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    PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS THE FIRST (USA President) TO SUPPORT STEM CELL RESEARCH !   [ PDF ]  :: "He" wanted it Done Right - LIKE Mr. Gottleib ( at the USA FDA does )
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REGENEXX >  "magic beans" & and a "centrifuge platform" to go with them"     Susan's REGENEXX Research 
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h      https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/regenexx.1271965/  
 " lobelsteve said: ↑Paging Drusso. Paging Drusso. I'm in the Network. It's a flexible/lab-based processing platform that allows you to formulate and concentrate orthobiologics more than what is typically possible from a kit-based centrifuge system. I can't vouch for everything Chris writes on his blog, but I can attest a flexible tissue-processing platform is more useful than what most device managers are putting out there. -- drusso, Jul 28, 2017 "



 IN PROGRESS  >>> Review of Stem Cell Therapy ( RegeneXX, et al ) products STUDY [PDF]      Does Mr. Centeno make "medical claims" ?      YES or NO [ the choice is binary ]

      WHY doesn't Medicare pay for Mr. Centeno's "good", "safe", and "effective"  products?   WHY doesn't Mr. Centeno state HOW MUCH Regenexx cost?

     Has Mr. Centeno submitted FDA FORM "356h" yet?  YES or NO [ the choice is binary ]    Ms. Beth Duval (FDA Agent) has made the effort to HELP him.
     #### INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILLING OUT FORM FDA 356h ### < 7 pages Susan, in progress             Susan's 
Email to Mr. Centeno offering to assist him - for FREE [ PDF ]

   FDA FORM 356h ( link above) refers to a OMB form -upper right pg1 - (0910-0338 -pdf 3 pgs)  "OMB INFORMATION COLLECTION SUPPORTING STATEMENT 0910-0338"  < Susan's REVIEW in progress...
FDA Public Workshop on Patient-Focused Drug Development: Developing and Submitting Proposed Draft Guidance Relating to Patient Experience Data )   WHEN: Monday, March 19, 2018

 Ms. Phylliss Warkentin M.D. ; FACT CEO, PROFESSOR: University of Nevada MEDiCAL Center   &  FDA Stem Cell Featured Speaker        < plasmids > 
 FDA    Susan's Letter to the USA-FDA  [ PDF ] < USA-FDA Agents, please click here   - or here for Stiene M.D. related "RegeneXX" records      (FDA Reply)
  FTC  Can YOGA + "stem cell therapy" prevent and/or repair "age related" degeneration of muscles & tendons in humans? 
[Research publication - PDF ](12 pages)    NOTE: Susan also contacted the FTC - re: USA "Truth In Advertising" laws ( updates to come )  
 - Year 2008 + Compiled RESEARCH NOTES
 FACT  NOTE: Research (above) was performed byDepartment of Human GeneticsLeiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands     CONTACT   < To contact the people in the Netherlands [ in English]
 MAYO Susan's [ MRI technology images & South-Western, Ohio "radiologist" Dr. Keith Bidwell M.D.'s findings  ]  < USA-FDA agents click     FTC

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    Regenexx SCP (PRP)  ::  "... Henry Stiene, M.D. of Beacon Orthopaedics is "thrilled" to be the only physician (excluding spine) licensed in the TriState area to perform and treat patients with the Regenexx™ Family of Advanced Regenerative Medicine Procedures  which include concentrated PRP and Regenexx Stem Cell Treatments. Regenexx .. "    https://www.beaconortho.com/physician/henry-stiene-m-d/insights/    (   Susan's Letter to the USA-FDA  [ PDF ]  RE: >   Regenexx SCP (PRP   ) ::     ::   Contact  ME      

BEACON-Ortho  Mr. Henry Stiene M.D. announces - on his web site:  
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 Caution!  Henry MAY be  "FDA approved"
Let's give him the "benefit of the doubt" - until...

Is all PRP (platelet rich plasma) created equal?

As we learn more and more about this fascinating regenerative treatment, the answer is an unequivocal “no.”  The quality of platelet rich plasma (“PRP”) can vary widely depending on a number of important factors. We have been using PRP here at Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine since ...

Scientific Literature and Research regarding Stem Cells In Orthopaedics

There are three types of stem cells: embryonic, induced pluripotent, and adult stem cells. Adult stem cells are used in regenerative medicine around the world. Adult stem cells come in two “flavors”: hematopoietic, which form blood products of the human body and mesenchymal, which are responsible ...

Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT or Lyftogt Technique)

Written by Henry A. Stiene, M.D. Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT) is a proven safe, effective treatment for patients who may not be candidates for joint replacement surgery or biologic options such as stem cell injections or PRP.  Perineural injection therapy treats inflamed and injured nerves. ...

Regenexx Stem Cell Therapy

The Regenexx™ Family of Procedures: Henry Stiene, M.D. of Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is proud to be the only physician in the TriState area licensed to perform and treat patients with the Regenexx™ Family of Procedures, including concentrated PRP and Stem Cell Treatments. Regenexx ...

ercutaneous Needle Tenotomy

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common reasons patients seek orthopaedic care for the foot.  The plantar fascia is a tendon-like structure located on the sole of the foot that helps to support the arch.   Think of an electrical cable with thousands of individual fibers woven together. Excessive ...


Joint Fluid Therapy (Viscosupplementation)

Viscosupplementation Joint fluid therapy, or viscosupplementation, has long been an option for those suffering from osteoarthritis. There are many products available on the market, which have differing molecular makeup, but all have similar mechanism of action. Some use synthetic hyaluronic acid while ..

Amniotic “Stem Cell” Injections - Fact or Fiction?

What to Ask at an Amniotic Stem Cell Seminar Henry A. Stiene, M.D. There’s no shortage of amniotic stem cell seminars these days. Open up a paper from any major city across the U.S. or do a simple online search, and you’re likely to see an advertisement by a clinic or chiropractic group promoting ...


Prolotherapy (Proliferant Therapy)

Prolotherapy (short for proliferant therapy) treats pain arising from joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and the connective tissue that holds these structures together.  Pain from these structures may be due to injury, overuse, normal wear and tear (degeneration) and nerve injury or irritation. Prolotherapy ...

Elbow, Ankle & Foot Exercises and Stretches

Interested in a few easy exercises and stretches for your elbow, foot, or ankle?  Below are a few links to some basic movements you may find beneficial.  If you have not performed these activities before, be careful not to overdo it at first.  Some exercises require the use of a towel or band. Achilles ...

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