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Dear Ohio State Senators Brown and Portman, My name is Susan Marie [Cassady] - Neuhart. My husband (Hans) and I - are citizens of the United States. We were born and raised in Ohio. We live in Ohio today. We are both registered and vote. I am retired. Hans (my husband), is a small business owner - and, an artist. 1

You have a momentous vote coming - related to the trial and impeachment - of President Donald J. Trump. As our State of Ohio – Senate - representatives - I hope to be influential [with this writing] in how you decide to vote - either "for" or "against" his removal - from the important Executive branch office [that] he currently occupies. 2

I began - my preparation (to influence you) - by reviewing our Ohio state demographics. As I understand your political careers, I know [that] you will both vote - related to what you believe is "best" for Ohioans and our nation. 3 

It is also my impression (as I write this) - that - neither of you "fear" Donald Trump - or, the consequences (he has threatened) - for those [that] vote against "his" wishes. In fact, Mike Turner [OH-10] is our Congressional representative. As you may recall, Mike (a Republican) did “stand up” – to President Trump [May 2017]. He was not invited – to a subsequent “White House” lawn party – held by Mr. Trump; however, Mike was re-elected to Congress (2018 – with 56% of the vote). 4

Indeed, as Buckeyes - this is how we are made. We do not "fear". We are "practical" - to a fault sometimes! But, "buckeyes" do not fear.

I have recently pondered the example of Jesse Owens. And, my cousin – Howard Cassady (He was my Uncle Pearl's "little boy".). He was considered “too small” to play football – at OSU – by some. My mother said (this) - as she folded clothes - on our kitchen table. She talked to me (every day) - after I came home - from Columbus Public schools. "Howard was not as 'big' - as the other boys" - my Mother would emphasize. "But, he found a way - to help his team." I was born - in 1954 - the year before Howard won the Heisman Trophy. 5

An "odd" girl - from the start. My mother knew my life would be different - from the one she had lived. In fact, I was born “out-spoken”. And, encouraged (by her & my Dad) – to be so. I lived in the city – yet, loved horses. The "Women’s Liberation" movement was in "full swing". Mr. King was leading "marches" - all over the United States. We had a "television set" - given to us - by Aunt Lois's husband. 

Banford Tompkins, had a business - located on West Broad Street (in Columbus)- “fixing televisions” -that broke. My first job was to organize – the “TV tubes” (he sold). A new tube would (often) fix them. 6 

In fact, my Uncle Ted (Theodore McClatchy) - who was a “railroad engineer” - and, my Aunt Lena's husband - would give me a penny - or, a nickel - if, I would talk - for the entertainment of the adults - gathered - in our kitchen – around cases of beer. 7

Hans’ family (of five boys) lived next to astronaut John Glenn’s family – in New Concord, Ohio. Hans’ older "identical twin" brothers – played football and attended Ohio University. Hans’ father worked for the Ohio DMV. Kenneth Neuhart Sr. passed in the 1980s. 8

My father [Milo Gerald Cassady] died - when I was ten years old (1964) - from smoking cigarettes and mesothelioma – contracted (most likely) by removing asbestos – from Columbus Public Schools. 

He had his own “general contracting” business - in Columbus – and, won a contract to perform the related “renovation” – on several Columbus area schools (circa 1962). I was the fifth child born - of their seven children. 9

My mother worked - at General Motors and Westinghouse - when, his work was "slow". My mother married William F. Brothers - after my father died. They had no children. 10

Bill had served in the US Navy – during World War Two. He was kind to me - and, my sisters and brothers. He worked at Columbus Milpar – a division of the Whittaker Corporation - until it shut down. Then, Bill became a Yellow CAB Company driver. 11

Bill died - when I was living in Wisconsin. I was awarded a college Scholarship – to attend (UW - Green Bay). I developed high-level language computer programs – for the new VAX VMS device – they had obtained – from Digital Equipment Corporation. 12

Hans and I met – when the NCR Corporation hired me – (after I graduated) in 1982. Hans was NCR’s “parts illustrator” – for product documentation and marketing materials. He interpreted manufacturing “blue-prints” – and, created “CMYK printer keys” for the NCR-Cambridge, OH plant. 13

My mother [Mary Elizabeth Sprouse-Cassady-Brothers] was born - in 1916. She died, circa 1987. You may see her photo - posted onto my “personal” web site. She was one of the most beautiful women - [that] Ohio has ever produced. Both in appearance - and her actions. My maternal Grandmother was THE Zora Elizabeth [Miller – Sprouse]- Roby. 14

AS TO YOUR VOTE. PLEASE, DO YOUR BEST - TO FIGURE OUT - HOW YOUR Ohio CONSTITUENTS FEEL – AND, CAST YOUR VOTE FOR US! WE will support YOU – but, ONLY if, you do what YOU think is right - for (Buckeyes) - and, our country. IF Mr. Trump violated our constitution – obviously, he must be punished; for, the lack of any punishment - will set a very bad “precedent” – for our future leaders. Professor Erwin Chemerinsky - The UC Berkeley, School of Law – has written extensively on the subject – of Constitutional Crimes AND Punishment. 15

Since there are two (of you) – in the US Senate (for Ohio) - I hope [that] you both see it – the same way – and, do NOT ‘cancel each other’s vote out. That is, please don’t permit another state’s [Batman & Robin “duo”] to be the “decider”. 16

Related – to my OFFER (below): Before I retired – I was a professional Technical Writer – and, also maintained web sites – for high tech companies – all over America. We (Hans and me) have never contributed money – to any political party – or candidate. However, I was – and remain – an “Obama girl”. Whereas, Hans is typically apolitical - President Trump has declared me a “socialist” - recently. Apparently, because, I support the policies (first) put forth by former President Harry Truman – on my “personal” web site. I did draft a “Health Bill” – and, send it (to President Trump) for consideration and submission to Congress [April 2017]. He has not responded – other (than) to call me a “socialist”. As you may know, this happened to our former President Harry Truman (also). His “accuser” was the AMA. 17

IN CLOSING - OFFER: Obviously, Ohioans are going to want to know – WHY – you voted as you did. If, I may be of service – to help you explain your vote – I will do it – for free; and, I will post – the explanation (I write & CONTROL) - to my “personal” web site.  Please consider, I helped Dr. J. Fang [from China] explain “HOW” his software product [Speed2000] worked – to USA Electrical Engineers (task to use it).  Dr, Fang [then]sold his product [a simulation system] to Cadence Design Systems, Inc. – for about $83 [Eighty-three] Million Dollars. Obviously, I was a good “explainer ”.  18, 19, 20

You may contact me – using my Email (
submitted) - only.
 I do NOT use a telephone instrument - UNLESS, I WANT TO

   Sincerely - Susan and Hans Neuhart   [Residents of Ohio – zip 45405]


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