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<  "Ohio Women’s Leadership Summit-2017" ::  "Current" OHIO Senator  Sherrod Brown’s 3rd annual "... Summit" (2017) will  1) highlight ways women share their personal experiences to encourage those around them;  2) Demonstrate how women can work to bring about change in their communities; and  3) advance their own personal and professional goals.    This year’s conference will feature speakers, including: Senator Kamala Harris, ::  https://www.harris.senate.gov/ -- Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist [also wife & mother] Connie Schultz, ::  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Connie_Schultz  ::  Congresswoman Joyce Beatty,   https://beatty.house.gov/ :: author Piper Kerman,  http://piperkerman.com/  :: and Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Founder & Chief Creative Officer Jeni Britton Bauer:  https://jenis.com/about/about-jeni/  < OR > DAYTON-News   https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/blog/morning_call/2015/04/jenis-ice-cream-finds-more-listeria-contamination.html  ;;  LISTERIA Contamination  ::  jeni's Official recall

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 FROM USA OHiO Senator Sherrod Brown to Susan: 
Subject:    Ohio Health an Ohio "NON-profit" support for HR676 :: Ohio Health is "sponsoring" the  "Ohio Women’s Leadership Summit"

 7-28-2017 : SPOKE To:  Ms. Taylor Gale & "Meg", in SENATOR  Sherrod Brown's, Cincinnati, Ohio office:  (513) 684-1021 :: I thanked Taylor for the email "reply" - but, pointed out that they "failed to ANSWER MY QUESTION" (shown below - in Bold italic )  ON 7-27-2017 @ 4:28 PM -- Taylor stated she will try to get me a "more detailed" answer to my question (Shown Below).

Subject:    Thank you for contacting my office  ( actual reply message on file )
Date:    2017-07-27 06:02 :: From:    "Sherrod Brown" <Senator_Brown@brown.senate.gov> :: To:    "me" - Please use my Contact  form
" Thank you for getting in touch with me regarding your views. My constituents' opinions are very important to me, and I appreciate knowing where you stand on the important issues facing our country. Once I am able to further review your inquiry, I will get back to you regarding my thoughts on the matter. Thank you again for being in touch with me. :: Sincerely, Senator Sherrod Brown"
-------- Susan's Original Message - Sent to Senator Sherrod Brown - using his Official Web Site CONTACT form (  https://www.brown.senate.gov/contact/email ) follows  --------

Subject:    Ohio Health an Ohio NON-profit support for HR676 -- sponsoring the "Ohio Women’s Leadership Summit"
Date:    2017-07-26 20:20 :: From:    Susan Cassady Neuhart > [ Email redacted]  To:    jgoldsberry@bioohio.com, giving@ohiohealth.com, Susan [ Email redacted], Neuhart Hans <Hans  [ Email redacted] Reply-To:     [ Email redacted]
 TO:  jgoldsberry@bioohio.com, giving@ohiohealth.com  Ohio Health an Ohio NON-profit - support for HR676? < Message [ as shown ] was also sent to these entities - No reply yet. Both entities did send "ACK" request ( today) :: Copy: jgoldsberry AT bioohio.com Her name is Ms. Jennifer Goldsberry. She is the Manager of Bio Ohio - Member Services & Events :: giving AT ohiohealth.com Donation manager

July 26 2017 :: Dear Ohio Senators Portman and Brown,  I am the lady (your constituent) - living in Dayton, Ohio - who had the severe stroke in 2012. A "craniotomy" was performed on me. Unlike, Senator McCain's craniotomy - my procedure was "FULL" - and, performed on an emergency basis. A life-flight helicopter lifted me from the Smoky Mountains Park - to the top of a hospital, located in Asheville, NC. Former President Obama and Michelle - visited my Neurosurgeon's hospital - called "Mission" soon after. Not because of me - per se; but because, my Neurosurgeon was Mr. Victor Perry. An African American man. Dr. Perry was an already famous children's neurosurgeon - in 2012. Immediately following my surgery - even though I am a tough CASSADY - like hopalong- OSU (Heisman-1955) - I was not able to: walk, talk, read or write. Today, I perform 27 YOGA poses - at the Kleptz YMCA daily - under current Medical Doctor's orders. I take no opiod pain medications. At some point, my Columbus, Ohio Neurologist - Dr. Song Zhao - suggested to my husband, Hans - that he purchase a URL for me. This was an experiment. That is, Was it possible to rebuild my brain cell ganglions - the neural-net connectors - to a point similar to my body's physical transformation - over 4+ years? That is, to try what I did know "HOW TO" do - before my stroke. In fact, I was a high-technology worker all over the USA - before my stroke; AND, I could build web sites - using the Hyper Text Mark-UP -Language HTML. So, I have a web site -started. My URL is: Hans AND Cassady DOT ORG.

MY QUESTION: Does the Ohio Organization - identified as Ohio Health support - Single-Payer Health Care? HR 676 ? This organization is sponsoring the "Ohio Women’s Leadership Summit" and it seems to be connected to other medical organizations: like ATHERSYS - and - Bio Ohio. As you can see -above - It is my intention - to send this SAME Question - to Bio Ohio and the DONAtions manager- at Ohio Health - using email.  My resume is on my web site - for information purposes only. I accept no money for what I do.

USA HEALTH CARE is my main issue - at this time. I also have some small insights into the Russia TRUMP investigation; I did work for Battelle Research - in Columbus, Ohio , circa 1985. In fact, this was right when Mr. Chu was helping the Battelle researchers to find a place AND a way to safely store nuclear waste - from power plants AND weapons manufacturing systems. Thus, I do know a little bit - about the solvent that was developed - to speed up the nuclear decay process. Which, Mr. Trump probably did tell Mr. Putin about this. My duties - circa 1985 - at Battelle are detailed on my resume' - on my web site. And, I figure - today - that if Mr. Trump can tell Mr. Putin - about the magical solvent that, Mr. Chu - helped invent - with USA tax payer dollars! - then, I could put this information on my personal web site also. Very important, I do NOT have a USA Secret clearance anymore. In fact, I do not even drive a car. Finally, I am also concerned that Mr. Trump MAY try to fire his Attorney General - Mr. Sessions. This will create a USA Constitutional Crisis. Clearly, Mr. Trump did make a fool of himself – at the Ms. Universe Pageant AND he does NOT want his wife to know this. I figure, this is all that Russia has on him. My biological daughter is Dawn Marie Burton. She did work for Mr. James Comey - at the Washington, DC FBI- office - and, she did think very highly of him. They began working together - at the DOJ - in the 1990s. Again, all of this information is on my web site - plus, the typical proud mother AND grandmother photos. "God's speed gentleman!" Please work together - where you can - to protect our country - from Mr. Trump's tweets. I am trying to do what I can - related to the very few people who follow me. However, I am much slower - than, I was - before my stroke. Thus, my web site is being built one-day-at-a-Time. If I may help you -on my web site, etc. - let me know. I do NOT give politicians - no matter what party- any money. I do VOTE! I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR RESPONSES. PLEASE PROVIDE ME WITH PERMISSION TO POST THEM - ONTO MY WEB SITE in your response.  Your friend AND a VOTER - Susan Marie CassAdy-Neuhart.   FINALLY: Mr. Trump's FCC-chairMAN  [Pai] wants to make it more expensive for me to "speak out".  WHY?     ( See my " NET Neutrality"  page. )

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