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   NOTE: This page was assembled (today) to HELP my biological sister Barbara's Grand-child - with a school assignment.
        Susan got her new DELL computer in May (of 2017). Thus, I am [she is] still hunting and RE-assembling information
  - related to the computer  "crash" that occurred - associated with our move to Southwestern - Ohio
    Hans - thankfully - has some files on his computer ( which, Hans gave these files to me ).

 Our biological and legal father was:  Milo Gerald Cassady  ( born1902 - lived until October 31, 1964 ). 
Our mother was: Mary Elizabeth [Sprouse]-Cassady-Brothers (  Born December 18,1916 - lived until 1984 )
  Note: When our father [ Milo ] passed (in 1964) our mother ( Mary ) married another man [ William "Bill" Brothers - circa 1966 ]. They were married for about 11 years - until "Bill" died - circa 1977. "Bill" married our mother (Mary); however, he did not legally adopt us - thus, our surname remained "Cassady" - until we married.  Bill (our "step-father" - as we called him), was a very good person - to our mother ( Mary ). He loved her & she loved him. Bill also made efforts to be "good" to Mary & Milo's remaining (at home) young children: Susie, Milo Jr. and Debbie ( all Cassady ).


  NOTE: You will ( no doubt ) hear - from your Mom's and Dad's - about "Howard hop-along CaSSAdy :: Pearl Cassady [his father]- and, his son: "Craig Cassady." And, because they were famous American foot ball players - and (in Pearl Cassady's case) [in "politics"] - their information ( & statistics) - even today - appears on the Internet. However, there is another "famous" person in your heritage ( a woman! ):   Zora Elizabeth [Miller]  - Sprouse-Roby . What she did - and, what she was ( racially & ethnically) - is not known - at this writing. Rumors and guesses abound. Maybe she was Native American? Or, perhaps - she was African American?  If you click the link - you will see that I am "researching" this subject ( as my time permits ).  Know this. America was a very different place - in the 1920s & 1930s - when all the "hulabaloo" (she was supposedly involved in - took place). And, my mother Ms. Mary Elizabeth [Sprouse]-Cassady-Brothers (was involved in it also). Finally, your help will be appreciated! So, dig-IN!, research! Send me links & photos. If appropriate, I will post the items that you forward - and, credit you. ALL BEST! - Susan