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  Susan's USA Congressional Reps are: Turner(Mike)[OH-10],    Portman(Rob),   Brown(Sherrod)     I vote in USA elections. ***  ABOUT Susan Resume' 

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    Consider, Mr. Oppenheimer, (2)  was the "major actor/ organizer/leader" in a mission ... Russia (Stuff)...

            Russia (Stuff)...

     What is a conspiracy?     YALE LAW School-USA,   "... VIII.   "Regime change"   Russia (Stuff)...

                             ELECTION MEDDLING - THE USA DOES IT TOO ("ALSO")  Russia (Stuff)...

 hhhh   < Proud to be a "provocateur"!     (   http://www.yourdictionary.com/provocateur   )  
   - A writer, An artist, A political activist, etc.
   MY "works", ideas, or activities are regarded as a threat to accepted values or practices. 
  Consider, why the USA Health Care INSURANCE industry - does NOT like me. 
   Is it (perhaps) because of my proposed "bill" idea ?    Mr. Thomas Paine [portrait] was a "provocateur".

    Mr. Mueller's 7-13-2018 "Indictment document" original:  Russia (Stuff)...

 USA (Federal) Government : Executive departments (LIST)  Russia (Stuff)...

  USA (Federal) Government : Executive departments (TABLE) Russia (Stuff)...

                            Prosecuting-Crimminal-Conspiracies.pdf  (65 pages) 2013 -By H. Marshall Jarrett Director of  USA Department of Justice - Executive Office for United States Attorneys Wash. DC 20530

     A FREE book download   >   Why WE Can't Wait"  by  (the) Martin Luther King Jr. [ 1964 ] - as viewed on Susan's purchased copy and Kindle Reader. 

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                  Susan's  HEALTH Bill idea  :::  related RESEARCH       ::      NOTE:  Mr. Bernie Sanders' Bill (S.1804 - Medicare for All Act of 2017 - Introduced 09/13/2017 PDF ) encourages the sale of "Private Health Insurance" in the USA.     See page 66 of Bernie's Bill PDF .    My independent research ( presented here )  indicates the legal existence of any such "Health Insurance" product is inimical to the success of Socialized Medicine.   Thus, IMO Bernie's Bill is BAD. " ... may opt to maintain any coverage described in 18 section 901, private health insurance coverage..."

    “... Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?...” script by Aaron SORKiN  (about Aaron Sorkin< Before you read this "Newsroom" TV series script [PDF ] - ASK (yourself) - What are the sources of the character's "declarative" statements? [Susan's googled for accuracy check is here > PDF ]  "...Fact-checking journalism is the heart of PolitiFact..." (the) " ...First step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one. ..." < agree!   STEP NUMBER TWO (by Susan) IS "ACCURATE INFORMATION".  Please keep in mind (that) Mr. Sorkin's monologues are meant to "entertain" - and thus, they are NOT checked for accuracy - prior to being presented [ Susan's googled for accuracy check of script > PDF ] .  Compare: USA President Trump & accuracy:  http://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/    < President Trump is a politician - NOT a journalist.  President Putin is also a "politician". < New York Times USA    However, in America "Freedom of the PRESS" is a "right".    Russia does not observe "Freedom of the press"  




  ABOUT Susan Resume'   

  (the) Public University of Wisconsin at Green Bay, WI  - UWGB     Contact  ME  ::  "phoenix" mythology   ::   

  For  "Brandon" OF THE Kettering, Ohio Police Department  :: (2015) - Kettering hires 7 new police officers :: Chief Chip Protsman, who took over after former Chief James O’Dell retired in April, said the "officers filled vacancies in the department and that the city’s police force is now fully staffed at 81 patrol men and women." The new hires are:  Billy Joe Ferrell, Jason Kramer, Matthew Stull, Carl Paulin, Jr., Joseph Grisehop, Brandon Harrison and Jonathon McCoy. ... their Oaths of Office (were served) in front of friends and family outside the police station on Shroyer Road.

  Criminal Justice/ OhiO Police Academy < [  YES, I checked, Pete is [still] Susan's "Brother-in-law" - i.e. Married to Susan's biological sister 'Barbara'. And,  as per my assignment, Pete, has several  educational degrees - And, he has served - as a "Chief of Police" - or higher - all over the USA. 




 http://www.ca6.uscourts.gov/opinions.pdf/07a0069p-06.pdf  <Pete’s legal Case
  (when he was the Chief of Police in Clearcreek Township, Ohio ) He won! And, now he is a teacher.  





 police academy




Basic Peace Officer Academy



   Russia-  [ General information ] 


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 Susan's USA Congressional Representatives are: Turner(Mike)[OH-10],  Portman(Rob),   Brown(Sherrod)  - Kasich   I vote in USA elections.    ABOUT Susan Resume'   *** 

   ( Susan's HEALTH Bill idea )  Read it!  Like it?  Then, copy & send (to Your Rep.)                    OR,  Contact  ME    :: 
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hhhhhh  cJames-Shaw-4-USA-Presidenth 
    (the) "Waffle House hero" ::  Mr. James Shaw 
 - Americans - at our best

 "...Law enforcement officials and customers said they had Mr. Shaw, a 29-year-old electrician, to thank for preventing greater bloodshed.  But in the frenzied, dizzying hours since the attack, he has found the sudden and very public surge of respect and gratitude uncomfortable.
 “I’d rather you regard me as James, you know, just a regular person,” he said in an interview on Monday afternoon. “Because I feel like everybody can do pretty much what I did.” ..."  James Shaw [a very capable man] rushed and disarmed a shooter at a Waffle House in Nashville, TN early Sunday."  “I’m just a regular person” he said.  
  “He is a hero in my books," said Brennan McMurry, 28, a longtime friend of Shaw's - who was with him at the Waffle House. Mr. Shaw studied at Brightwood College to get a degree as an electrician technician.  -