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    Message SENT to SimpLiSAFE “Customer-SERvice – on 9-6-2018 – redacted [  customer-support@simplisafe.com  ]
  (  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SimpliSafe  )

 DATE: 9-6-2018 

 SUBJECT: INSTALLATION issue: "End User" ACTIVATION process "FORM" Interface requires Customer to submit a "Permit Number"

 TO:   Customer Support, SimpliSafe Company, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A, Email:  customer-support@simplisafe.com , 

CC: Mr. Wyckoff, Chief Building Official, Montgomery County - Ohio - Building Regulations, Email:  REDACTED

Mr.  Olszewski, Zoning Administrator, Harrison Township -- Montgomery County, OH, Email:  REDACTED   

Mr. Hans Neuhart, New Customer -Email: REDACTED   

Dear Customer Support  (SimpliSAFE Company, Boston, MA, U.S.A.)

My husband is your “New Customer”: Mr. Hans Neuhart. I am Susan Neuhart.

As your records reflect, we have now successfully ordered a "SimpliSAFE Security System".  Your detailed Purchase Information document was Emailed to my husband, Hans Neuhart ( SimpliSafe Order Confirmation #: REDACTED ) Our bank records also confirm that the order is processed- AND "shipment" has also been confirmed – by Email.

We look forward to the "customer self-installation process" - which we will embark upon - in 3 to 5 business days - after the delivery of: (the) "Essential ecurity System" - AND (the) “SimpliCam Security Camera”.

DETAILS: An "installation/Activation" issue has surfaced, (where) your "End User" process FORM Interface requires us to submit a "Permit Number".  However, our physical address location “authorities” [USA ZIP code = REDACTED]- do NOT require us to obtain a "permit". And, after contacting our "Montgomery County-Harrison Township, Ohio, Zoning Administrator (REDACTEDit is not possible for us to obtain a “permit number”. These facts are presented below - in Mr. Olszewski's 2 messages - AND, Mr. Olszewski does (also) invite your SimpliSafe representative to contact him [personally] - should you have additional questions.

As indicated on the "Purchase Information" document - Our physical address is:  REDACTED. This is also our private, single-family residence – that will be protected by your system.

You did – YES - supply us with a SimpliSafe "System Activation Code".

We understand that no "electrical work" is required to "install" - or "activate" - the SimpliSafe Security system.  

The only issue - at this writing - is the SimpliSafe "End User activation" step - which, does request a "permit number" [that] we cannot supply - ever - for the reasons presented by Mr. Olszewski [below].

Thus, it is necessary for YOU to provide a "work-around solution" (to us) – (in writing) related to this "issue".

In fact, I have worked for many "high-tech" companies (such as yours) - in my life-time.  So, we hope (that) you can merely "fix" the issue - on your side. Please let us know - if you can (provide a "work-around"- and, provide further instructions – in writing - by REPLY Email message. You may Email me ( REDACTED ) – Or, Hans (REDACTED) I do not use the telephone.

After this issue (which prevents product Activation) is "fixed" - we look forward to the "Implementation and “System ACTIVE” Confirmation Phases." As your high-tech Boston, MA staff is probably aware, these are typical steps - in the Software/Systems Development Life Cycle [ SDLC] - of security products. 

In fact - now “retired” - I was a "Systems Software Technical Writer" for our USA Military AND many "high-tech" USA companies - all over America.  My resume' - of education and experience appears on my "personal" web site: https://hansandcassady.org/   

Note: My husband’s services ARE still available - on a contract basis - to perform Medical & Scientific GGGG  Illustrations:  
  https://www.sciencevectorart.com/   - should your company require these items
  – Perhaps, for Product End User manuals and/or patent applications.  Congratulations! ( BTW ) on those granted thus far ! 

  Thank you! - I look forward to working with YOU - to resolve the issue reported above! 
      - Susan Marie [Cassady]-Neuhart ( Mrs. Hans Neuhart)

 *******  Reported ISSUE RELATED MESSAGES (follow)  ******

9-6-2018     MESSAGE 1 OF 2

Hi Susan, The township does not regulate any work done to the interior of a structure.  Montgomery County, OH Building Department [937] (225-4622) would regulate any new electrical work done for the security system,  but they do not require a permit just for the installation of the system alone. They would be able to advise you further on any necessary permits or regulations.

Justin W. Riley Olszewski, Zoning Administrator, Harrison Township -- Montgomery County, OH  937.890.5611 [  REDACTED]


9-6-2018     MESSAGE 2 OF 2

Hi Susan, As we do not require nor issue permits for security systems, we are unable to supply a permit number. Unless Montgomery County Building Regulations requires a permit for such work, they would not be able to provide one either. You may provide my contact information to SimpliSAFE and I can verify that the township does not issue such permits. County Building Regulations can be reached via email at REDACTED  

Justin W. Riley Olszewski, Zoning Administrator, Harrison Township - Montgomery County, OH 937.890.5611 [ REDACTED ]

OR Contact:  Mr. Maury Wyckoff, Chief Building Official, Montgomery County - Ohio - Building Regulations – Dept.,  451 W. Third Street, Dayton, OH 45422,  937-225-4586 ::  REDACTED 


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