"WHY WE CAN'T WAIT"  BY Martin Luther King, Jr. (published 1964)

  Preamble ( definition ) :  I am genetically  "white" I believe. That is, Both of my biological parents - as far as I know were "Cacausian". My father was born and raised - on a farm - in Union county Ohio. My mother was born and raised - until my Grandfather's death (1928) on a farm - located off of McKinley Road - on the (then) far west side - of Columbus, Ohio. Circa, 1928(in fact) -my mother's name [ Mary Elizabeth Sprouse ] is found - on a census record - as a member of the  "indentured" population - at the Franklin County Ohio Childrens Home.  It is my understanding, she - and, her 12(twelve) siblings - were placed into the FCCH - by "court - order" - related to something - my Grandmother [her Mom] did [or did not do] - after my Grandfather's death (1928) My GrandMother's name was: Zora Elizabeth "Sprouse - Roby" ("nee" Miller). After George's death - from natural causes - Zora married a man named "Jerry Roby".  What, my grand mother ( did ) - is NOT known - by me. My mother would only say "... a neighbor "reported" Zora ..." : My mother was adamant  [that] Zora did not harm her; and, Zora tried to be a "good person"...
 My senior sister - Barbara Cassady - did tell me [that] a "black man" - would watch her and my older brother [Richard Cassady] - "play" - while sitting on the steps of their rented house. He was a "nice man" - Barbara stated. And, she theorized [that] the man was "Jerry Roby". There was some "connection" - Barbara felt - or, our Mom would not have permitted him to stay there - and, interact. 

          [ "critical" "reading" skills  :: ]

  REPORT:  Every day I get a bit further - in this project. Now in Chapter 4 :: Take away - thus far: ALL American WHITE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THIS STUFF! :: Donald Trump - and the ignorant white supremacist people - he seeks to please - are dangerous! - and, (moreOver - the Donald+ gang) they diminish - more informed "American people". TODAY 2020 :: 

 IN FACT, I lived through it (Columbus Ohio "inner-city" Public Schools 1960 - 1972) and, I did not know much of the information Dr. King reports - here - in this treatise.
  As I state - below - some of my white "friends" - were mean (to me) sometimes - but, I was equally ignorant -   of why "THEY" felt the way they did. And, I also tell the story (below) of some of the "before their time champions" - I had the luck of knowing - back then. Dr. King, not only explains WHY - black people "Can't wait" - he also, clearly & plausibly explains (for me) -why "White people" react the way they do.

 I admit, I was lucky - to be born, at the perfect moment... My aptitude - with computers - afforded me opportunities. My teachers - "Popovitch" & "Leaf" - were able to expose me - and, my classmates - to opportunities - at a DCSC Military site - located in Columbus, etc. For example, we viewed a "main-frame" computer (still in boxes - for shipping. The "device" - in pieces - filled a room.  In fact, my various racial experiences - resulted in making me "unique" apparently. A Silicon Valley "head-hunter" - once told me: [circa 1999] "Susan, You can work with any body. Are there more like you? Is there any one - You can recommend?" Related to "software development" - there was not. Again, I had the opportunity - to attend UWGB. Where there were "computers" - [that] I was given access to. 

 A Chinese work colleague [in Silicon Valley] - suspecting [that] I was some kind of American software spy - naturally, "pushy" [when needed] and demanding to explain the software intricacies - in my End User Manuals  - so thoroughly - literally threw a 'fake' punch at my face. I did not flinch. He apologized later - and, we laughed about his appreciation (and mine) of the movie "MATRIX".  Compare - this reaction - to Donald's - he cannot even tolerate "questioners" - at his public events; Because, he has lived such a "sheltered & privileged life" - under his rich father's complete protection.  :: [NYTimes ]

   In FACT, our diversity - as a people - Americans - is our strength. It is my experience - and, I am 66 years old - [that] people of different "Ethnology" see "problems" - and, "solutions" differently. Thus, we will survive this "pandemic" - together.

  And, until is is over - I promise [that] will raise HELL about our lack of Universal health CARE - which - the concept - is a part of the Democratic Party Platform - since 2016. :: 

  Susan created this page - for those persons - who may desire to "cut & paste" Martin's words. I only know [that] - when I was a student - in Columbus, Ohio "Public" Schools - we were required to purchase [pay for] - those books - which we borrowed - and - used a new invention (called a "high-lighter) to mark on. IN FACT, my mind took ownership - of the written material - sometimes - when I did this. That is,  I struggled sometimes in school - and, manipulating information - helped me to absorb it.
 So, cut & paste away - But please! remember these are Martin's words.  Note (also) how he gives credit - to "the writing team" - he was a part of. I have spent most of my life - as a "member" - of teams of people - attempting to build things.

   Contents ::  Introduction (by Dorothy Cotton) : Introduction ( by Martin Luther King - Jr.)

1. The Negro Revolution - Why 1963? : 2. The Sword That heals : 3. Bull Connor's Birminghan

4. New Day In Birmingham : 5. Letter From Birmingham Jail : 6. Black and White Together : 7. The Summer of Our Discontent : 8. The Days to Come :   Selected Bibliography 
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 :  Biblical story of Moses... - Slavery in America ( 1619 & Story that Christopher Columbus had "slaves" on his ships 1492)  :: 


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Introduction (by Dorothy Cotton)

Introduction ( by Martin Luther King - Jr.)

1. The Negro Revolution - Why 1963?

2. The Sword That heals

3. Bull Connor's Birminghan

4. New Day In Birmingham

5. Letter From Birmingham Jail

6. Black and White Together

7. The Summer of Our Discontent

8. The Days to Come

  Selected Bibliography 
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 James Baldwin ::

  "...  RACES ... Freedom-Now...  (TIME, May 17, 1963) -- The blaze of bombs, the flash of blades, the eerie glow of fire, the keening cries of hatred, the wild dance of terror in the night -- all this was Birmingham, Ala. ... Birmingham's Negroes had always seemed a docile lot. Downtown at night, they slouched in gloomy huddles beneath street lamps, talking softly or not at all. They knew their place: they were "niggers" in a Jim Crow town, and they bore their degradation in silence. ...But last week they smashed that image forever ..."

 "... 1804 ...  The Ohio legislature enacts its first Black Laws  ..."

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