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The present instrument shall be deposited in original in the archives of the League of Nations and certified copies shall be forwarded by the Secretary-General of the League of Nations to all Members of the League.

Done at London the twenty-fourth day of July, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-two.

Certified true copy:

* Nineteenth Session of the Council
Thirteenth Meeting
Held at St James' Palace, London on July 24th, 1922, at 3.p.m

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 Dear ISRAEL Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ISRAEL Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and ISRAEL War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz & others,  My name is Susan Neuhart. I am an American.  

 I am aware of your Press Conference [on Saturday  11-18-2023] - reported in the Press here:
(  )

 As an American - born in 1954 - I want to express my sincere condolences to ALL the People of Israel - harmed by the "HAMAS" terrorist activity of October 7th, 2023 - and, even before this date. (The UN placed YOU guys in a tough neighborhood.) I am a non-practicising Christian American - raised 1954 to 1972 (in Columbus, Ohio, USA). After that - I was married and educated, lived and worked - all over the USA. I am a graduate of UWGB [BS Environmental Science 1982] - and a retired Software Engineering Technical Writer: NCR, GE, Battelle Research, SIGRITY EDA. Today - I live with my husband - of 42+ years ( Artist, Hans Neuhart ). We are both of Scotch-Irish and German ancestry.

 We know little of Israel - except, I have been browsing your interesting history. [links below]

I have worked with Jewish Americans - in my work-places. I also hired "Jewish people" - at our business: "Hans & CassAdy, Inc." We provided digital graphics for American college textbooks. They were talented artists and good employees. At General Electric & Battelle Research - I worked with several Engineers - from the Middle East. My younger sister - married a man - from IRAQ [who had helped the American Military]. They had my niece and nephew. 

 "IDEA" =  I have developed an HTML page - that presents an Idea of a way to deal with the population of GAZA. 
                      [  - this page] 

 I state it briefly - on the page:

(  I point out how the OSLO Accords "disarmed" the Palestinians. )

 Obviously, my idea MAY be "impractical".  But, my articulated "idea ALSO provides a "foil" - which YOU can comment against - should you choose. 

I.E.  I am not "vague" - as some of your critics are.  Indeed, I grew up in "inner-city" Columbus. I was a skinny, white girl - during the 1960s.
  ... I liked to read and answer questions. Thus, a pack of white boys attacked me - when I reported on John Howard Griffin's book: "BLACK LIKE ME" - in my 5th Grade class.  My Mom (to her credit!) - dusted me off and sent me on to school. One of thirteen children ( Mrs. Mary Elizabeth CassAdy [nee Miller-Sprouse] 1916-1987 ) - was mostly raised in the Ohio Franklin County Children's HOME - so, she did not starve. I am number 5 - of the 7 children [that] she had with my father: Milo Gerald CassAdy: 1902 -1964; ( He was a "General Contractor" - who specialized in applying wall-paper to Central Ohio homes.) He was often required to rebuild the wall surface - which he could do. Thus, he encountered a lot of "asbestos" - before - its dangers were known.

I cover Hamas Commander >  Mahmoud Al-Zahar - on my HTML page also. I hope our American Military is assisting YOU to get him -in Iran!  The Natanz facility - has got to go! ( )  

 Sincerely & the BEST Of LUCK TO YOU & the Forces YOU Command!  - Susan & Hans Neuhart  ( typical Americans ) 

 SOURCE: "Hatem Ali/AP", Image FROM:

  "Contact" Tony Anthony Blinken ( )  - < CONTACT FORM*
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  Dear Mr. Blinken (Antony) - My HTML page detailing a way the Palestinians - could participate in the quest - for their own land AND assist Israel (SIMULTANEOUSLY) is "drafted".
  SEE: :: "United States Security Coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authority"
 > Lieutenant General (LTG) Michael R. Fenzel 
> mailto: ( AMERICAN > )   ::

  "Contact" "Mahmoud Abbas" -  ::   - 
 Chief of Staff and Office Manager: Intisar Abu Amara ::  ::  
President Diplomatic Advisor:  Majdi Khaldi ::
 Copy ISRAEL OFFICES : [ :: ] 

Dear President of the State of Palestine & Advisors ( Mahmoud Abbas, Majdi Khaldi, Intisar Abu Amara  ... )

 I am a Citizen of the United States ( born in Ohio [1954] - to an American "German" Mother ( Mary Cassady - nee Sprouse) - AND, a Scottish Father (Milo CassAdy). I have copied Anthony "ANTONY" Blinken - THE US SECRETARY OF STATE [ Antony J. Blinken ]
 AND - his "coordinator" for Israel-and-the-Palestinian-authority [ web page & stated "mission" here ]

 Now - It is my understanding [that] Mr. Blinken - US Secretary Of State - did recently meet with you.  If he stated it - I am the source (or one source) - of the idea - to "arm" the GAZA Palestinians - to kill Hamas agents. ( I WILL SHARE MORE DETAILS HEREIN.)

   My "idea" is based on some things - [that] Tony Blinken - may NOT know - or, did not state.

 1. Long ago (I am 69 yo) - there was a debate - in America - RE: Gun Ownership. One point of argument - WAS - IF we make "Gun Ownership" too difficult - THEN, only the "bad guys" will have guns. ( Indeed, this came to pass - in Gaza.) That is, the "OSLO Accords" dis-armed the Gaza Palestinians [for reasons a,b,c ] - AND, only the Hamas ( the "bad guys") have guns [TODAY].
 ... I realize [that] YOU [
Mahmoud Abbas ]  lead a group ( called "Fatah" ) - which fought with the HAMAS. - Battle of Gaza (2007)
NOTE: My knowledge - of you - is not deep or broad _ I am a retired American - who worked in the High Technology - as a Programmer & writer.
  2. As a student [in college - UWGB 1978-1982] - I experienced, ordinary American citizens [farmers, factory workers, City Employees, etc.] stalking the Wisconsin USA woods and fields - with guns - to hunt Deer and Bear.  I was (then) a petite and skinny human - but, I was permitted to accompany the men - one time. On a cold winter day, I had a shot gun. It was loaded. And, I was left sitting on a tree stump - near the truck. The thought was: IF "SHE" GETS COLD - [THEN] "SHE" CAN GET INTO THE TRUCK. Their "discrimination - was "practical - so I did not object. However, the "hunt" was ruined - for everyone - when I fired my "bird-shot" loaded gun - at a "13-stripe gopher" - that hectored me- from a nearby stump. My shot took out the rotted stump, the gopher - and, brought the men running - to inquire - of my well-being: 'Susan, are you OK?";
Thereby - running off and scaring away - every deer - for miles.

 3. Thus, many Americans will understand - for YOU to make an agreement - with the Israelis [that] "IF THEY WILL "ARM YOUR GAZA PALESTINIAN PEOPLE" - THEN - YOUR PALESTINIANS WILL DELIVER - THE "HAMAS" TERRORISTS - TO THEM - AS AMERICANS - DELIVER "TAGGED BEAR AND DEER" - TO  USA "WEIGH STATIONS". )  I do not mean to be maCabre - as my German husband - of 41+ years - has just teased me; But, Americans do understand - having to "fight" - for your "rights". 
WE began that way! 
"No taxation without representation!" We fired our guns "song"  

 (shown "Buck Pole" for "deer hanging" ). 

( Hamas Leader: Mahmoud Zahar (ALSO) Mahmoud al-Zahar  >  ) ;  "... Entire Planet Will Be Under Our Law, Warns Hamas Commander Mahmoud Al-Zahar; ... has called for world domination by his forces, saying that Israel is only the first target.  ..."


  As an American [born and raised in Ohio] - I see "Hamas" as the "bad actors" - of October 7, 2023. Thus, they must be eliminated - without mercy - as we Americans sought to eliminate Al Qaeda & ISIS. But, How to do this - without killing "innocent Palestinians"? AND, which "Palestinians" are innocent? 

What exactly are "Palestinians"? The Israelis may know; But, please understand, To "Americans" - You all look alike!; As surely - Americans ALL SEEM SIMILAR - TO YOU! 

Surely - ANY bad actor - toward the area given to Israel (by the UN) - is not "innocent"; Surely, any state - giving aid and comfort to these "bad actors" - in the area - given to Israel (by the UN) - is not innocent. AND surely - the "Good Palestinians" deserve their own land - assigned (to them) - (by the UN). 

 At this moment - the "innocent Palestinians" - and Hamas are contained (mostly) in an area known as GAZA. 
( There are some Hamas in other areas also. )
 At this moment - "Gaza" (the area) is isolated from Israel by water, trenches and fences. 

 It is my understanding, the "Oslo Accords" removed the guns - from "innocent Palestinians". Instead, the PLO & Fatah was supposed - to protect them. This did not work - because Fatah did not have resources. Hamas defeated Fatah (in a war) - Battle of Gaza (2007) - AND, in time, "Hamas" - supported by Iran - ruled Gaza and the "innocent Palestinians". 

hhh  ( )hhh  h

 In America, every year - citizens arm themselves with guns and purchase "tags" - to participate in a "licensed means" to shoot whitetail deer, bear, rabbit and other wildlife. ( The "license fee" affords a small army - of "Game Wardens" - to enforce rules. ) ...

After a successful hunt and kill - the dead "tagged" Deer (for example) is taken to a "weigh station" - for record keeping - and trophy potential & determination. The dead "tagged" Deer - with the largest antlers, the largest & heaviest deer killed - these & various aspects of the kill event & killed creature - are awarded prizes. )

 MY BASIC IDEA [Which YOU and the Israelis can improve upon]  IS TO - SIMILARLY ARM THE "innocent Palestinians" - and, give them this "armed" means - WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE GAZA AREA ONLY! - of demonstrating - they are "against Hamas" - and the idea "Hamas" represents and supports - I.E. to harm Israelis. 

I hope to be clear - of the importance - of the "tag" -in the licensed hunting and killing - of the Hamas (and, any "bad Palestinians" - that are encountered). In America - a "tagged" dead deer - "belongs" to the American [that] killed him. After "registering" the kill - the deer is taken - to be "dressed" - which is, properly slaughtered - Where the "vension" meat is processed. And, some Americans - also pay (a significant sum) - to a taxidermist - to have the killed prey stuffed and mounted

 FOR MY IDEA TO BE IMPLEMENTED - THE ISRAELI MILITARY MUST WITHDRAW TO THE PERIMETER AREAS of GAZA ONLY. With the clear instruction [THAT] any "Hamas" OR "Palestinian" - attempting to escape the GAZA retaining area - before ALL the HAMAS are subdued and/or  killed - will be killed OR captured - in a "no man's zone" PERIMETER - as needed.


 Each Hamas killed should be "tagged" as the American Deer is literally tagged - by the deer's "killer". NOTE: The American purchased "tag" is torn - as designed and -  attached to the deer's ear - through a hole made with a knife - or securely stapled. The killer keeps half - to identify his killed possession. Deer have "antlers" - thus, these are sometimes used - to display the killer's tag.

 And, [in America] hunting photos are taken. The American often poses - as a "mighty hunter" - near the dead prey. Male humans often flex their biceps and smile. This could also be duplicated - for innocent Palestinians - as they take back Gaza - from the bad Hamas. [ example images ]

I have also suggested - the Palestinians - be given "trophies" - as Americans are awarded trophies - based on the Deer's Antlers and weight. In America - a special tag - is required - to shoot a female deer. Hamas (similarly) might come in different sizes, shapes and categories.

THE RESULT is:  (1) the "Hamas" captured - (2) dead Hamas - ( (3) Hamas eliminated - and, (4) a "self-sorting" - of the "Palestinians"; which, IF there are any deaths to "innocent Palestinians" - then (5) Israel is NOT guilty of - or minimally involved. 

 - Susan 

 Dear Mr. Musk ( Elon )  It may be helpful to explain ( for Americans ) the "old school" process of Software Engineering - WHERE, we [Software Engineers] composed algorithms - AND "threw" them at the Compiler [ for Syntax verification ] - THEN ( when that STAGE was successful ) - We [humans] applied ourselves to "LOGIC" errors. "Optimization" was the final stage. 

 HHH  :: 

A land "... Strategically situated between three continents: Asia, Africa, Europe

The region of Palestine (also known as the Land of Israel and the Holy Land) has a tumultuous history as a crossroads for religion, culture, commerce, and politics.

Palestine is the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity, and has been controlled by many kingdoms and powers, including Ancient EgyptAncient Israel and Judah, the Persian EmpireAlexander the Great and his successors, the Hasmoneans, the Roman Empire, several Muslim caliphates, and the crusaders. In modern times, the area was ruled by the Ottoman Empire, then the British Empire and since 1948 it has been divided into Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.  ..."  


"... World War I (1914 – 1918), often abbreviated as WWI, was a global conflict fought between two coalitions, the Allied Powers and the Central Powers. Fighting took place throughout Europe, the Middle EastAfrica, the Pacific, and parts of Asia.

The first decade of the 20th century saw increasing diplomatic tension between the European great powers. This reached a breaking point on 28 June 1914, when a Bosnian Serb named Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. Austria-Hungary held Serbia responsible, and declared war on 28 July. Russia came to Serbia's defence, and by 4 August, GermanyFrance, and Britain were drawn into the war, with the Ottoman Empire joining in November of that same year.

Germany's strategy in 1914 was to first defeat France, then transfer forces to the Russian front. However, this failed, and by the end of 1914, the Western Front consisted of a continuous line of trenches stretching from the English Channel to Switzerland. The Eastern Front was more dynamic, but neither side could gain a decisive advantage, despite costly offensives. As the war expanded to more fronts, BulgariaRomaniaGreeceItaly and others joined in from 1915 onward. In early 1917, the United States entered the war on the side of the Allies, and later the same year, the Bolsheviks seized power in the Russian October Revolution, making peace with the Central Powers in early 1918. Germany launched an offensive in the west in March 1918, and despite initial success, it left the German Army exhausted and demoralised. A successful Allied counter-offensive later that year caused a collapse of the German frontline. By the end of 1918, Bulgaria, the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary agreed to armistices with the Allies, leaving Germany isolated. Facing revolution at home and with his army on the verge of mutiny, Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated on 9 November. An armistice three days later ended the fighting, and the Paris Peace Conference imposed various settlements on the defeated powers, notably the Treaty of Versailles.

World War I was one of the deadliest wars in history, and resulted in an estimated 9 million soldiers dead and 23 million wounded, while 5 million civilians died due to military action, hunger and disease. Millions more died as a result of genocide, and the devastation of the war heavily contributed to the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. The dissolution of the Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian, and Ottoman Empires resulted in the creation of new independent states, including PolandFinlandCzechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia. The inability to manage post-war instability contributed to the outbreak of World War II in September 1939. ..."

About:  Palestine 

Palestine Constitution:  (  )
[ Cover page of the Palestine Order-in-Council. ] 

"...  Constitution of Mandatory Palestine  (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The Constitution of Mandatory Palestine, formally known as the 10 August 1922 Palestine Order-in-Council, was the codified constitution of Mandatory Palestine. It was first published on 1 September 1922 in an Extraordinary Issue of the Palestine Gazette.[2]

The constitution, which was published approximately two weeks after the League of Nations approval of "the Mandate for Palestine", officially replaced the British military occupation of Palestine, which had been in force since the end of World War I, with a civil administration.[3]

The constitution included the following terms:[3]

- Primary executive authority exercised by the British High Commissioner for Palestine
- The creation of an Executive Council
- The creation of an elected Legislative Council, operating at the discretion of the High Commissioner
- The creation of civil and religious court system
- Validation of existing British legislation

In the months before the British departure from Palestine, the 1922 Order in Council was supplemented by the Palestine Order in Council, 1948, which gave the High Commissioner power to "by Order make such provision as appears to him in his sole discretion to be expedient for the Government of Palestine until the withdrawal of His Majesty from the Government of Palestine, or in contemplation of or preparation for that withdrawal", subject only to the oversight of the British crown.[4] 
 This Order in Council was laid before Parliament on January 27, 1948 and came into effect on March 1, 1948.[4] 
 In Israel, most of its provisions were effectively replaced first by the Law and Administration Ordinance of 1948, then by the Transition Law of 1949, and eventually by the Basic Laws of Israel.

Today, part of the constitution remains in effect in Israel and the Palestinian territories.[3]