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  To 'TWEET" you must "Sign up" for - AND use - the "Twitter" technology platform.   
Our generation went to the moon - YOU can do this!

 You will need: 

  1. A computer with monitor
  2. Ability to use point and click "User Interface" ( That is, Ability to "see" "User Interface" ) [ Susan wears glasses. I survived a stroke - but am rehabilitated ... ]
  3. Ability to enter symbols and alpha-numeric characters to "User Interface" [ Usually, a keyboard - with required character keys - comes with the computer.]
  4. Access to the Internet ( "Internet access" is sold by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) - using various "networking technologies".  NCR MIRLAN  )
  5. A "browser" > "Safari" "Edge" "Chrome" ...  [ NOT herbivore  ]
  6. A telephone number AND an Email address. Neither (of these) can be "fake" [ or, belong to your neighbor ]. Twitter Technology knows, verifies & confirms.
  7. Access to the telephone that is associated with that number ( to receive 'confirmation' )
  8. AND, Access to the Email that is associated with that Email address ( to receive 'confirmation' )
  9. A Name (50 characters or less) - This can be a fanciful name - examples: Superman, Gypsy, DawnZER-BawnZer, Porkchop, Pumpkin, etc.
 10. A "Date of birth" Month Day Year - Users must not be a child; however, Donald J. Trump - with "child-like" tendencies - is eligible. 
 11. A "password" consisting of 8 characters - or more - Your "browser" [Chrome] will remember it for YOU; or, Twitter will permit YOU to make a new one.
 12.  A "profile picture". This is a computer device image file or "capture" of YOU - preferably : created using iPhone, GoPro camera, "AVATAR" by mate:
[ JPEG (or JPG) - Joint Photographic Experts Group, PNG - Portable Network Graphics,
            GIF - Graphics Interchange Format, TIFF - Tagged Image File, PSD - Photoshop Document,
            PDF - Portable Document Format, EPS - Encapsulated Postscript, AI - Adobe Illustrator Document,
            INDD - Adobe Indesign Document,  RAW - Raw Image Formats ] - Do NOT use your neighbor's photo - without obtaining their written permission. My husband made my "avatar". 

 13. A "fun" description of yourself - clarifying, why you are "special" ( 160 keyboard characters or less ).  Must be reasonably accurate! 
        Example: Former President, married & abused three women, impregnated all, fat, lost election & money, fired scientists, released SARS-COV-2 virus, caused pandemic, divorced three times, impeached, used military to increase Brand awareness ... others - to numerous to mention ... 
 14. Ability to understand - "Internet Tracking" (  ) 
 15. Ability to understand and agree to - Twitter "Terms of Service" document - down load OR read ON-line [ ]
 16. Ability to understand and agree to - Twitter "Privacy Policy" document - down load OR read ON-line [ ]
 17. Ability to understand and agree to - Twitter  "Cookie Use" ( These are not cookies we eat - or, bake for others! ) [ ]
 18. Ability to see the Email - containing "verification code" that will be sent (to You) - by Twitter Technology Company
 19. Ability to record "code" sent to your telephone and Email ( THUS, piece of paper & pencil, "mate" OR very good memory) 
 20. Ability to select options presented - with NO FEAR: News, Music, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Culture, Politics, Science ... ( Not available in Putin's Russia )
 21. Ability to decide to "follow" already existing Twitter users ( Businesses, Politicians, People and dogs, cats, birds, etc. )
 22. Ability to decide - to be "notified" - re: "What's happening" - according to statistical "Trend" data software - that monitors the Internet.
 23. Ability to confirm you are NOT a "robot" device - by using "GOOGLE Captcha challenge" AND telephone number provided.
 24. Ability to let people to "connect" to you - using "Twitter" technology platform. ( ) 
 25. Ability to "Skip" - when required to. ( This is not - the same as "skipping" at the Kleptz YMCA.
 26. Ability to "Log in" - to Twitter - after you have selected the "Log out" option. (  )
 27. Ability to contain your excitement - if you succeed. (  "I'm so excited" by Pointer Sisters - video  )
 28. Ability to try again - if you fail. 

                  TIP: Twitter "tweet" - spell check, etc.

h h Senior Americans can use Twitter - to keep "in touch" & found countries  h h
  Senior Americans can use Twitter - to keep "in touch" & found countries   < SOURCE of "live" links below...

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