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  Mr. Truman (and FDR)  had the original idea (for the USA- 1945) - But, he was forced... (by the AMA ) - to trade...  ( 

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Susan's HealthCARE Idea    [  fancy pdf  ( 3 pages ) ]   [ Plain "vanilla" pdf ( 6 pages ) 

 Harry S. Truman 33rd Pres USA Comprehensive Health Program ( A BiLL to the USA CONGRESS )  - by HARRY S. TRUMAN - 33rd President of the United States of America ::  1945-harry-truman-calls-for national-health-insurance-program ::  PBS Quote: "Almost as soon as the ... bill was announced, the …-powerful American Medical Association (AMA) capitalized on the nation’s paranoia over the threat of Communism and, despite Truman’s assertions to the contrary, attacked the bill as “socialized medicine.” SEE:  wwwDOTpbsDOTorg  forward slash” newshour “ program.


  Susan's  Resume'    < Read to see "WHY" Susan "thinks" like she thinks. YOU will also learn that my opinions are "informed" and "biased" - by much personal experience.
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   IF YOU are a USA licensed Medical Doctor, please explain WHY the MDs - in Dayton, Ohio, USA - only work 4-days per week? [Monday thru Thursday]
   This does NOT seem "normal" or "fair" ( to me ) - When ALL of the other "employed" people - in America - must work 5-days per week - just to pay for USA Medical services.

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  Susan's American HealthCARE ACT [AHA] ( A DRAFT proposal) >  
[  fancy pdf  ( 3 pages ) ]   [ Plain "vanilla" pdf ( 6 pages ) COPY and send to YOUR Congress- person - USA REPresentative < Use Your ZIP code

Bernie Sanders Bill ( PDF )   Mr. Bernie Sander's Plan ( " medicare for all" ) is NOT "Socialized Medicine" - as defined by Harry S. Truman (1945).  My idea (above) - on the other hand - would make ALL USA Medical Professionals employees of the USA Government. Re-numerated, only with the same pay & benefits as  that of  the USA Public Medical School Professors - that teach them.  Thus, by the definition of Harry S. Truman (1945)- my idea (my detailed plan) is "socialized medicine".  [ " IF you can't do it - then, teach it !" ]

Mr. Sanders Bill (S.1804 - Medicare for All Act of 2017 - Introduced 09/13/2017 PDF ) encourages the sale of "Private Health Insurance" in the USA. See page 66 of the Bill PDF .  My independent research ( presented here )  indicates the legal existence of any such "Health Insurance" product is inimical to the success of Socialized Medicine.   

Moreover, Mr. Sander's Bill does not address the COST of Medical Professional services directly - or cap them - by law. Rather, his bill ( S 1804 PDF ) seeks to engender the support of organizations - literally hostile to the every day well-being of the average USA citizens - such as the AMA. With the result ( of S 1804 PDF)  that USA Healthcare Professionals will continue to be paid far above what their international counter-parts are paid - for similar services - yet, USA Medical Professionals would typically work 4-day work weeks - and, be advised to implement (so-called) "patient management systems" - that treat USA citizens - who require medical care - as "objects" moving through the very Patient Management Systems ( the AMA supports the development of). The AMA sells PMS - as products - on the AMA web site). See the "Practice Management" tab of the AMA.

Mr. Sander's Bill does not seek to fundamentally change USA Medical Care. His bill (S 1804 PDF)seeks to preserve the status quo ( that USA Medical Doctors are "special" - above and beyond other USA working professionals ) - and thus, the upward trajectory of USA cost of care will not change. Indeed,  if his Bill [S 1804] is passed, costs will rise - as the USA Health Insurance, Medical Network  Industry takes ever more control of methods and procedures - and, the implementation of USA Health Care. - Susan   < This is WHERE the money goes - when an Insurance NETwork runs the show.  


                       HEALTH CARE >  "price fixing


A plain agreement among competitors to fix prices is almost always illegal, whether prices are fixed at a minimum, maximum, or within some range.

Illegal price fixing occurs whenever " two or more competitors agree to take actions that have the effect of raising, lowering or stabilizing the price of any product or service without any legitimate justification." 

 What is 'legitimate justification' - related to USA citizen pain&suffering :: compare to business justification AND profit motive.  

[ Basically, in America (today) the Medical Doctors DO NOT compete for your business. Instead, the Medical Doctors are members of a "Network"; the purpose (of which) - it is - to set market prices [  "price fixing  ] - for health-related goods & services. Thus, the Health Care Insurance Industry bottom-line "take home" becomes ever larger. - Susan

Price-fixing schemes are often worked out in secret and can be hard to uncover, but an agreement can be discovered from "circumstantial" evidence. [ < THIS IS WHERE THE USA AMA COMES IN! ]   

      Contact  Susan - or the USA-FTC officers - to help prove (that) this is what the USA Medical Industry is doing. Save copies of your health care related medical service invoices; AND, show them to the FTC officers.  

   "  For example, if direct competitors have a pattern of unexplained identical contract terms or price behavior together with other factors (such as the lack of legitimate business explanation), unlawful price fixing may be the reason.  Invitations to coordinate prices also can raise concerns, as when one competitor announces publicly that it is willing to end a price war if its rival is willing to do the same, and the terms are so specific that competitors may view this as an offer to set prices jointly." 




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