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 ACTION TAKEN :  On or about year 1976, the Defendant - (then legally named) Susan Marie Burton (nee "CassAdy") - did [in the full view of many seated  "Hoffman House Restaurant" patrons - did throw the contents of a serving glass - containing liquid ( H2O  - "water") onto a belligerent, white, male, patron [name UNknown ] - for [allegedly] - "provoking" her - by smugly saying :  "If you can't stand the heat - get out of the kitchen!" - AND - touching her arm.

 1. "... 1970 - 1979 ... The Ramada Inn and Hoffman House restaurant opens at 3431 Milton Ave [Green Bay, Wisconsin]. ..." [A] 
 2. Defendant [ now 67 yo and named [Susan M. Neuhart (nee Cassady, Burton)] was a resident of Green Bay, Wisconsin [circa 1975 - 1982  
 3. Defendant is the biological mother of Mrs. Dawn Marie Danielson (nee Burton) - attorney - former USA-FBI agent. 
 4. Defendant lived - in a single-family home - on Hoffman Road, Green Bay, WI - near the East River crossing
(at the time of the incident)
  - with her child and husband.

 5. Defendant chose to divorce her biological child's  father - after, learning (although a female) she had an aptitude to create algorithms - for computers.
 6. Defendant needed to earn money - to pay attorney fees and provide food, child-care - and housing - for herself and her female child - as the Wisconsin divorce process unfolded.
 X. Defendant - unable to find employment - as an "experienced" Union Krogers Retail Clerk - opted to accept employment as a "waitress".
 Y. Defendant was required to wear a "uniform" - which, made her appear to be an "alpine forest maiden".  
 Z. Defendant has never been to an "alpine forest" - or Slovenia (where such forests exist).
 7. Defendant was 23 years old, 5'6" tall - weight 120 pounds. She had prominent Scotch-Irish (ethnic) features, long brown hair AND large brown eyes. 
8. It is alleged (by Defendant) - she did (the previously described "ACTION" - in reflex - after the patron - in addition to smug statement -  (also) touched her arm.
9. The Defendant - simultaneously stated [very loudly that day ] ... "OH! I CAN STAND THE HEAT - HOW ABOUT YOU?"
10. In fact, D's aim was so "perfect";  the other WHITE, male, patrons - also seated at the restaurant "6-top rounder" table - did not get wet.
 A. Defendant is the  [paternal cousin of Howard 'hopalong' CassAdy :Heisman Trophy 1955] : Her father (Milo Gerald Cassady 1902-1964) is the brother of Pearl Cassady - who is the father of Howard Cassady. Pearl, Milo and Francis [ a third brother ] were raised on a farm - near Columbus, Ohio.
D's mother is Mary Elizabeth Cassady (nee Sprouse  1916 - 1984) Mary was raised - in "indentered servitude" - at the Franklin County, Ohio "Children's Home.
11. [THEY - the other patrons - seated at the table] laughed - and, together - left a $100 (one-hundred) US Dollar "tip" [3] . 
 12. All patrons - seated at the table [the specific site of the incident] - abruptly - left the scene - of the incident. 
 13. [THEY - the other patrons] were not pursued - by a Green Bay Police Officer. Nor, was one summoned (related to the incident).
14.  [Defendant believes all the WHITE, male patrons: finished their meals - served (previous to the incident)] - and, paid in full.
 15. The Defendant was not "fired" - related to the incident.
The restaurant "Floor Manager" stated  - "...Because, I saw - and heard - the whole thing. She [Susan] was justified - in her reaction - to being touched and treated rudely. ... On the other hand ( he sympathized with the male patron: Susan [a Scotch/Irish person]  is 'assertive' - and 'attractive' ( BY GREEN bAY, wISCONSIN standards) - which, is 'provocative' to some men. ... and perceived as "haughty"  [ Susan went on to be an 'A' student - at UWGB; where she programmed the VAX/VMS Computer - to earn her "work-study" award. At her graduation - in 1982 - she met - and soon married - the man of her choice - at the NCR Corporation [ E&M Cambridge, Ohio. She caused him to chase her - until she captured him. She has been with him since. 
 19.  The Hoffman House Restaurant did offer (in an effort to make [the victim] "legally whole" - to clean & press - his business suit (that day). 
 20. He accepted. 
 21. The Defendant (then) subsequently enrolled "full-time"  in the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay campus - and, the rest is herstory. [4, 5, 6] 
 22. The Defendant - now 67 years old - has no remorse - for her actions. She loves to tell this story. 


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   "... 1970 - 1979...The Ramada Inn and Hoffman House restaurant open at 3431 Milton [Green Bay, Wisconsin]. ..."
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 Transcript : https://hansandcassady.org/Transcript-Images.html


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