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LOCAL NEWS | DEC 22, 2020

Another MAGA Rally To Take Place In D.C. On The Day Congress Declares Election Results

Matt Blitz

... A daytime rally in support of President Donald Trump on Dec. 12 turned violent as the evening went on.

Tyrone Turner / DCist/WAMU

Another MAGA, pro-Trump rally is being planned for January 6, the third such one in less than two months, according to a National Park Service permit application.

This comes on the heels of a tweet from President Donald Trump over the weekend about a “big” protest happening that day and him asking supporters to “be there, will be wild.”

January 6 is the date set by law on which Congress counts the electoral votes and will declare Joe Biden president-elect and Kamala Harris vice-president-elect.

The application, obtained by DCist/WAMU, was originally filed on November 24 for January 22 and 23.
 ... That’s the weekend after the presidential inauguration. But it was amended for January 6 on Saturday, according to an NPS spokesperson.

The permit application was submitted by Women For America First, one of the organizations behind the last two D.C. rallies and a conservative group supporting the “America First” agenda.

[ "Women For America First"  :  

The application is for use of both Freedom Plaza and Lincoln Memorial. The expected attendance listed on the application is 5,000.

In response to a question on the application asking if it is expected that any “individual, group, or organization might seek to disrupt” the protest,
  organizers answered, “anyone who opposes conservatives, Trump supporters, or Republicans.”

At a Tuesday press conference, when asked about the planned protests, D.C.’s new police chief Robert Contee said
[ dcist.com/story/20/12/22/robert-j-contee-washington-dc-police-replace-chief-peter-newsham/ ]

that the city can anticipate similar road closures to the prior two protests.  [  twitter.com/maustermuhle/status/1341430567934578691  ]

Those previous closures  [ dcist.com/story/20/12/04/dc-protests-maga-rally-trump/  ]
included parts of Constitution Avenue, Independence Avenue, the 9th Street Tunnel, and the 12th Street Tunnel.

“We want to see peaceful protests in our city,” Contee said Tuesday.

On both November 14   [  dcist.com/story/20/11/14/stabbing-maga-protest-downtown-dc/  ]

and December 12,  [ dcist.com/story/20/12/12/trump-supporters-counterprotesters-clash-ahead-of-rallies-five-arrests-made/  ]

rallies turned particularly destructive and violent at night. 

During this month’s event, four people were stabbed and members of the Proud Boys — a far-right group linked to white nationalism that the FBI defines as an extremist group — were seen roaming the streets assaulting bystanders.

During the night, protesters also tore down and burned Black Lives Matter banners belonging to local predominantly Black D.C. churches.
... Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio later claimed responsibility for burning one of the banners. D.C. police are investigating the incidents as hate crimes.

Further details about the rallies will be submitted on December 31, according to the application.

[National Park Service] NPS often doesn’t provide the actual permit to organizers until the week of the event.

This story originally appeared on DCist.  [  dcist.com/story/20/12/22/dc-maga-trump-rally-women-for-america-first/  ]  

This post has been updated to correct the text of President Trump’s tweet.

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