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 Why WE Can't Wait"  A book by (the) Martin Luther King Jr. [ 1964 ] [ Martin was born in1929 - and died in 1968 ]. The contents of this book appear below - as PDFs and WORD files - which are FREE to down load. No sign UP. No sign ON. And, I am a real USA person - who lives in Dayton, Ohio - today.

Susan (I-me) was born in 1954. This was one year after my maternal grandmother ( Zora Elizabeth Miller Sprouse-Roby ) died. She lived from 1883 to 1953. Today, there is mounting evidence - that she was an African American woman. I say "mounting". I really do not know. I admit, I would like it - if she was. [ I admire many African American people.] However, I am being prevented (by USA laws) - from finding out - today - (the): Who? What? Where? When? WHY? and How - of Zora? BTW - IMO Genetic Ancestry sites are "scams". I advise YOU not to waste your money on them. Simply ask them - exactly HOW will you process my submitted sample? And/or learn about Genetic Markers on human DNA. Africans & African Americans.  My mother - who I always thought (previously) was a 100% Caucasian woman - shunned the sun - like it was toxic. She had seven children. All of us ( the biological off-spring of my father- Milo Gerald Cassady*) were regarded as "white people" our entire lives - as far as I know. We all grew up in Central Ohio. My senior sisters, from 12 to 6 years older than me, did see Zora. They reported ( to me ) she was a dark-skinned lady - with long white hair - sitting in a bed - in a darkened room.  My mother's biological sister "Aunt Lena" (McClatchy) - had dark skin - when I knew her. My mother's biological sister "Aunt Lois" (Tompkins) had red hair. She did not like the sun either.

Then too, I recall, visiting my Mother - in Columbus, Ohio - when I was a very serious student - of Genetics - at UWGB ( circa 1980 ). I am a biological "Cassady" - but "German" genetic heritage - in Green Bay, Wisconsin - is a "proud" heritage.  Similar to the way - it is (today) - in Dayton, Ohio; So, when I did ask my mother - about my grandmother (Zora) - whom she was forcibly taken from - as a very small child - and her surname "Sprouse" - my Mother ( who had a 10th grade formal education) exclaimed: "Stop! I raised you kids to be Irish! Your daddy is Irish! [Which, he is!] Then, she went on to say - that Zora was "native American". And, that! is why she had 'dark skin'  As was reported by my senior sisters. My hair is brown [ today - grey ] - and, naturally curly. My eyes are brown. My "stroke" was  an "aneurysm at my middle cerebral artery". Dr. Victor Perry ( my 8+ hour, "full craniotomy" neurosurgeon ) - told me that I was - "most likely born" with the "arterial wall weakness" that he repaired in my brain - with a clip. In fact, African Americans are more likely to suffer strokes ( 1, 2 ). Just as I did have.  The 1930 US Census taker - marked my Uncle [ Charles Sprouse ] - as "Negro". My Uncle - who I did meet many times- Chuck Sprouse - had very dark skin. Of course, he spent a lot of time - on his speed boat - on Buckeye Lake. And, he had been in the USA Navy! I say all this - because, [for my grand children ] - whether, your grand mother (me)  is  100% European OR some part African American - She is ( I am ) an American. And, I was a professional technical writer - very well paid [ from 1982 to 2003 ] for "writing" efforts - that I loved. AND, I can appreciate GREAT writing, oratory, argument, courage and talent - such as Mr. King did have. Moreover, [ children ] I hope that YOU and your class-mates can also appreciate his talent, wit and insight - and, what he did for our country. Consider, in the most difficult of circumstances ( America! 1929 - 1968 ) - he succeeded. His lasting legacy is one of peace. WE should honor his words, his philosophy and his courageous actions. Again, you are welcome to down load his words FOR FREE (below). No sign UP. No sign ON. And, I am a real USA person - who lives [today] in Dayton, Ohio - the USA.

* Mr. Pearl Cassady - the father of Howard "hopAlong" Cassady - See: Heisman Trophy : OSU 1955 - was my father's biological brother. My siblings are: Richard, Barbara, Mildred, Carol, Debbie & Milo Jr. I have a "half" sister and bother: Carolyn and Bobby - also "Cassady". 

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Readers: Following are pages of the  DRM version - of this CLASSIC Book - which I purchased and "screen captured" page-after-page - then "pdf-ed"; 
  Then, I am using MS-WORD to create a WORD file ( DOCX version)  - from  the PDFs.   
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Book Front Matter )  Title Page, Dedication - PDF ]  [ WORD ]
       Introduction by Dorothy Cotton  [ PDF ]  [ WORD ]
        1964 Introduction by Martin Luther King, Jr. [ 1929 - 1968 ]  "MLK Center image" [ PDF ]  [ WORD ]

        [ PDF    of Chapter I " The Negro Revolution - Why 1963? "  ( This is Pages 12 to Page 21 of DRM version -   [  WORD-docX_version-from PDF ]   
        [ PDF    of Chapter II " The Sword That Heals"  ( This is Pages 22 to Page 36 of DRM version -   [  WORD-docX_version-from PDF ]  
        [ PDF    of Chapter III " Bull Connor's Birmingham"  ( This is Pages 37 to Page 47 of DRM version -   [  WORD-docX_version-from PDF ]
        [ PDF    of Chapter IV  "New Day in Birmingham"  ( This is Pages 48 to Page 62 of DRM version -   [  WORD-docX_version-from PDF ]
        [ PDF    of Chapter V  "Letter From A Birmingham Jail" & Martin's NOTE  (  Pages 62 to Page 77 of DRM version -   [  
WORD-docX_version-from PDF ]
PDF of Chapter VI  "Black and White Together" (  Pages 79 to Page 89 of DRM version -   [  WORD-docX_version-from PDF ] 
PDF of Chapter VII   "The Summer of Our Discontent" (  Pages 91 to Page 101 of DRM version -   [  WORD-docX_version-from PDF ] 
PDF of Chapter VIII  "The Days to Come" (  Pages 104 to Page 124  of DRM version -  [  WORD-docX_version-from PDF ] 
PDF    Selected Bibliography (  Pages 126 to Page 130  of DRM version -   [  WORD-docX_version-from PDF ] 

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