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The "two tier"[2] [3] “Rich & Poor” differences [that] I witnessed - as a child - growing up in the "inner-city" - where "NON-duplicating" was also ok  - [article] by Susan Marie [CassAdy]-Neuhart  Date: 3-31-2019

  In fact, I “grew up” [1954 – 1973].  in a part of Columbus, Ohio - called "the bottoms"[1]  My father (Milo Gerald Cassady - born 1902) was one of the first people - in America - to die (in 1964) from a disease - called Mesothelioma.[4] Soon after he died - the doctors [that] had “treated” him - did request of my mother: “IF [they] could 'cut him open one more time’ - to investigate?" My mother “horrified” told them [the doctors ] "NO! If you don't know what killed him - Well - you ain't going looking into him now - to find out."  

  When I was older - she told me (still grief-stricken) "Susie - the teachers say [that] you are "real smart”. Someday, you tell me - what you find out - if, you “find out anything". I promised, that I would. And, I think [that] I (eventually) did. My mother collected his “Social Security "survivor's benefits”[5] - AND, because - he was performing work - for the Columbus Public Schools [removing asbestos insulation – on “contract”] - she was also able to collect a small monthly sum from the Ohio School Employees System. [7] She "rented" housing (in the “bottoms”) for those (of us) still living at home - then (about 5 total). 

  In fact, I saw schools - that were not "Columbus Public Schools" [8] - [where] the school house had rooms that looked like palace rooms. The "chalkboards" were not broken. The chairs and the desks were not broken. The windows - in the class rooms - had screens. And, because these “non-public” school had (then) fancy "air conditioning" [9]- it was not even necessary to open the windows. I saw “athletic practice fields” - that were very different - than those at my "public" school. I saw "marching bands" (that "visited" – on special athletic buses - with their team)- where everybody [in the band] actually had an instrument. I saw football teams (that visited) - where all of the team players had suits, helmets and pads. Even the ones that stayed – on the bench [10] – waiting to play. I watched high school "wrestling" events - at the fancy “non-duplicated, non-public schools” (Just like Mr. Sanders approves of – in “his” Bill Senate. 1408) - that were held in a high school gymnasiums - that had unblemished and shining wooden floors - AND, real "wrestling" mats. [11] The mats were “thick” – with the school’s name emblazoned on them.

  We need “Socialized Medicine”! – That is,  a system of HealthCare for every American – NOT, a “FOR PROFIT system” controlled by the USA Health INSURANCE Industry.  WE NEED A BILL LIKE THIS [12]. MY Bill (not introduced to Congress yet) makes it “illegal” to sell Health Insurance in the USA. The AMA - and others - are going to "fight like hell" - to STOP a system - like mine.

Mr. Sander’s Bill S.1804 – protects the USA Health INSURANCE Industry - by permitting THEM a “NON-duplicative” legal distinction.

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 BERNIE Sanders'    S.1804 - Medicare for All Act of 2017
( https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-bill/1804 )

SEC. 107.

"... (b) ... Nothing in this Act shall be construed as prohibiting

the sale of health insurance coverage for any additional benefits not

covered by this Act, including additional benefits that an employer may

provide to employees or their dependents, or to former employees or

their dependents ..."

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