people" (image)
    - AND, [that] Is ONE of the main reasons
- Columbus Ohio "Police Officers" are taught
- NOT to shoot a person
- seen crawling into a house [ article ] ...

THANK GOD!  :-) 

(  In my 66 years of life - I have needed to do this several times;
AND - also did need to break into my own car. )

" The bigger THEY are - the harder they fall. "

The smarter they are - the dumber - the things - they do. 

[ Dunning-Kruger study ]

In short, I am grateful - to a ton of Americans

And, I'm just in it for the love of the game ...

[ Welshly Arms ]  :-)


Perna CG AMC 2016.jpg  


" ... Gustave F. Perna  "... Gustave F. Perna (born 1960) is a United States Army four-star general who serves as the chief operating officer [COO] of "Operation Warp Speed". As chief operating officer, he oversees the "logistics" in the United States federal government's search for a vaccine to the COVID-19 pandemic.[1] The Senate confirmed his nomination as chief operating officer on July 2, 2020,[2][3] and he assumed the office shortly after.[4]  ..."

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 SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Warp_Speed 

"...  Distribution ...Vaccine doses purchased by Operation Warp Speed are sent from manufacturers via UPS and FedEx to locations specified by state governments. The Federal Pharmacy Partnership ( SUMMARY EXAMPLE ) delivers doses to "CVS" and "Walgreens" locations, which then send pharmacists for mass vaccinations at care facilities like nursing homes. ... In October 2020, Alex Azar predicted 100 million available doses by the end of the year.[59] The Trump administration later reduced the goal to 20 million doses, although Operation Warp Speed received praise for its historical accomplishment of producing a vaccine in less than a year. As of January 6, 2021, the CDC was reporting 17,288,950 doses distributed, but only 5,306,797 actually administered to a person.[60] ... The distribution effort was criticized f  ..." 


"Gustave" F. "Perna" "Contact" ::  https://www.defense.gov/Contact/



 "...   IMMEDIATE RELEASE :: Department of Defense Statement on Gen. Gustave Perna's Confirmation :: JULY 2, 2020  ..."   [ CONTENTS ] (TOP- OF - PAGE)

   https://www.amc.army.mil/Contact-Us/   Army Materiel Command   US Army’s Materiel Command (AMC) CONTACT INFORMATION :: OFFICE OF PUBLIC AND CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS

General Public Inquiries :: E-mail: usarmy.redstone.usamc.mbx.public-affairs@mail.mil

Congressional Inquiries :: E-mail: usarmy.redstone.usamc.list.congressional-activities@mail.mil

LOGISTICS INFORMATION WAREHOUSE (LIW) , General Information Website: Logistics Information Warehouse
( LIW Support, E-mail: usarmy.redstone.logsa.mbx.service-desk@mail.mil )

EMAILED* 2-6-2021

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 DATE: February 6-ish, 2021 Perna CG AMC 2016.jpg < NOTE: * (The content below was "FORWARDED" to General Perna's STAFF on February 6, 2021BECAUSE...
     " The best Software Technical Writers   "SWEAT THE DETAILS"  - to the point Management is worried  - their product can be "reverse engineered" - based on the "End User Manual".

     Explain, What it does & HOW to "do it" - or, go home! 
 TO: USA Army General - Gustave F. Perna [ Chief Operating Officer of Operation Warp Speed ( COO-OWS) ]  


   Dear General Perna (Sir) My name [today] is Mrs. Susan Marie Neuhart. I am a "civilian".  I am married - 38+ years - retired, happy and healthy.
 My husband ( Hans Neuhart ) is also a civilian. When, I performed the "work" ( I speak of below ) my name MAY have been Susan Marie "Cassady".   
   I was born ( 1954 ) and raised - with that "Cassady" name - in the Columbus, Ohio area.  

 And,  any "lack of diplomacy" - in what I state - in the following  - is directly related - to my being trained - by my Inner-City-Columbus-Ohio  "peers" - COLUMBUS Ohio PUBLIC SCHOOLS (1960-1972 )  [that] if a "pigskin" comes anywhere near you - YOU grab it! - and, run it into your  End Zone - for a "touchdown"! ... Amazon.com: Football Embroidered Patch Gridiron Pigskin Ball Iron-On  Applique Sports Emblem: Clothing" You got that ball - Now GO! "...WAS A FAVORITE "CHEER".  - Obviously - Sir - the OWS "game" ball - is in your hands ... 
 I am "active" in politics - via my WeB Site - and, "mostly" support the Democratic Party;  However - Abraham Lincoln, Bernie Sanders & Ross Perot have also enjoyed my attention &  support - through my 66 years. ... It is my intention (Sir) - to COPY this "NOTICE" AND "OFFER" to my USA Congressional Representatives (shown below)  - literally - my Columbus, Ohio"partners" (who helped raise me"
[ COLUMBUS Ohio PUBLIC SCHOOLS ]  -  zip code 45405 "City Executives"  - and, post it to my "personal web site [also] - ONLY - to ensure THIS "IMPORTANT NOTICE" - does not go into - the proverbial "black hole".

 IN all seriousness - Sir -
I realize - [THAT] you have a "ton" of stuff to attend to. But, WHAT I TELL YOU ( IN THE FOLLOWING) - IS IMPORTANT!  AND, MY OFFER - TO HELP YOU - IS SERIOUS - although, it will only be "practical" - if you ACT!

 PLEASE RESPOND - IN A "documented & documentable" MANNER - TO CONFIRM YOUR RECEIPT. I have utilized my Email's "notice" feature - for this purpose.  I will wait - a tolerable amount of time -  until going to the National PRESS; ... HOWEVER - SIR - TIME IS "OF THE ESSENCE"!

  It is my intention - for this "NOTICE" & OFFER to be detailed, respectful - and firm - in tone and presentation.  ( My "personal" web site URL is:  https://hansandcassady.org/ )  I have posted the "message" enclosed - to my web site - this date [2-6ish-2021] . Just "click" your photo - to observe - the posted page.

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  Perna CG AMC 2016.jpg   NOTICE

Now,  General Gustave F. Perna ( SIR!) - I write to inform YOU - PROVIDE "NOTICE" [that] ( the US Army )  may  "own & possess" something - [that] You MAY not be aware of  - which, may be of assistance in your "assigned" Operation Warp Speed [OWS] missionSpecifically, "it" ( THE OBJECT- of interest) is AND ( "was" ) TITLED a "Automated Facility Scheduling and Management Software System". This is a "software system" - developed ( by me - circa 1987) - at the direction of a US Army General ( sited - as I recall - in the USA STATE of Georgia ).  As you MAY know - and/or - could easily find out (I presume) - This US ARMY General desired (and needed) to have informed "management authority" - and - "visibility" - into the day-to-day management and OPERATION of the Medical Research and Evaluation Facility - [ MREF ]; Which, this "facility" was designed and built - by the US ARMY - and sited in West Jefferson, Ohio - RELATED TO THE POTENTIAL "USE  OF" - AND "PROTECTION AGAINST" CHEMICAL WEAPONS ON MILITARY BATTLEFIELDS - during the decade (containing the year 1987).

 I was contracted & assigned - by Battelle Research "agents" - and performed the work REQUIRED. My duties included:
(1)  "Meeting" with the US ARMY General (of interest). Specifically,  I traveled to the USA state of Georgia and "INTERVIEWED" him AND initially recorded the Software System Requirements ( I.E. I captured - to written form - his perceived "needs" ); It was a polite and respectful meeting - as I recall - lasting a few hours.
(2)  I (then) investigated and researched FOR any 'OFF-THE-SHELF' - existing - software systems (that would fit his requirements) - IF such software existed; 
(3)  Finding no "OFF-THE-SHELF' - software systems "existing" - which, could meet the "Requirements" - I refined the "initial system requirements" previously captured  - AND, based on further  inquiry - created more "detailed" requirement statements;
(4)  I then "SPECIFIED" the "detailed" requirements - i.e. REDUCED the "common English software requirements" - to written statements - [that] could be definitively responded to - for a published " US Army RFP "; 
(5)  I then created a "Analysis- Flow Chart" diagram - AND, presented & defended it at "meetings" - that included Battelle staff & US Army representatives;
       - FORT DETRICK MD  [ may have been present ]  But, to a "civilian" - which I was - all "military people" seem similar - so, I am not certain. )
(6)  When appropriate - AND with permission - I wrote computer code - in FORTRAN (to meet the detailed requirements).

(7)  - I met with a Battelle co-worker "Research Scientist" - to discuss and ponder the problem. As I recall, he had a savant level  knowledge  [ https://www.nature.com/articles/35095096 ]  - related to the FORTRAN LIBRARY - of subroutines - available on Battelle's "main frame" computer. 
... We discussed the MREF "problem" I was working on, my approach AND "optimization". At that time [1987] - one of the most difficult & practical "problems" - the computer was being applied to - was  euphemistically  called the "Box Packing Problem". Specifically,  I pointed out - based on growing up - in the Columbus, Ohio "bottoms" area (filled with "skeleton key" lock type doors) - that the MREF "facility optimization problem" - could also be represented - in a "lock picking" paradigm; and, that was my approach. To represent the available facility "scientific work stations" and the "required protocol "configurations" - as a numeric "lock & key".  Indeed - at our meeting - I had represented the MREF "work stations" as "Ones-and-Zeros" [available? YES or NO] - in a string of "availability" [ 00011010 - 00011110 - 10011010 ] - and, realized - all that was needed - to schedule a waiting scientific protocol - WAS to also  represent the protocol as a string [ 00011010 - 00011110 - 10011010 ]. Recall, the MREF was designed to accommodate 21+ Scientific Protocols. Thus, what was needed was a "string-compare and shift-mechanism" - which - I suspected - by my previous design & programming experience - did exist in the FORTRAN subroutine library - available on the Battelle mainframe computer. The Battelle FORTRAN Savant smiled. Then, he pointed to a book case - in his office - filled with descriptions of the entire FORTRAN sub-routine library - and, he cited the book, chapter and page - "most likely" - to contain - what I was looking for. He was a nice, polite and good person - if, even a bit more - than "shy". I thanked him for his assistance. He permitted me to take the FORTRAN "manual/book" of interest with me. I promised to return it. Upon viewing the information - he directed me to - I instantly saw "This is it!" a FORTRAN compare and shift sub-routine - [that] I could easily implement - in the already drafted "System" code "modules".


THUS, A  "KEY ELEMENT" - TO "MY SUCCESS" - IN "CREATING" THE MREF SOFTWARE SYSTEM - IN A "TIMELY MANNER" - WAS MY "MEETING" - WITH THE "BATTELLE FORTRAN SAVANT".  However, other than - being approved - to "meet with this -no doubt - renown "Scientist" - and, noting [that] the "meeting" was "fruitful" - I have no memory - of otherwise "crediting" - this person (also) - with the "invention" - of the system.  WHICH - THIS WAS A MISTAKE ! ! ...  I SHOULD HAVE -THEN!  - AND, DO SO "NOW" - RECOGNIZE - THIS PERSON - although, I do not know his name. HIS "ASSISTANCE" WAS INDISPENSIBLE - TO THE MREF "PROJECT'S" - "TIMELY" - SUCCESS.

 "... As today's women and girls reach for new heights, they stand on the shoulders of all those who have come before and carry forward their legacy of proud achievement. ..." - Proclamation 9238—Women's History Month, 2015 - February 27, 2015  - By the President of the United States of America - Barack Obama ( SOURCE:  https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/DCPD-201500138/pdf/DCPD-201500138.pdf )

In my case - Sir, [the aphorism is particularly appropriate].  For, I was born (1954) "crippled & slightly deformed" - with a kind of "polio" (called "pigeon breast"). But, the Doctors - of Columbus, Ohio "Children's Hospital" - helped my parents (to understand) - [that] with the right bracing and encouragement - it was possible (for me) to "out grow" - this "condition"; That is - my parents were told - when my "puberty" arrived - it was "possible" [that], my body would start making the correct molecules - to enable my ribs to attach - to my sternum properly. My father - so believed - what the Doctors said - [that] - in addition (to getting me the suggested "brace") - he made me a "regulation" tether-ball court - in our back yard - when I showed interest - in "shoving a ball on a rope around a pole" - so, [that] I could play (at this) - while wearing my "brace".  My father died ( in October 1964 ). But, by my "fifth grade" [ 1965 ] - I flaunted the "rules" - of "segregation"  - "looking for game" - after I had beat all the "white" kids on the play ground - AND,  I (thus) became a very good tether-ball player - and, made friends. In fact, I was "invited" to play on the Columbus, Ohio "city-league" volley ball team - circa 1968. )
Indeed, my husband (Hans) will laugh, if you ask him about the time - we played a "friendly little game" - of volley-ball - with his older brothers - who had played football for Ohio Athens University. Positioned - at the net - I went for a "game point" - and "spiked" the ball - down his brother (Denny's) shirt - to win! 

 (8)       After our "short meeting"
(7) - my SYSTEM "modules" - NOW containing the FORTRAN subroutine - identified (to me)  - by the "Battelle savant" - were placed into the draft code; AND,  each "module" was embedded with "hooks & handles" - to other related modules); 

 (9) - After "Initial code" - Compilation and Testing - to remove obvious "bugs"-  I "Implemented" the Software System  - via TEST, Integration
         - and multiple Phased Releases to "End-Users";

(10) I performed this work (steps 1 - 9) - "successfully" - circa 1987.  

(11) THE "SYSTEM" WAS - as I recall - "IMPLEMENTED" - IN HUNDREDS OF  "FORTRAN 77" source code statements.  THE "SYSTEM" WAS "COMPILED" & "HOUSED" - ON A BATTELLE RESEARCH MAINFRAME COMPUTER  - LOCATED AT BATTELLE OFFICES, KING AVE., COLUMBUS, OHIO.  (  https://www.battelle.org/homepage ). THE "SYSTEM" [ AKA "Automated Facility Scheduling and Management Software System" ] could be "invoked" (by any person possessing the System "password') and operated (at various sites in the United States - including Georgia and Ohio). THE "SYSTEM"  was "Menu-driven". That is ( "operated" ) - by - the "End User" via selecting "options" - from a menu list - AND completing "fields" of information - using a "system WorkStation" - equipped with monitor and keyboard.

 The SYSTEM's ABILITY - TO BE AN EFFECTIVE "MANAGEMENT TOOL" - FOR THE GEORGIA GENERAL - WAS DIRECTLY RELATED - TO THE TIMELINESS & ACCURACY - OF THE INFORMATION ENTERED - BY THE PREVIOUS USER. Thus "updating" the information (on the "Main-frame" computer resident data files) - "time-stamping" the data - for reliable decision-making AND planning to perform this activity was critical. I.E. System "file maintenance" required significant resources.

(12) I was paid - as agreed - for my efforts. ( THE "BATTELLE FORTRAN SAVANT" - described above - was an "employee" - of Battelle. )

 Finally Sir,  I think   [ STRESS "THINK" ] the "software system" - IF it still exists - could be modified - to assist YOU - in your efforts to "LOGISTICALLY manage" the Operation WARP SPEED - project. Specifically - I think [at this writing] the software system ( I created circa 1987 ) would be able to "predict WHEN" - "vaccine batches" (of interest) would be ready for shipment - based on operational parameters - in YOUR control.  SIR, THE "MECHANISMS" ( algorithms ) - OF MY SOFTWARE SYSTEM - WOULD ENABLE YOU TO PROVIDE RELIABLE  "PLANNING INFORMATION" - TO OWS "PARTIES" - THAT REQUIRE THIS INFORMATION - FOR THEIR VACCINE DISTRIBUTION SITE "PLANNING PURPOSES". FOR Example: Scheduling staff - to administer shots, etc. 

!VERY IMPORTANT! - the system [that] I created (for the US Army GENERAL - in Georgia) - with needed modifications - would enable YOU to assign AND command the implementation of unique and scarce resources - on a basis useful to you - to accomplish your assigned "mission" ( As it is CITED, DETAILED & ANNOUNCED HERE )

SOURCE: [ https://www.defense.gov/Newsroom/Releases/Release/Article/2246610/department-of-defense-statement-on-gen-gustave-pernas-confirmation/ ]  "... [PERNA]... to help lead this historic operation to accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 medical countermeasures. ... "  ). 

 IT IS MY UNDERSTANDING (at this writing) :
 [A] [THAT] YOU "IMPLEMENT" [ I.E. use & rely on] A "SOFTWARE SYSTEM" - entity name  "Tiberius".
 [B]  "Tiberius" is MADE & MANAGED A BY A "Data-mining company" - Palantir Technologies Inc. [WSJ article : CITED Below ]
 [C]  AND  that, this Software System ("Tiberius") has failed You - and, the American people.
      -- [SOURCE [ 1 of 4 ] :
 [D] Based on published news reports [CITED Below] - IT IS MY IMPRESSION [THAT] YOU "inherited" this software system - ("Tiberius") - which was "designed to fail" - by Trump appointees - and, were forced - by "circumstances" - to use it.
 [E]  - Based on published news reports [CITED Below] - YOU were concerned of - this software system's "limitations"- FROM THE
"GIT-GO" - based on your previous experience - with "H1N1". 

It is my FURTHER understanding - the "Biden Administration" - wants to enable you to obtain a "better" software system.
          ( Current Congressional action - reports. )

 [G]   I have no opinion - or information - regarding your "personal desire" - to succeed OR fail - at [that] which YOU were assigned to do.

I presume YOU want to "succeed" - at your assigned "mission" - and, that is my ONLY reason for reaching out - to you - BEFORE - I try other avenues. 

 [ CONTENTS ] (TOP- OF - PAGE) :  Contents ON Page

  OFFER:  I [ Susan M. Neuhart (nee "Cassady) - a retired American person] OFFER: [that] Perhaps - I can be "helpful" - based on my previous experience - and "skill-set" - which, is "on Point" - for the task - YOU were assigned to do. This  will be for YOU - AND - your agents - to decide - in cooperation with the persons - I copy on this offer ( listed below).   SPECIFICALLY, I would be pleased - to review the "documentation" - this provider - "Tiberius" [ Palantir Technologies Inc. ] - has prepared - related to the system "Tiberius" [ Palantir Technologies Inc. ]  has deployed and implemented - per the Trump administration's direction...

 As can be viewed on my Resume versions ( links below ) - and easily confirmed - I was a Professional Software Engineering Technical Writer - for many years.  I was also a "Software Developer" & programmer - using "structured / imperative coding" techniques [B].

  I did read the four news articles - I cite (below); However, I see no mention of "tracking" and "reporting" of the "batch processing" steps - to the large "industrial scale" - the "preparation" of the COV-19 vaccines require - to meet announced - "vaccinated" ("shots in arms") targets - during a world-wide pandemic. 

Published "news reports"
(below suggest [to me]  ( "Tiberius" [ Palantir Technologies Inc. ] ) - is a "data management" system - designed to collect and organize information - "provided"...  

Sir, With "cooperation" (from the Vendor ( "Tiberius" [ Palantir Technologies Inc. ] ) ) - I am well qualified - to unequivocally determine WHAT - the system - you currently utilize- can do; Without "cooperation" (from the Vendors - including "Tiberius" [ Palantir Technologies Inc. ]) - no person - on Earth - will be able to tell - definitively - WHAT - the  ( "Tiberius" [ Palantir Technologies Inc. ] ) - was "designed" - to do. Some, may offer "opinions" - but - without "cooperation" [that] is all - they will be: "opinions".

 ALSO Related - to your "mission" and its Technology Platform: One of my first "jobs" - as a "teenager"  - was working at "Joseppi's Pizza" (my senior brother & sister began this pizza shop - in Columbus, Ohio (circa 1969). Literally, Bob Thompson's - Columbus, Ohio "customers" - would "telephone in" - their pizza order. Bob would "take their order"- using a telephone - and, the "process" - to make a delicious Josseppi's Pizza would begin. ... In fact,  Joseppi's made & delivered hundreds (sometimes thousands)  - of "pizzas" - each day. [ production ] ... THUS, as a "student" - of "molecular biology" processes - [UWGB 1978-1982] and, contributor to Klug GENETICS - COLLEGE textbook series - original art program content (circa 1990) - See "Hans & Cassady, Inc. - it seems faulty (to me) to logistically  "plan" for distribution of "vaccine" elements - produced by living entities (although some dispute "virions" are "life" forms) - using a Software system ( "Tiberius" [ Palantir Technologies Inc. ] ) [that] does not "track", "report" - and/or "account for" the sensitive vaccine preparation steps - inherent in the  to the distribution of "vaccine" elements - to the preparation "processes"  & "sub-processes" level. For example: [seeding, medium, growth, filtering, etc. See FDA Graphic. In fact, Bob's eager customers - would sometimes call-in - to inquire: "Where's my Pizza?" He'd eye us - on the production line, check the ovens - and, the stack of delivery poxes - and - politely - report - a "status" - to the hungry customer. I believe "Joseppis Pizza" - is still in business - in Central, Ohio - Now, with several locations. 
  More detailed information is presented here  : AND FDA  See Guidance FDA Document ] [ https://www.fda.gov/vaccines-blood-biologics/biologics-guidances/tissue-guidances ]

 < FDA Graphic. ...

  Now, as you may know, during each "Vaccine Provider's Manufacturing Processes - some "proprietary" biochemical processes are involved;  And, some  transcription and translation cellular  processes - utilized for production - have been understood - since 1978. In fact, I was permitted [as a student] to perform a "DNA Hybridization Experiment" - using Drospohila larvae & frozen nitrogen - at UWGB - in 1981.  ... On the other hand,  the Moderna Vaccine's "mRNA"  delivery vector (to the cell's Ribosomal matrix ) -- involves very sophisticated Recombinant DNA technology methods - which, may lead to "optimized" production - under the correct environmental conditions - temperature, pressure, oxygen  - to achieve a cellular immune reaction.  

The SARS-COV-2 "variants" - now being announced - to a point - were "anticipated" - by the vaccine designers. This is how such a relatively simple entity - is able to continue - in a changing environment. It expresses different portions - of its 29+KB genetic code - when needed - AND, the new environmental conditions do not eliminate them - to the new variants advantage. Certainly, as we (the vectors) introduce the virions to more and more environments - SARS-COV-2 will continue to "mutate".  However, accumulated and successful "mutations" - in the SARS-COV-2 virion - will eventually produce SARS-COV-3, 4, 5. This is another reason - to consider my "offer" seriously - I understand genetic "mutation" [heritable change in a gene] - and, I can be sensitive - to the need for the "final" Software System - to also plan for - inevitably coming vaccines - to address - variants - AND SARS-COV-3, 4, 5 vaccines - in preparation. 

BOTTOM-LINE: I "get it" - from many perspectives - General Perna (Sir). THAT IS,  I understand the "vaccine manufacturers" may NOT want YOU - to have "visibility" - into their methods & "trade secrets"; They may attempt to ( literally & deliberately ) obstruct your view. However -- because human lives are at stake - I ( and President Joe Biden! ) believe  you have legal "standing" (above and beyond any existing "legal contractual agreements")  - to demand: (1) "they" [the manufacturers]  provide YOU with the "visibility" you need - AND (2) YOU can "order" them [the manufacturers] to "step it up" to "increase production"!  That is, I believe - YOU can - literally "ORDER" THE VACCINE MANUFACTURERS to - "open more production lines" - for more "serial & parallel batches" - of the vaccine - and, "run" [operate] their vaccine production facilities "24/7" - when it makes sense. The "Defense Production ACT" - gives YOU - as the USA President's "agent" - great power - to ACT. YOU MAY NOT HAVE THIS AUTHORITY - BUT, AS AN "AMERICAN GENERAL" - I THINK YOU SHOULD "PUSH" - AND - FIND OUT. AS A "PRACTICAL MATTER" - I KNOW THE BIO-TECHNOLOGY BUTTONS TO PUSH - AND, WE WILL HAVE TONS OF HELP.THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF MY "MESSAGE" TODAY!

SIR, YOU ARE ON SOLID GROUND - LEGALLY - BASED ON MY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE - with Battelle AND the Georgia General. Consider, I was in a position (1987) to hear - and see - the "arguments" - on both sides. I CAN PUT THIS EXPERIENCE TO WORK - FOR YOU.

 Specifically, THE "SYSTEM" (that I am referring to) was designed ( by me)  to "optimize" the "scheduling" - for US Military purposes - of a unique & "indispensable" facility - to USA National Security [ the MREF ]. THE GENERAL (THAT I WORKED WITH ) - HAD "LEGAL RIGHTS" - WHICH, HE WANTED TO ENFORCE.  General Perna - I BELIEVE - YOU are in a legal similarly situated circumstance. IT IS MY IMPRESSION [THAT]  PRESIDENT BIDEN - AND, MOST OF OUR USA CONGRESS - WILL "HAVE YOUR BACK".

AWARD NUMBER: W81XWH-05-D-0001 TITLE: A Medical Research and Evaluation Facility (MREF) and Studies Supporting the Medical Chemical Defense Program PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Carl T. Olson, D.V.M., Ph.D. Robert P. Casillas, Ph.D. CONTRACTING ORGANIZATION: Battelle Memorial Institute Columbus, Ohio 43201-2693 REPORT DATE: June 2006 TYPE OF REPORT: Annual PREPARED FOR: U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command Fort Detrick, Maryland 21702-5012 DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT: Approved for Public Release; Distribution Unlimited 

( https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/ADA505794.pdf )  "...  AN ENVIRONMENTAL SENTINEL BIOMONITOR SYSTEM FOR DRINKING WATER PROTECTION M.W. Widder*, D. Trader, L. Brennan, T.R. Shedd, T.P. Gargan II, and W.H. van der Schalie U.S. Army Center for Environmental Health Research Fort Detrick, MD 21702 N. Salazar Agave Biosystems Austin, TX 78708 Y.R. Vallejo ANP Technologies, Inc. Newark, DE 19711 ABSTRACT Toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) are a potential threat to field drinking water supplies, but capabilities for rapid field testing of water are limited to relatively few chemicals. The Environmental Sentinel Biomonitor (ESB) system will significantly augment current detection methods by rapidly identifying toxicity from chemicals that currently cannot be rapidly detected in water samples in the field. The ESB system utilizes two toxicity sensors – a cellbased electrical impedance sensor and an enzymebased acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibition sensor – to rapidly respond to a wide range of TICs. Future improvements to the ESB system under evaluation include the use of non-mammalian vertebrate cells to improve sensitivity and reduce logistical requirements and the development of an AChE inhibition sensor to provide more rapid detection with fewer steps and reagents. 1. INTRODUCTION ..."

   [ MORE DETAILS ] General Perna - Sir, this US Army designed facility [MREF] - "managed" by Battelle Research - was equipped with "hooded & ventilated" - scientific work-stations - relative to the scheduling of required science experiments - with 21 various Chemical Weapons "protective agent" protocols - EACH "PROTOCOL" CONSISTED OF MULTIPLE STEPS - REQUIRED TO BE PERFORMED - IN SERIES - AT THE VARIOUS "WORK STATIONS. "Robots" & "robotics-based" systems - were on the  "automated factory horizon" - but, the US Army MREF  facility (circa 1987) was staffed by humans "certified" and highly trained - in conducting the required protocols - on live animals - at the "work stations". The primary USA industry involved - was "Chemical Defense" systems suppliers.  Decorated Military Veterans & Battelle Employees: Ron Joiner & Gary Dill were at the forefront of this effort. I was hired by "Bill Rosebrough" - originally - to work on an Office of Nuclear Waste Isolation (ONWI) software project - also "managed" by Battelle. My ONWI mission was to develop - a "System" - which would require Battelle Geology "Scientists" - traveling & researching ROCK FORMATIONS - AND CAVES - all over America - to file daily reports - of their field activities. This I did. I devised a computer supported "telephone reminder" system. And, I suggested - its "enforcement" - when some TARGETS ignored the "reminder" - via actions to their pay checks - if they failed - to report. The system was a success - after the "threatened enforcement" policy. But, I was very "unpopular" - for a bit. 

  All work ( I observed - at Battelle/ US Army MREF facilities) was conducted - to my civilian understanding - "properly" and "safely". I was never harmed - or, threatened with harm - [that] I am aware of. The BSL facilities - now existing - at that same - West Jefferson, Ohio - site - were not built yet. Thus, the Software System - I designed (for the MREF 1987) - would need to be adapted - to this unique "vaccine manufacturing" & "experimental" environment. 

 The "Prime contractor" - of record - was Battelle Research, Columbus, Ohio. I believe [that] I worked  under "contract" - to Battelle. I paid US Taxes - on my earnings - and thus, a record of my PAID efforts - would be "traceable" - using my Social Security number - which, at your request  - I will provide.


 [ CONTENTS ] (TOP- OF - PAGE) : Contents ON Page 

SPECIFICALLY, Your "agents" MAY not be aware of this "Software System" - which the US Army previously  produced & paid for - because: 

 (1) The "system" [that]  I designed and coded was "controversial". ( That is, Battelle MREF facility Managers - naturally resented - my "Taking Names & Kicking Ass (TNKA) System's"  existence - which was designed ( by me ) to reveal their day-to-day (and hour-by-hour) activities  - as a possible "intrusion" - to their day-to-day duties.  [ see "A" following ]

 (2) I was aware of "Bayh-Dole" legislation - created "1980".  And, I ( with no legal experience) perhaps misinterpreted - this legislation - to be designed to give "tax-payer ownership" - to any "object" - created with "tax-payer" dollars.  My awareness of  coming "factory automation" and software "optimization techniques" - made me think [that] my efforts - held "potential" - and could produce  something [that] Battelle Research - would want to "productize" - at a future date. PLEASE UNDERSTAND, My natural - and "contractually OBLIGATED "allegiance" was to my employer: "Battelle".  THUS, I informed my Battelle Managers - of what I understood [ of "Bayh-Dole"] - as a 1982 graduate of (the) University of Wisconsin [ IN AN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE CIRRICULUM] - and, a former General Electric employee. That is, I was hired (by GE - previous to BATTELLE - circa 1985) to help enable the "pro-duc-ti-Zation" of a GE "skunk-works" beta - "Pilot Flight Animation Training System".  And, when this project's funding "ran out" - I was transferred - within GE - to work on the DDG 51 Command and Control System's AEGIS radar interface, etc. I began work - with Battelle - circa 1987. Thus, my time (on project) - for the US Army - via Battelle - was charged to a "special" project fund instrument - designed- so that "Battelle Research Foundation" - could retain owner-ship and control - of my work  product. Even, as my "primary directions" - in the creation of the Software System - came from a US Army General - sited in Georgia.

(3) My contract with Battelle expired - and, I sought to renew - ONLY - at a significantly higher rate - than Battelle was willing to pay me. I will expand on this point - at your request.

(4) I lost interest - in pursuing a "larger fee" - with Battelle - and, moved mentally - and physically "on" - to other - interesting,  satisfying - AND - well paid roles - many of them sited in California. [ See Resume of Experiences AND Education - cited below. ]

(5)  AS STATED ABOVE -- A "KEY ELEMENT" - TO MY SUCCESS - IN "CREATING THE MREF SOFTWARE SYSTEM - IN A "TIMELY MANNER" - WAS MY "MEETING" - WITH ... A "BATTELLE FORTRAN SAVANT"; However, other than - being approved - to "meet with this renown "Scientist" - and, noting [that] the "meeting" was "fruitful" - I have no memory - of otherwise "crediting" - this person - with the "invention" - of the system. WHICH - THIS WAS A MISTAKE ! ! ... I SHOULD HAVE -THEN - AND, DO SO "NOW" - RECOGNIZE - THIS PERSON - although, I do not know his name. HIS "ASSISTANCE" WAS INDISPENSIBLE - TO THE MREF "PROJECT'S" - TIMELY SUCCESS. 



HOWEVER,  General Perna - Sir, there are
"limitations" - to what I MAY be able to do - even IF Battelle Research is willing to "cooperate" - and can provide any remaining project documentation, listings, FORTRAN source code files - I require; AND, ( "Tiberius" [ Palantir Technologies Inc. ] - will provide the System documentation - to the level cited - AND, answer my questions; which, there are bound to be "tons" of very technical questions. For example: "What does this variable do?" When was it "assigned? The module calls sub-routine "AAA" - which calls "XYZ" - where is it?  on - and on .  This is called "reading source code" - which, I was very good at - before data base management systems AND OOPs.  [ CONTENTS ] (TOP- OF - PAGE) :  Contents ON Page
Specifically, I am mostly re-habilitated - from a very serious [ SAH@MCA type] stroke event 2012. In fact, I successfully perform Yoga poses  - daily - as prescribed - by my - Columbus, Ohio Medical Doctor; The following VIDEOS are designed to demonstrate MY physical re-habilitation progress (for my family):

  [ https://hansandcassady.org/TWOvlc-record-2021-01-23-15h29m08s-GH010415.MP4-.mp4 ] < Prescribed Yoga poses 

  [ https://hansandcassady.org/NOW-is-IMG-0164-Copy.mp4 ] < Kleptz YMCA demonstration - YOGA poses - for Seniors 

   [ https://hansandcassady.org/result-Dump-Trump.mp4 ] < political VIDEO "Dump Trump"
 INSOFAR as my "mental rehabilitation", my preliminary review - of the present FORTRAN 77 "compiler" statement library- on the Internet - still seems familiar (to me); 

 BUT, the stress - of re-entering a "demanding AND mentally-challenging" environment - may not be possible.
I am willing to try! 
 Very Important, I would need - a "sign-off" - from my husband - and, my medical doctors. Very significant, I do not drive - and, since my stroke event - I suffer from a "phobia" called "AMAXOPHOBIA".  [ My husband ( Hans Neuhart ) - is the ONLY human - as a "practical matter" - who can transport me anywhere. ]

THE GOOD NEWS (is that) -  I KNOW! - with Battelle's technology, computers - and, my sophisticated "home office"  - most of any work needed - could be performed - at my home - very near WPAFB. I maintain a "personal" web site - AND, remain relatively "computer savvy" - for a 66 year old - retired - person.

GOOD NEWS [continued]  IF "ALL PARTIES" ( Susan -me, Battelle - and "Tiberius" [ Palantir Technologies Inc. ] )  ARE WORKING IN "GOOD FAITH" - ? - THE FIRST STEP - in my opinion (IMO) IS A DETAILED "FLOW CHART" diagram - indicating - in detail - ALL software modules needed : ...  ( I am - involved in "preliminary research" to draft that required ["FLOW CHART" ] now.  I would need to interview the "Vaccine Makers" - of interest - to confirm the detailed steps. I AM WILLING TO SIGN AN "NDA" - to get their "comfort level" boosted. But, I must know "HOW" - to the biochemistry level (almost)- their vaccine "production line" works. In software documentation - this is called - "LOD" - Level Of Detail. I do NOT own stocks or bonds - or, have any interest in related company's. 

SIR,  Before I retired - I had - an occasion - to familiarize myself with  US Military software's "Detailed Requirements Specifications" series.   At GE, I performed work - using the Navy's 1679 Mil SPEC. Thus, I did understand AND - previous to my stroke event - could easily meet your needs - in this regard. PLEASE CITE THE MIL-SPEC series [Your  US Army "mission"  prefers] that I should  use;  AND, when practical and necessary - make it available - for my FREE download.


AND FINALLY Sir,  I did contact Battelle (already) about this matter - December 2020. I did think [that] it was the best way - to begin. To my knowledge - Battelle never responded - except to "message" me - in a manner [that] left me thinking [that] Battelle's current staff  AND [their] CONTRACTED "employment agents"  believe - "I want a paid job". I do not. I AM "VOLUNTEERING" - TO PERFORM any needed duties - of which I am capable - FOR FREE. Again, I am in a "retired status", happy - and, at present - healthy. I perform Yoga poses daily - and make videos - to confirm - my physical re-habilitation - for my large family - and, Medical Doctors. My husband - younger than me - seems dedicated to my well-being. And, his small business - as a medical and scientific illustrator - is good - even in this pandemic. He performs his illustration work - from a "home office". I believe - [that] I may be able to convince him - to also perform - any needed "illustrations" -  for little - to no charge. :-) We live near WPAFB. His company web site: ( Electronic Illustrators Group )

 [ CONTENTS ] (TOP- OF - PAGE) : Contents ON Page 

  Following -  is the identification information - for the  person - I believe (and suggest) you should contact - if you are interested.

I obtained this information - from the Battelle web site [URL following].  I have never met, eMailed with - or spoken - to this person - that I know of. Again, I suspect - my previous effort - to engender Battelle's involvement - may - have been "misunderstood" - by persons - who may NOT receive a "fee" - if, my OFFER to work - FOR FREE - is accepted.  I do NOT seek - to be "employed" - by any entity.  VERY SIGNIFICANT, Mr. Von Thaer - appears to have - the "technical expertise" - and, necessary authority - to assign a person - at Battelle Research - to "search" the Battelle main-frame computer "tape archives" - from 1987 - for the System source code listing files - and, any other related documentation - I refer to - above.

I realize - these are digital files - from over thirty years ago - But, depending on "storage conditions - there is a chance...

  "... Lewis “Lou” Von Thaer became President and CEO of Battelle on October 1, 2017. Lou began his technology career with AT&T Bell Laboratories, spent a number of years at General Dynamics, then joined Leidos, Inc. as President of the company’s National Security Sector. Before joining Battelle, Lou served as CEO of DynCorp International. Lou holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Kansas State University and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Rutgers University.  ..." ( Lewis “Lou” Von Thaer[ SOURCE:  https://www.battelle.org/about-us/management#:~:text=Lewis%20%E2%80%9CLou%E2%80%9D%20Von%20Thaer%20became,the%20company's%20National%20Security%20Sector.  ]

 I do NOT use a telephone - without prior agreement  - but, I will  return your call - if you leave a polite message. [ ALERT ] MY phone "rings" 6 times - before the message "record" function begins.

I STRONGLY prefer to  work - in a written format - to begin. And this method - will ALSO facilitate - and prevent - any potential "misunderstandings" - if YOU have reason to fear - Mr. Trump's anger.  I do NOT fear any kind of "repercussions - nor, am I an "official" Representative - for any "entity" - except myself.

 Again, It is my strong impression ONLY [that] President Biden - would welcome your looking into this matter. 

Please feel free - to telephone me OR Email me: REDACTED@HansANDcassady.org :: (REDACTED) REDACTED

I LOOK FORWARD - TO HEARING FROM YOU - OR, YOUR AGENT - IF I MAY BE OF SERVICE - IN ANY MANNER - RELATED TO MY OFFER, COMMENTS & NOTICE ABOVE. - Susan   (  photo 2017 - ME - left - & MY biological sister "Carol" - right- who did also work for Battelle) 


 EMAIL TO General  Perna FROM SUSAN ( end )  

 [ CONTENTS ] (TOP- OF - PAGE)  :  Contents ON Page


   NOTES : 
 (a) As you may be aware - as the "creator" AND "inventor"  of the software system AND algorithms - mentioned herein [ under "contract" for/to Battelle Research] - I retain - as a USA citizen - so called "march - IN" rights - on the software system and algorithms [that] I "invented" - to meet the US Army Georgia General's needs. ( As a "practical matter" - most "inventors" - recall AND know "HOW" - what they "created" - works. AND - THIS IS SO - IN THIS INSTANCE. That is, I am willing - at your Request & Direction - to inform - "Tiberius" [ Palantir Technologies Inc. ] - professionals - and Others "HOW" - the essential FORTRAN 77 - algorithms - I designed - work - for FREE. I could easily post - this information - if needed - onto my "personal" web site.
So, that "others" - anywhere in the world - may implement them - and AID you - in your "mission".
 (b) I am willing to "assign" my legal  "march - IN" rights - if any remain - to YOU (as the US Army representative) - for FREE. 
 (c) And, I have already told Battelle (in writing)  [that] I will perform any required efforts - made possible - by their posting my RECOVERED source listings - for FREE. This may explain Battelle's mistaken (odd) response - to my notice (to them); That is, Employment sub-contractors - may NOT receive a "fee" - if a former employee - offers to perform services - for FREE. 

 [ CONTENTS ] (TOP- OF - PAGE) : Contents ON Page

 RESUME' of my previous EXperiences & Education  >   (Detailed 8 pages>  PDF ) :  https://hansandcassady.org/Susan_Neuhart_resume-October-2019-PDF.pdf
   OR (Short - ONE page PDF ):  https://hansandcassady.org/Susan-Neuhart-Resume-SHORT.pdf  

[ CONTENTS ] (TOP- OF - PAGE) : Contents ON Page

[A]  Specifically - my softare system - created at the US Army General's request - required persons [ military & civilian] to be identified - as "responsible" for each "process/step" in the Facility Management System.  --  THAT IS - AS I UNDERSTOOD - What the Georgia General wanted - and implemented [that] understanding - MY USA MILITARY "DIRECTOR" -  REQUIRED  A  "Taking Names & Kicking ASS" (TNKA) MILITARY SOFTWARE System.

General Perna, BASED ON YOUR LONG MILITARY EXPERIENCE:  YOU MAY KNOW - The FIRST STEP ( to develop such a SOFTWARE system ) is a detailed "flow chart" diagram- indicating the processes being observed and reported on. STEP TWO  is assigning "responsibility" - for each "SUB-process" identified; And, STEP THREE - REQUIRES "DELEGATION" - which [THIS ] MAKES BUILDING the system possible (at all!) :  AKA "Assignment of Authority" - "delegation". 

In fact, I was taught - from my childhood - growing up in Columbus, Ohio - to think like this. Thus, this mode - makes sense to me. For example,  at our "home" - we each had a job to do. My father ( Milo Gerald Cassady) is a Scotch/Irish American [1902-1964]. My mother ( Mary Elizabeth Cassady nee "Sprouse/Miller") [1916-1986] is of "German" heritage - born in Marysville, Ohio.  Related to the "depression" - and WW2 - (she) AND her twelve siblings - were "raised" in the Franklin County, Ohio, Children's Home. She was "indentured" during this time [photo] - and, cleaned very fancy homes - whose owners - made donations to the (FCCH). She married (my Dad - in 1934 - at 18 ) My mother bore and raised seven children - with him - a "small business owner" (who hung wall paper and repaired existing homes - for "investors" - each day). My Dad also drank whiskey, flirted with pretty women -and participated in "illegal gambling" - in the "Columbus Tavern Network". This "detail"  is "beside the point" - except  (TO SAY) - although "not perfect" - I loved - this "kind", sometimes funny and always gentle man - very much. He died - from Mesothelioma ( asbestos poisoning ) - when I was 10 years old. 

HOWEVER Sir, what one American may feel -"makes sense" - and is "practical" - another American - may "chaff" against. That is, a "Taking Names & Kicking ASS" (TNKA) MILITARY SOFTWARE System may work - for the US Military; But, "civilian" Americans - as I did experience - at Battelle - are reluctant AND/OR do not like - daily "tracking" and "performance" systems - such as the one I created - expressly - to meet the US Army's stated requirements. Thus, we must brace ourselves - IF YOU DECIDE TO MOVE FORWARD.

 In fact, I refused to work - for a very good Soil Science Professor (while a student - at UWGB 1978-1982 ) - to create Map-making software associated with Land SAT Satellite Data. Only because, he wanted me - to "record" for him - in writing - each day - what I had "accomplished".  I complained - in an obstinate tone: "You are "bird-dogging" me!"  This made him laugh. But, I did refuse to work for him. 

Finally, "software development" (as I experienced it) - is an "art form" - as much as it is "engineering". Elegant algorithms - are like the "Mona Lisa". They "appear" - in a designer/programmer's mind - in a moment of "inspiration" - based on researching and  "pondering" the problem - or need. Such "inspiration" - cannot be rushed - or "clock-watched"; And thus, this is why - I believe - Object Oriented Programming - based on RE-usable code libraries - became dominant - in the American Software industry. Consider, why create a "wheel" - if one already exists? I appreciate this "practical sentiment - but - personally - lost interest - in being a designer/programmer - because of it. [END]

[ CONTENTS ] (TOP- OF - PAGE) : Contents ON Page

  [B]  https://lib.dr.iastate.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=6717&context=rtd  TITLE: "1976 - Structured programming as an aid in learning FORTRAN programming, useful factors for predicting success in a FORTRAN programming course, and the interaction involved' ..."

[ CONTENTS ] (TOP- OF - PAGE) : Contents ON Page

  cited sources:

SOURCE [ 1 of 4 ] : https://www.govexec.com/management/2021/01/how-operation-warp-speed-created-vaccination-chaos/171581/
 "... TITLE:  "How Operation Warp Speed Created Vaccination Chaos" ... States are struggling to plan their vaccination programs with just one week’s notice for how many doses they’ll receive from the federal government. The incoming Biden administration is deciding what to do with this dysfunctional system. ... The decision to go week by week was made by Operation Warp Speed’s chief operating officer, Gen. Gustave Perna, because he didn’t want to count on supplies before they were ready. Overly optimistic production forecasts turned out to be a major disappointment in the rollout of the H1N1 vaccine more than a decade ago, also leading to canceled appointments and widespread frustrations with the government’s messaging.  ... The root of the problem now is the system designed around weekly allotments. Perna has said he set up the system this way because he wanted to act on only supplies in hand, not predictions. [ PERNA NEEDS - "VISIBILITY" - RELIABLE STATUS  INFORMATION & PREDICTIONS ! ] ... The makers of the two authorized vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, are each contracted to supply 100 million doses by the end of March. But with just 31.2 million delivered as of Jan. 15, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the companies will need to ramp up their pace to hit their targets.... Starting Wednesday, it will be up to the Biden administration to provide clear visibility for states, according to a member of the president-elect’s COVID-19 team, who asked not to be identified because he wasn’t authorized to speak on behalf of the new administration. ... “The government can point at the manufacturer, but it's like asking the [Defense Department], ‘How many planes do you have?’ and them saying, ‘I don't know, ask Boeing,’” the person said. ... It’s critical for the government to know how many doses are available at any given time and how many are coming through the pipeline, the person added. “How can this not be known?” he said. “It’s the most basic question.” ..."

  SOURCE [ 2 of 4 ] : https://www.wsj.com/articles/palantir-to-help-u-s-track-covid-19-vaccines-11603367276  "...  Data-mining company Palantir Technologies Inc. ... is helping the federal government set up a system that will track [ "TRACK"] the manufacture, distribution and administration of Covid-19 vaccines, state and local health officials briefed on the effort said. ...  Palantir has been developing software that federal health officials would use to manage the various vaccine data and identify any issues that could prevent Americans from getting the shots, according to the health officials and materials reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. ... The system, Tiberius, marks an attempt to use cutting-edge data science to help the federal government manage the work of protecting Americans against Covid-19. ... Another Palantir data collection and analysis tool, called HHS Protect, which is similar in scope to Tiberius and used by the U.S. Health and Human Services Department to track hospitals’ Covid-19 data, has been criticized by some for its complexity.
... Tiberius uses the same software as HHS Protect, according to an HHS spokeswoman, which is Palantir’s Foundry tool.  
... Foundry, which collects and analyzes data, is also used by the United Nations World Food Program to direct food where it is needed, similar to how it will be used to direct vaccines for Tiberius.  ... The Tiberius platform would take data from federal agencies, state and local governments, and drugmakers, distributors and others involved with Covid-19 vaccines, according to documents prepared by Palantir describing the system that the Journal reviewed.
... The information is aimed at giving federal officials a real-time view of data about vaccines, from their testing to inventory levels and finally administration to people, the materials said. ..." 

 SOURCE: [ 3 of 4 ] [ https://www.defense.gov/Explore/News/Article/Article/2446061/tiberius-platform-aids-covid-19-logistics-delivery/#:~:text=Tiberius%20was%20specifically%20developed%20for,COVID%2D19%20vaccines%20to%20Americans. ]  "...  Tiberius was specifically developed for Operation Warp Speed — the collaborative effort led by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Defense Department to develop, manufacture and deliver safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines to Americans.  ... Tiberius provides visibility of each effort within Operation Warp Speed ... manufacturing and allocation of vaccine to granular planning of vaccine administration sites to the provider level. ... 
... The jurisdictions — 64 U.S. states, territories and large metropolitan cities — work inside the Tiberius platform to decide where their allocated doses will go, [ HOW?] "... "Jurisdictions" will be allocated doses based on their census-derived percentage of the U.S. population over the age of 18.   As more vaccines become available from the manufacturers, Operation Warp Speed will continue to run the algorithm each week to determine how much vaccine each jurisdiction will receive. ... how to prioritize the administration of vaccines. ... The federal government is running the algorithm, but the states will make the decision as to where the doses go ... ... Tiberius provides planning tools for states to optimize their allocation and distribution plans. ..." ] ( Tiberius ) receives data from several outside systems, ... Tiberius can provide a zip code-by-zip code view of priority populations  
... "While the pandemic stresses both people and systems, our expertise and technology tools provide a disciplined and deliberate approach to prioritize vaccine delivery and ease the burden of public health officials throughout the nation."
...  Tiberius came into full use over Labor Day weekend, and the federal government provided training materials for its users at the jurisdiction level. A help desk is available, as well as dedicated information technology personnel funded by HHS for each jurisdiction to address technical or training issues users experience with the system. ..."

SOURCE [ 4 of 4 ]: https://www.freightwaves.com/news/snapping-the-chalk-line-an-ows-update-on-tiberius "... “Our principal tenants are visibility to see where vaccines are at the key moments of manufacturing, distribution, in route to delivery and inventory on hand,” said Mikesh.  ... “On Thursday night we would then snap the chalk line and publish the information on Friday,” explained Mikesh. “States can then place orders and the vaccine would be delivered in 24-48 hours.” ..." [END ]

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From    Susan Cassady Neuhart
To    usarmy.redstone.usamc.mbx.public-affairs@mail.mil,

HHHH ---   ---  HHHH
HHHH  hh

 SEND to these entities  INformation:  


  " To Whom it may concern - I am a member of your VOTER constituency 
  - my Notice & OFFER to help - related to OWS can be viewed
 - at my personal web site. 
   As your constituent  FORM - does not accept hyperlinks - Just Google
   -  Susan Marie Neuhart ( nee Cassady ) PERNA - for my HOME page 



 "...  To Whom it may concern ( US ARMY GENERAL Gustave F. Perna, COO-OWS) 
     OR Google -  Susan Marie Neuhart ( nee Cassady ) PERNA 

 < ACK >  
  Perna "Authority" & "controlled" - CONTACT   < mode > hhh hhh
 "Gustave" F. "Perna" "Contact" ::  https://www.defense.gov/Contact/  FORM
 YES!  https://www.defense.gov/Contact/#dnn_ContentPaneFullBleed3  [ - success - ]  FORM
 NO  General Public Inquiries  E-mail: usarmy.redstone.usamc.mbx.public-affairs@mail.mil  e-MAIL
 NO  Cong. Inquiries  E-mail: usarmy.redstone.usamc.list.congressional-activities@mail.mil  e-MAIL
 NO  LOGISTICS INFORMATION  LIW...  E-mail: usarmy.redstone.logsa.mbx.service-desk@mail.mil  e-MAIL
 YES!   MIKE Turner < MY CURRENT CONGRESSMAN [Ohio 10]  :: 
https://turner.house.gov/ :: https://turner.house.gov/contact  )  

  USA President Joe Biden & CONGRESSMAN Mike Turner [working together] :-) :
https://www.facebook.com/RepMikeTurner/photos/a.10150484650621648/10158787119361648/?type=3  < JOE BIDEN & MIKE

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Subject Offer to help - Operation warp SPEED
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Date Wed 10:00

2-17-2021 ( Wednesday )

 - RELATED TO YOUR FAILURE TO RESPOND ( to my previous message ),
  : I live near WPAFB today. I will remove per Request.
Yes! I really was a COLUMBUS, OHIO "tetherball champion" - and, I want my trophy back.

 I also played on the "Volley Ball Team"; but, was not awarded a "trophy"

(   https://hansandcassady.org/Perna-OPerationWarpSpeed.html#LETTER%20START   )

   - Susan Marie Neuhart ( nee "CassAdy" : Mr. Francis knows ... "hopAlong" can bring it. 

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