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hh At the request of my former USA President Barack Obama [ pdf ]- date 8-5-2019 - I declare:
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"...We are not helpless here. ..." 

Thank You! Mr. President  

  THIS IS AMERICA!  I AM AN AMERICAN!  I  support the values of tolerance and diversity - as they have been spoken of and exemplified by former USA President Barack Obama - and, his family members.  I believe these values [Tolerance and Diversity]  ARE the "hallmarks" of USA democracy - and, the basis of our success - as a country.

INDEED, as a Columbus, Ohio born; inner city-public school and college educated, senior person - [now retired] - but, previously employed all over the United States - of America - I have witnessed - that
diversity - when examining a problem or opportunity - aids finding a solution - or, designing a new product - significantly.  It is a strength!  I am grateful that my co-workers - from other countries - were able to tolerate the slow and clumsy "Buckeye" - who wrote very long End User instruction manuals, etc. I could not have accomplished my task - but for, the help of my patient co-workers - who trusted me; and, my teachers - who taught me.

I soundly reject words coming out of the mouth of any person that feeds a climate of fear and hatred -  or, attempts to normalize racist and sexist sentiments. Humans, who demonize others - based on what a person looks like - their sex - their age - who they love - or, those suggesting that people, arriving in America legally, threaten my way of life; Or, persons who imply that America "belongs" to just one type of human - are just wrong! - and, they shall NOT be my "Leader".  - Susan 

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hh  Distinguish YOURSELF and LEAD on Health CARE...  B < Susan's Health CARE Bill language : (  FORMATTED AS A USA LEGISLATIVE BILL )

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 Hello.  I am seeking comment on a Health CARE Bill - above B [that] I have drafted for the USA Congress' consideration - and, passage to Law.

   I am NOT an elected member of the Judicial, Legislative or Executive Branches - of our government :: Nor, am I a "candidate".  About Susan  )

 In short, my Bill language ( I believe) will eliminate the "Profit motive" in the provision of USA Health CARE to citizens.

    My "bill" language [ I hope ]: 

 1. Takes USMLE Medical Doctors out of the business of doing "business".
 [ By, paying them an annual salary - instead.] 
 2. Dictates [that] no Medical Doctor should be paid more than
the Medical Sciences Professional "Professor" [that] put them there.
 3. Eliminates the USA Health CARE Insurance Industry - 100%
 Because IMO, people should not "make money" - based on the "pain and suffering" of other people.
Very Important!  In Fact, Senator Sanders' Bill (see Section 107)  - does NOT accomplish this "elimination" 100%. 
THAT-IS, Prohibitions against "duplicating" is not the same as "eliminating". I know. Like "others" I was [that] 'inner-city' little girl. [link]

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evidence-based guidelines.

   Distinguish YOURSELF and LEAD on Health CARE...  B < Susan's Health CARE Bill language h