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    OUR President Obama told us to "stop moping" !  So, please everybody - STOP! "moping" ( aka "pouting")  AND, let's GET Busy!  Offer good ideas... 

 Consider (please) --  USA citizens must pass a "test" to be "plumbers", "Electricians", "Real Estate Agents"... OR, "drive".   
 Thus, should USA citizens be required to pass a test - to run for PUBLIC office?

         (  USA Contitution  ( 7 Articles & 27 Amendments  )            
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       Ohio DRiVER's License, etc.  [ EXample  ] 

             HOW USA LAWS ARE MADE        

 "... The Need for Public Notice.  State and federal governments cannot pass secret criminal laws and then prosecute an unwary offender. ( ... ) Criminal laws must be enacted through a public process in the state or federal legislatures, and those laws must be published in accessible places such as official volumes containing the penal code, or on a government website.    [ [ YES, this was and is done. SEE  ] ... USA Federal Election Law ::    (  legal document 254 pages )] ]  Sometimes the law criminalizes behavior that might be lawful in some places. For example, it might be okay to park along the shoulder of a particular highway, but in some stretches, the highway department posts “No Parking” signs to alert drivers that here, no parking is allowed. These [POSTED] signs give fair warning; without them, drivers cannot be expected to know the rule, and would have a good defense if they are ticketed.  Because our government has long-established procedures for making laws known, [ This statement is NOT supported by evidence - that Susan has found - YET. ] ... insufficient public notice is rarely an available defense. However, where defendants are charged with violating a brand new law that criminalizes behavior that is perfectly lawful in other places, those individuals may be able to assert their ignorance as a defense. The availability of the defense, however, will turn not only on a defendant’s lack of knowledge and the government’s lack of notice, but also on the particular wording of the criminal law in issue. ...  Criminal statutes often require a defendant to have a particular state of mind. (Mens Rea - above)  Some crimes, such as statutory rape, require no state of mind and are punishable no matter what the offender thought. Other crimes require a defendant to have acted with reckless disregard for the safety of others. For example, a reckless state of mind might be required for a charge of involuntary manslaughter. Where, however, criminal laws require that a defendant must have acted “willfully” when violating the law, a defendant unaware of the legal prohibition may be able to claim ignorance as a defense to the charge. For example, consider a law that requires a business owner to file a certain tax form related to the business. The law says that willfully failing to do so is an offense. In this situation, the owner’s ignorance of the filing requirement might well be a good defense. In fact, it would be the prosecutor’s burden to prove willfulness in demonstrating that the owner purposefully avoided filing the tax form. Sometimes, however, “willfulness” relates only to the defendant’s state of mind during the commission of the act—as the case may be with crimes like witness tampering or child endangerment—and has nothing to do with the defendant’s knowledge of the applicable criminal law. (For example, a defendant might have no idea that contacting and conversing with an adverse witness can be a criminal act; but that is no excuse if the prosecution can show that the conversations affected the witness.) Your attorney will be able to advise you on whether a willfulness requirement in the charge in your case might allow for a defense of ignorance. [--] Don’t Stay in the Dark on Purpose [--] Keep in mind that you cannot purposefully avoid learning applicable criminal laws and then take advantage of your ignorance as a defense. If a prosecutor can demonstrate that you “consciously avoided” knowledge of relevant criminal provisions, a judge at trial would instruct the jury that it should treat you as if you were fully aware of the legal consequences of your conduct.

 For example,
 if you opened a restaurant and a health inspector gave you a booklet containing the state’s new health laws for food service providers [ OR, YOU RAN FOR A PUBLIC OFFICE and THE FEDERAL ELECTIONS COMMISSION GAVE YOU A 254 PAGE BOOK ]  —which you never bothered to read—you would not likely be able to claim ignorance of a criminal provision contained in that booklet during a subsequent prosecution. ... In any criminal matter, defense counsel should be able to advise you early on whether the defense of ignorance of the law will be available. Except for circumstances similar to those outlined above, your ignorance is unlikely to help. It may, however, be something your lawyer can highlight as a favorable (mitigating) factor at sentencing, should the case get that far. ..." 
     SOURCE:   [ Susan inserted material ]

    < Not! the USA Senator, (the) Heisman Trophy Winner -or, the famous actor - (Just a retired Technical Writer ). 

 Subject: Dayton, Ohio, May 8, 2018  "Special Election" instructions FOR Candidates  [ PDF ]  QUESTIONS and ANSWERS:
      answer:    " I am unsure of the pay.  I believe it is in the low $40,000 range plus health benefits."  Ms. Nan Whaley
     Dayton, Ohio MAYOR (Ms. Nan Whaley) - answers Dayton, Ohio Citizen's Questions - About the "City Commissioner" JOB opening. [ PDF ]  
 Dayton, Ohio "City Commission"  article     Montgomery County - Ohio - Commissioner related  article     "SPECIAL ELECTION Research" (IN PROGRESS)
           THANK YOU! For Your Public Service Mr. Joey D. Williams  --  KEY Bank      ( Ms. Toni Bankston, Dayton's 
Chief Communications Officer  information  )
   Dayton, Ohio "City Commission"  article     Montgomery County - Ohio - Commissioner related  article     "SPECIAL ELECTION Research" (IN PROGRESS) 

< In memo. of Dian Fossey - and, other women pioneers. 

    First Amendment    ENJOY! this (my) personal web site.  My "soap-box". My, on-line "journal".     Contact  ME  

        Dear Mr. Ambassador (from Isreal)      There are None so blind - AS "he" - who will NOT see.    IF President Obama would NOT do it - there was a reason... 

   Jacob & Kristen are havin' a baby! (mems of the KLEPTZ YMCA. Sign the CARD at desk) ::  Pastor Todd @ Redemp. Church - DAYTON, Ohio ::   

 12-13-2017  HooRay - it's a GOOD DAY! African Americans (and "ME")  - WE had our SAY! Contact  ME   i.e.  Mr. Jones is (YES) the U.S. Senator in Alabama-USA

       12-10-2017  Masterpiece_Cakeshop_ v._ Colorado_Civil_Rights_Commission   Shiloh Church United Church of Christ    Dear Justice Kennedy, et al ( USA Supreme Court ),      HATE is ugly    Contact  ME   

 12-12-2017 "Please consider to give HIM custody " ... she'll be alright. See  Sigmund Freud AND  Carl Jung. 
  My little girl turned out "OK". 
She is in USA law enforcement today. SEE:  Ms. Dawn Marie Burton (FBI)  

      Susan's NOTES ... 


                   < WHAT is... 

    ‘‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’’ [  PDF  ]  ::

     RESPONSE TO:  < PDF includes MediCARE History     SHORT REPLY submitted             USA Ohio SENATOR : Rob Portman      USA Ohio SENATOR : Sherrod Brown

 12-13-20175:22PM EST   HooRay - it's a GOOD DAY! African Americans (and "ME") - WE had our SAY! Mr. ROY Moore has NOT conceded yet. [But, he will very soon] :: MY Grandmother "Zora Elizabeth [Miller]-Sprouse-Roby " has been avenged.  [ abortion issue AND "indentured servitude" ] ::
 Also, I saw where R. Moore's wife beat the sh. out-O-him - for, forcing HER to say all of those "nice" things ( about him ) - on election night. 
  SEE  [ Ms MagaZine ] 

12-10-2017  Masterpiece_Cakeshop_ v._ Colorado_Civil_Rights_Commission   Shiloh Church United Church of Christ    Dear Justice Kennedy, et al ( USA Supreme Court ),  I feel that, in America, it should not be "OK" to be mean  to someone ( in public ) - based upon "who" or what "they love";       However, YES - it should be "OK" to be tough - if you must be  - to another person (even a stranger) - related to "who" or "what they hate".       "Hate" is ugly. And, hate helps no one.   Americans should be encouraged [by our laws AND "law makers"] to stand up for other Americans.   Justices, YOU are the deciders!  So, please decide like Jesus would decide.    "Refusing service" - to other Americans - was wrong in the 1960s.  It should be ruled as "wrong" now. - Susan    Also - in fact - my husband "Hans Neuhart"  is an "artist" - a real one.  SEE "eig DOT NET    Professionals "look" for Hans - to perform ARTwork for them. They contract him  - to perform work - in a private setting. He does not have a "door on Main Street - USA. Contact  ME

 12-12-2017  662-325-3604 
 ALSO...  "Please consider to give HIM custody " AND, she'll be alright - IN FACT! MY "little girl" -  helps to run THE-USA-FBI
 The Truth - by Susan Marie [Cassady]-Burton-Wallace-Neuhart [ 1954 - 2017 ]  BTW, the "little girl" was>   Ms. Dawn Marie Burton [FBi]  UWGB 1982.  < A very good "public" school. 

       Susan's Voting PRECINCT is "I" - Harrison TWP - Montgomery County, Ohio, USA.    
    An image of the USA "ballot" that Susan will cast:  ( PDF )
  If you "vote" - and, I hope that YOU will - Please be familiar with the issues & the candidates that you will requested to "cast" a vote on.
  YOU must learn your "locality":  County? City? Town? etc. And, (then) START here:
HIO County Board of Elections:  

  To see BIGGER image  (CLICK lINK) >   
   < YES! Map [on file] at BOE at present NEEDS Bigger Labels.  David, Linda, Mark & Deerek - WE are all working on this.

 CONTACT: Montgomery County OHIO  Board of Elections, 451 W. Third Street, Dayton, Ohio 45422 Phone:(937) 225-5656  email to:MCBOE@MCOHIO.ORG  Their web site: 

Comprehensive Health Program ( A BiLL to the USA CONGRESS )  - by HARRY S. TRUMAN - 33rd President of the United States of America ::  1945-harry-truman-calls-for national-health-insurance-program ::  PBS Quote: "Almost as soon as the ... bill was announced, the …-powerful American Medical Association (AMA) capitalized on the nation’s paranoia over the threat of Communism and, despite Truman’s assertions to the contrary, attacked the bill as “socialized medicine.” SEE:  wwwDOTpbsDOTorg  forward slash” newshour “ program.

  Posted 10-23-2017: Dear Ohio Senators: Brown and Portman,  RE: The Bipartisan Health Care Stabilization Act of 2017” < Google for details
Please STOP! this Congressional "BiLL sham" is  (basically) designed to HELP Insurance Companies MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY!!
   Please instead, show Mr. Trump >   
Susan's HealthCARE Idea  that is shown (HERE) on my personal web site.
 NOTE ( for Mr. Trump) that my inspiration is from Harry S. Truman (1945). AND, tell him that I am a "buckeye" !
 The daughter of Milo Gerald CassADY. Thus, the niece of Pearl CassAdy. Pearl's son [Howard] won the Heisman Trophy - for OSU - in 1955.
  I am just a senior USA citizen.  AND, although I am willing to help him - with this Harry S. Truman "inspired" idea, I am still an Obama Girl.

The details of this breaking news story (RE: to Chuck Shumer) are posted and linked on my web site.

PRESS RELEASE - from USA Senator Lamar Alexander's Office > LINK URL: 
    "Touted by:" Chuck Shumer ( ? a DeMOcrat ?)  [ PDF of story in New York Daily News"Touted by" Chuck Shumer ( ? a DeMOcrat ?)  < link to NYD News article
   This "BiLL" (currently NOT numbered is Authored by:   Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander  AND Washington Democrat Patty Murray
 Working TiTled as: “The Bipartisan Health Care Stabilization Act of 2017.” 
The bill [  Full TEXT   -   Section Summary  ] ---  ( is not numbered at this writing) AND is CO-sponsored by: ONLY 12 Republican Senators Mike Rounds (R-S.D.),
Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), John McCain (R-Ariz.), Bill Cassidy (R-La.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska),
Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), Johnny Isakson (R-Georgia), Richard Burr (R-N.C.), and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.);
AND, 12  Democratic Senators Angus King (I-Maine), Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.), Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.), Al Franken (D-Minn.),
Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), Tom Carper (D-Del.), Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), and Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.)
[ AT THIS WRiTing, YOU! - MY  Ohio Senators ARE not publicly shown - in support. ]
   USA Senator - Rob Portman ( Ohio REP)    Sherrod Brown is also my USA Ohio Senator...( Ohio DEM)
I will email "MESSAGE" my request to them:  MESSAGE sent    If you agree with ME - and, I hope that you do - Please also "message" your USA Senators.  

11-30-2017 ::  < "invitation"

 Mr. Sanders, THANK YOU!   YES, I will post your "invitation" to my personal web site:  Hans AND Cassady DOT org  URL=

 However, your Health Care Bill ( currently posted )  - as I point out (on PDF page 66) - "supports" the USA "Insurance Industry".

 Yet, my research (thus far) indicates this is one of the "problems" with USA Health Care: It is conducted "For Profit"- by the USA Insurance Industry.

 Sir, we must implement truly "Socialized Medicine" - as it was defined by Harry S. Truman (in 1948).

  Why?   Well, why? (Sir) should USA Medical Doctors be paid more than - the USA Public School Professors that teach them?   
                     My UWGB "Public" School Professors were excellent;     
              And, it was "my choice" (in 1982) - to STOP attending school - at UWGB (as a student OR researcher) 
                      - and, become a salaried employee - of the NCR Corporation - in Cambridge, Ohio. 

 Thus, any American - in USA Medical School - could make a similar "choice"; That is, 
    A) stay in Medical School - as a student - or, researcher 
    - B) become an "employee" - of the USA Government 
      - C) "work" for some USA Medical Enterprise (that does not violate USA laws);
      or, D) Go to another country [ to practice Medicine] - where USA knowledge - about medicine - is needed. 
 - Susan 

    < by digital artist "Hans Neuhart"  - my big - strong & "modest" husband.   In fact, YOU never know what's "round the bend".                     CONTACT  USA PRESIDENT  "Donald J. Trump"
 12-6-2017  - President Trump and ALL of America’s Business Owners MUST think outside the "box". [1]   In fact, ALL Americans will pay more taxes - and "gladly" - IF Socialized Medicine is enacted![2]  USA Business Owners want this!  In Fact, Socialized Medicine (paid for by ALL USA citizens) with a modest tax - would be a significant "cost break" for ALL of America's Businesses - small & large.  (See Susan's HealthCARE Idea  In BiLL form  > Sent to her Ohio Senators AND Congressman: Mike Turner. )  Allied Health Professions (3, 10) may not like “Socialized Medicine”;  However, no entity - in America - should “profit”(4) from even one suffering, sick or injured American. ALL Americans AGREE! on this! Consider, the average public University Medical Professor, makes about $150,000 per year in salary (6); Whereas, private University Medical Professors, make about $250,000 per year in salary. (7) – WHY? Why should practicing Medical Doctors earn more than the Medical Professionals who teach them their Art & the related Sciences? (5,6,7) Do they work “harder”? I think “no”.  I have never “worked harder” (in six decades +) – than, I witnessed my UWGB Professors working. Finally, no person can “practice medicine” – in the USA – unless, they pass the USMLE test series;(8)  And, the same USMLE tests are given to qualified “candidates” - no matter if they attended public or private Medical Schools.  - Susan    [ cited references shown below ]

                         Please Contact  Susan if there are "broken links"

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  2.  Socialized medicine “ …The term was first widely used in the United States by advocates of the American Medical Association in opposition to President Harry S. Truman's 1947 Comprehensive Health Program.
            The AMA strongly inferred that President Truman was a "Communist”; And, he was forced (due to politics) to drop his support for the PLAN. 
  4. “profit” >
  5. University Medical Professors salary
  6.   [Public] 
  7.   [ PRIVATE :: Harvard ] ::,32.htm 

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