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##  NOTE: Susan is writing a book - tentatively titled "Ballet Shoes IN The Gym" The following will be a part of the book. ###
 The following message was sent - using eMail to the United States Marine Corps; and, also posted (using an envelope and 3 stamps to:  General Mark A. Milley :: Pentagon USA. 

Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 18:56:37 -0400  < original communications time frame "era"
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Subject: Women in Military - and, differences between Men and Women

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DATE: 8 - 10 - 2016

 (Mr. Milley is a person suggested - to me - by a senior man wearing a US ARMY t-shirt.)
SUBJECT: Women in the U.S.A. Military  - and, differences between Men and Women - that are advantageous to our country.

Dear Mr. Milley (Sir),
My name is Susan Marie Cassady Neuhart. I am a woman. I was born in 1954. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay campus - in 1982. My B.S. degree was earned in the fields of Environmental Science & Communications. As you may know, to obtain this BS degree - a significant amount of Life Sciences and Math, Science and Engineering are required. 
I write to you today - with a concern that you are not being informed of something that I learned - during my UWGB college days; that is, men are biologically different from woman - in significant - chemical - ways. I will not go into all of the obvious biological differences at this time; rather, I hope to point out a way that the sexes are different - that can be advantageous to our military - in team building and unit cohesion
Sir, as I recall, a very positive difference between men and women is that women are physically superior to men in the areas of flexibility and patience; thus, and I observe it every day where I perform my Physical Therapy routine - women are better (and more enthusiastic) about Yoga and dancing. That is Sir, and, what I know (from personal experience) - is that women like to perform Yoga - and, women like to dance - more so than men. Basically, (I believe that) women hear a rhythm - and/or a beat and we move - naturally. In fact, my husband of 34 years - cautions me not to dance "excessively".

I should explain (here) that I suffered a serious brain stroke in 2012 [aneurysm at MCA]; and, I am blessed that my husband takes me every day - to the Westerville (Ohio) Community Center [WCC]. [ Now, Kleptz ymca - Dayton, Ohio - as of February 2017]  During this time - he also lifts weights - and, communes with other men - who are lifting weights. In fact, some of these "other" men are - also - escorting their wives. Certainly, it is a real mix of people - and the "Roseta Effect" is in full swing.
NOW - TO MY QUESTION: Thus sir, with this scientific knowledge well known (and established - by research)- WHY are YOU - and the USA military (in general) - requiring (for example) a young woman - who I sometimes see at the Physical Therapy Center - to be capable of doing 80 (eighty) sit-ups in 2 (two) minutes?  

Sir, the young woman that I refer to is [in fact] a very fit person. She can run - and, twirl - if she chooses to - like a ballerina - all over the "WCC" basket-ball gym. So, to "require" her to do so many sit-ups - so quickly - seems pointless (to me). Stated differently: Sir, what is the point of forcing females to do this?  Certainly, the USA military "begs these questions"  when the real reason that she is volunteering to serve our country - is because: 1) she is brave; and 2) she is intelligent. She also has "special skills" I am certain - which, if the military does not deliberately seek to disqualify her - could be very beneficial - to the USA military.
At this time, I will reveal that I did work for the General Electric company. In that capacity, I worked with many Military Captains, etc. [ in the simulations systems areas ]. Now, as a senior woman, I want to share my personal "engineering" work experiences - that is, I never had any problems - ever ( for over 30 (thirty) years - working with men; so long as they were as intelligent and hardworking - as me; and, sought  to work on the solution to the problem (to solve) at hand. I will further share, that my only negative experience - in working with men - was related to the fact - that a audaciously Gay man - did manifest an intense dislike of me - related (apparently) to his perception - that a hetero-sexual man (who the Gay man seemed to fancy) - preferred: 1) my company - and, 2) my work efforts; although not as fast (to produce) - to his work efforts. That is, I required more time to accomplish the same work product. I want to add, that I have worked with many other (self-identified) "Gay" men - who did not [so far as I could tell] manifest "an intense dislike of me".

In summary, (to me - a senior USA woman) people are people (some people like you and you work well together - and, some do not) ; moreover, jealousy and envy are facts of life - no matter what the sexual preference and/or other phenotypic elements of the people forming a group. That is, African Americans, native Americans, albinos, Irish people, German people ...
Finally, ... My web site URL is: https://hansandcassady.org/ 
ALL BEST to YOU Sir - and, our USA military. I only hope that my success - from following my wonderful Ohio State University Doctor's advice (and orders!) - will give our world enemies pause - that USA women are still the strongest women - in the world! and, they will realize, that we are better and different because of our true USA democracy - and, our Freedoms - that our brave USA military makes possible. - Susan
Chemistry Article: "Why Pull-Ups Are Harder for Women" :: LiveScience
 By Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer | January 3, 2014 04:53pm ET

 https://www.livescience.com/42318-women-pullups.html < link still active: 7-31-2017
"News that many female marines in boot camp cannot complete three pull-ups might have you wondering: Why do women find the exercise so difficult? "