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           YOU see, to save her life, Susan's brain was operated on [ circa 12-18-2012 ]; "full craniotomy" due to "stroke"  Anuerysm at her MCA by MD - neurosurgeon Victor Perry (for more than 8+ hours).  

Dr. Perry's skill saved Susan's life.  Now, the human brain contains special cells ( called ganglion. )

These cells [ brain tissue groups really ] can be damaged during a surgery.  The question is: Can "exercising" the brain - by building a web site (  FOR EXAMPLE ) - can this human endeavor "repair" "damaged" areas of the human brain? 

Clearly, the human body can be "re-built" after damage.  In fact, Susan was very good - at building HTML "web site" pages - before her stroke.  In fact, she did lots of "high-tech" stuff - all over America.  Can she re-learn HTML coding?   ( See Research &  See: National Stroke Association )
<  Prior to her move - to Dayton, Ohio - Susan had a very excellent Neurologist:  MD Xiaosong Zhao ( in Columbus, OH ). Dr. Zhao (Song) is from China - like Susan's former employer & friend (Dr. Jiayuan Fang PhD) is.  Thus, building this web site is an ongoing "experiment"- "suggested" only by Dr. Zhao.  

That is, Hans [ Susan's husband ] (at Dr. Zhao's suggestion) bought Susan a URL ( via GoDaddy ) for her birthday.  Dr. Zhao is affiliated with Ohio State University - and Ohio Health.   Dr. Zhao began Susan's Physical Therapy regime (in earnest) - by requesting her to "touch her toes". She wobbled -  but, she slowly did it. Then, Dr. Zhao requested Susan - to -please - walk down a hall-way and return. He observed her closely. He reviewed her MRI images, etc.  Today, Susan performs 27 approved YOGA poses (daily) - under her husband's watchful eye.

< Susan's Central OhiO "primary care" physician [ Ms. Julianne Brackin, DO - Columbus, OhiO ] - also contributed to Susan's PT regime. She gave Susan a list of neck exercises - and, she instructed Susan to perform them daily. Hans helped & encouraged Susan everyday. Then, Dr. Brackin encouraged Susan to try to stop taking prescription "pain relievers". Dr. Brackin's "encouragement" - guidance - and influence was amazing. Today, Susan uses only ALEVE YOGA (that's it!).  All persons who have a stroke - should consider YOGA - but, only at the suggestion of their medical doctor - should they perform YOGA.  

 CAUTION: Yoga poses can be performed incorrectly; And, this can cause problems - such as "tears" & leakage to human body bursa.


TODAY, Doctor  Lizbeth Bible, M.D., Inc. is Susan's Dayton, Ohio area "Primary Care" doctor>    Existing Patients(937) 280-4969 
     https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-lizbeth-bible-28c9n  < Learn more about Dr. Bible 

PDF ]Prepared for: Mr. Joel Vandersluis, M.D.     

Today, Susan performs her Medical Doctor recommended "PT" - most days - at the Kleptz YMCA - near Dayton, OhiO.   You can observe Susan performing her 27 approved YOGA poses ( there ) daily ( for free ) - if you want to. [ Purchase a 'Y' membership here ]. 

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