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  Prosecuting-Crimminal-Conspiracies.pdf  (65 pages) 2013 -By H. Marshall Jarrett Director of  USA Department of Justice - Executive Office for United States Attorneys Wash. DC 20530

   DAYTON OHIO POWER & LIGHT COMPANY > DPL Message > PDF  SENT ON 7-9-2018      new pond work page 

                If there is anything about you to be "admired" - please tell people (that) you are a Democrat !*
     OR,  SAY it in your church!  I did !   
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     * i.e. Perhaps YOU are a "Mom" - Or, a "successful business owner" - Maybe - YOU can perform YOGA poses ... etc. 
    President Obama told us to "stop moping" !  So, please everybody - STOP "moping" ( aka "pouting")  AND, let's GET Busy!   

     A FREE book download   >   Why WE Can't Wait"  by  (the) Martin Luther King Jr. [ 1964 ] - as viewed on Susan's purchased copy and Kindle Reader. 

 http://www.selwayornamentaliron.com/   MONDAY @ 2:00 PM :: 
                    Owner: Mr. John W. Selway < spoke to :: Email: selwayornamentaliron@gmail.com :: Dayton, Ohio :: 937.782.9422

                  Susan's  HEALTH Bill idea  :::  related RESEARCH       ::      NOTE:  Mr. Bernie Sanders' Bill (S.1804 - Medicare for All Act of 2017 - Introduced 09/13/2017 PDF ) encourages the sale of "Private Health Insurance" in the USA.     See page 66 of Bernie's Bill PDF .    My independent research ( presented here )  indicates the legal existence of any such "Health Insurance" product is inimical to the success of Socialized Medicine.   Thus, IMO Bernie's Bill is BAD. " ... may opt to maintain any coverage described in 18 section 901, private health insurance coverage..."

       Of heroes and Ballerinas ...      " ... God, (PLEASE) grant me the Serenity to accept the things (that) I cannot change.
(The) Courage to change the things (that) I can. And (the) Wisdom to know the difference ( - through study AND investigation. ... )"
- "The Serenity Prayer" - written & published by Reinhold Niebuhr [1892-1971]  (Edits - by Susan)

- I -admit - I miss President & Mrs. Obama !

   Maya Plisetskaya [ Russian Ballerina ] 





ccHans Neuhart artist - AND, Susan's husbandccccc

 Susan's husband - of 35+ years - is
(the) Mr. Hans J. Neuhart ::
   America's first "digital artist" & philosopher    
           See: Motorola's 68000 chip  Hans used Steven's products     [Apple-MacIntosh, Mac2, I-MAC, SE30, etc. to illustrate... ]

Han's business web site
 https://www.scientific-illustrator.com/  ::

Above is Pretty Lady (performing Yoga)

Susan's Grandmother was (the)
Zora Elizabeth [Miller-Sprouse] - Roby(Jerry)

(1883 - 1953) Another very pretty lady.
 Zora   (the latest) 

Check Zora out! She had 13 children AND made Ohio history (Franklin County - Ohio, Circa 1928). That is, after George Sprouse [Susan's biological Grandfather] passed (1926) - (then) Zora married Jerry Roby. In 1928 - in Columbus, Ohio.  Zora broke unwritten rules. Then, the Judge "took" her children - all 13 of them. Why?  Susan's mother Mary told her "why". This is called "oral" history




    Susan's YOGA & fitness page :: 

     “... Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?...” script by Aaron SORKiN  (about Aaron Sorkin< Before you read this "Newsroom" TV series script [PDF ] - ASK (yourself) - What are the sources of the character's "declarative" statements? [Susan's googled for accuracy check is here > PDF ]  "...Fact-checking journalism is the heart of PolitiFact..." (the) " ...First step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one. ..." < agree!   STEP NUMBER TWO (by Susan) IS "ACCURATE INFORMATION".  Please keep in mind (that) Mr. Sorkin's monologues are meant to "entertain" - and thus, they are NOT checked for accuracy - prior to being presented [ Susan's googled for accuracy check of script > PDF ] .  Compare: USA President Trump & accuracy:  http://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/    < President Trump is a politician - NOT a journalist.  President Putin is also a "politician". < New York Times USA    However, in America "Freedom of the PRESS" is a "right".    Russia does not observe "Freedom of the press"  

  OMEGA Baptist Church   -  Let's GO!  Dayton, Ohio's "got song"!  AND,  A "wonderful time" was had - by ALL!   THANK YOU! TO ALL!     http://www.negrospirituals.com/songs/index.htm, 

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hh"MARTIN"(MLK) [1965] was "goodness" - in the flesh!  - and, MOST Americans wanted to be like him. 
   T. Paine said it first - but Martin said it again.  He was a "good" human being:   
"lead", "follow" - or, "get out-of the way" !            

[ Also,  THANK YOU! Deborah Miller - PhD - FDA  ]    (THE) REV. Martin Luther King   "taught us" to  "Strenuously Object !"   - IF necessary.  SO - "girls" do it - if needed.

Bill ide


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The Dayton, OH Race [related] Riots of 1966;
of Dayton Daily News Presentations
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  A FREE book download   >   
      Why WE Can't Wait" 
by(the) Martin Luther King Jr. [1964] - 
- as viewed on Susan's  purchased copy
and Kindle Reader.  

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   Susan's USA Congressional Reps are: Turner(Mike)[OH-10],    Portman(Rob),   Brown(Sherrod)     I vote in USA elections. ***  ABOUT Susan Resume' 

                hhhh   YES! Susan, Remains an "Obama Girl"!   < ( Request to Ms. Obama  )

    USA Veterans Yoga Project ::    Doctor Jennifer Jerele - MD - Dayton, Ohio   < SHE believes in YOGA - PDF2  

  (the) Public University of Wisconsin at Green Bay, WI  - UWGB     Contact  ME  ::  "phoenix" mythology   ::   

  Consider (please) --  USA citizens must pass a "test" to be "plumbers", "Electricians", "Real Estate Agents"... OR, "drive".   
 Thus, should USA citizens be required to pass a test - to run for PUBLIC office?

USA Contitution  ( 7 Articles & 27 Amendments  )            
 Contact  ME       
       Ohio DRiVER's License, etc.    https://oh-web.s3licensing.com/Home
      https://www.tests.com/Ohio-Plumbing-License-Exam  [ EXample  ] 

    Frankly, Mr. Trump (although a "rich" American - by some standards) - is (apparently)  very ignorant - about  our USA laws;     

Thus, he may have spoken with Mr. Putin (during 2016) - and, NOT realized - (that_ he was breaking a USA law.    So, Mr. Mueller will have to prove  "
INTENT ".  [ Consider - as shown to the right - (that) any person - with access to the "internet" can "message" - with the "kremlin" - Similar to the possibility of sending a message to the USA White House. ]  NOTE the photo (right) - I am an "obama Girl" - even today - But, clearly, President Obama spoke to Mr. Putin. 

   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intention_(criminal_law)                   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mens_rea

"   Mens rea (/ˈmɛnz ˈriːə/; Law Latin for "guilty mind"[1][2][3]) is the mental element of 1) intention to commit a crime or 2) knowledge that one's action or lack of action would cause a crime to be committed. It is a necessary element of many crimes.   "   
    USA Federal Election Law ::  < WHY        (  legal document 254 pages
    "Foreign national"  Definition, 52 U.S.C. § 30121(b)  ::


  " ... Federal law makes it a crime for any person to “solicit, accept or receive” a contribution or “anything of value” from a foreign person for a U.S. political campaign or “for the purpose of influencing any election for federal office. But others note that the statute includes an “express or implied promise” to give something of value. So in that sense it may not matter whether the thing of value was ever actually provided. ... Under the law, those who knowingly and willfully engage in these activities may be subject to fines or imprisonment. ... 
    Is ignorance of the law an excuse?   https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/14pdf/13-604_ec8f.pdf   < Heien  USA SCt. CASE LAW
          HOW USA LAWS ARE MADE        

 "... The Need for Public Notice.  State and federal governments cannot pass secret criminal laws and then prosecute an unwary offender. ( ... ) Criminal laws must be enacted through a public process in the state or federal legislatures, and those laws must be published in accessible places such as official volumes containing the penal code, or on a government website.    [ [ YES, this was and is done. SEE FEC.gov  ] ... USA Federal Election Law ::    (  legal document 254 pages )] ]  Sometimes the law criminalizes behavior that might be lawful in some places. For example, it might be okay to park along the shoulder of a particular highway, but in some stretches, the highway department posts “No Parking” signs to alert drivers that here, no parking is allowed. These [POSTED] signs give fair warning; without them, drivers cannot be expected to know the rule, and would have a good defense if they are ticketed.  Because our government has long-established procedures for making laws known, [ This statement is NOT supported by evidence - that Susan has found - YET. ] ... insufficient public notice is rarely an available defense. However, where defendants are charged with violating a brand new law that criminalizes behavior that is perfectly lawful in other places, those individuals may be able to assert their ignorance as a defense. The availability of the defense, however, will turn not only on a defendant’s lack of knowledge and the government’s lack of notice, but also on the particular wording of the criminal law in issue. ...  Criminal statutes often require a defendant to have a particular state of mind. (Mens Rea - above)  Some crimes, such as statutory rape, require no state of mind and are punishable no matter what the offender thought. Other crimes require a defendant to have acted with reckless disregard for the safety of others. For example, a reckless state of mind might be required for a charge of involuntary manslaughter. Where, however, criminal laws require that a defendant must have acted “willfully” when violating the law, a defendant unaware of the legal prohibition may be able to claim ignorance as a defense to the charge. For example, consider a law that requires a business owner to file a certain tax form related to the business. The law says that willfully failing to do so is an offense. In this situation, the owner’s ignorance of the filing requirement might well be a good defense. In fact, it would be the prosecutor’s burden to prove willfulness in demonstrating that the owner purposefully avoided filing the tax form. Sometimes, however, “willfulness” relates only to the defendant’s state of mind during the commission of the act—as the case may be with crimes like witness tampering or child endangerment—and has nothing to do with the defendant’s knowledge of the applicable criminal law. (For example, a defendant might have no idea that contacting and conversing with an adverse witness can be a criminal act; but that is no excuse if the prosecution can show that the conversations affected the witness.) Your attorney will be able to advise you on whether a willfulness requirement in the charge in your case might allow for a defense of ignorance. [--] Don’t Stay in the Dark on Purpose [--] Keep in mind that you cannot purposefully avoid learning applicable criminal laws and then take advantage of your ignorance as a defense. If a prosecutor can demonstrate that you “consciously avoided” knowledge of relevant criminal provisions, a judge at trial would instruct the jury that it should treat you as if you were fully aware of the legal consequences of your conduct.

 For example,
if you opened a restaurant and a health inspector gave you a booklet containing the state’s new health laws for food service providers [ OR, YOU RAN FOR A PUBLIC OFFICE and THE FEDERAL ELECTIONS COMMISSION GAVE YOU A 254 PAGE BOOK ]  —which you never bothered to read—you would not likely be able to claim ignorance of a criminal provision contained in that booklet during a subsequent prosecution. ... In any criminal matter, defense counsel should be able to advise you early on whether the defense of ignorance of the law will be available. Except for circumstances similar to those outlined above, your ignorance is unlikely to help. It may, however, be something your lawyer can highlight as a favorable (mitigating) factor at sentencing, should the case get that far. ..." 
     SOURCE:   https://www.lawyers.com/legal-info/research/ignorance-of-the-law-may-be-an-excuse.html   [ Susan inserted material ]

 For  "Brandon" OF THE Kettering, Ohio Police Department  :: (2015) - Kettering hires 7 new police officers :: Chief Chip Protsman, who took over after former Chief James O’Dell retired in April, said the "officers filled vacancies in the department and that the city’s police force is now fully staffed at 81 patrol men and women." The new hires are:  Billy Joe Ferrell, Jason Kramer, Matthew Stull, Carl Paulin, Jr., Joseph Grisehop, Brandon Harrison and Jonathon McCoy. ... their Oaths of Office (were served) in front of friends and family outside the police station on Shroyer Road.

  Criminal Justice/ OhiO Police Academy < [  YES, I checked, Pete is [still] Susan's "Brother-in-law" - i.e. Married to Susan's biological sister 'Barbara'. And,  as per my assignment, Pete, has several  educational degrees - And, he has served - as a "Chief of Police" - or higher - all over the USA. 




 http://www.ca6.uscourts.gov/opinions.pdf/07a0069p-06.pdf  <Pete’s legal Case
  (when he was the Chief of Police in Clearcreek Township, Ohio ) He won! And, now he is a teacher.  





 police academy




Basic Peace Officer Academy



   Russia -  [ General information ] 
Trump Allegations (original "Dossier" ) > [ PDF ][ 18.5+ MB ] 
(NEW PDF wPageNo.)  "NOTES"  made while reading Mr. Steele's "Dossier" - on 2-6-2018 

    (  Google MAP  - Vladivostok area )    
 YES! Americans care about these many millions of people!

  Barack Obama & Mr. V. Putin
    ( in  Peru ) 

  ::  AMERICA 1929 - 1941  ... 

  YES! Susan, Remains an "Obama Girl"!   ( Request to Ms. Obama  )

 MP3  ]  <AUDIO: Prince Harry (of England)  "interviews" our former USA President  Barack Obama
 [for the people of the world]
- Released 12-27-2017 

 < Barack(left) - Harry(right) 

  - [ about 39 minutes long ]    IMO, this ( audio interview -  MP3  ]  )  is an excellent example - of HOW a World Leader - should act.      As usual, President Obama is: "Calm",  "cool", "collected" - and,  "Well Spoken".  

 Google> phage  plasmid  DNA

Microbiol Spectr. 2015 Feb;3(1):PLAS-0032-2014. doi: 10.1128/microbiolspec.PLAS-0032-2014.

Replication and Maintenance of Linear Phage-Plasmid N15.

Ravin NV.  ::  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Ravin%20NV%5BAuthor%5D&cauthor=true&cauthor_uid=26104561

  Abstract :: The lambdoid phage N15 of Escherichia coli is very unusual among temperate phages in that its prophage is not integrated into the chromosome but is a linear plasmid molecule with covalently closed ends ( telomeres ). Upon infection, the phage DNA circularizes via cohesive ends, and then a special phage enzyme of the tyrosine recombinase family, protelomerase, cuts at another site and joins the ends, forming hairpin telomeres of the linear plasmid prophage. Replication of the N15 prophage is initiated at an internally located ori site and proceeds bidirectionally, resulting in the formation of duplicated telomeres. The N15 protelomerase cuts them, generating two linear plasmid molecules with hairpin telomeres. Stable inheritance of the plasmid prophage is ensured by a partitioning operon similar to the F factor sop operon. Unlike the F centromere, the N15 centromere consists of four inverted repeats dispersed in the genome. The multiplicity and dispersion of centromeres are required for efficient partitioning of a linear plasmid. The centromeres are located in the N15 genome regions involved in phage replication and control of lytic development, and binding of partition proteins at these sites regulates these processes. The family of N15-like linear phage-plasmids includes lambdoid phages ɸKO2 and pY54, as well as Myoviridae phages ΦHAP-1, VHML, VP882, Vp58.5, and vB_VpaM_MAR of marine gamma-proteobacteria. The genomes of these phages contain similar protelomerase genes, lysogeny control modules, and replication genes, suggesting that these phages may belong to a group diverged from a common ancestor.

PMID: 26104561 

DOI: 10.1128/microbiolspec.PLAS-0032-2014   [Indexed for MEDLINE]


h h h

 Susan's USA Congressional Representatives are: Turner(Mike)[OH-10],  Portman(Rob),   Brown(Sherrod)  - Kasich   I vote in USA elections.    ABOUT Susan Resume'   *** 

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hhh  < by Hans   <To get the Hydrologic Cycle going on Mars ...We could use Robots ...  Mars & Venus 
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      A FREE book download   >          Why WE Can't Wait"  by  (the) Martin Luther King Jr. [ 1964 ] - as viewed on Susan's purchased copy and Kindle Reader. 

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  Woman's BB
12-16-2017   The young person (shown below) is NOT my biological daughter.  Ms. Jessica is about half of Dawn's age & very tall.   Dawn does NOT play BB.   GO UWGB "PhoeniX! 
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 Mom Dad Sisters Brothers

OSU football

 Nieces  & Nephews 
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 Hans   Science: STEM ( Karen )

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Also - in fact - my husband "Hans Neuhart"  is an "artist" - a real one.  SEE "eig DOT NET    Professionals "look" for Hans - to perform ARTwork for them.
  Professionals contract HANS  - to perform work - in a private setting.   He does not have a "door on Main Street - USA. Or, "refuse service" to THE PUBLIC... [ - with their Mom standing right there. Some actions are just "mean" ]   
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      Senior Olympics YOGA   < YOGA!  What are the prizes?
Thus far, my only incentive - to perform YOGA (each day) is (that) YOGA (as in "MOGA") makes me feel better. 

hhhhhh  cJames-Shaw-4-USA-Presidenth 
    (the) "Waffle House hero" ::  Mr. James Shaw 
 - Americans - at our best

 "...Law enforcement officials and customers said they had Mr. Shaw, a 29-year-old electrician, to thank for preventing greater bloodshed.  But in the frenzied, dizzying hours since the attack, he has found the sudden and very public surge of respect and gratitude uncomfortable.
 “I’d rather you regard me as James, you know, just a regular person,” he said in an interview on Monday afternoon. “Because I feel like everybody can do pretty much what I did.” ..."  James Shaw [a very capable man] rushed and disarmed a shooter at a Waffle House in Nashville, TN early Sunday."  “I’m just a regular person” he said.  
  “He is a hero in my books," said Brennan McMurry, 28, a longtime friend of Shaw's - who was with him at the Waffle House. Mr. Shaw studied at Brightwood College to get a degree as an electrician technician.  - 

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