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   < CONFIRMATION - in "Russian" - I think. 

  Readers:  IF anything happens (the Russian representatives - for Mr. Putin - respond, etc.), I will post about it. But, the very idea (that) me - a "Retired  American "Software Technical Writer" can send a message to Mr. V. Putin's agents - who may then forward the message [ to him ] - IS very interesting.  Clearly - sending a "message" to Mr. Putin ( AS previous & following) - does not make me a "Benedict Arnold".  Please consider to send Mr. Putin your own message.  Please be courteous!  YOU represent the USA.

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 Dear Mr. Putin, As you are aware - I have Emailed you previously. YES, I still have my "personal" web site: http://hansandcassady.org/

Today, I write with concerns of Mr. Alexei Navalny. In fact, he looks like my biological brother [ Milo Junior Cassady ]  I call him "Buzz". He calls me "Sue". We were born - in America (Columbus, Ohio) - about 10-months apart. You may know? This is referred to - in America - as "Irish twins".  

Sir, I am continuing my efforts [ for America ] to enact more citizen healthcare reform - by abolishing Medical insurance Companies. It will be helpful to my efforts, if Americans (like me) can like you more - and, do not have feelings of suspicion - that you "harmed" Mr. Navalny.

Clearly, as the person in control of [ALL] Russia - it will not be helpful - if he is harmed on your "watch" - I.E. when you controlled Russia.
I realize that Mr. Navalny desires to compete against you - in a "free and fair election". I realize that some people - in Russia - do not want this to occur. I make no claim that I have ever participated in politics - as a candidate. So, I do not know if competition (in the political arena) is something that you encourage? I do know (that) you are a martial arts expert. Mr. Tony Petty is also a "martial arts expert" [ in America ]. This very day (8-25-2018) he was teaching young Americans (boys and girls) - at our local YMCA.  I do also know (that) Mr. Navalny  [He] could be your lasting legacy - (that) YOU supported the civil competition of ideas - in Russia! - (Then) perhaps people will build statues of YOU!

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marketplace_of_ideas )  Thank you! For your attention – in this matter. – Susan


Mr. Tony Petty, 4th Dan Black Belt - Head Instructor Kleptz YMCA]

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