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  Dear Mr. Kaepernick, My name is Susan Marie Neuhart (nee CassAdy),

    And, I can tell a personal "Systemic Racism" story.    (  TIME Magazine makes everything interesting [1] ) ::  I am NOT an Athletic ACTivist - YET.

  When the "market" for my "Woman Owned Business" [HansANDcassAdy, Inc.] changed - circa 1995 - we opted to sell ALL of our assets & move West.
   The first place we went to - was Arizona ( Town of Fountain Hills ).
   In fact, I raised "hell" - there - as a "Big Dog" owner. His name was "Moses". And, I wanted a "Dog Park".

     Which, WE got one - eventually.  [ Pet Project ]

  Then - because THEY did NOT - take care of (the park) "properly" - a virus hit - and, several dogs died. Moses did NOT die - from the virus [ LEPTOSIROSIS ].

 Like Mozart, Berlin - and Bosco (before him) - he lived a "good Life" - till, his later years. [He "passed" in North Carolina - after my SAH@MCA stroke.]

 Eventually, we moved to California. I went to work for several "high-tech" companies - in California. 

 Similar (to you) I had a "natural talent" - (Mine was) related to "Software Development".
   That is, I could do it [ create algorithms ] - and, write about it > I.E. Tell others "How To".


 So, one day - I was in a company "cubicle" - just after a big meeting. ...

The "news" - was [that] "they" were having trouble getting a "second round" of investors. The company designed 'ASICs' - [that's] Application Specific Integrated Circuit CHIPs.  Now - I had been given the authority (by the company) - and hired a BLACK man - to create the Company's web site. He knew HTML+ - very well. 

 He quoted the work - just like my father [ Milo Gerald CASSADY ] had done; and, I had done - before - my Westerville, Ohio Company - failed.
   AND, he created a "great" web site - with a bunch of "bells-AND-whistle" features - in a "record time". He submitted his bill - for, the agreed amount.

   There was a "buzz" - throughout the cubicles [after the meeting] - so, I "keened" my ears to hear. "Scotch-IRISH" girls can do this very well. [We have big ears - with extra muscle.]

 You see, most of my "co-workers" - were from China; and, I was a very "WHITE - AMERICAN - woman". Suspect, from the start - because I did Yoga poses too. [ halasana ]

I distinctly heard the Asian men - in the next cubicle - say: "WE DO NOT HAVE TO PAY HIM (the BLACK man - that, I had hired). - Nobody will care! - He is just a "nigger".

I rose from my seat. I drove to my rented home - in Morgan Hill, CA. - and, I telephoned the EEOC. I told the lady - [that] took my call - what had occurred. She ask me -
"Do you have any proof?"  I did not.  Then, I went back to the company. Some of my "co-workers" ask me: "Where did you go?" I told them.  And, I THINK - the BLACK man - that I had hired - on behalf of the company - was paid. The company did NOT get their "second round" - of financing ... I 'moved on' to work for other companies - nearer to Los Gatos, CA - and, San Jose'. [END]

 ALSO, My daughter [today] IS a licensed attorney. She left the USA-FBI - in 2019.
       Her title was: "Deputy Chief of STAFF" - before Trump's boys - "demoted" her - with a raise in pay - because James C. gave her a "shout-out" in his book

IN FACT, I had her - through a fractured pelvis - when I was a "teenager".  I would like to get - at least - ONE grandchild - out of the deal.
    - My "pain and suffering" ( wink ) ... I already got $ - for the automobile accident - that caused the fractured pelvis.

  Finally - I don't watch very much "NFL football" - but, if LEADERS LIKE YOU! - are on - I may "tune in".
GOD's SPEED Mr. Kaepernick! And, STAY SAFE! 

 SERIOUSLY, My mother (who had seven children) - would holler out:
     "If I have to come in there - to settle you kids down - I'm gonna spank you all! So, I get the right one!" 

 I'm gonna keep on - keepin' on - AND, if we have to "spank them all ... 

- Sincerely - Susan
  ( Scotch-Irish "halasana" - performed at Kleptz - when Hans is "ready to go!" )