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Kamala-ON- HEALTH INSURANCE !   Video   :: 

Kamala Harris [ candidate for the Presidency of the USA]
on (the) Private Health Insurance Market: "...Eliminate All Of That - Let's Move On ..."
 < YES! Susan agrees!
"... [USA] SENATOR Kamala Harris advocated the elimination of the "inhumane" private health insurance industry
during a CNN town hall event in Iowa Monday night. ..." 
 Kamala Harris: :::: 
 https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/kamala-harris-wants-end-private-health-insurance-new-democratic-litmus-n964241 ::
  https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/01/29/howard_schultz_on_independent_2020_run_i_think_i_can_beat_the_system.html < Mr. Howard Schultz (SUPPORTED BY THE USA Health INSURANCE INDUSTRY) gives "push back" :: 
::hh https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/01/29/kamala_harris_on_private_health_insurance_market_eliminate_all_of_that_lets_move_on.html 


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 Request for CLARIFICATION and Bill Introduction:  DATE: 4-13-2019

 FROM: Susan Marie [CassAdy]-Neuhart, USA Citizen [Ohio-10]

Email TO:
California Senator & Candidate Kamala Harris AND her Staff:
     (   info@kamalaharris.org ) :: (  info@scrbstrategies.com  ) ::

DATE: 4-13-2019

SUBJECT: Request for Policy Clarification

 Dear Senator Harris ( Kamala ),

 My name is Susan [Cassady]-Neuhart. 

 I am seeking a “clarification” on your "policy"
- related to USA Health Care. 

THIS IS AN “OPEN-Letter” COMMUNICATION & REQUEST : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_letter 

E.G. [That is] I will post this request (letter/Email) onto my “personal” web site. [1] 

If my request – is granted – [then] Your "clarification" - should be prepared in writing- AND, emailed to me: [As shown in this Email’s header. 

Please be mindful, [that] I have a "personal" web site; AND, please provide me with permission to POST your written reply
 - to my "personal" web site – within your reply. [1] You may use my CONTACT form – if that is most convenient…

I am NOT seeking employment - of any kind. Nor, do I consider myself a volunteer OR representative – of Your policies;
 Until, I hear from you – or, your authorized agents. [2]

All, that I promise (herein) – is [that] I will post your reply – to my “personal” web site. 

I was Born in Columbus, Ohio - year  1956 - I am retired - and financially “comfortable”.

My husband – younger than me – still works. I now live in Ohio, Congressional District 10. [3]
 As you may know, the Honorable Mike Turner (Republican) is my Congressional Representative. [3] 

My web site hosts a page "ABOUT" me - if you want to learn more detailed information. [4]

And, I have started a PAGE – dedicated to you.  
I am a registered Democrat. I vote – and, I attempt to persuade others.

Photos (of me) - and my "biological" family members appear on my "personal" web site.  It may appear (from these photos) that I am a Caucasian person - but I do not state so.  So, I will state here:  As far as I know - I am Caucasian human being. I have always identified - as a “Caucasian" person. However, circa 1982, I did request of my [then, very ill mother] - "…Please tell me of my Grandmother [the] 'Zora Elizabeth [Miller]-Sprouse-Roby' - and, my ‘German’ heritage". 

A bit alarmed, she stated emphatically: "I did not raise you kids - to be 'German'. I raised you to be 'Irish'. Your Daddy is Irish!" 

Ms. Harris, I realize [that] your mother was born in India; I “googled” her. WE are very lucky – to have had her want to be – an American. I am certain, [that] she was “very proud” of you AND Maya. I also realize [that] your father was born in Jamaica. Again, this gives you a unique perspective. 

Senator Harris, as you may know - or, could easily determine (through "Googling") – not very many people (in Ireland) have the surname "C-a-s-s-A-d-y"; However, many people - in Scotland do have the sur-name "C-a-s-s-A-d-y". Thus, my actual “race/ethnicity" (Scottish, German or Irish) is uncertain. 

Obviously, I "grew up" during the time of Aretha Franklin and Martin Luther King. I attended Inner-city Columbus [Ohio] Public Schools [1960 - 1972]. My “oral” class “book report” – in 1968  (we all had to prepare and give them)– was on John Howard Griffin’s “Black Like Me”. Today, I am “liberal” and “progressive” (in my votes and thinking) - AND, I support all of the 2016 Democratic Platform. At this writing, former USA President Obama - is my "Commander-In-Chief"! 

I am aware of the "53% problem" [5] - as it is posited by “The Atlantic Magazine media organization – and today’s “feminists” [6]. Before my “retirement” – I was a Software Technical Writer – all over the USA. Clearly, I have lived the “feminist” movement – [that] many people write about.

I did vote "FOR" Ms. Clinton (in 2016); However - having personally suffered a stroke (in 2012) - I was not pleased - in the manner [that] she handled the mere"suggestion" [that] she did have a stroke. Please consider, she seemed (to me) "fearful" - at the very time - [that] I was "recovering” – from a stroke.  [With the help of Michelle Obama's ["Let's Move" program]. [7] 

Today (2019), most people - unless, I tell them - have no idea [that] I ever did suffer an SAH-MCA event [8]. I still bear the scars of the emergency “full craniotomy surgery procedure” - that was required to save my life. Neuro surgeon, Victor Perry (now with offices in Fresno, California) did save my life - in Asheville, North Carolina – December 18, 2012. [9] Doctor Perry was ‘on-duty’ in the Hospital – that received my “Life-Flight” helicopter.

Senator Harris, I was very impressed [that] you declared (on CNN) " ... let's get rid of all that" -"Let's Move ON ..." - related to a "Health CARE" question. [10]

However, in fact, you stated this reply (to a CNN News reporter)- many months after - I had designed my draft Bill - for American Health Care - AND, sent it to ALL of my elected "representatives": Ohio Senators Sherrod Brown & Rob Porter; Congressman Mike Turner - and USA President Donald Trump. [11]

Nonetheless, I cheered (Out Loud!) - for You! So, did my husband - of 37+ years (Hans). Thus, we were "crestfallen" when Mr. Ian Sams (of your Campaign) offered a subsequent "clarification" - of your position [which] seemed to “backtrack”.  [12]

We presume [that] Mr. Sams did this - with your permission. However, even the "best employees" - with good intentions - can “overstep” their authority; Or, perhaps he was frightened? [13]

We are aware - of the "out-cry" which occurred - over your CNN “town hall” declaration. [14]

You should be aware - [that] I have done considerable "research" - on the issue of USA Health Care Policy.[15] And, I mean, several thousand hours - of readingwriting and web-page development

As well as living - the nightmare of losing our "single-family" home - due to the subsequent medical "bills" from my “unplanned” SAH-MCA stroke event; My "personal" web site documents [some] of the reading and research - that, I have done. I designed my "draft" Health CARE Bill - after performing much of my research.

In addition to your “clarification”, I am seeking a "Champion" – to acknowledge and ultimately “deliver” my "draft" Health CARE Bill into the halls of Congress - and, begin the formal process of making my “draft” design USA law. 

My web site "documents" my supporting arguments.  [16] 

I realize, that my “champion” must agree with my fundamental sentiments. I am prepared to “work with” your professional staff. 

Again, I was a “professional writer” – prior to my retirement. I have also attended Law School.

In fact, your Democratic colleagues - have recently supplied me with another argument: [17] They stated - [that] "Health CARE Insurance” -related services represents about ONE Trillion dollars of our annual USA economy. 

However, "Health CARE" - as I specifically propose (in my "draft" Bill) – it [the design] should be done  - would cost MUCH LESS: 

 “… Consider, IF (the) 209,000 currently licensed MDs - were each paid an annual salary [by the USA Federal Government] of $150,000 USD  - this would equal merely  $ 31, 350,000,000 per year ::  In English WORDS, (this is) Thirty one billion, three hundred and fifty million US dollars ...” [18] 

 Thus, there would be $68+ BILLION (of the ONE Trillion) – immediately left to spend – on: hospitals, facilities, more Medical Schools, etcetera.

And, MY proposed Health CARE system would cover every American citizen – from “their Cradle to their Grave”. 

 In short: the "profit motive" - MUST be separated - from the provision of "Health CARE services" - by licensed [USMLER] Medical Professionals. AND, the sale of Medical Insurance - in any form - must be made illegal. 

Specifically, Mr. Sanders Bill – [S. 1408] (OR, as shown even in his "new Bill", still containing SEC 107 - Related to "non-duplication" - is NO GOOD!! 

 As I state on my “personal” web site [1], providing such a legal language "loop-hole" - within enacted USA Health CARE Law - is an invitation - for a "two-tier system".

That is, Mr. Sanders’ …"non-duplication" [legal clause] will give rise to: "Health CARE" for "poor" people - AND, "Health CARE" for "rich" people.

In fact, during my 65 years, I have literally lived in both worlds. Specifically:

  1. I was raised in the "poor part" of Columbus, Ohio. – an area called "the bottoms". My father [Milo Gerald CassAdy] owned and operated a "general contracting" business.
  2. Due to circumstances (also documented on my “personal” web site), after my high school graduation, I went on to earn a BS - in " Environmental Science & Communications" - from UWGB. 

    You see, in 1968, it was discovered [although a "female"] - I “liked” Computers (such as they were) AND also – had an aptitude – for “programming” them. Thus, (and, also because in of "Affirmative Action" ) - I enjoyed very "well-paid" work - with several major USA "high-tech" companies – upon my “graduation” – in 1982. 
    I was a “employee” participant in the “DOT-Com” bubble [20].  My husband (Hans Neuhart) is a well-known Medical & Scientific Digital Illustrator. WE created a very successful “small-business” - located in Westerville, Ohio (in the 1980s). We had several “employees”. Our success was made possible by the evolution of [the] Apple Computer. Hans was very talented at “digital drawing” – AND, we literally assisted the “automation” of the USA College Textbook Industry.

    Senator, I know [that] those "things" [that] I have personally "experienced" (as both: a "rich-successful" American; AND,  [also] a member - of a financially challenged ("white family") – in urban America; will happen [again] - if, we cannot learn from our history. That is,  [the] “non-duplicated” legalese in Mr. Sanders’ Bill – will lead to a “two-tier” result.

    Finally, I am aware, [that] you speak (publically) of your mother’s illness and passing. My father (born in 1902) was one of the first Americans to die - from Mesothelioma (in 1964). I was ten years old. Several – of my six siblings – were still “living at home”.  My mother suffered from "heart disease" - due to her genetics – and, she became "diabetic" - from a "broken heart" – after 30 years of marriage – and, the early death – of the man she loved. I became pregnant as a teen-ager. I say – with pride – [that] not one of the seven children my mother raised – has ever been in serious trouble – with the law. 

    I know – WE ALL KNOW! [21] -  [that] "separate" is never equal - AND, to create the conditions - and, "incentivize" [these conditions] - to come about - through "non-duplication" language (in a Federal Health Bill) - Like Senator Bernie Sanders does [in his Health CARE proposal 'SEC 107' - is just stupid. It is also “suspicious”.

    Moreover, Bernie Sander’s  "pussyfooting" - with the "USA Health Insurance Industry" - is obvious.  And, he needs to be “called out” – for doing it. 

    Senator, I am well aware - of WHAT the AMA did to Mr. Truman's “ Health Care Bill” - and Mr. Truman - in 1945. [22] In fact, THEY (the AMA) called one of our greatest USA Presidents a "Communist". [23]   

    Thus clearly, the ideas - as presented in my draft Bill - will similarly dislocate - and frighten many people - in 2019 AND 2020. The vested interests will "fight" [24]. 
     However, I believe [that] this is a "fight' - whose Time Has Come. 

    If, YOU want to “lead the fight” - I will help You - as, I am able to. 

    Also, being courageous enough to lead this good "fight" - will certainly “distinguish You” - from the other "contenders" - who also seek to be our USA President - in 2020.

  Respectfully, - Susan


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[ End cited references ] 

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