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   The making of an FBI agent (part 1)   

 In the USA, parents ( of very young children) face two big questions - which, our children will inevitably ask: 
1) Where did I come from?  
2) What will I be?

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  I first encountered these questions - from my daughter - when she was about 6 years old.  This would have been about 1978.  And, at that time, I was a full-time student - at  the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay campus [UWGB] - and, just learning about the DNA helix. The concepts of: MetaphaseAnaphaseTelophase, Prophase and Interphase had just been presented (to me) by (the) Dr. [Professor] Charles Ihrke.  ( see Mitosis & Meiosis )  Thus, on "that day" - I told my daughter what I knew [ to be the truth ] - that is, what I had just been "taught" - during a scientific lecture - at UWGB.  Obviously, my answer ( a regurgitated lecture) was long and complicated - for any person - let alone a six year old; However, my daughter ( a future FBI agent & leader ) was patient. And, she listened as I talked and drew pictures. In the coming days - we covered "God" [one of her father's "girlfriends" - we were divorced - had told her about that; and, other "deep" subjects.]  I remember telling my daughter - "that no one could live in clouds - as she had been told. We were to heavy!"  She also ask me - "What are you? I mean (she clarified), What do you do?"  "And, what is daddy?" "I know 'grandma' works in a place - sometimes - where they make things - she stated. [ She meant the McCoy Pottery shop. ] Her "grand-mother" was Ms. Clara Burton. I answered my daughter that "I was a college-student". I took her to UWGB - with me - several times. I let her look through a microscope. She met Dr. Alice Goldsby and Dr. Nancy Sell.  I also remember the day - soon after - she confronted me. "Now, Mom! - I know all about the 'sperm' and the 'egg'. I have got it. You have made this clear!" Then, she tapped her finger on the table space - between us.  "Mom! What I want to know is - How do the sperm and the egg get together?"  I recall gasping - a bit - and chuckling. For clearly, this really was the question - and, had been so - all along.  I began.  I explained about the penis - and, that only men had this part - and, the "girl-parts" - that only we - "us women" - had.  I told her that "we were special."  Her eyes - already big - grew bigger. Her stare (at me) grew even more intense. I told her of the "event".  That is, exactly - how it was that the sperm and the egg got together.  At the end of my graphic ( yet scientific ) explanation, we were silent. Still staring at each other. Then, she looked away. She stretched. She took a deep breath. And then, she ask me: "Did daddy do that to you?" I nodded - in the affirmative - and stated "yes".

 My daughter - in addition to being an excellent employee - for me - at my company ( Hans & Cassady, Inc.) - was also ( for a time ) the "technology lead & Director of Operations" for the f35-Joint-Strike-Fighter. ;  Lockheed Martin Today, she works at the USA FBI. See Jim Rybicki .  

 Mr. Rybicki is her current "boss" - or, I am certain - he tries to be.  As all of my sisters - will agree - it is very difficult to "boss" a "Cassady" woman. As descendants of Ms. Zora Elizabeth Miller-Sprouse- Roby (1883-1953), we were born to "head butt".

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