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 Hello.  I am seeking comment on a Bill - above B [that] I have drafted for the USA Congress' consideration - and, passage to Law.

   I am NOT an elected member of the Judicial, Legislative or Executive Branches - of our government :: Nor, am I a "candidate".  About Susan  )

 In short, my Bill language ( I believe) will eliminate the "Profit motive" in the provision of USA Health CARE to citizens.

    My bill language [ I hope ]: 

 1. Takes Doctors out of the business of doing "business".
 [ By, paying them an annual salary - instead.]
Dictates [that] no Medical Doctor should be paid more than
the Medical Sciences Professional "Professor" [that] put them there.
 3. Eliminates the USA Health CARE Insurance Industry - 100%
 Because IMO, people should not "make money" - based on the "pain and suffering" of other people.
Very Important!  In Fact, Senator Sanders' Bill (see Section 107)  - does NOT accomplish this "elimination" 100%.  THAT IS, Prohibitions against "duplicating" is not the same as "eliminating". I know. Like Kamala, I was [that] 'inner-city' little girl. [link]

 THANK YOU!  < contact Susan

  -  Democratic Socialists -   h


hhh Do YOU  YogaH-1B related Science & Technology :: Einstein Visa

hhhhhhhh  Sabita Roy, PhD ::  Professor, Department of Surgery @ University of Minnesota

 :: DeepBlue Technology ( Shanghai ) Chinese Artificial Intelligence Company - Yeah Baby! 
     ( Who documents their AI "platform" ? ) Now "retired" - Susan could have - in "partnership" with Dr. J. Fang & 'Bing' & Raymond & Ming Jing & Jing Ping & Jin & Ji & Raj & Parminder & Winston & Jaime Garcia ...  ( Dayton  )

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 YES! I was a "SOFTWARE" TECHNICAL WRITER & "programmer
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 IMO: Trump & [ USA Labor Secretary ] Acosta should be smacked silly... - After "Impeachment".

  hhh  < Cause -  I'm a woman --  Peggy Lee ::  < Norma Deloris Egstrom - known professionally as "Peggy Lee", was ... A USA Woman!  
I can wash out forty four pairs of socks and have 'em hangin' out on the line. I can starch and iron two dozens shirts 'fore you can count from one to nine.  
I can scoop up a great big dipper full of lard from the drippin's can. Throw it [the "lard"] in the skillet, go out and do my shopping, be back before it melts in the pan.

'Cause I'm a woman! W-O-M-A-N, I'll say it again.
I can rub and scrub til this old house is shinin' like a dime; Feed the baby, grease the car, and powder my face [ALL!] at the same time.
 Get all dressed up, go out and swing 'til four A.M.
  AND then!  Lay down at five, jump up at six, and start all over again. 'Cause I'm a woman! W-O-M-A-N, I'll say it again

   If you come to me sickly you know I'm gonna make you well. If you come to me all hexed up you know I'm gonna break the spell.
If you come to me hungry --  you know I'm gonna fill you full of grits.  If it's lovin' you're likin, I'll kiss you and give you the shiverin' fits.
'Cause I'm a woman! W-O-M-A-N, I'll say it again:
I got a twenty dollar gold piece says there ain't nothing I can't do.
I can make a dress out of a feed bag --  and I can make a man out of you. 'Cause I'm a woman! A W-O-M-A-N, I'll say it again
'Cause I'm a woman! W-O-M-A-N --- and that's all ..."  :: 
Source: LyricFind -- Songwriters: Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller;  I'm A Woman lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC 

 "HalasanA"  lyrics removed - until I hear from artists, Mr. Bill Withers or  "Drake" - or their representatives  :-)  [ pdf ]

  Can "Signal Integrity Software" HELP US PREDICT earthquakes, tornados - AND, find HOT guns? - that are being sold illegally ? 
  ...Stay tuned...  NRA be damned  

USA Medical Doctors
WE [ Cori, Michelle, Naomi, Susan, Buzz/Milo & Howard] are putting our TRUST in YOU!  
     Do NO "harm"!   IF $$$$ is your only motive - [THEN] get out. 
      Day Yoga Studio  ]    'Brandy   Degenerative Disc Disease  - We NEED a "cure"! Not just pills & surgery.

S hhh   hh 

The power of sports and beauty - in American politics.  - by Susan 

Dear Ms. Gauff [Cori Gauff], CONGRATULATIONS !
 AND, Thank you! You are beautiful and inspiring - and, I [and America] look forward to following you - and your family. 

 My name is Susan Marie Cassady-Neuhart. I am retired. I was born in 1954.  My father was Milo Gerald CassAdy [1902-1964]. My mother was Mary Elizabeth Sprouse (14 years his junior). 
  YOU may know? There is a street  - named for my cousin [ Howard 'hop-A-long' Cassady ] - in Franklin County Ohio: zip= 43209 ::   Today, he lives in Florida - I think this.

 I played marbles with my younger brother ( Milo Jr. "Buzz" CassAdy).    WE dug holes - to play this game - all over the "west-side" of Franklinton, Ohio - AKA "the bottoms"  [ ]   I mostly did this - when I was very young - because, in addition to being a game, it felt "good" - to be on the ground. I was born with a touch of scoliosis. Which, I did 100% over come. I could also - from this position - most easily "rear-up" to imitate the beautiful horses - that I saw on [then] new technology, TV.  My mother worried a great deal - she told me - when I was young –IF she would need to take me to a psychiatrist” - which, THEY could not afford. [THEN] she would chuckle (and ADD) - [that] as soon as I started 'liking boys' - it [my imitating horses] disappeared”. My father [Milo G] built me a tetherball court - in the back yard - of our rented house - before he passed - in 1964.  I was the Columbus Public Schools "Tether-Ball champion" - circa 1966. However, I have no memento - to prove this. And, no street was ever named after me - that I know of.

I did get to attend - a very fancy "public" University - no matter the fact [that] I had a baby (girl) - only 2 days and 9 months - after marrying her biological father. HE did not want me to attend college - insisting - the "A" - that I had received - in that UWGB "computer class" - was related to the length of time {that} I had "put in"; and, it would cost a fortune - in "baby-sitting" fees - for me to attend school "full-time". HE reasoned [further] - IF! he put [that] much time in - to earn his MBA (from O.S.U.) - he would NOT - have had to retrieve "scraps" of paper - from the students - who got A's - on their term papers. He advised me, "...[TO] consider to just watch the others" - writing code - and, get their lines (called algorithms) ...  I never did. Similar to you, I never had to. In fact, I always "liked" computers - and, they seemed to like me. I had great teachers - at UWGB! That is, just like You - some things (syntax in my case) were easy - for me:  [  ] 

So, 'GO!' girl! I read that you took a "science" test (and did well). I also like science. And, please don't marry - no body - until YOU are certain, THEY love you! AND, you "love" them. LOVE [the thrill!] really does exist!  My husband [Hans] - of 37+ years - is 5+ years younger than me.   My only child's father, was TEN years older than me. Food for thought. Respectfully  – Susan  

hhh ###  Traditional Marble Game :   

 "...  Two other similar boards were found in Beidhi, north of Petra, also in Jordan, and another was found in the Neolithic layer of Chagha Sefid in West Iran. The rare discovery of these boards shows that this is one of the oldest, if not the oldest game known to mankind. However, it doesn’t offer definitive proof of either the place of origin or the actual age of the game itself, since this is a game that can be played simply by digging temporary holes in the ground and using perishable seeds that leave no archaeological trace. Really, asking about the origins of the game (time and place of its invention) may not be the right question to pose, just like asking where, when, and who uttered the first word. Just like language, mancala may have evolved independently in several areas and eras, to be refined and perfected over time into all its different variations. Maybe it’s still evolving …  ..."

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 " Susan IS a long white woman in black tights - working FOR a "socialist" Bill - every DAY SHE Does THE "HALASANA"... 
  :: YES, "Yoga" can make you a video vixen.     Even if you are 65 + years OLD! - like Susan 

 hhhh  hh ViDEO  

                     ViDEO     videoPLEASE SUPPORT HR 676 ::  Health CARE :: 
The AMA "mafia" has re-Named it the NATO bill - in the latest Congress.
< TEAM NAOMI :  Afiya Bennett  < ESSENCE interview : 

"...   Tell me about your name ‘Afiya.’ Is there a cultural or religious connotation/context to it? Where are you from? For as long as I have known, and according to my mom, Afiya means ‘beautiful, spiritual jewel.’ But, according to Google, Afiya means “good health” in Swahili and means “Born on A Friday” in Ghana. Although my name [is of] African descent, my family is from Tortola, British Virgin Islands, and I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.

When did you know that fashion and modeling was the path for you? I knew fashion and modeling was the career for me after being published in ESSENCE magazine at the age of 15 years old. For the first time in my life, being tall and different was praised and seen as beautiful rather than frowned upon. At that moment, I knew that I could use God’s gift of height as an avenue to success.

Talk to us about the times that you modeled for ESSENCE? I always pay homage to Mikki Taylor and to the publication because they were the first to take a little girl with a dream and give her a shot at making her dream come true. Since then, I have shot for ESSENCE five times, which is more than any other publication. The ESSENCE team is beyond amazing and I feel that they have become apart of each chapter of my career thus far. My goal is to one-day grace the cover of ESSENCE.

What does #BlackGirlMagic mean to you?  #BlackGirlMagic means embracing the inner and outer beauty of Black women and girls. It is the chance to celebrate, love and  honor the power and achievements of Black women. Society has a way of creating so many negative connotations and imagery of [Blackness]. #BlackGirlMagic gives us a chance to uplift Black women and project us in a light that makes every woman proud of their hair, bodies, skin, smile, knowledge…and proud of their greatness. ### Describe your personal style, and how do you dress for your height?  ### It’s a mix between chic and glamorous… I love very clean, expensive, polished looks, but also a bold red dress, or a showstopper dress. I think it depends on the mood and the event that I am attending; I always love to accentuate my long legs on the red carpet. I love a summer- or winter-white look; a chic or sexy white dress or pantsuit. ... always love yourself and don’t lose yourself trying to be the industry’s ideal beauty. You are beautiful.  ..."

h hHalasana THEN vote !h  HALASANA >  videoPLEASE SUPPORT HR  676 :: Health CARE 

       > AND THANK YOU !!!  CONGRESSMAN JOHN CONYERS - FOR YOUR COURAGE !  The AMA "mafia" even called Harry Truman a "socialist".

   fyi :: My biological daughter - who is an absolutely beautiful woman - led Mr. Conyer's RE-election campaign circa 1993.
  For more information > ' Zachary Harmon FBI '  [ Dawn Marie Burton - Danielson - FBI Deputy Chief of STAFF ] 
    John ( "Congressman Conyers") was nothing but "kind" and "good" - to my little girl.  

  hhh    Avatar by Hans ...This web site's Author > Susan - May 2017< Susan Marie [CassAdy] - Neuhart -  ( photo circa 2012 by Hans Neuhart )  

       BTW - IF "Russians"   posting in "Social Media" chat rooms are a "threat" to our democracy
  THEN, we are in trouble.  << 
About Susan  >>  PLEASE GET FULLY INFORMED - AND VOTE!   ( )  

>> 1954 ::  Ohio State University over Michigan [  21-7 ]  --- Susan Marie CassAdy - Neuhart born  1954 ::

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We have had 3 "Rottis":  Mozart, Berlin and Moses ::   Black history Scotland :: 

    Black history Scotland ::  

You know you are a "Very Practical Scottish Girl" [A1] when... YOU spend literally weeks "coaching" your German-American boy friend - on exactly WHAT to buy you for Valentine's Day [A2]; and, he presents you with a big red heart shaped box - filled with chocolates - instead. [B] AND, you throw it through the front door - of your "personal" one-bedroom apartment. Indeed, Hans left my apartment calmly - AND drove his brown Toyota Celica [C]  around the block. We were married that summer. [D]
 That is, Scottish girls must be "heard"; and, I found out - straight away - exactly - the kind of person I was seriously considering to marry. On this day - we have been together 37+ years.  Also, Hans (a large fellow) ran down a frozen mountain road (near Canton, NC) - in December 2012 - to ensure the Emergency Vehicle knew exactly where to turn - on the "switch backs" coming up the 'Smoky mountain' road. Hans' quick actions - saved my life - when I suffered a stroke (SAH @ MCA). [E]  Today, despite the scientific odds [E] - I practice Yoga poses and stretches - most days - at the Kleptz YMCA. Hans [five + years my junior] drives me daily - and, keeps a close eye - on his "Scottish girl".


[A1] ::

[A2]  :: Year: 1982. Place: Cambridge, Ohio. The object - of my desire - was a Mr. Coffee "coffee-maker". I did NOT have one [yet] AND they were on sale - at the Cambridge, Ohio Kroger Store.
 ( ) We both were employed [1982] by NCR Corporation E&M - Cambridge, OH.'s_Day ::

[B]     < Whitman's Chocolates FOR "impractical" girls.


[D]  My biological sisters [Carol & Millie] - went with us - on our "honeymoon" to Mrytle Beach, SC, USA   

[E] ::  I was "air-lifted" to the top of Mission Hospital - in Asheville, NC. My Neurosurgeon was (THE) Victor Perry    ::   ::  ::  < windows  Ahavas Sholom  <  New Black' actress Dascha Polanco

Candle Ends Cottage:

Congregation Ahavas Sholom ::  :: "...   Rabbi David Claman grew up in Ottawa, Canada.  He attended Yeshivas Kol Torah and Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim in Jerusalem and Ner Israel Rabbinical College, Baltimore. He received semicha from Rabbi Moshe Shterbuch, Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, and Rabbi Nota Greenblatt.  Rabbi Claman became the Rabbi of Congregation Ahavas Sholom in August 2015.  As a Columbus Community Kollel Rabbi the previous four years, he was well respected as a teacher for Jews from all backgrounds and abilities. He is well regarded for his intellect, knowledge and personal warmth.The past three years the Rabbi initiated many well received social and learning programs such as scholars in Residence, Shabbos Chanuka lunch, Chanukah Bingo for family fun,  Purim party,  and a monthly Shabbos Mevarchim Kiddush luncheon.He established a Tuesday morning class, now Sefer Yonah, and teaches many other times. He is one of the Daf Yomi teachers.  He recently started a WhatsApp Halachic Q&A group. Rabbi Claman and his wife Shira have three sons and a daughter.  Shira  holds a masters in Jewish Education and Administration from Azrieli Graduate School of Yeshiva University. She is a well regarded teacher at Columbus Torah Academy and is an active leader in the shul activities.  The Rabbi and Shira have shown their ability to connect with all our members, of different ages and backgrounds.   ..." 

 Sophia the Shimmy Cat, 2018 Jewish Cultural Fest (Era Escuro by La Rondinella) :: :: 

  The Shimmy Cats, 2018 Sweet Corn Fest (Phaedra Pharonica by Eddie Kochak)

The Shimmy Cats, 2018 Jewish Cultural Fest (Entrance of the Stars by Dinletir)