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    YOUR "feedback" is appreciated. All will recall (also), that YES (when I finally did get my horse "Gypsy" - circa 1976 ) - (THAT)  I sent a photo - of her beautiful ass - to the entire family.  Well, it was the only photo that I had (1977) - and, she did have
    that beautiful "Arabian horse ass".  IN FACT, horses - such a Gypsy was ( half-Arabian & half USA Quarter-horse ) went on to be the foundation of a new type of horse - the Quarab.   Shown is not "Gypsy".  She was Chestnut.  
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 Richard "Dick", Bobby or Carolyn [Cassady] - or Zora - please send.
   Also, Pete and Hans are already on this "family" page. If any additional "significant-others" - want to be posted - Just get me the photos - and appropriate names.

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    (Shown) Mr. & Mrs. Milo Gerald Cassady  ::  That is: Milo Gerald & Mary Elizabeth [Sprouse]-Cassady [ Circa 1950 ]

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 -- Photos from Carol's "sister" party [ 2017 ]

Susan, Sue, Susie and Hans - during Carol's visit 



 Mom - circa 1940 ? >   

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               " Indeed! Living unpretentiously - seeks no revenge." (1969) - Author: Mrs. Mary Elizabeth [Sprouse] -Cassady-Brothers ( Mom) ::  

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