Date: 7-3-2020

Subject: Biden "Health Plan" & Requested ENDORSEMENT

TO: Joe Biden  ::  CC: Tom Perez

 Dear "Presumptive Democratic nominee" - Joe Biden, 

 Thank you for your remarks - at Lancaster, PA - on Thursday, June 25, 2020 - and, your request for "endorsement - via the Democratic National Committee (cut and paste -of request - following).

  I look forward to reviewing your "new proposal" - for US Health Care - you spoke of  - at that time.

 Sir,  I feel that (the) 8.5 per cent (you did suggest) is to high. American Health CARE - should be "free" - for all USA citizens. I do not - and, may never - qualify as a "poor American"; Because, of my profession - before my retirement - and, my husband (of 38+ years). In fact, I was forced to "retire" - related to an SAH@MCA stroke - I did suffer - in December of 2012. I am doing physically well - at this time. In fact, Jill (your wife) and I have much in common - based on her Wikipedia page. I was (also) involved in education. My husband [Hans] is a Medical & Scientific Illustrator. 

 SIR, I endorse you ( with reservation)  - at this time - on my web site: https://hansandcassady.org/  

 That is,  I prefer to hold - my "FULL endorsement" - until, I see your "new proposal" - for US Health Care.

 Please trust, [that] I will "shred" it - on my personal web site (here); Which, as you may know - means (today) - explain and "hyper-link" the hell out of it.

  Joe, It is obvious, [that] you are a better choice than Donald Trump. However, Donald may NOT be the Republican nominee. Consider - nearly all of his "Trump Brands" are headed south [Forbes]. I returned to being a "Software Technical Writer" - in 1996 - when the "market" - for my 'business services' - provided by my company: Hans & CassAdy, Inc. changed. We sold our 8,000 square foot office building: 5761 Chandler Ct., Westerville, Ohio. At that time - this was the "practical" thing to do. The Republican Party will select its presidential nominee at the 2020 Republican National Convention, which is being held from August 24-27, 2020. To select a "racist" - who supports Putin's payment of a "bounty" - to kill American soldiers, etc. - is beyond the pale. Are the Republicans - that stupid?  Please - at least - consider [that] "Donald" - may not be your opponent. Mr. John Bolton will be continuing his "book tour". Trump's niece has a book coming out. Donald may chalk it ALL up to: "... an ungrateful nation ..."


MY POSITION - ON HEALTH CARE - IS CLEAR - AND INFORMED.  I drafted a bill - for placement into the Congressional "hopper". I will assist your staffers [for free] - to draft any needed Health CARE Bill language - as my "contribution" - to your bid - to be our USA President. Which, I hope this will not be misconstrued - by the IRS. The last time - I performed "paid" work - for someone - I charged $70 US Dollars - per hour - on a 40 hour work week basis. ( About Susan - Education & Resume' ) Please use my Contact form - and, supply an Email address - so that we might work together. "Donald" is aware - of my Health CARE ideas [also] - as I sent them (to him) - in 2017. He did NOT respond - that, I am aware of.

 Again, a true "Republican Conservative" [such a John Bolton] - realizes [that] Medical Doctors - are not "special". Thus, redefining the "mythology" - that surrounds their activities - will be required. I can be of assistance - in this area - also - as, I went to school - with nursing candidates & and, Pre-MED - at UWGB. And, was invited to pursue - education - beyond a BS in Environmental Science (1982) - related to my interest in Genetics and independent research - in molecular hybridization - related to the interferon molecules - and, their activity. 

 IN FACT,  United States "Universal Health CARE" is "affordable" AND Will be "successful" ...
 IF -  (
A) all United States Medical Licensed Doctors are permitted to work [ONLY] in licensed and inspected State & Federal hospital facilities; 
 for an annual salary - AND, (
B) they are required to work no more AND no less than 40 hours per week.

 My extensive research - presented [ https://hansandcassady.org/Health_CARE.html ] shows: 

 1. ALL "for profit" US Health Insurance "marketplaces' - must be eliminated.

 2. United States Medical Licensed [USML] Doctors should NOT be permitted - in any manner - to participate in "FOR PROFIT" Healthcare or Medicine "profit-based" entities [ including stock ownership].
 3. The annual salary of any United States Medical Licensed Doctor - should NOT excede the salary paid to the Medical Teaching Professionals - who taught them their craft. [At American Public Universities - such as: Ohio State university, university of Wisconsin, etc.]

4.  The American Medical Association (AMA) should be placed onto a "Terrorist Organization" watch list - as, the time has come to "take the starch out of them" - as President Harry S. Truman said "we" would do (in 1945). That was when he first presented the idea of Universal Health CARE & Medicare. 

Best of Luck - Sir! - Susan 

  ********* REQUEST FOR "ENDORSEMENT" FROM DNC HQ **************

Subject    I am asking you to endorse Joe Biden, Susan
From    DNC HQ 

source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ActBlue
"...  ActBlue is a nonprofit technology organization established in June 2004 that enables ... "nonprofits" to raise money on the Internet by providing them with online fundraising software. Its stated mission is to "empower small-dollar donors" ... ActBlue does not endorse individual candidates. ...  Groups that use ActBlue pay a 3.95% credit card processing fee. ... ActBlue was founded in 2004 by Benjamin Rahn and Matt DeBergalis. In ... Bernie Sanders' 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns used ActBlue for contributions. 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden has also used ActBlue for fundraising. ... In 2019, the Republican Party created a rival platform, WinRed, to counter ActBlue's strength in small-donor fundraising.  ..."

Date    2020-06-14 15:13  [ June 14, 2020 at 3:13 PM]


Susan --

Today, I'm asking you to add your name to a growing list of Democrats who've officially endorsed Joe Biden.
 Joe Biden possesses the compassionate, experienced leadership our country needs right now. He's a lifelong public servant. 

He understands the responsibility of holding public office and will put the interests of working families first.

 With the election fewer than five months away, it is crucial that our party comes together right now -- and that starts with putting our collective support behind Joe Biden today. ...Together, we can come together and build the strong, unified party it will take to be victorious in November.

... Add your name to the DNC's list today and tell us why you officially throw your support behind Vice President Joe Biden: ... Susan, it is crucial that every Democrat firmly demonstrates their support for Joe Biden at this early stage in the general election. ... Frankly, this is when our help will make the biggest impact, and we simply cannot afford to miss this window of opportunity.  ... The stakes are far too high. ... We need as many folks as possible to stand up today, so I'm counting on you. ... Add your name to endorse Vice President Joe Biden today.  Then tell us why you think it is so important that we put a Democrat in the White House and elect Democrats nationwide. 
 ... I wouldn't be asking if it weren't so important to our success in November. 

 [ WRONG! As the "Director of Online Fundraising - for the Democratic National Committee" - it is what you are paid to do. And, you choose to use "ACTblue" - which is a "software platform".  ]

  Clarke Humphrey : Director of Online Fundraising - Democratic National Committee

NOTE: Clarke Humphrey APPEARS TO BE A HUMAN FEMALE* - "ACTblue" is a software platform. 


 - https://medium.com/@TheDemocrats/the-dnc-is-ready-to-win-this-november-thanks-to-the-grassroots-d4a862a256c0  
 - https://www.facebook.com/clarke.humphrey 

Barack Obama : https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/06/22/881629132/lgbtq-clinics-sue-trump-administration-over-discrimination-in-trans-health-care

Biden Health Plan

 - SOURCE:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/biden-attacks-trump-on-health-care-warns-his-administrations-attack-on-the-aca-could-hurt-millions/2020/06/25/c6dc77b0-b682-11ea-aca5-ebb63d27e1ff_story.html  

SOURCE:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/biden-attacks-trump-on-health-care-warns-his-administrations-attack-on-the-aca-could-hurt-millions/2020/06/25/c6dc77b0-b682-11ea-aca5-ebb63d27e1ff_story.html   
"... [Joe Biden] said Thursday that he will outline a new proposal “in the next few weeks” to guarantee that no one would have to spend more than 8.5 percent of their income on health insurance. Poor Americans would pay even less. ... During a Tuesday night fundraiser with Obama, the duo argued for building on the original measure. “Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, was always designed, as has been true with all major big social welfare initiatives, to be a starter home, a foundation to build off of,” Obama said. “We know it was imperfect. It was what we could get at the time.” ..."

 SOURCE: https://www.history.com/news/harry-truman-universal-health-care   

 "... [SEE] letter ... President Harry S. Truman's response to a letter from his friend, Ben Turoff, in which Turoff criticized Truman's proposal for national health insurance. In his reply, Truman denies that his program is "socialized medicine," and asserts that the American Medical Association has misrepresented his efforts to provide government health insurance for middle-income Americans. ... But during a time of mounting fear of socialism, the American Medical Association (AMA) campaigned against the plan, concerned about doctors losing autonomy to government. ... Some of the propaganda took the form of comic strips featuring lines of patients stretching outside clinics and a robot delivering health care. Although Truman made it clear the U.S. plan would not mirror the National Health Program in Britain, that seed of fear that doctors would become subject to politicians had been planted. Other medical organizations latched on to the AMA stance, including the American Dental Association (ADA) and the National Physicians Committee. A telegram from May 31, 1947 to “physicians” and “dentists” from the National Physicians Committee warned: “Shall the independent professional status of physicians, dentists, nurses and medical technicians be maintained or—will you become a servant of a government agency taking orders from a departmental bureaucrat?” ... At one point Truman wrote to a congressman, “At the proper time, we will take the starch out of them,” referring to the AMA. ..."