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    ::  Please place "hauling" OR "wood" in subject line :: Use the Email that I [or Hans] supplied to you. 

     ( related "reclamating" details :
   Some important UP-dates - AT BOTTOM OF PAGE

   Dear "object hauling company",
     for example ( in [the] Dayton, Ohio area) >   
I am "reclamating" a large residential pond feature - that was installed by the previous owners of my home - built in 1932 - that is located in Dayton, Ohio.  Zip: 45405 

     Related to my project, below you will see photos of objects that I need "hauled away" - to a  proper disposal facility and/or landfill area.

  PLEASE VIEW THE PHOTOS (below) and contact me BY THE EMAIL THAT i PROVIDED TO YOU - to provide me with a WRITTEN "cost & time/date" estimate.

 I DO NOT USE A TELEPHONE Device - WITHOUT NOTICE.  So, Email communications will need to suffice - at the start. ( 
Use the Email that I [or Hans] supplied to you. )

 I look forward to working with you - to engage your services.  I am collecting estimates from several companies. ( I was advised to do this. )

                 I will need our "service engagement" details - in writing.
Specifically, all "hauling & disposal" must be done properly and legally. (see below)
 And, please NOTE: My daughter is (the) "Deputy Chief of STAFF" for our USA-FBI - and, I am (YES) a real, live "Environmental Scientist"[UWGB]

 As an  "Environmental Scientist" (BS-UWGB 1982)  - I appreciate your need to utilize "persons", "facilities" and "equipment" - designed to perform the tasks required. 
    I am a certified "tree hugger" - AND, I love ducks and fish. 

      Regards,  - Ms. Susan [CassAdy] Neuhart

          Items to be "hauled" away...

  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aa  aaaaa < broken wheel-barrow[plastic], pond liner pieces, 2 catch-tubs AND more

 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  aaaaaa  < 1of2  RubberMaid SHED panels [broken down - see BElow]

 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa    < 2of2  RubberMaid SHED panels [broken down - see BElow]



 hhh hhhh 


 hhhh hhhhhh



hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  < Twigs and branches will be placed into bags and/or configured - as per the guidelines - at the Harrison Township information page ( Here) 

     NOTE: Shed is NOW empty  - AND, as of 11-17-2018 - "broken down" and "stacked" (see above) :: 

  ANCHOR    Some important UP-dates:

 1)  No "rocks" [ or "pavers"] are included in this "reclamation" project. My husband (shown ABOVE) wants to create "paver" patios (with them). See NOTE: In red below.

 2) I have continued to dig up rotted wood pieces - So, the "wood pile" is larger. This house was built in 1932.  I AM NOT A "WOOD CARVER".
       Many of the wood pieces [i.e. old saw logs - oak, maple, elm, ash etc.] are infested with juicy grubs & other insects; (  http://hansandcassady.org/Concannon.html  )

 3) Thus, my activity has caused every bird - native to South-Western Ohio to appear - for dinner, breakfast, lunch...
 4) So, If you like Ohio-USA Cardinals, Jays, Starlings & Woodpeckers - bring your camera.
       https://feederwatch.org/blog/who-is-the-toughest-bird/ < Related information from Canadian "Feeder Watch" dot ORG.

                  I look forward to engaging a "hauling" contractor - in writing.  WE are ready, willing and able here. 
   Just need to know cost, time & date. Contractors should contact me by Email Only. Please use the Email that was supplied previously. 
                        SUBJECT = 'HAULING' 

    URL of this HTML page - with photos    :: http://hansandcassady.org/hauling_needed/Hauling-NEEDed.html

            Respectfully - Susan  

  PLEASE NOTE !  No rocks - of any kind - NEED to be hauled.
   WE intend to use the rocks - to make little "patios" and such.  I apologize for any confusion - my PHOTOS & words may have inferred - Susan

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   Which, this is why I Emailed Ms. Pratt - at Rumpke. I believe she is the current "director" of communications (for Rumpke); thus, I think she is the person - at Rumpke (that) should know (that) her 'company form' does not work. 

  hhhhh  hhhhhhhh    hhhhhh

   Original Email Message DATE  = 10-20-2018 and TEXT

-------- Original Message --------


RE: resident - who needs to dispose of articles [objects] associated with a "pond reclamation" project


2018-10-20 18:32


Susan Cassady Neuhart <susancn@hansandcassady.org>


WasteDisposal@harrisontownship.org, Amanda.Pratt@rumpke.com, Susancn <susancn@hansandcassady.org>



  DATE: 10-20-2018

TO:  ::    WasteDisposal@harrisontownship.org
     Amanda.Pratt@rumpke.com   ( Ms. Pratt is Rumpke's Director of Communications )

   https://www.rumpke.com/contact-us  <FORM - Rumpke [ NOTE: Form does not work (for me) The form may not like my hyper-links below. ]  

Dear Waste Disposal staff - of Harrison Township OhiO & Rumpke Company Associates,

I am the resident - who needs to dispose of articles [objects] associated with a "pond reclamation" project - at my residential home.

My name is: Susan Neuhart :: Mrs. Hans Neuhart (or just "Susan")

 I now realize (that) I may have inferred (by Photos posted on my "personal" web site) - that, I want to "dispose" of the rocks/stones - that were used (by the previous owners) to construct the back yard pond feature - at my physical address = 297 SpringBrook BLVD, Harrison TWP, OhiO [ zip 45405]

IN FACT, we do not want to "dispose" of the "rocks/stones" - that were used.

Indeed, there are hundreds - perhaps, even ONE thousand - of them. As can be seen - in the posted photos [ see links] - they are (mostly) in good shape - with smooth, flat sides - ideal for stacking, etc. These may be called "paver" stones - by some people. Some of the stones are large boulders and some are smaller and round, also.

IN FACT, my husband has indicated (that) he can create "patio" sites using these types of "rocks/stones". 

   Now married (to him) for 36+ years, I did not realize - (that) he had this ability. I certainly want to give him a chance...

Your suggestions will be appreciated. I have updated my photo pages. Links below.

I do still need a "hauler" - for the other objects cited & photographed - including, rotted fire wood (that) I have dug up. 
   Added 11-12-2018  [ SEE message to Dayton area "wood carvers" above. Several of these people attend Kleptz YMCA & may want the wood ]

  Also, I may have frightened some 'hauling' companies away; - because, I did inform - the prospective companies - (that) I have a B.S. degree in "Environmental Science" [1982] - and, I want the job done properly & legally. I try to be sensitive - to water, wild-life & animal habitat issues. For example, one "hauler" - cited by an ON-Line listing agency - appears to just place items hauled - into their "back yard" - near Eastwood Lake - a tributary to the Mad River; which (this river), flows into downtown Dayton, Ohio; And, it is stocked with "trout" -annually - for human consumption.


My apologies for any confusion.

I look forward to reading your suggestions - for "waste haulers" - using my Email:
I do not use a telephone - without preparation. So, please do not telephone me - without notice. 

Kind Regards,  - Susan


ggggg  gggggg