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    Consider (please) Susan was Undone by the word "necessary" - at "Dana Elementary School" - Columbus, Ohio - 1966 

  Episode ONE :: "On meeting Queen Elizabeth" ::  "Hybridzation - On Interviewing Aliens" :

     by Susan Marie [Cassady]-Neuhart

       Early morning - Dayton, Ohio :: ( First cup of coffee)

 Yeah, OK. Are you ready to talk?  So, what if they needed your "talent"? - your "special" ability?

 Who? And, what for? What are you talking about?

 Well - I looked at Google (news) - They got something.
 They want to tell the world. However, this thing cannot be photographed.
 It's like those people - in our history - it believes being "photographed" - and placed on paper - captures your spirit. Your essence. 


 ["Graven" images - Amish]   It does not want to be photographed.

 So "they" want someone - to communicate with this "thing" - and, then tell the world. Like you did for Battelle - at West Jeff.
 They need an "artist" - someone like you - who can take WHAT is in their head (our 'Human' "mind's eye")
 AND, put it on paper. A picture... A painting. It has to be someone - the people can trust. 
 And, "they" will need a "Technical Writer" - also; 
  because, this thing - can "do" - all these "things" - that have never been observed before.

 What will you charge? What are your terms?

 I don't want nothing. I will do it - for free.

 Whoa! They want you to go over there. WPAFB. IF I go with you - I will need...

 We are going to need - something in writing. I started working on a "contract" document last night.
 AND, 'WE' want a "retainer". I'm thinking 20% ... to cover OUR expenses.



  Episode TWO :: "On meeting Queen Elizabeth" ::  "Hybridzation - On Interviewing Aliens" : by Susan Marie [Cassady]-Neuhart

     https://www.gilderlehrman.org/history-now/columbus-reports-his-first-voyage-1493 ::  https://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/columbus-confusion-about-the-new-world-140132422/  ::  https://www.jstor.org/stable/1847180?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents  :: 

    Scene & setting  [ NEXT DAY ::  Early morning - Dayton, Ohio - USA :: ( First cup of coffee) ]

 Susan: Terms. Your "terms" - What are they?

 Hans:  Take me with you. Take "us" with you.

 Susan: Well - THEY may want YOU - A "talented" artist. But, a "female" human
    - AND, one that writes "How To" books & likes "Politics"... I doubt [that] I would be welcome.

 Hans: Sure you would! 

 Susan: Whoa! I don't like how fast things move here. What if I "suggested" speed bumps & no left turns - every where? 

Hans: (laughing) It'd be fun! They'd figure out HOW to make us comfortable.

 Susan:  No. It'd be boring. But, you're right. That's why - they say - "Columbus discovered America". HE took back Native Americans - with him. But, Amerigo Vespucci - was here first - "In his mind" - anyway. But, he did not offer "proof" - of his discovery - of America - to the Queen - like Columbus did. And, Columbus showed the Queen - live "Native Americans". They were dressed in feathers and furs. They were 'natural' athletes. They "survived" by: hunting, trapping, fishing & farming - in a "wilderness".  They are magnificent! 

 Hans: C'mon! Let's do it! Like the Vikings did!

 Susan:  OK. I'll ... I'll put on tights... - AND, do YOGA poses - for them.  Will you do YOGA poses with me? We are "typical" humans.

     Episode THREE - in progress -      CONTACT !    !